Tuesday, 26 August 2008

We did our duty

The price of "Duty"

Celtic Morning as responded to a previous article and so good was his comment, that I thought it worthy of a separate post.

I have taken the liberty of "editing" the post as Celtic Morning tends to just let his thoughts flow. Apart from that everything else is Celtic....

Are the British really dour fighters for the freedom of their homeland?

Our history would seem to suggest it. But what did France, followed by other European countries do ? They over threw the ruling elite with a cry of Freedom. Of course, they didnt defend it very well in WW2 . And Europeans, and Brits fled to America, the Great Republic which promised them so much.

And what did Britain do? They acted as they have done through the ages, we British did as we were told. We "did our duty". But it was duty as our superiors saw it.The general public followed on. Led by their noses, they did as they were told by a revered royalty and the ruling classes. And we still do.

Does a thousand years of "glorious history" boil down to the proles (us) doing what our "superiors" (them) would have us do, and usually without complaint, with pride even. We "stood firm" we "fought heroically" we sacrificed our sons and having done so we stood aside to be ruled, yet again, to a greater or lesser degree by our "superiors."

They may no longer be hereditary peers but they are, none the less, the modern equivalent. They lead and we dutifully follow. They command, we obey. They lie, we believe or, if we do not believe we accept, wring our hands and cry "what can we do." The cry gets ever more feeble as we sink beneath our hopeless burden, After all, that's democracy. Isn't it??

The struggles grow less as the servant beast is overwhelmed by the masters mighty strategies. Could this "British spirit" really be no more than a myth? What we have been conned into believing was "spirit" was, in reality, little more than acquiescence, a blind obedience, we have "done our duty" which in reality translates as, like good little children, "we have done as we were told."

So it is really no wonder that we have allowed our country to be taken from us because we are only doing what we are told. No one told us starkly what was going on(Apart from Enoch Powell and a few others) No one told us to resist. No one told us to do what was clearly our duty and to fight it.

In fact they told us to welcome the invading aliens for it was all for our benefit. They told us to accept a new and modern way of life which would sweep away just about all we ever believed in. And with few exceptions the sheep people, the soon-to -be Dhimmis, once again did all they were told to do and stepped aside as their country was taken from them.

The Proles are happy, proud to be British because we have won a few baubles at the Olympic Games. Once again, they are conned, this time on an "Olympic Scale!"

Proud. When aliens get lesser sentences then our own kind even though they commit greater crimes.

Proud. When an old lady is roundly abused by a scum bag invader on a bus ride.

Proud. When houses, benefits, health care, school places, maternity services are given to aliens instead of our own kind.

Tell me I am wrong. Did we once have a unique British spirit or was it all just a myth? And if we did have it, tell me where it has gone for we certainly don't have it now. All our troubles, all our dangers, are ignored.

We've won some gold medals! And they are not really gold anyway. Like our famed British spirit, they too are just a myth. False gold.

If we had true spirit we would not have stood for what has been done to us and until we find some real spirit the common people will remain just that. Common, downtrodden serfs watching the privileged go by in the fast lane while they themselves fade out of existence in the new, enriched, mulyi culti world.

The judges will tell us that we cant take the law into our own hands. Just whose hands should it be in then?


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. GA. You suprised me giving it such prominence,I had my tongue in my cheek when I did that for I know that we have a great deal to be proud of- perhaps more than any other - in our countries real achievements in such things as engineering, medicine, invention, literature- the list is almost endless. But I was just about pissed off with it all, the lies, the superficiality of life as it is now lived in modern Britain. We are on the point of losing our country. How can this happen? I see foreign nations, much more excitable than ours, who take to the streets over perceived injustice and- like the French farmers- force their countries ruling elite to listen and to do as they are told. When will we reach a point when the population as a whole take to the streets and reclaim their country from decades of mis rule at the hands of intellectuals and traitors. It seems inconceivable to me that we should simply sit back and let corrupt judges, police chiefs and the likes of Prescott, Mandelson, Blair, Brown, Milliband-(Milliband!! The last hope of Socialism!!!)- the whole gang of liars and thieves, push along with their surrender of our way of life. In his manufactured and false euphoria at our olympic successes Brown has just said that schools should restart competitive sports-even boxing!! After they have done so much to put an end to it all!!! And who is going to teach it to the kids? Our women who make up so much of the teaching staff and are happy to teach the legitimacy of Homesexuality and Islam to their pupils? Our too often lefty trendy male teachers, often little more than women themselves whose idea of competition is handbags at ten paces? When the results are analysed, who will be the first leftie to realise that there were far too many white faces among our winners and condemn it as unacceptable? Must do something about that by 2012!! Pour more money into the invaders pots!Brown has now reached the point where he thinks he can tell any lie and it will be accepted as truth. Our invaders, once they have reached a certain percentage of our population, will be less docile. Certainly the muslim hordes will show us what we should have done, but if it ever reaches that point it will be too late for us to learn the lesson.

In despair said...

Celtic Morning - Perhaps you are the one we, the sheeple, are looking for to lead us out of the darkness into the light.

Feelings in my local pubs and cafes are running high. Everywhere I go now I hear the people talking about this Governement, the aliens, no jobs etc., and saying what can we do? Nobody is prepared to stand up and shout "Enough is enough!" for fear of retribution from the PC brigade, the political police, the faceless wonders in Whitehall, Uncle Tom Cobley an all!

Everyday the Mail and the Express carry headlines that would make a strong minded patriotic man leap into action to defend the British way of life, but nowadays everyone just wants an easy life sitting on the fence and watch Great Britain become Britanistan.

What's happened to the "British Stiff Upper Lip". I'll tell you. It's just above the trembling lower one.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. In Despair. Me a leader? I think not. We have the leaders, what we need are a people willing and determined to take action even if its only to vote them into real power, vote for the BNP. My day is almost gone and my generation with it. The baton is passed to younger men and I hope the hand over is better than our athlets managed it. I like the stiff upper lip bit. Too much trembling in evidence today, it's almost our modern trademark.Also agree with yourobservation re a perceived surge in complaint from our sheep citizens. Hope at last?

Anonymous said...

I certainly think you have a point, as the English in particular, seem to have this silly subsurvience to Queen and establishment. In reality, what have the royal family ever done for the masses?. I recall as a child a newscaster announcing that public spending was being cut by £5million, and then going on to say that the royal yacht was being refurbished by the very same ammount!. As a nation we are a formidable fighting force, but are easily led. We don't have the cynicsm toward our leaders that the French or Italians do, no wonder that along with the Germans who are also cast in our likeness, we have been manipulated twice in the last century to destroy each other. I blame it in part on the class system, which has been very carefully designed to stop the people uniting, instead encouraging them to be a little bit better than their neighbour, all the while the establishment laughed and despised us all. You know, perhaps the English deserve what they get, maybe they will be happy living under the tyrrany of Sharia, as happy as when they were living under the tyrrany of the aristocracy and the Church. Now I wonder what the the word for social climber is in Arabic?.