Sunday, 2 December 2007

The UAF and the Tri-Axis parties

Check out the boots. All the girls are wearing them

Just as the political party Sinn Fein has the IRA as its militant wing, so do, do the Tri-Axis parties that make-up the rotating dictatorship of our government have their militant wing in the shape of the Urinate Against Freedom(UAF) mob.

The UAF are literally employed to do the work of the Government in trying to ensure that other political parties that they see as a threat to their plans are either denied the chance to inform their fellow citizens of the truth. Or physically intimidate them into remaining silent whilst they watch their country be stolen away.

And all so the alliance of global business and mad marxist ideology can create their new world. A world where the super rich get even richer and the marxist control the people for the sake of control.

Funded by the Muslims and the trade unions and with the support of Members of Parliament like David Cameron and Peter Hain, listed here on the UAF scum site, you can see whilst parliament might speak about democracy and freedom of speech, their names on this list of shame shows different.

And because the UAF are sworn to prevent freedom of speech with their No Platform policy, they will use any means possible to prevent the truth getting out to the people.

They will use violence against Newspaper sellers, they will vandalise BNP activists cars and they will go as far as using knives against BNP candidates.

And despite the fact that the UAF openly brag about how tough they are and what crimes they have committed over in the comment sections on their blogs and forums, the corrupt politicans still support them and stand alongside them whenever they can bus in enough of their paid activists to mount a demonstration against the legal BNP.

And these corrupt politicians must support the UAF, because they know that should the British National Party become the government of the day, then they are in trouble.

The BNP will not rig the outcomes of investigations into fraud and corruption the way the labour party buried the Honours for Cash scandal or the current secret donations sham.

The BNP will not allow corrupt politicians to continue to exploit loopholes by claiming unjustified huge expenses at the cost of services to the True British public.

In short the corrupt M.P.'s on that list, know they will be brought to book. And that frightens them and so they must help fund and support the new fascists of the UAF.

But while the activists of the UAF might talk the talk, they certainly do not walk the walk unless they considerably outnumber anyone they attack. And when their images are posted over on sites such as RedWatch, they scream like little 9 year old girls who have just found out that they have been promised to some aged turnips as wives.
Many of those who have found themselves on Redwatch have been targets of hardcore nazis - many of them suffering firebombs in their houses and cars, general abuse either face to face or by phone, and violent attacks.
But their hypocrisy is breathtaking as they are forever posting home details of BNP activists and supporters on their sites. They are constantly giving out telephone numbers and addresses of hotels and pubs that allow the BNP to hold their meetings.

But unlike the British National Party which aspires to winning control of the country by the use of the Ballot Box and condemns violence, the UAF have no other purpose in life then to prevent the BNP speaking to the people. They do not form their own political party, they know that no sane person would vote for them - to them the voters are stupid- and their wet marxist dreams. So they turn to violence. Violence. the main weapon in the Marxist armoury.

And so they do the work of their masters, tape worms, already buried deep in the heart of our democracy. They do the work of the government of the day. Be it Lib/Lab or con, just three different names for the same policies. Betrayal of the True British People.

And with the growth of the BNP, the UAF actions will become more desperate as their masters become more desperate and so we can expect more attacks on Our People. But the UAF thugs should be aware of this. Those who live by the sword must be prepared to die by it.

Right. Nobody about. Lets show em.

For a good laugh, go read the thrilling exploits of the UAF/ANITFA girls night out in Oxford here. Read how these heroes of the left ran around town for a bit, had a couple of beers, ran around town again. Stood behind some students and shouted a bit. Watched the misguided students scale the wall and went for a few more beers.


Anonymous said...

Jeez, the "Antifas" website really shows them for what they are-actually revelling in the violence as if it thrills them. I will certainly let everyone I know have the web address so that they can see the reality of the "inclusive" mindset of these red thugs. I will be printing off a flyer about the website to post round the college too, and I think everyone else should do the same. People really need to see this dont they?

najistani said...

Are the BNP the 'canary in the coalmine' indicating the stifling of free speech for everybody?

Take a look at the comments section in and scroll down until you come to one by 'Baligha' .

Quote "We must indeed prevent Griffin and the BNP from spouting their inflammatory rabble-rousing poison, especially in universities where they may influence immature and gullible minds."

What arrogance! She (according to 'Baligha' is a female Muslim name) is saying that the brightest young adults in the country are incapable of forming their own opinions.

But the most sinister part is...

"We need to be aware of coded messages of racism thinly disguised as theological discussion. If you visit BNP blogs you'll find them full of cut-and-paste quotes from Jihadwatch etc which often themselves consist of quotations from the Koran taken completely out of context, which are used to 'prove' that all Muslims are potential terrorists.

So as well as enforcing 'no platform' for people and parties, we need also to consider imposing 'no platform' for ideologies which seek to maliciously malign Islam with the deliberate intention of inciting quasi-racist hatred of Muslims.

'Counter-jihadists', as they call themselves, are the new Paki-bashers."

In other words, what she is advocating is the complete stifling of any criticism whatsoever of Islam as 'quasi-racist hatred'. So 'No Platform' will not just be applied to the BNP, but will also extend to any Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist etc who might wish to critically examine Islam on university premises.

The UAF do not publish anything on their blog which contradicts their policies, so we can assume this is what they are ultimately intending.

Anonymous said...

Lets stop whining about the Unite against freedom and start worrying about our own policies. Why are they even discussed here? Bollocks to them.

Anonymous said...

I like when the UAF get involved and Muslims side with them, the more Joe Public The Waverer sees the connection the better.

najistani said...

I see the Muslima Baligha is at it again at

It is quite apparent that her agenda is to stifle all questioning of Islam by extending 'No Platform' to anyone who criticises the cult.

Presumably it will soon become impossible even to repeat something as mild as Pope Benedicts Regensburg comments. The BNP are indeed the 'canary in the coalmine', or from the Jihadists' point of view 'the thin end of the wedge'. I wonder if the UAF as a whole goes along with this strategy?


"In a comment in a previous thread I suggested extending the 'No Platform' policy to ideologies as well as persons and parties, specifically to include those who would recycle Neocon propaganda and give it (an even more) Fascist spin.

I have since found a concise definition of the Islamophobic naratives which form the ideological basis of hate speech at

I would propose that 'No Platform' be given to overt or covert racist incitement which has the following characteristics:

1) Islam is seen as a monolithic bloc, static and unresponsive to change.

2) Islam is seen as separate and 'other'. It does not have values in common with other cultures, is not affected by them and does not influence them.

3) Islam is seen as inferior to the West. It is seen as barbaric, irrational, primitive and sexist.

4) Islam is seen as violent, aggressive, threatening, supportive of terrorism and engaged in a 'clash of civilisations'.

5) Islam is seen as a political ideology and is used for political or military advantage.

6) Criticisms made of the West by Islam are rejected out of hand.

7) Hostility towards Islam is used to justify discriminatory practices towards Muslims and exclusion of Muslims from mainstream society.

8) Anti-Muslim hostility is seen as natural or normal.

This definition of Islamophobia, from the 1997 document 'Islamophobia: A Challenge For Us All' is widely accepted, including by the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia.

- Baligha"

watling said...

The UAF page listing their supporters hasn't been updated for a little while. It includes Paul Foot, who died 3 years ago. Maybe he supports them from beyond the grave?

The list also includes Morrissey, the anti-immigrant. I wonder how long his name will remain there?

najistani said...

What will happen to the commies at UAF once Britain becomes Islamic?

Maryam Namazie explains...

"The Islamic regime in Iran attacks any protest; it intends to oppress any resistance. Despite the regime’s brutality, students are determined to make this year’s December 7 protests and meetings larger and stronger than ever.

The Communist Youth Organisation calls upon Amnesty International and all other human rights organisations and libertarians around the world to condemn the Islamic Republic of Iran for the arrest of the student activists and to demand the immediate and unconditional release of them and all political prisoners.

Libertarians of the world!
Iranian students and youth are in need of your support to resist the anti-human Islamic regime in Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran should be pressured in every possible way; the regime should be flooded with protesting letters; it should be opposed through demonstrations. The anti-human activities of this regime should be condemned and should be pushed back.

Communist Youth Organisation
December 2, 2007 "


Over to you Ketlan, Loiuse/Denise and the Mad Barrow Ranter....