Thursday, 27 December 2007

Something to think about as the year ends

Now where did I leave those keys?

During my time in the Royal Navy, I served aboard many fine ships and experienced the following quite a few times.

As the time of a warships commission neared the end, prior to a major refit and redeployment of the Ships Company, something would happen that every Commanding Officer would fight to prevent taking place with varying degrees of success.

The event was called RDP or Run Down Period. Work and maintenance carried out would sometimes become less than perfect. RDP did not officially exist but if you were painting the mast, cleaning the bilges or charged with updating the charts of remote ports you would never visit then sometimes your work might become just a tad sloppy because you knew everything was either going to be replaced or scrapped.

Well for BNP activists and supporters, our commission does not end until we achieve victory by reclaiming Our Country from the Corrupt Politicians who have brought it to its knees. And for us there in no RDP.

But these next few days are a quiet period interrupting our usual task of attempting to alert our fellow citizens to the dangers ahead unless they face the truth and face the enemy. Their own government. So in this quiet time we can start to plan for next year.

Now most of you will already thought of what I am about to write next but for those of you who have not, consider this.

The British National Party has broken through the barriers of lies build by the rotating dictatorships of Labour and Conservative governments and started to reach the minds of the British Public and this terrifies the self appointed masters of the embryo New World Order.

The BNP are now getting well over 20% of the vote in local authority by-elections and this is making the Dhimmi traitors wet themselves with fear. Their supporters will clutch at straws like the recent Harrow by-election(a simple probing action) where we only gained a few percent. But their leaders know the truth.

All over this region of Eurabia formerly known as the United Kingdom, support for the BNP grows. And in groups of people where one person has the courage to say "I support the BNP" another will reply "And so do I". And the more people who say that, the more other people will shrug of their fears of being criticized and start to support the only patriotic party left in the remains of Our Country.

Despite all their displayed ineptness in almost everything they do, not all of those in Government are fools, insane maybe but not fools. As long ago as 1999 some of them were aware that the only real resistance to their plans would be the True Brits of the British National Party.

So they started laying their plans and embedding agents to attempt to twart the peoples will as it became increasingly impossible to hide their evil plans from the British Public.

They attempted to remove the Leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin on trumped up charges and when that failed they tried and failed again. How they must have cursed the Jury System enshrined in our law. No wonder they wish to abolish trial by jury and use the French Napoleonic code where a person is required to prove their innocence to government appointed Judges where his guilt and imprisonment would be ensured.

They have setup Organisations such as the Unite Against Freedom(UAF) led by Ken Livingstone the Mayor of London, Operation Black Vote and the infamous NAAR, led by the crooked Lee Jasper. All organisation funded by us, the True Brits. They use our money to employ colonisers to help destroy Our Culture and steal Our Land away from us and Our Children.

In May, come the elections for the London Assembly they know that the British National Party is very likely to win at least 1 seat with just 5% of the vote. 8% of the vote would give the BNP two seats. Two Patriots in place and with access to information that would help reveal the truth about the corruption of Ken Livingstone and his cronies running London as their private, government approved fiefdom. And a bonus for the BNP. Welcome funding from the LDA. Funding that can be used to waken even more of our fellow citizens.

And on a National Level, cowardly politicians like John Cruddas , another key UAF member, makes wild allegations about the BNP from behind the shield of Parliamentary Privilege. Knowing full well, were he to make those allegations in public, he would have to sell all of his three homes bought with taxpayers help, to pay damages to the BNP.

John or Jon as he likes to be known, reveals the fear for his future here. The Tri-Axis politicians know that a BNP government would investigate every single one of them and fearing the future they have all united to try and prevent the day of reckoning ever coming about.

The Labour Party also know that with over 20% of the vote in a general election, that many of their leeches would be thrown off the gravy train. Already they now depend on the vote of their imported colonisers to retain power which is why they become increasingly more servitude in their responses to the Cult of The Dead Paedophiles demands for special treatment.

And what of the trade unions? What is their part in all this. Well instead of trying to prevent the increasing number of job losses caused by greedy businesses relocating to parts of the world where they can employ slave labour to maximise their profits. They play their global Marxist politics and bus in their paid activists to places where the BNP are having their meetings or events. And they bus these troublemakers and agitators in because they know they have very little support amoungst the local communities they say they are there to support. And in return the government gives the unions more of our money in the form of "modernisation grants".

And all whilst this is going on, the agents of the state seek to cause dissent amoungst the British National Party's members and supporters in order to try and stave of the day of reckoning.

And sadly some people are taken in by their actions and these dupes become the weapons used to attack the things they also believe in. You know where to look to find the names of these foolish people who damage Our Struggle to reclaim Our Country for Our Children.

And so the forecast for next year is? Rough times for the True Brits of the BNP. We can expect a lot more lies in the government controlled press (bought with tax relief). Increased physical attacks on our paper sellers, threats to individuals. Investigations into our activities and lots of interference and vote fixing in local by-elections.

I shall probably come back and edit this later but it should be enough for some of you to think about for now.


Louise said...

GA: The above posting is not me. Easy to spot because apart from the fact that I dont know who Dave is, the spelling is too good, as is the grammer! Nice try psuedo-Louise but frankly youre an idiot and you should have the balls to confront GA yourself if you want to insult him.

The Green Arrow said...

Excellent thank you chairman.

A pile of big steaming red turds exposed over on Operation Black Vote and more turds flushed out over at NAAR.

johnoddybnp said...

Just been into Colwyn Bay to get some ciggies and although it’s cold, wet and miserable I decided to walk. On a whim I took the dog with me, I know he hates the rain but he needs the exercise to work-off his Christmas dinner! “Look how he’s enjoying it” the missus said, she changed her mind half an hour later when the stench of sprouts emulated from under the coffee table, dirty little sod. I asked her if she fancied a walk on the beach under the moon and stars?, “That will be romantic” she said, “Good!, it’s your turn to take the dog out” I said.
His reluctance to go out in the rain quickly altered, assisted by a boot up the arse and within five minutes his well brushed coat resembled that of a drowned rat and he was obviously not enjoying himself, I could tell by the tone of his growl when I spoke to him.
Coming out of the shop I bumped into two Goths they looked wetter than the dog with their hair plastered over their faces make-up running all over the place and their dirty torn clothing, even the dog barked at them “Vicious dog!” the lad said, looking at his girlfriend I replied “I agree but I’m sure you love her” I was well out of earshot by the time he’d formulated his two syllable reply.
It makes you wonder what the Country is coming to.

Louise said...

I'm Louise

Louise said...

HaHaHa. The truth is that you all probably want to be me but none of you have got the guts, the gumption, the bravery or the ability so all you have left is to piss about here and amuse yourselves. Its not my blog that youre disrespecting but you go for your lives and enjoy your lame humour because the BNP has all the time in the world for jokers and losers, especially stupid ones like you with half a neurone between yah!

johnoddybnp said...

I can only feel contempt and a slight sorrow for the sad little man who’s gob is bigger than his balls and picks on women (well Louise) behind a shield of lies and obscure one liners. Perhaps he is so ashamed by his infantile behaviour that that is why he hides his identity, either that or his Mummy wont let him give it out.

Louise said...

John: Nice comment - though to be honest I dont actually know what the louise comments are driving at. It buggers up GAs blog and even though GA may hate my comments and ignore them, in general he posts the darn things and runs a smart presentable ship on the blog. If someone wants to have a pop at me, they are perfectly justified to do so and their directness will be appreciated so that I can respond without confusion!

Louise said...

GA: Thats still not me above. I think someone is sabbatoging your blog. You said you welcome debate and different viewpoints but its not cricket to behave stupidly like that. However, I refer to my posting previously today 14: 58.

The Truth said...

Green Arrow; You really have no clue what you're on about do you?

Jon Cruddas is not in the UAF.

You are such a pillock at times.

The Green Arrow said...

The Truth.

Fool. Check your facts. Type in John Cruddas and UAF into google you clown.

The Truth said...

I see you were not man enough to post the correct information regarding Cruddas even though I made it available to you.

You are becoming a dishonourable source of disinformation.

The Green Arrow said...

The truth. I am looking at it and will either edit or amend later as soon as I get time.

The Green Arrow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Green Arrow, this 'Louise' person is obviously not the pick of the crop. Personally I wouldn't give it the time of day.

It may have something to do with being unable to suffer fools lightly.

It is a cross I have to bear.