Thursday, 20 December 2007

St Marys, Castle Point by-election 20th December

Well the British National Party activists are in action at another by-election today. This time caused by the resignation of two Conservative Councillors for Benefit Fraud.

I seem to be updating the Liars, Buggers and Thieves blog almost daily. Labour is well out in front for fraud, especially electoral. But when it comes to Paedophilia then it is a toss up between the Conservatives and the Lib Dems. If you go visit the site click on the categories to sort the growing data we are gathering.

If any of the crimes committed by the people named were British National Party members it would be all over the National Press. The two BNP candidates are John Laurence Morgan and Peter John Barber. You can read the local policies they are putting forward here but I quite like the last one on their list of 5 issues.

Council Tax has increased by 128% in the last 10 years against a 30% rise in inflation! The primary cause is the Labour Government's re-allocation of central grants, from the South to the North to bribe its supporters. The Local Government Association has announced that Council Tax will need to rise by 6% due to Labour's failure to control immigration. The LGA warns that this crisis has created severe problems which will lead to council tax rises, local job losses and cuts in services.

Both the Tories and Lib Dems have assisted in the demographic changes being wrought in our ancestral homeland without any democratic consent or consultation . Since 2004, over 1.5million immigrants have arrived in the UK, placing unprecedented strains on our services and environment.

We pledge to restrict domestic and business Council Taxes to their current level. We would terminate the funding of projects or services that do not benefit the indigenous British people.

Councillors allowances should be closely scrutinised. We would explore ways to make councillors remuneration performance related.
The full list of candidates and the results are as follows:
  • BNP Peter Barber 253
  • Con Mark Howard 461
  • BNP John Morgan 234
  • Con Alf Partridge 509
  • Lab Brian Wilson 480
  • Lab Tony Wright 456
This was a paper campaign and so the combined percentage of the BNP vote was 20% which is an excellent indicator to future success.

Well done the British National Party.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck and dont be put off if the ballots have been "adjusted" by the crim parties. Reality indicates that in a country as corrupt as ours, nothing can be won fairly from the hands of the gangsters, but we will prevail in the end.