Thursday, 13 December 2007

Today I became an enemy of the state


Incredible isn't it? The day our treasonous government signed away our freedoms, us so called freedom fighters were busy trying to rip each others throats out.

Less than a week ago, we would have been knocking on doors and telling the people of what was really being signed away today. Instead we sent each other emails and posting comments. Some threatening, others pleading and others gloating. Playing fiddles while Rome burned.

Well thankfully a few sites done what I and others should have done and protested about it with links to their sources and true information for their readers to follow but not me, not us. No. We wasted time searching for something we could not find.

Well with the signing of the document that signed away our freedom, not even signed by our unelected Prime Minister but some flunky Marxist, I now declare myself an enemy of the state.

I do not recognise the New World Order and their Regional Governments. I recognise their power over me but I do not recognise their authority or right to govern. I shall do everything in my power to help overthrow them and return the country to its rightful owners. The True British People.

And you who also want that, then stop your sulking and pick up your weapons and get back to the British National Party and sod your hurt feelings. The only party that can now save us. To conspire against it now is as big a treason as the one done today.


Anonymous said...

I would like to see the day GA when all decent folk march on every dirty corrupt Town hall in Britain and drag the self serving scum from behind their desks kicking and screaming.
So that would probably put me along side of you as an enemy of the State, the current turmoil your party is facing, whatever the personal differences be, is a struggle it must go through. If for no other reason than to prove that its rank and file members will not allow an Establishment type arrogance to form itself at the top with a total disregard, thus becoming a mirrored image of the very beast you are fighting.

Anonymous said...

And on this dark day the heroine of the realbnp has this to say about the crisis Britain and her people face.
From that alternative blog in the Twilight Zone she whimpers loud and clear to wellwishers

Sadie Graham said...
In response to the posting by Bournemouth Nationalist, yes the police are investigating and they are well aware of all the issues. They have said that it was definitley theft and entry by deception. I have also yesterday sought legal advice with a solicitor who states that I have various claims against the party if I would want to take it further.

13 December 2007 18:55

Apparently the repossession of the party's computer was a crime against pregnancy, even if you can make up fake blogs while pregnant no one should complain about it if your pregnant.
No mention of Britain sold down the river though.
Compensation ideas?
That would buy a lot of nappies.

Reconquista said...

May I have the honour in bearing arms and standing shoulder to shoulder with you as an enemy of the state GA?

The self-serving batsrads who've sold out their own people are going to be held to account for their treason one day.

It's a day you, me and all of our brothers in arms need to strive for with all our might.

And until that day dawns I will not give up this fight and I will not stop supporting Nick Griffin and the BNP - the only party with the courage to right this dreadful wrong.


The Green Arrow said...


I would be proud to stand next to you because we are brothers in this war to recover our country.

And like you I will never stop supporting Nick Griffin the Party that he brought from nowhere to become the most successful British Nationalist Party ever. And that is why the attacks against us have begun in earnest.

I apologise for the comments being moderated but have a lot of incoming abuse from just a couple of red trolls but you know how scum clogs things up.

The Green Arrow said...

hey dizzy. I really like your little fat guy. That is good.

I suspect there are now about 40 million enemies of the state. We just have not woke them up yet.

Mr T said...

We will wake them up Green Arrow as only the patriotic can.
Support the British national Party attacked abused and villified for being constantly right as well as Right!

Thanks anon 22:48
that clarifies a lot for me.
cant look at that place myself.

Reconquista said...

No need to apologise to anyone GA, least of all me. Your blog has been a credit to our cause just keep up the good work.

One day all this effort will be rewarded with victory. That is the goal we must not compromise for anyone or anything.


The Green Arrow said...

But let us review some of the other allegations about The Chairman of the BNP besides how people have conspired against him, been used by those who conspire against him and betrayed by those he is still loyal to.

The Chairman is not a super being, although he does to some give that appearance. The role of the Chairman is to lead, motivate and inspire and he does all that. His job is to travel to groups and outposts all over our disintegrating country and rally the troops which he does better than any other political party leader. But he cannot be everywhere although it sometimes appears that he tries.

He is the British National Parties public face and it is a face that more and more of our waking, fellow citizens, see as their Saviour and he can be. He is the BNP and that is what some people dislike and resent.

But if he is fulfilling this function as our Public Face, he cannot be doing the day to day tasks of running the machinery of the Party. Others must do that and he must trust them to do so.

If there are problems in that Groups sometimes feel they do not get enough support or a quick enough response. That is not the Chairmans fault, if there is no good reason for the lack of support or response, then that is the fault of the people he placed his trust in. Not the Chairmans. And there are procedures in place within the Party to handle things like that.

But people must also learn that the BNP is not a Knight in White Shiny Armour that can ride into their area and put things right. The BNP is a messenger to the people. They must then make their own local Knight to defend them and put things right at their level. When there are enough Knights at grass roots level we will control the Country and be able to determine its path as a free nation.

The only people who will win if this split continues are the enemy and the losers will be the Country.

Since I have started, I might as well finish. Those sites that continue to make allegations prior to any talks taking place are just making it more difficult for those who might shortly be forced into talking around the table.

I said there is a Storm coming and there is. But it will be no good some of us pumping water out of the ship if others are pumping it in. The ship will sink and take us all with it. I know that is what the enemy wants.

The Green Arrow said...

Mr T, thank you for that. I shall hold onto it for now if you do not mind.

najistani said...

We are squabbling while a deadly plague, a mind virus, sweeps across Europe. Read 'The Terrifying Brilliance of the Islamic Memeplex' - don't be put off by the title - to understand what we are really up against:

Yorkielss said...

Nigel Farage a guest on last nights whale show. spoke of 100s of MEPs from across Europe rose up on wednesday shouting in the Brussels parliament of their disgust at we in the UK also the peoples of Europe not being allowed a referendum on such a life changing subject.
He himself present at the signing spoke of his shame. with passion and a warning in his words he added when all the representatives were standing around patting each other on the back with the EU flags all around Ode to joy blasting out he himself felt fear he could see the face of a Fascist state being given life.
He has put into the public arena that which the BNP have been saying for years.
He placed much blame on the media while acting anti the EU they never actually gave the reasons in full.
I don't include the anti British propagandist BBC after all he who pays the piper plays the tune. the EU do actually give the BEEB money.
Of course we pay in excess of £3 billion a year. that makes me ask how much do they get from the EU i know they spend billions a year on propaganda.
Below is an e-mail that i received this morning asking me to circulate.
Guy served his country in the military his patriotism means everything to him as does the UK.
Please take the time to read!

Le Resistance. said...

La Resistance! Special

Mos Maiorum:The Ancient Ways of Rome and United Kingdom.

Guy R. Leven-Torres, BA(Hons) Ancient and Medieval History, London University Royal Holloway and Bedford College, MA Archaeology, University College London Institute of Archaeology, FSEFA, A Fellow and Principal Field Archaeologist Society of Experimental Field Archaeology and Honorary Life President.

Expertise: Roman Army, Warfare and Society.

It is rare that I write in a mode that combines the academic and political like this article is going to be. It is even rarer that I give my full titles in an article but this time I have, because what I am about to relate to you, the reader is probably the most important article you will have read from myself to date and I want there to be no doubt in anybody's mind that I now write as a scholar and expert in my field. There will be those that scorn and attack what I say, so the titles are shown in full as a mark of my authority and expertise. These titles are not some airy-fairy award but the result of forty years hard but highly pleasurable labour: a labour of love for a subject and the actors, especially the Romans and British. I began as a amateur but now I am a professional. In many things I am ignorant and do not suffer like so many, from conceit or affectation of knowledge I do not have but in my own field, I think I can safely state I know my stuff, being so familiar with it.

Yesterday, Mr Gordon Brown signed the Reform Treaty establishing the European State. This was no idle signature to some diplomatic spin operation that was simply for the cameras and fawning fools that gathered together in the company of the great and good, or those referred to by Marcus Tullius Cicero, the lawyer, orator and Consul of the Roman Republic as the 'Boni': no indeed this single act is an historical act that I think in times yet to come, should the human race survive and especially our British civilisation under attack as it is by Islamists, aided and abetted by the Brown Government that stupidly and ignorantly appease and even work with these very forces ranged against us, in the mistaken belief they can divide and rule such evil, will be remembered as the greatest betrayal of the United Kingdom and even Europe in the 1500 years, that the name 'Britain or England' has meant something or other to the population of these lands.

Britain has a long ancient pedigree whether it was Celtic 'Pritan', Roman Britannia, English 'Angland' or Georgian 'Greater Britain', or the modern United Kingdom. We are a nation; an island nation of four nations; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We are not Europeans. The British Archipelago is a group of islands on the North West coast of France. If anything we are closer in character to the Scandinavian Peoples of Norway and Denmark, not our European 'cousins'. We are also an island race with legal and political conditions very different from those of the Continent. Our culture is also very different directly as a result of that ancient isolation from the European tradition. We are different in racial composition, in our unique sense of history, our attitude to citizenship, but above all, in our attitudes towards the State and our place within it.

Indeed we are quite unique and I do not believe in all seriousness that any othre People anywhere in the world, even across the Atlantic have such a unique claim to singularity of existence and specialness as we British do. The only other People with a similar historical claim to uniqueness is the Romans that I admire so much, precisely because they are so much like us with their own peculiarly self sense of history and destiny; yes we share much in the spiritual plain but also on the physical socio-cultural one as well as I am about to describe to you. The modern Americans I regard as an extension of this ancient state of affairs.

The Romans like us did not have a written constitution. Sure enough they had their Tables of Law written down around 304BC, after threatened rebellion by the plebs and some scholars give dates as early as 454BC for the original inscription by the Romans but I think this is a mistake and that they were written down by Appius Claudius Caecus or as he is known, Claudius the Blind. I chose this year because Rome was fighting for her life against the vicious mountain tribes of the Samnites and the Romans were not doing very well, including being made to march through the Caudine Forks by a Samnite victor as a mark of their submission. This was a common practice in the Italian peninsula that shared a not dissimilar cultural background, that allowed Rome to Romanise and assimilate all of Italy in time. Rome was by 304BC the dominant power in Italian politics and she was head of all the various leagues and covenants she had established through war and diplomacy over the 500 years of her existence. The Samnites had other ideas and threatened Rome in her heartland of Latium but the problem for Rome was far greater than this. Her tribes were split asunder by political struggles within the Republic itself and the Samnites knowing this, drove their attack forward with all their might.

The Plebeians or Commoners wanted a share in Government of the respublica. Respublica means 'Public Ways' or 'Common Wealth'. Those terms are familiar to us are they not? Have you never stopped to wonder why? Well now I shall explain.

Faced with such turmoil within and turmoil without, the more far sighted of the Roman aristocracy, seeing the suffering and resentment of its Roman Commoners (plebs) at the hands of arbitrary Roman magistrates and realising too, that these same plebs already withholding themselves from military service and obligations in protest at this behaviour, saw to it that their demands for parity with the aristocracy, especially in matters legal resulted in the writing down of the laws of Rome, that until then had been a closed kept secret among the aristocrats themselves. However, this was no a written constitution and that only came about hundreds of years later, when Emperor Justinian codified the laws long after the Western Empire had collapsed. He was a tyrant and like all his kind, like to have things in writing so he knew where he stood and where the pleb did not.

Written constitutions are historically speaking, usually instruments of despotism. The Roman legal system was like the British, slowly evolved over the centuries through custom and usage, by legal interpretation of judges and lawyers but most importantly a well understood system of Roman Common Law and traditions known as the 'Mos Maiorum', that everybody understood well enough was unassailable, just like the British Common Law until very recently, or the American Declaration of Independence that still relies on Magna Carta before the advent of European 'Corpus Juris', that is being imposed top down upon us today and that will now become prime law after Brown's signature on the European Reform Treaty.

Most importantly, The Roman State served the citizens, not the other way round. In Britain and America too, the state serves the People. The American Declaration of Independence even clearly says so. Have you ever wondered why?

It is because British and American legal and political practices are direct modern descendants of the Roman Republican system of Common Law. For example the only law that the ancient Anglo Saxons could copy in their time was the still extant Roman Law. Roman Law established that a citizen had the right to trial before a jury. So does the British and American today. The Corpus Juris system being imposed upon us today by this awful Reform Treaty is based upon Napoleonic Continental systems of law that allowed inquisitorial methods of trial, not by jury of one's peers but professional bureaucrats or magistrates appointed by the state for the protection of the state, not the People.

Trial by jury was an important aspect of a Roman citizens liberty as it is ours today in Britain and America. Europe's Corpus Juris submits the Citizen to the state, while Common Law submits the Subject/Citizen to the judgment of his peers but the state and its officials to the Subject/Citizen. This entire principle was reaffirmed in Magna Carta and when, the Settlements of 1689 and 1701 established the Hanoverian on the English Throne after the Golden revolution of 1688.

In the Roman system or respublica, it was motions tabled and passed in the People's Assembly called plebiscita, that were binding on all Romans of all classes, not the 'mandates' of the Senate that even though it was composed of elder experienced former magistrates, was under the Roman system an advisory body only. The Senate passed a motion called a senatus consultum. The latter 'Consultum' speaks volumes does it not? Of course there were those that through their position and expertise, thought that the Senate should rule and that the plebs should know their place, especially in matters of foreign affairs. This area of expertise was acceded to by the largely ignorant commoners over time, so that it became part of the ancient mos maiorum or ancient traditional ways of doing things in the Roman respublica or Commonwealth. Those that went against it were guilty of nova res (new ways) and probably maiestas, that made it treason to challenge the ancient majesty of the Senate and People of Rome.

That SPQR corporate logo was no idle boast either. Let's look at the meaning of the 'Senate and People of Rome' for a while shall we? This is especially important in respect of the attitude that should be taken towards the Reform Treaty and those that have signed it, the consequences for which, if I am correct will be very unpleasant in the short term for us the British People but if we should win the argument over our national future, in the long term for Messrs Brown and Miliband that signed away it and our Sovereignty with it.

The Senate and People of Rome! Senatus Popolusque Romanus! What a wonderful conception. A Commonwealth of Aristocracy and Commoners. Together they made up the State. Cicero called it the 'Commonwealth' in fact and more than one Greek historian praised the Roman 'Constitution' as a balanced entity very unlike the political affairs in their own polis or city state.

The Roman Citizen was king of his own affairs too. He was freed from arbitrary punishment by the existence of People's Tribunes, whose persons were sanctified by the State and gods as inviolate and these men could intercede on beahalf of any citizen and even impose their veto on any legislation passed in the concilium plebis or People's Assembly and even in the Senate, should a consultum be against the established way of doing things. The Senate discussed the motion before sending it to the Assembly and then the plebs in tribes voted for it, or against it. That was the way things were done. But remember the Senate was only an advisory body in Roman law, dating as it did as an advisory body from days of the Kings that were expelled in 509BC.

The first Consuls or rather praetors had come from the Senate and it had established its prestige over the hundreds of years of its existence, as the repository of the way things were done and religious, legal and political expertise that gave it customary authority. The Latin for prestige is dignitas but the authority based upon that ancient respect is auctoritas from whence our own word 'authority' stems. Even so, under Roman law, evolved over the centuries through custom, usage and legal decision in courts of law and by the Romans in tribal session, voting on Senatorial Consulta, the Roman Commoners or People were the true authority in the State. It was the Senate and People together that made up the Republic not by themselves. Laws were enacted and passed by the People in their assemblies of which there was more than one but for our case, the People's Assembly is the most important. The Roman senior aristocracy was a closed caste called the Patriciate founded long ago in the past and these were forbidden to vote in the People's Assembly. They married among themselves too, through a strict form of marriage in which divorce was impossible.

The Roman system then was far more like the British and American. The state served the People not the other way round. The law was also to protect the citizen from arbitrary state behaviour, not as in Europe to protect the Executive from the citizen. This is something that we share with the ancient Roman. It also, I believe explains our national outlook and attitude towards liberty and authority. Like the Roman it works exceptionally well. That is until now when our politicians tasked to serve us, have handed us over to a legal and political system that dates from the codification of Roman Law by Justinian.

Europe practices Roman late imperial totalitarian law that we archaeologists call the Dominate, that evolved after the Principate of Augustus, who as primus interpares (first citizen) rather than the despotic semi divine Justinian, ruled the Republic after the civil wars and Actium. The two systems are so far evolved apart throughout the actions and eddies of history, that today they are utterly antithetical, even anathema to British and American traditions that have also evolved in their own right over the centuries. In short the the two systems are utterly alien and opposed. And I predict when the full force of Corpus Juris hits Britain and its population next year, serious civil unrest and even worse will be the result as it was in Rome itself, when politicians went against the accepted ways and traditions of the Roman system, established over centuries through law, custom and tradition. That saw a hundred and more years of civil wars leading in time to the establishment of the Imperial Roman era. Magna Carta was established in similar conditions.

I predict that should our elite pass this awful instrument, the EU Reform Treaty into law that is nothing less than the rehashed Constitution rejected two years past, blood will flow in quantity. This is to be avoided at all costs if we can do so! But it will take a huge popular reaction bottom up. I still think that can be done peacefully

Already Police have arrested people for seemingly ridiculous crimes like selling golliwigs, displaying pigs, criticising religion, even politicians; even our rubbish collections are subject to ridiculous almost comical laws. Cameras spy on us wherever we look, our details are demanded by officials before we travel and there are calls for ID cards: all totally foreign to Britain. These are all things that European populations have been long used to. We the British are not! We will find it hard to adjust; very hard indeed. Our psyches and attitudes based on totally different traditions will instinctively reject them involuntarily, because we are not formed and schooled by these Continental historical traditions of service to the State in a British system that does the opposite. Even worse the Reform Treaty is a far harsher version of the existing Continental system and bears a chilling resemblance to the 1936/1977 Soviet Russian Constitution, both of which I have read.

I suspect that before long Britons will be saying like the Roman 'Civis Romanus Sum!' I am a Roman Citizen! Civis Britannicus Sum!

As for Messrs Brown and Miliband, both have committed Maiestas and assaulted the ancient majesty of the Sovereign Queen Elizabeth, by denying she and her heirs their national demesne and title under the Treason Acts and Magna Carta but just as importantly, knowingly or at least in sublime ignorant arrogance the future of the British People, they are sworn to serve by tenure of office and the oaths of allegiance they swore to the Crown.

Common Law is superior to statute Law and Acts cannot be repealed like those that Mr Blair did in respect of Treason laws, as these are at Common Law. These are the basis of of our Sovereign's legitimacy. Therefore those laws still exist, as do the death penalties that are the punishment for the contravention of such laws. I have researched this and sought wider expert opinion and it is confirmed.

Likewise the police and other military and public servants that obey rather the laws of the EU are guilty in like manner. Those that will swear loyalty to the new Eurostate will also guilty of Treason. Think upon that perhaps and consider your actions and their consequences if you are one of these.

Magna Carta states clearly, that the People have the right and obligation to disobey a corrupt Government that have taken to themselves privileges and authority that is not theirs to take. They are not the state but the Executive under Common Law of the People, namely us for we are the State not they. This is bad enough but to sell us over to a foreign power is worst of all!

We the British People loyal to our Sovereign, Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II and Her heirs, command you to cease your business now or suffer the full consequences of the Common Laws of the United Kingdom.

Let Right be Done!

Ironically 'Majesty' comes from Latin maiestas...the dignity and majesty of the British people perhaps?

Guy Leven-Torres

Tam Glenn said...

I am now certain that the stooges (lets be charitable, they've been duped)
presently splitting the party on the Collett Bad Boy issue must return to the fold.
Even now after their behaviour they would be welcomed home.
While Britain is on the edge of a knife, they sulk about being caught in disloyalty to the only cause that matters;

Collett did not import millions of security risks to destroy us.
Collett did not send us to an illegal war.
Collett did not scream for the head of the British peoples over cartoons or teddies or demand Sharia OR ELSE!
Put things in perspective and get your stupid arses back over here, its a thin blue line and the BNP is all the hope we have.

Helena said...

If two best friends of many years standing fall out over what one sees as a betrayal of trust there are very hurt feelings.
One side feels betrayed and angry, the other feels guilt and seeks to justify their actions by lashing out.
Neither feels good.
But if one should later see the other attacked in the street and walk on by without a thought to the history, the ideals and the friendship of the past, what does that make that person?
I dont know. I leave the question open.

Anonymous said...

In its darkest hour the front line was manned by the few who remained to fight.

Sir HM said...

I haven't heard any fat ladies singing.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday a friend sent me a christmas card saying 'welcome to your first christmas in the united states of europe'

All Hail To Odin and pass that ammunition along, please

A bear called Ted said...

True Sir Henry.
Many get called few get chosen etc. etc
We must be grateful that the activists and members remaining are made of good cloth and we are in this together.

pro 2 said...

The Chairman is not a super being, although he does to some give that appearance.

you need to lay off the coffee for a couple of days

Angie. said...

while we argue. once again these marxists put their ideology into practise.

Yvette “Two homes” Cooper explains Labour’s latest scheme for alleviating London’s housing crisis
“The Government’s plans to force older council tenants out of their homes are likely to come up against strong opposition but Mrs Cooper said that the proposals were intended to provide housing for young families.

”Surely there is something obviously missing from that sentence – as many Londoner’s will have noticed. For those not familiar with the realities of life in the Metropolis – which is destination “Numero Uno” for many migrants – we’ll add the missing word: “The Government’s plans to force older council tenants out of their homes are likely to come up against strong opposition but Mrs Cooper said that the proposals were intended to provide housing for young migrant families.”

This, of course, reflects the news that the majority of births in Greater London are to non-native British mothers and that some ethnic groups have markedly larger families than native Brits.

Interestingly, the homeless charity Shelter is reported as “cautiously welcoming” the move. Its Chief Executive being quoted as saying: “These measures are a positive step forward in tackling Britain’s overcrowding crisis and will hopefully free up many family-sized homes for rent.” Surely Shelter is avoiding the big issue (no pun intended) – and instead of commenting mildly on ineffective Government proposals should grab the bull firmly by the horns and demand an end to the very immigration that is fuelling the housing shortage?

But it gets better!

We also learn that unveiling the plans this morning was Labour’s Yvette Cooper – whom, together with her partner Ed Balls, are reportedly claiming massive amounts of taxpayers’ money to fund their second home in – wait for it – London! Obviously the irony of someone owning two homes, of which one is heavily subsidised by the taxpayer, has not dawned on Ms. Cooper, as she pronounces on the shortage of housing in our capital city!

Anonymous said...

You used your stupid blog to divert attention away from the real issues and towards the splitters and wreckers.

You argued for Mr Collett to step down.

You are a disgrace.

You are not wanted in the BNP.