Sunday, 9 December 2007

An appeal by Stoke BNP

Please watch this appeal by Stoke BNP and answer their call to arms. The British National Party are the only party that speaks not just for you but your children's children. Children that they will probably never see but care for as much as they care for their own.

This video is an appeal to people in the North Staffordshire (Stoke,Newcastle under Lyme, Stone,Staffs Moorland, Leek) ,South Cheshire (Crewe/Congleton/ Alsager) to get involved in Stoke BNP.

As the patriot narrators says at the end. It is time to do your duty.

A note to video makers. Please email me with details of videos you would like posted. Better still join the BNP Group on YouTube and let me know there.


devils advocate said...

What did you do in the war daddy?- yes it is MY duty to ensure MY childrens future. Join the resistance!

Ollie said...

Good luck lads and lasses. Our day will come.

International Bright Young Thing said...

Looks like your party is down to the bare bones now all the talent has left.

Anonymous said...

GA: Are you removing comments before they have even surfaced? tut. tut.