Wednesday, 19 December 2007

The Silence of the Lambs

The end for all of us if we do not win

Well after their throats have been hacked through with blunt blades, I am sure that they will eventually be silent. Unlike the enrichers who our Dhimmi government have brought in to carry out demographic genocide on the white True Brits whose land this is. They will be chanting to the memory of their Dead Paedophile Prophet of Islam.

About a year or more ago I read an article about an event carried out every year in France. Regrettably I did not make a link but the article described events that took place during the Cult of the Dead Paedophiles Eid-Ul-Adha celebrations. And truly horrific those events were.

During this festival the turnips mass slaughter almost any living creature they can get their hands on. Sheep, camels, cows and goats. You name it and if it breathes they will hack its head off.

Now unknown to the general population of our country, this practice has been going on in semi-secrecy in our Country for years. The government knows about it. The RSPCA know about and neither do anything. The government because they need the votes of the turnips and the RSPCA because they are spineless cowards.

Mr Davies, who has a sign outside his Preston Road farm saying "Lambs For Sale" said said: "Two Asian men and a woman pulled up in a black cab and asked my wife Anne about the lambs for sale."

They said they wanted between 30 to 40 lambs that they could slaughter on our land."We don't kill our own lambs and Anne told them it was against the law".

Go read this story here. You will see that the usual mouthpieces for the turnips have condemned the actions of their fellow barbarians but we have learned that their words mean nothing.


Reconquista said...

This has been a bugbear of mine for a while now GA.

Remember the outcry against fox-hunting and blood sports? (We all know what that was REALLY about don't we?) Well where are the animal rights brigade protesting against this cruelty?

Conspicuous by their absence. Yet they can attack scientists with baseball bats, liberate minxes on mass without regard to nature's balance, protest at fashion shows and dig up dead relatives of guinea pig farmers but protest against moonbats and their cruel halal methods of slaughter?

Nah, the moonbats would fight back. And besides, cruelty is nothing compared to being called a racist.



yorkielass said...

God forbid that which happens in Holland and other Eu states becomes the norm here thousands of animals slaughtered in this most barbaric way in the green fields of England.
The RSPCA and the animal rights brigade disgust me with their silence just as much as those that practise this evil.

johnoddybnp said...

What does intrigue me about this story is why should the Asian newspaper print the full name and address of the farmer ?. We all know what fanatics these low-life are and it would not be beyond them to take some sort of retribution on the family concerned.

najistani said...

This slaughter is actually an animal sacrifice to appease the Allah-demon. The enrichers scream "Allah Akhbar!" as they saw through the animal's neck.

You'll see exactly the same ritual on 'jihad-snuff' videos where the victim is a kuffar. The moon-worshippers shout "Allah Akhbar!" as they sacrifice the human offering.

Muslims do animal sacrifices if nothing else is available, but Allah prefers humans especially kuffars. The resultant jihad-snuff videos are distributed from Mosques to aspiring young Shaheeds, who excite themselves while watching them.

Islam is NOT one of the Abrahamic religions. Its origins go back to ancient Semitic blood sacrifice cults such as the worship of Baal and Moloch, which are condemned in the Bible.

najistani said...

A bit OT but an very illuminating article on how Dar al-Islam's main export to the West, apart from oil, is swarms of violent young men:

English Rose said...

I've just been reading about the mess the bnp are in, and that grinning nasty Cruddas, is this to take the spotlight off of Labour.
They have done far worse things even if the bnp are guilty of what they are being accused of. They will never be as bad as Labour ever!
I only hope things get smoothed over and I hope people still turn to them or we are doomed.
I have been thinking about the state of this Country for the last few days and I just can't get it out of my head. I am desperate for something to happen to stop this abuse of our Country and I hope that most people feel the same. But you never get the feeling that things are going to change.
Take care x

Dave said...

I see you chose not to publish my comment. Strangely enough, this doesn't surprise me.

I look forward to reading another post about 'freedom of speech' on your blog....

Impartial observer said...

I assume that you are all equally opposed to the Jewish kosher method of slaughter. The mechanics of that are very similar to halal.

In the interests of fair play (a British value I hope you endorse) it would be a good idea to avoid singling out the Muslims in future.

Or perhaps you are scared of being labelled Anti-Semites.

najistani said...

The Jewish method of slaughter is totally different from the Muslim bloodbath. Kosher slaughter is in accordance with "tsa'ar ba'alei haim" in English "Do not allow animals to suffer unnecesarily"

The slaughterman must be trained and the blade must be razor sharp and un-serrated, so that one imperceptible blow cuts off the blood flow to the brain rendering the animal immediately unconscious.

Constrast this with the way that Muslims get their kicks from slowly sawing of the heads of kaffirs, sheep, wayward wives and daughters with the first rusty implement that comes to mind.