Saturday, 15 December 2007

Mark Collett - Lets get a few things straight

Right it is long overdue that I wrote something about a person who appears to be a real key player in all of this. Mark Collett.

I start off by saying that I have never met the man and so can only form an assessment of him from what I have seen on video and been told by others. Not, you will agree the best way to really judge a person.

With regards to his "earlier" camera performances you can rest assured that when I saw the original program I felt like doing a Tony and getting a piece of 4 by 2 because I really believed he had damaged the Party. But he was younger then and perhaps he has learned. The clips I have seen of him with the YBNP seemed to show a little more maturity but I honestly do not know whether that is the case.

With his actions over the recent allegations, then I have a certain sympathy for him. The Reasons for these I shall give later.

However in light of the allegations made against him, were it me, I would have informed The Chairman that I wished to stand down until my name was either cleared or blackened for ever. I believe that that should have been his actions.

However I am now going to paste a clip of an article from 21st Century British Nationalism posted by Lee John Barnes, because if what he says his true then we should all consider our actions and statements that we have made. Especially my good friend in Aberdeen.

The time for resignations should have been after hearing all the evidence from both sides, after the disciplinary tribunal process had been finished and after the tribunal had decided its verdict.

Lets get a few things straight

Lets get a few things staight ;

There has been so much nonsense posted on the internet over recent days the following facts need to be explained ;

1) In regard to the allegations concerning 'under age sex' that are being thrown at Mark Collett and Dave Hannam, these are complete lies. Collett and Hanam were disciplined simply for bringing a non-BNP member into the hotel as that is all they did, and that is not an expulsion offence. He was drinking in an over 18's nightclub with a woman who was with her 15 year old daughter and friend who she was buying alcoholic drinks for. At no time did either the woman or the girls reveal their true age to collett or hannam. The fact that the bouncers on the doors and the bar staff in thre club also thought the girls were over 18 and allowed them in and served them alcoholic drinks in the night club should suggest to people that these were not young girls that resembled young girls.

It is reasonable to assume in those circumstances for people in the club including the bar staff, door staff, collett and hannam to assume the girls in the club were over 18. The moment Collett was informed that the girls were under 16 he and Hannam took them out of the hotel, put them in a cab and paid for their fare home.

Collett and Hannam did not know the girls were under 16, they did not touch them in any way and as soon as they were informed of their ages they removed them from their presence. I am pretty sure that the girls would not have had their birth certificates on them in order for them to prove their age, and were also probably using fake ID to get in the club anyway.

Therefore neither hannam or collett committed any offences that would sustain a punishment of expulsion.

You can only be punished for what you DO not what you did NOT do.

The lies being spread by ex-senior officials of the party about this incident are total fabrications. If the chairman were to have expelled Collett and Hannam for what they did not do ( they did not have sex with those girls) then the expulsions would have been unlawful, and left the party open to legal challenge.

Demanding the party expel them for this incident without any regard to their legal rights as members, their constitutional rights as members, the potetnial legal costs incurred by the party if they fought the expulsion and also the basic unfairness of arbitrarily expelling people as part of ' mob rule ' - merely shows the people demanding their expulsion are motivated not by legality, but simpy by venality.

If they had indulged in sexual intercourse with those young women then I would have been the first to demand they leave - but they didnt.

They are guilty of stupidity and gullibility and thats it.


Please go here and READ all of the article.

I welcome your comments should you choose to return here after reading.


Anonymous said...

You can take what might be 'tarts' or otherwise to whatever you like, but NOT to a Party conference hotel. If they were 14 they were 14and there in no defence under the law.
I'm afraid that what I have just read is codswollop.
You cannot divorce the sort of nazi radicalism all over the media and TV from someone - on the spurious grounds, 'they have grown up'
That shocking performance is ON RECORD and will haunt this party.
It might be sad for the person who committed such stupidity but it happened and frankly it is not that 'innocent' in my mind. It shows a very disturbing pattern of thinking and a thinking that appears have permeated into others at the top.
We are supposed to be a modern electable party.
Well we are not at the moment. We couldn't run a council never mind the country.
This party must be opened up. Some meritocracy needs bringing in. You cannot run a party on favoritism and sycophants.
I am afraid that there are more doubts about Mark Collett than there have ever been, because people like me have been made aware of just how unsavoury his past actions have been.
If he had really grown up - which I think he hasn't, he would act in a mature and principled way and stand down for the sake of the party.
He hasn't. As they say a leopard cannot change his spots.
Methinks Lee Barnes protests too much.
But then what did I say about sycophants?

The Green Arrow said...

Right. I said in my original post that I had some sympathy with Mark Collett. Wrong choice of words but there you go.

I have two nieces in my family. One of them at 14 I would bump into in pubs around Town and she passed for 18 easy and no problem getting past security. She knew she was hot and she acted it.

Not long ago another niece who is just a child(to me) of 11 made a grand entrance to show us what she was wearing to her school prom (horrible americanism catching on) and if I posted the photo of her in an evening dress you would age her at about 17 18. Maybe a young 16.

Both of those young girls talk to their uncle as an adult and frighten me to death.

This comment is no way a defence of Mark Collett as I am just stating a fact.

The Green Arrow said...

About the Link to LJB. Are people posting here saying he is lieing in what he saw and what took place?

What about the rest of his article where he wrote about the party constitution? Are we just to rip it up to suit blackmailers?

Reconquista said...


You are missijng a very important point that Lee raises:

The structures and proceduers within the party to deal with this, especially a tribunal for both sides to present their case. And where BOTH sides have a fair chance to present their case.

You and people like you want to act as judge, jury and executioner, completely ignoring the protocols that exist for all BNP members and officers including Mark Collett.

They are there for a very good reason. Those who want to ride roughshod over them to implement gang rule do the party as much damage as anything Collett is alleged to have done in the past.

Ranting and witch hunts of the kind we have seen this week are not the hallmark of professionals who claim to serious about politics and the cause they are supposed to represent.

I'd suggest sycophants are those who allow themselves to be blinded by people who have resorted to stupidity because they allow personal grudges to override common sense and party protocol.


Reconquista said...

Innocent until proven guilty.

Those who sat on this only to air it when they got caught cheating I have no respect for whatsoever. And if these people have truth on their side, why resort to duplicity instead of either going through BNP procedure or informing the police?

The only bullshit that's stinking the place out is this nauseating defence of those caught RED handed in the act of duplicity.


The Green Arrow said...

That is it. I am up to here.(Point to neck) with "allegations of paedophilia".

LJB, who I do not know has had the courage to put his name to his article which I neither believe or disbelieve.

If anyone wants to make make those accustations again then you had better put your name to it for I intend to delete those comments otherwise.

Reconquista said...

Spot on GA, thank you.

The Green Arrow said...

I have enabled comment moderation.

If those of you have brought it about wish to put your names to those allegations then do so and I will post them but not anonymously.

LJB was prepared to put his name to his statement. You should do no less.

Anonymous said...

This may be my last comment here, especially now you have taken to censoring nationalists, whilst letting uaf scum posts through, that was really a low act, but I have a final question, you pretended to want to sort this out, and I have to say pretended, because I can no longer believe it was a genuine sentiment, based on your censoring of the truth, and your protection of uaf posters, so are you now going to come clean with your real agenda?

There is no way you can claim to be trying to bring about peace, if you are censoring the truth.

I may return to read your answer, although I doubt you will post one, but more than likely I will not now return, because this blog just lost all credibility with your last actions.

I don't know how you can justify censoring the truth, at this sensitive hour, when it's in the interests of everyone in the party to know the truth, so we can move forward.

I also don't know how you can justify censoring Nationalists, while letting commie scum post here.

If you change your mind, and decide to do the decent thing, to restore the truth, and to ban the uaf trolls, then post the fact on stormfront, where you know I am a member, and can read it, otherwise I will probably not be back.

I took time to visit your blog, because this is an important time, and I wanted to help sort this out, but I've been repaid with censorship, whilst watching you side with red trolls, and protect pedophiles!

You've proved yourself to be a disgrace, I hope it was an oversight, a slight error in your thinking, but I guess I'll read the answer to that on stormfront, if you ever post it.

I certainly wont be returning while you let red scum post here, and while you delete honest posts from honest nationalists!

anon bnp said...


There is one fact that seems to have been left out and that is whatever happened with MC and DH at the conference, they got a FINAL written warning for it yet MC STILL managed to discredit the pary at the one this year - that is when he should have been suspended at the very least, if not exepelled, otherwise perhaps we should have a final, final written warning!

One of Mark Collett's cockroaches said...

Nick Griffin’s latest posting on the BNP web site, talks about a Leeds meeting last night as well as referring to the fact that Angela Clark attended that meeting. He then goes on to say that: She gave away one of the biggest election victories we have ever had, which is true. But he also chooses to ignore two other important facts:

1 Angels Clark had put up with months of threats, to both her self and her young daughter, before she resigned. Can a mother really be blamed for caving into intimidation when her child is being threatened at school.

2. He also points out that Ian Dawson was at that meeting. But fails to mention that Ian was the very man who then fought that seat, and came within 64 votes of increasing the percentage vote Ms Clark had achieved when she was elected. No mean feat in itself.

Nick Griffin is not going mad, he is just showing himself to be a very wily politician indeed. You can doubt his integrity, I now do, but you can not doubt his political abilities and skill.

johnoddybnp said...

Whilst writing this I’m hoping we have seen an end to this wholly unnecessary and unfortunate affair. I’m sure there will also be some ill-feelings that hopefully will also heal, given time. We can now look forward to winning at the May elections together and as a unified Party.
At this point I would like to thank you Green Arrow for keeping us all informed in an ever changing situation. This site as certainly been more informative than any of the others, including the official BNP site.
You, yourself, have come under fire and criticism, non of which was deserved, your call for calm and responsible reasoning came over loud and clear and I would like to think that people took notice of your excellent advice. I know there are other site users ( apart from the Great Unwashed and Louise, who did the decent thing and kept out of it all) who would like to join me in just saying “Thanks a lot GA”.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi John, thanks for the kind comments. I am glad it is now over. With The Chairmans excellent comments on his blog were closure for me.

I hope those you foolishly resigned return to duty soon while there is still a bridge.

Good Luck John
Funny really. Even I miss Louise - but only a little.

Still getting a lot of obscene posts, etc so shall have to keep moderation on a bit longer. I hate having to do that.

O.R.I.O.N said...

Well said John and thanks GA...

You gave the anal fed a platform ,they abused said privilege with their inability to censor their own posts and take a bath more than once a year.

Keep fighting,united we will win.

d said...

I agree Orion, Keep fighting, united we will win.
To be honest all I care about is a jolly good result in the Mayoral. Nothing will deflect us from this.
London will be the springboard for Britain.
Regards Harrow

BFB said...

"Line, drawn" sounds good to me.

GA, as blog moderator "draw a line" under this..

The Green Arrow said...

Sounds good to me Battler.

Consider the line drawn.

Good Luck
Be aware some loser is posting using false signatures. You can spot them as they have no profile.

Anonymous said...

I think that anyone who is a genuine Nationalist should cease posting or allowing posts which are damaging to the BNP. It is time to rally behind the leadership of Nick Griffin who is being continually sniped at. Those who continue past this date should be regarded as traitors.

D Baxter Glasgow said...

GA, your magnaminity shames me, I'm finding it hard to be charitable to your "good friend Aberdeen". Having nailed his colours to a shaky Red mast he is still spouting bile and refusing to hand over sensitive data to the new organiser. Scotland stayed loyal despite reports to the contrary with Glasgow immediately calling a meeting to show solidarity with NG.
Please stop courting aberdeen patriot, he's not a patriot.

Anonymous said...

anon 12;31.
Bang on target man. I
say ignore them they'll go away.The last few days have been hell but you know you're over target when you start taking flak.

Anonymous said...

I think that enemy agents are using legitimate grievances and personal grudges to stoke trouble. It's a classic Marxist tactic. Nick needs to separate the real enemy from those who are just disgruntled or disenchanted. Those who are actively pursuing an enemy agenda should be ruthlessly crushed. The others need to be listened to, persuaded and incorporated into decision making.

Scum like the hooligan who raised his fists in Leeds must be shown no mercy. Every means at the disposal of the Party should be used to make an example of him - the harder they come, the harder they fall.

Anonymous said...

When I saw the program of "young nazi and proud" the bit where Mark Collett marches on that mosque was truly inspiring. No one in the UK is doing this, we sit back and moan whilst he is on the front lines, leading from the front. Me and my wife punched our fists in the air and cheered when we saw this, true British grit.