Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Political Personality of the Year

Nick Griffin for Political Personality of the year

Channel 4 are asking for people to nominate the Political Personality of the last ten years. The nominees do not have to be elected and C4 have given examples of the like of TV chef, Jamie Oliver and Brian Haw the peace campaigner, who have both won "most inspiring political figure of the year" awards.

The nominations for the other awards are:

Politicians' politician

  • William Hague
  • Harriet Harman
  • Ian Paisley
  • Jack Straw
Opposition politician
  • Nick Clegg
  • George Osborne
  • Alex Salmond
Campaigning politician
  • Jon Cruddas
  • Evan Harris
  • Stephen O'Brien
  • Anne Snelgrove
Well for once, let us have a nominee who has really done something for the True British people. Let us all nominate Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party, who since taking on the roll of Leader of the BNP has brought it to where it is today. Recognized now as the only truly patriotic party left in the Region of Eurabia formerly known as the United Kingdom.

So whilst your digesting your Christmas Dinner, take it easy and rattle of a quick email, or pen a quick letter to the addresses given in the link above.

Could I ask all fellow bloggers to carry this post or link to it. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I nominate Sadie Graham.

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

She stands a good chance of winning Troll of the year ;-)

chairman said...

bowel movement report now, please, Arrow!

mr barnes said...

Now the attacks on me begin

I have just been reading the latest offering from the Lancaster UAF blog, and they do make quite interesting reading.

On the Lancaster UAF blog they are now obviously supporting the bloggers and putting up sympathy story articles to assist them.

What is also interesting is they are also now attacking me. It appears that I may have touched a nerve.

It is a feature of the Far Left that in any leftist regime that gets into power all those that disagree with the government are labelled as 'insane' and locked up in mental hospitals for failing to see 'the truth'.

At this very moment there are thousands of democrats and dissidents in the mental asylums of China and Cuba, North Korea and Uzbekistan who have been labelled as lunatics by their Communist goverments.

What I found most disgusting about these comments was the allegation that I have been making death threats.

As the victim of death threats, to such an extent that I have had to repeatedly leave my flat and stay in bed and breakfasts and friends houses for a period of time, I found that allegation disgusting.

I have always repudiated violence and threats of violence, seeing as I have been a victim of it myself.

After reading of the attempted attack on Mark Collett at the Leeds meeting a few days and the death threats he has been sent and left on his phone, I wrote on my blog that such death threats were disgusting and also that I knew the plotters had nothing to do with them and would not ever tolerate such death threats.

I know that not one of the plotters would ever support any of their followers making death threats and they themselves would never also do that. Their motivations for being in the party may be in question, but the fact is that I do not believe their intention was to incite violence against others in the party.

It may be the intention of the secret state to incite violence, such as they did on the past with C18 and the Green Anarchists, AFA and Red Action and Column 88, but I do not believe that any of the plotters have ever wanted to see any violence in their name.

Similarly anyone in the party or at a meeting who I discovered, or I was informed that was making death threats against anyone, either in the party or outside it, then I would demand they be expelled for it.

I do not have any money to defend myself over any allegations like these by hiring a solicitor, but I am prepared to sue Denise Garside personally and Lancaster UAF and order their ISP provider to hand over the details of anyone making such an allegation on their site.

I suggest that the Lancaster UAF now remove that posting before I issue a writ for it.

I the same post I am now accused of being a psychotic lunatic by one poster who spoke to an 'expert' friend of his 'at the weekend'.

This 'friend' stated that I am a psychotic for believing that the plotters may be MI5and linked to secret state.

Now as anyone who studies psychology will tell you a psychosis is unqiue to an individual - in other words that they, and they alone, believe it is true.

When a psychosis is shared by many people it is defined as either a religion or something akin to a religion, such as Communism.

Now it may well be that if I were a lone voice saying ' lets ignore what has happened in the past with previous plots against the party and compare it to what is happening today' and just stated that the plotters were all MI5 then it may well be that I am a nutcase, but the fact is that all of this has happened before not just in the BNP but in many other British political parties.

From the early days of the BNP with the Column 88 / C18 problems, to Tim Hepple and others the secret state has infiltrated and attacked the party from within.

The BNP is not alone in this targeting for infiltration and subversion, the far left ranging from the Green Anarchists to the SWP to the recent events in the Socialist Party with Tommy Sheridan and the recent splits in Respect all show a distinct similar pattern.

A political party that is on the edge of a breakthrough then suffers an internal crisis that causes the party to splinter and split. It happens time after time throughout British history.

Calling someone a lunatic is the last resort of the person about to lose the argument.

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The Green Arrow said...

Anon 13:34

Re: Bowel Movements.

I am pleased to report that they are excellent as are those of the BNP in general. Although not all the waste has yet been flushed away, most of it has now gone and within a few more days there will be little trace of the red excrement left.

A dash more of disinfection should rid the party of the remaining germs and all that will be left will the faint stench of their passing which should soon fade away.

green sparrow said...

The chairman isn't laughing at me. Honestly!

twitter twitter

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that Cllr Colin Auty still features on GWR even though he supports the rebels!

leon the pig farmer said...

Excuse me for barging in on this posting but could someone please fill me in on the ongoing rift within the BNP. I'm a BNP supporter and some of the stuff that i've been reading about have troubled me. I would hate to see the BNP get so far only to run onto rocks before the port.
Interesting point Mr Barnes, the far left have a nasty habit of interning political rivals into mental institutions.


merry xmas

devils advocate said...

My sentiments exactly Leon, I myself would have thought that those within the party forefront would have had more sense and courage of conviction than to air their dirty washing in public, especially with the left so desperate now to factionalise what they see as the inevitable public swing to Nationalism, which is gathering momentum with all the very obvious discrimination being played against the indigenous people. I have lost respect for quie a few of the party "personalities", whatever their position on the childish squabbles, and just hope that when these "I'm more important than the movement" types have moved on into other less demanding spheres, that the ones that take their place have more common sense. By the way hope you didnt cook old Mo the boar for Christams lunch!

The Green Arrow said...

Dont worry Leon, it is getting sorted. We had a few malcontents who got stirred up by a few reds and went berserk for awhile. Then a group of their supporters resigned in loyalty and a little bit nasty.

Things are quitening down now except for a few screams from those who are bitter.

The BNP moves on stronger and stronger.

Keef said...

What's Lee going to sue Garside for? I haven't read anything of hers that says he made death threats.

Merry Christmas, Ga. I don't always agree with you, especially your last comment, but thanks for the blog and the effort.

The Green Arrow said...

Keef. Hope you also had a pleasant Christmas.

Perhaps my last comment was a bit of wishful thinking but who knows:)

Lee has made a lot of interesting posts lately and you can get to them by clicking on 21st Century BN on the right.

Louise said...

Pig Farmer:

Im afraid that Green Arrow runs an excellent blog in terms of meeting the BNPs need and in promoting freedom of speech for those of us who have no intention of meeting the BNPs need (except to get them to shape up).

A lot more happened than a few malcontents who were stirred up by a few reds. They certainly went berserk but then were also dreadfully mistreated too. Likewise, Collet and his two henchies got away scott free to carry on as usual despite significant numbers of people writing on this blog (alone - there were other places too) to voice their very real concerns about him, his anti-semitism, his involvement with under age children and so on. Flats were allegedly bugged and computers were seized. The Data Protection Act was violated. I saved the postings for my own personal records and several hundreds of comments were posted here. Im not sharing them out, except to post them to GA if he asks precisely because stuff was thrown out all over the place and it is foul play to stuff up a blog by pasting them here or anywhere else. But GA is downplaying it drastically (and thats not fair GA or honest!).

mark said...

That bitch Saddie is mad and needs locking up! Thank God here rebellion was stillborn!

danny ybnp said...

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while; over the past few days I have been quite busy. Still, as you will no doubt know the events that have torn the BNP in two over the past week are still continuing with no sign at present that they are set to end.

Over the past few days I have had a lot of time to think. The YBNP, my position within the BNP and indeed my place within any future BNP - have all been subject to my overactive and over-analytical mind. The only conclusion I have been able to come to is that I have given four years of my life to something that has turned out not to represent what I thought it did.

I have always called myself a nationalist and I will continue to do so; but with its current leadership it is as if the BNP is falling into the abyss after having the rockets of ultimately power strapped to its rear spoiler and pointed in destructions direction.

I am sure many people have heard that old saying “ultimate power corrupts” but this phrase could not be truer of the current leadership, or as the basis of my views on the political system. My most intense hatred is for career politicians and I am sad to have to say that I now believe Nick Griffin to have become the very same monster that I have fought against these past four years. I have given speeches on the need to curb political power and my ideological drive for more democracy – not just within government, but in my dealings with the YBNP and indeed within the BNP at large – have been the focus of my efforts over the past four years.

I say four years just like that and granted compared to the 15 or 20 that some have spent in nationalism, it is nothing. However, I joined this party when I was eighteen years old. I am 22 now and in a way I feel that I have given up a lot for my beliefs. Whilst mates of mine were down the pub waving goodbye to yet another weekend, I was stomping around the streets of Swindon handing out leaflets. When I started uni’ the majority of the people I knew or have come to be friends of mine were spending their time socialising and such like whilst I was doing interviews for the press, trying to get a permanent structure in place for the YBNP, helping to organise elections etc. Ultimately I have given up a large part of my life for something I believe in. At many points over the past four years I have wished for a more “normal” life, but it has never been forthcoming; I simple care too much for my own people and am unwilling to stand by and let others take up the fight when I know I have a lot to offer nationalism.

So, for Nick to describe those of us who have taken the position we have over the past week, I can’t help but feel a deep sense of betrayal. In all honesty, I believe that it is Nick who has betrayed not just me, but the vast majority of BNP members – people who have put their trust in Nick and defended him time and time again, even as it has become increasingly difficult to do so.

In short, I am writing this post to set down my position on recent events and state where I would like this to go once and for all. Now I would like to think that both sides could come to some kind of peaceful conclusion and that the BNP could continue to move forward. However, with regards my future in the BNP, all I want is to finish the job I started, and then having done that, having transformed the YBNP into a strong and permanent force for change; I would like to dedicate the next 22 years of my life to my career and on living as normal life as possible. Some may criticise this position but I have said for a long time that I have absolutely no desire to leave university and go straight into working full time for the BNP. Several senior party officials have told me I could, but no thanks! I have – as I have already said – a deep hatred for career politicians so I have absolutely no desire to become one myself. No matter how honourable I may believe my intentions to be, ultimate power corrupts and I am not prepared to allow a piece of my soul to be destroyed in the attainment of power due to a limited amount of life experience arising purely out of my political activism.

Ultimately, if a conclusion were to be arrived at that both sides could be happy with, I would dedicate two more years to the YBNP at which point I would be aiming to pass it over to a new elected YBNP Leader. I have said for a long time that the YBNP has a chance to be a massive organisation, but without the necessary permanent structure this will not happen. I believe the YBNP Leader should be elected for several reasons. To prevent the post being filled by a “yes man”, to make the YBNP leader truly answerable to the membership, not the party elite, and to ensure that the YBNP remain for eternity exactly what it was set up to be – an organisation that is driven by the youth, directed by the youth, and fuelled by the youth.

I had already started, and would like to see the YBNP continue to set up localised YBNP groups with local contacts in place. This would have partly been to encourage a bottom up approach to YBNP democracy and to help curb the power that is placed in the hands of the YBNP Leader. The YBNP has had several problems in the past, all of them arising out of too much power being placed in the hands of one inexperienced leader. The ultimate aim in localising YBNP activity and organisation would be to ensure that the YBNP remains, even in the event of a useless leader being elected – an attempt if you like to prevent one man being able to destroy the organisation that given the chance, Britain’s youth will flock to in their thousands.

To sum up, I believe that the YBNP really does have a chance to become everything that the BNP membership would like it to be. But unless I am given the chance to build what I know will rock the very foundations of establishment youth politics, it will fall apart time and time again.

I urge Nick Griffin to see sense and to listen to Sadie and the rest of us. If the BNP is to move forward we have to show the public and the membership that we are able to listen. Assuming an arrogant stance in the hope that Britain will fall apart and that we will bask in the resultant swing to the nationalist vote is ridiculous. If we are going to gain political power, if we are going to gain the people’s trust; then we need to prove that we are able to listen to them. Otherwise we will all find ourselves inheriting a Britain where the people no longer look to the government to solve their nation’s problems, but to themselves with the law firmly in their own hands.

The Green Arrow said...

Sorry Danny. Either get back in line and do your bit or just go.

Who could ever trust Sadie again?

johnoddybnp said...

I urge you to reconsider your position, the lines have been drawn and are, now, inflexible you will be on one side or the other. Peace terms have been formulated and accepted by most.
You cannot expect any leader to compromise on security, I am not going to blame your youth, for at your age I was on the streets of Northern Ireland and that’s when a wrong decision cost lives. Think carefully young friend, for it is people like you that the Country depends upon.

The Green Arrow said...


I am with John on this. Please listen to his advice.

Sadie Graham said...

Louise, unless you are a member or supporter of the BNP (real or otherwise) which I doubt, then please let me give you this advice.

Stay out of it you shit stirring cow

Louise said...

So called Sadie Graham (and yet, so obviously not):

Stay out of what exactly?

The Green Arrow said...

You blew it Louise. You have outstayed your welcome.

If you like, consider this a private club where membership has been revoked.

johnoddybnp said...

I hope that wasn’t in response to my “put the bastard down” comment?, or did she say something I missed. The problem is you offer the hand of peace and it gets bitten off, there’s no helping some people, to some kindness is a sign of weakness.

The Green Arrow said...

No John. Nothing you said.

The losers are back with their nastiness.

Louise made one post too many that crossed the line as far as I am concerned and will reject anything she now posts. Even if it is to announce here new membership of the BNP.

She sucks up too much time and learns nothing. Perhaps that was intention all along.

Good Luck

Darth Vader said...

The rebels will win in the end.

They will kick Griffo's hairy, smelly arse.

Elizabeth Duke said...

What's happened to free speech, Arrow you dinosaur-like Griffinite dictator?

Anonymous said...

Mark Collett admitted to luring underage girls to his hotel room.

You can't brush this under the carpet, mate!