Monday, 3 December 2007

Samsung should keep out of politics

I find it disturbing that brands are now using anti-nationalist political ideologies to sell product. Europe United is proving popular and I dare say is subverting a lot of young people in their views about nationalism, identity and our country.

I would urge you to send this video to your members/readers urging them to post negative comments or in the very least present the other side of the argument.

Hat Tip Roger


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Ronbo said...

Green Arrow: This Monday morning I give you top billing for articles on what I call, The European Civil War. As you are no doubt aware, I am a daily reader of you blog and support the efforts of the BNP to restore Britain to greatness.

Also, as an American I find it chilling that the USA's Mother Country seems to falling apart because of Leftism, Islamism and political correctness. I have become increasingly convinced that only by means of a Patriotic victory at the polls in favor of the BNP can this decline be stopped and reversed.

The thing about templates is that they cut both ways: If the unholy alliance of Leftism and Islamism can create a template for the overthrow of Western Civilization, the patriots of the BNP can create a template for liberty that can be used by Britih cousins all over the world to reverse what seems today an inevitable slide into tyranny and a New Dark Age.

Cheers, Staff Sergeant Ronbo (U.S. Army retired, but still on the field of battle)