Sunday, 9 December 2007

The Teddy Bear Story continued

"I'd love to behead you now you stupid infidel whore, but the press is watching"

Now that the foolish Gillian Gibbons of "Sod Teddy he can stay there" fame is safely back in the country she should never have left, the truth starts to filter out. It always does in the end.

Remember her statements on her return? How wonderful the Sudanese were, how great they treated her, etc, etc, etc. Well it seems she was actually in fear of violence and that her guards would "teach the blaspheming white woman a lesson – that they would rape me or hit me". I was going to say something a tad cruel but will pass and move on with the story.

Well it seems that the Labour Government felt that she should serve her sentence and objected to the two Muslim Peers acting on their own(?) initiative and the fact that Baroness Warsi was a Tory and advised them not to go.

And I can understand that to a certain extent. Labour's Lord Ahmed had been in touch with the Sudanese government as an individual and had no authority to negotiate with anyone other than his tailor. Which he should do immediately were I him.

Hearing of the planned trip, David Cameron and his sidekick Billy Hague, immediately realise that here is a prime opportunity for them to dive into the muck of Moslem politics and grub around for some useful enrichers votes and so urge the Government to let the ignoble Lords go. So off they trot.

Besides the Sudanese government had already made it clear via their established diplomatic links to the Moslem parallel government in Our Country that they would only hand her over to a female Muslim representative so Labour caved in to the turnips yet again.

But what did they take with them to secure the release of Gillian Gibbon? Would it be the promise to release two Sudanese citizens currently being held in Our Country on terror charges? Well it might be, as Ahmed agreed to campaign for their return to Khartoum on his return to Our Country. As usual we wait and see.


Cold and alone, Gillian Gibbons clung to the bars of her stinking cell and sobbed, praying for morning.Prisoners' moans, the sound of scuttling cockroaches and the stench of human excrement made it impossible to sleep. On the floor, ants roamed through rat droppings and cat faeces.

For more information on the conditions of Ms Gibbons confinement please go here.

Hat tip: Cat


Anonymous said...

Cameron never saw a bandwagon he couldn't shimmy on board.
Baroness Warsi is a strange one though. She lost to a Muslim Labour candidate so Cameron gets her into the House of Lords as a lifetime peer and makes her Minister for Cohesion(?)
In her old life as a lawyer she was obsessed with freeing "detainees".
A very strange one indeed.
I pity traditional Tories still duped by Labour Lite David Cameron.

Paul said...

Surprise surprise there is an Association for Muslim Lawyers and guess who is a Senior Immigration judge who's just achieved a lifetimes Achievement Award from them?
Go on Guess!
Where is the Association for infidel lawyers?
We could not get a fair trial here people?

Anonymous said...

Anything the MCB endorses cant be good for Joe Blogs only Abdul Hussein and his forty thieves.
This is the most racist organisation going but the Guardianistas love them.

Iris Bloom said...

So a harmless dotty old Liberal teacher= 2 terrorist suspects released from jail?
Only in Britistan could this fly.
No doubt the good Baroness or her legal firm of Muslim lawyers will make some mullah out of this little deal.
Maybe the judge in the post above could wangle a British passport for them too while they're in front of him.
What a country..gone to the dogs.

Mrs Carter said...

The Mail on Sunday are only allowing the adulation of the Muslim peerrs to appear on their comments section. No mention of the deal to negotiate the release of two Sudanese terrorists, no mention of Warsi's strange rise to the Lords after losing an election campaign to a male Muslim from Labour.
The Mail's a schizophrenic paper these days, it allows Melanie Phillips, Littlejohn and Hitchens carte Blanche but gets all scared when Right Wing readers write in with their comments.
A bit too keen to stay in bed with the Tories but they dont appear to have noticed that New Labour in the shape of Cameron have ilfiltrated the Tories.

remember who brought the goat in! said...

there is an old story that goes something like this -

an old man goes into a golfing clubhouse with a goat that stinks, he lets the goat wander and it eats all the table cloths and craps everywhere. everyone is upset and wonders who let the bloody goat in.

the man who brought it in stands up and says ` i will do you a big favour and remove this goat problem that you have` everyone pats him on the back and thanks him for helping them!!!

Anonymous said...

As stated previously, this is just another set-up to bring favour on the Muslims (who seem to have their fingers in every aspect of public life in Britain today). Though it does make you think that things must be bad if they feel the need to make such dramatic PR stunts as this to sweeten the public mood?

Ed Barnes said...

The stunts are ever more outrageous and elaborate. The important thing to remember is that 2 potentially dangerous terrorists could be released back into the ether.
Thanks a bunch Cameron Warsi and Ahmed oh and stupid credulous Gibbons too.
Never forget Camerons riole as go between in this, all to pick up the Muslim vote. He's a whore.

Anonymous said...

Re the update;
Well Gillian dont go annoying the chinese. Any of your daft leftie liberal stuff could have you run over with a tank. I like the Chinese. Civilised learned people. Very few Muslims try to take over pork loving China with their one child rule.
Oh and its China for the Chinese Gillian, something I fully support.

Anonymous said...

This idiot is a one woman mid life crisis. Still I dont blame her for wanting to escape Britain.

Anonymous said...

It would appear not all Muslims are pissed off at the Lyrical terrorist, in fact they feel just like the MCB that her bombing fantasies and beheading fantasies were perfectly normal. Valid even.
Look for yourself.

Ms M said...

I'm glad she's out. The police and security can see who she's cosying up to.

Anonymous said...

GA: you not posting?