Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Statement by Wales BNP

As many members will by now have gathered, there has been a serious attempt to destabilise the party recently. The establishment know that we are on the verge of winning two seats on the London Assembly in May which will propel us into a different league altogether, and are clearly not going to stand idly by and do nothing to try and stop us. (If anything, this shows that we have our finger right on a raw nerve and are a serious problem to them).

Events, stories and spin fed out over the past week have been rife, and frankly, deliberately confusing and designed to provoke dissent. You may have already received a dissenting newsletter alleging 'internal civil war' which is one such issue, although because I haven't yet received mine, I am unable to comment on this yet.

What I can say is that the destabilisation attempt was thwarted in time and has failed. Had this affair not been exposed now, it was designed to 'explode' in the actual run-up to the elections next May.

Wales BNP has remained totally united and fully intact throughout these events, and despite whatever disinformation is being distributed, following a meeting in Welshpool last night to cast light on the situation and to examine the facts, all Wales BNP officials are unanimous in their support and commitment to Nick Griffin.

For information on the current state of play, I would draw your attention to the following article on the BNP website: http://www.bnp.org.uk/?p=260

In the meantime, it's business as usual.
Wales BNP.


anon-bnp said...

Business as usual is it? Is that why Simon Darby chose tonight to smear fellow nationalists as "neo nazis" on newsnight tonight?

First the 'rebels' were "reds" now they're "neo nazis" they cannot be both can they?

And those who showed even the lsightest sympathy for them were accused of "doing the reds dirty work" by some on here (not GA) what has Darby just done then? Allegeing nationalists are neo nazis is the reds favourite tactic. We ALL know that.

johnoddybnp said...

We had great communications throughout the entire episode, Bill Murray, Regional Secretary, kept us all up to date with what was happening, he instilled a calming influence on everyone and worked, tirelessly, keeping members focused, well done Bill, great job.

BFB said...

"Newsnight"...that wouldn't be a BBC jobbie, by any chance, would it?

I don't claim to know what's going on, but I don't quote "Newsnight(BBC)" as a reliable source either.

Anon-BNP (Yeah, right) do some research first, we weren't all born yesterday!

Jim of Leicester said...

In answer to a previous question on another post, "Why do so many people post as Anonymous?". The answer is simple. A lot of people do not have a Blogger or Google account so they cannot leave a link back to their own webpages. I would leave a link if I could, but I will not be made to join Google in order to do so.

last man standing said...

Anyone think it odd that all of a sudden the Left wing (all three of them) have now started posting and starting "debates" on our websites?...coincidential?, or a carefully orchestrated ploy that coincides with the unusual media interest in BNP internal shenanigans (though I guess it is negative reporting of the BNP which IS allowed). Good on you BNP Cymru for keeping unity and loyalty to the cause, we seem to have forgotten the principles of divide and conquer, the basic tools of the malign left.

David said...

Well done Wales BNP! This statement doesn't surprise one bit though.
I've met many Welsh party activists and found them to be some of the best people we've got.

As for those egotistic plotters, who've tried to do our party so much harm - They've failed big time!

I was quite prepared to sit on the fence until the truth of the whole matter was known. - Well, today I've totally washed my hands of them.

Like other members. I've received their grubby little 'bulletin' that was designed to look like our party's own monthly newsletter, 'The British Nationalist'.
Their fake BNP bulletin is an utter lie - it is plausibly written and even claims to support Nick Griffin!
This is of course a complete contrast to their 'Enough Is Enough' blog- which attacks our Chairman with venomous personal insults and ourageous libel.

How dare these wreckers use the BNP membership list! They have no legal right keep or duplicate it - let alone use it to further their own destructive cause.

Finally, I implore any decent, well-meaning BNP member who may have let their heart rule their head (and unwittingly played into the plotter's hands) - to please see sense and unite with the rest of us and support Nick Griffin and the BNP.

Anonymous said...

The behaviour of anti-Griffin elements in Leeds has convinced me that they must be crushed without mercy or compromise. Those who raised their fists against the Party are despicable.

johnoddybnp said...

Anon 07.34,
“Crushed without mercy, raise fists against the party”. Strong words indeed Sir, in fact the sort of words used by a true leftie, I congratulate you. Your grasp of the situation within the BNP is so ridiculously inept, as per usual, that you not only make a fool of yourself but of the entire concept of your comment.
May I suggest that if you wish to waste your time annoying people annoy the train drivers by playing on their tracks, now that’s good for morale!!.

WelshPatriot said...

I fully support Nick Griffin and his team. He has done a marvelous job of re-organising the party.
Every member must stand behind him now, and he will see us through this temporary problem.
I am very glad that he has 100% support from every part of Wales.
Cymru am Byth fel rhan o Prydain Mawr!