Saturday, 8 December 2007

The year is 1975. Do you think the UK should stay in the Common Market?

Back in 1975, I along with 67% of the voting population foolishly voted Yes, when that question was put to the British Electorate.

The referendum was held on the 5th of June of that year and the results announced on the 6th of June. Looking back I feel ashamed at my naivety and ignorance of global politics. Thirtyone years before on that same day, my father had run up a beach along with his comrades to fight for freedom. Only for his eldest son to help vote it away 31 years later. I am truly sorry Dad. I should have listened to you.

I have said before that the aims of the New World Order were planned decades ago. In 1950, the writing on the wall was there for all to see with the Shuman Declaration of 1950. But whilst British Workers were struggling and going without to pay for the debts incurred in fighting for freedom in the 2nd World War, the self appointed elite were already planning for a conquest without the use of weapons.

In 1957 Harold Macmillan, the Prime Minister of the day (who incidentally had been expelled from Eton as a boy for buggery) looked across the channel to Europe where the second major step in the creation of Eurabia was taking place, the signing of the Treaty of Rome. The writing on the wall for the fate of Our Country and Europe is becoming more visible for those who take the time to look. But few do.

For awhile the UK watches as mainland Europe conspires against Our Country and favours the original signatories to the future New World Order treaty. General De Gaulle still ashamed at the rapid collapse of Frances' much larger army to the Germans and the birth of the joke about "Why does Paris have so many trees? So the Germans can march in the shade" thankfully blocks requests by our traitorous politicians to allow us to join their "club".

He concealed this resistance under the guise of being concerned with Our Countrys "special relationship" with the Americans and our ties to Australia, New Zealand and other Commonwealth countries. Believing these historic ties meant we could never be "True Europeans" or allow itself to be led by a rejuvenated France. Besides he wanted French to be the language of the New World Order and not English. To him a horrible language.

But in 1973, three years after the death of De Gaulle we are in. In on January the 1st. But we are not concerned. We are still suffering the hangovers of New Years Eve and it is my birthday and I am 24 and enjoying the Far East as only a sailor can. What do I care? What do I know? Nothing.

And the political Gravy Train slowly start to pull off with over a thousand Britons relocating to occupy their plush new offices in the New Capital of Eurabia. Brussels in Belgium. An artificial democracy in an artificial country.

Then in 1975, one of the greatest traitors in our country's history, Ted Heath, who by now had quit his obnoxious homosexual activities in the toilets of the home countys for a more private luxury yacht, forced by a Labour promise to give the people a referendum asked the question.


Earlier private polls with a more meaningful question:

"If you could vote tomorrow on whether we should stay in the Common Market or leave it, how would you vote?" had given the wrong results for the traitors 33% stay, 41% leave, 26% don't know.

And on the streets the National Front campaigned vigorously against the sell out of Our Country. But their leaders tainted by an history still fresh in the minds of the people were ignored. And so 67% of us, drowned under the sheer weight of the Yes Campaign voted the wrong way.

Within a year the real truth is revealed with the theft of Our Fishing Grounds in 1976 and thousands of our fishing boats are sold for scrap as the French, Dutch and Spanish plunder our former fishing grounds and fish them almost to the point of extinguishion to create ferterlizer.

Our steel Industry is destroyed and relocated to the "mainland" and the start of the real job losses begin.

The Ship yards are closed and the worlds largest merchant fleet starts to vanish and the "Red Duster", their flag, starts to disappear from the seas. Never to be "dipped" again as Royal Navy warship passes by returning the salute.

Our farming communities are destroyed almost as quickly and the only thing expanding is our army of bureaucrats in Brussels. Now joined by another traitor of the Day. Woy Jenkins who quits the Commons and is chaffered away to Brussels. The new home for the politicians rejected by the British Voters. People like Chris Patten and Neil Kinnock.

Our gold reserves sold of for peanuts so we have nothing under the bed come a future world crisis where gold can buy food when worthless paper euros will buy nothing.

The dumbing down of our education system is brought in under the disguise of modern teaching methods. In the plans for the future there is no room for an educated mass capable of thinking for themselves. They might question their masters.

I could go on but I will leave you to insert the rest of the crimes commenced against us since that dreadful day in 75 when I and others made that stupid mistake.

And Our Sad Country paid through the nose to build the infrastructure of the future Eurabia. Still burdened by the debt to America, that was only finally paid off this year, we paid to "level up" Europe at the expense of Our People who were "leveled down" to fit into the New World Order.

And so now, we live as surfs under a Big Brother Quisling Government whose orders come from unelected bureaucrats living in luxurious Ivory Towers. Deaf to our cries for freedom of speech and true democracy. Governed by the likes of Neil Kinnock. Rejected by the British People at the polls. The corrupt and homosexual Peter Mandellson who only evaded jail because of his "friendship" with Tony Blair. One day the truth will come out about their relationship.

We live in a Country no longer able to feed itself. With our cattle destroyed for dubious reasons. Our farms sold off to make room for the new leveling down colonisers to live on.

A country with no steel industry to needed to build the ships to travel the world and carry our goods to foreign markets. But now it does not matter, because we have no goods to sell.

A country with no ship yards to build the ships to defend the fishing grounds that have gone.

No heavy industry to build weapons of defence in a time of need. A country soon to be policed by people not even born here.

We are nothing now but sheep to be fleeced by the alliance of global business and Marxism and when we get old we are even denied the treatment to live. Because when we age or become ill we are beyond our sell by date and will meet the same fate as Boxer.

But where do we go from here? Well we go for the referendum that was promised by Labour in its original election manifesto. We demand it.

There are people today who were not born when some of us signed Our Country away. They are entitled to a say on whether we recover it or not.

And the question this time should be a truthful one. In or Out? Yes or No? But they will not ask that question. And so the battle must continue.

A future British National Party government would pass an act to leave this evil Eurabia within 24 hours of forming a government. Help bring that day closer.


Sir HM said...

Voted yes and bitterly regret it.

Comprehensively gulled - what we voted for is not what they were really planning for us.

You and me both, GA.

D.H.Boater said...

Never a truer word spoken.Iwas one who voted NO NO NO,but no one listened.A few BNP MPs may help turn the situation,but,a BNP GOVERNMENT will.

yorkielass said...

From the middle east forum.
For all the denials that Eurabia is a reality the evidence is overwhelming. 2010 this will become clearer when 9 more muslim countries gain entry to the EU free trade area!
Milliband touched on this recently like it was some new idea.
2010 was the aim set years ago to achieve the start date.
The Barcelona declaration was signed in 1995.
Almost 40 years has gone by slowing removing our own nation state in favour of the new Arab influenced EUSSR.
We have become a dumping ground for Arab and muslim lands over-populations that they can't feed.
Europe is undergoing two profound changes. The first is the weakening of Christianity. The second is demographic decline. Presently, across Europe, there are only two-thirds the number of children born necessary to sustain the population. The consequent drop in population has mostly been made good by immigration of Muslims. The fast-growing Muslim population is generally not integrated into the host societies nor politically acculturated to its norms. To the contrary, radical Islamic movements are gaining in strength among these émigré populations. In addition, European governments, especially the French, have developed foreign policies aimed at winning the favor of Middle Eastern regimes.

The question arises: is this a temporary aberration or is Europe on the road to losing its historic identity? The latter: Europe is rapidly being transformed into "Eurabia," a cultural and political appendage of the Arab/Muslim world that is fundamentally anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-Western and anti-American.

European-Arab Partnership
The four-decade political and economic relationship between Europe and the Arab countries of the Middle East, institutionalized in the annual European-Arab Dialogue, has spawned a virulent and hostile amalgam called "Eurabia." It will not simply go away with a change in European Union (EU) policy. Rather, its roots are deeper. Indeed, how the Eurabia issue is handled today will largely determine Europe's future.

The images of Eurabia are manifest in millions of people burning American and Israeli flags during the Iraq war and openly supporting Yasir Arafat, Saddam Hussein, and other brutal dictators. Eurabia is also discernible in the explosion of anti-Semitic activity and a lack of empathy for Jewish rights in various European countries. Increasingly, Jews find themselves under attack, chiefly from Muslim extremists and radicalized youth, and European governments and law enforcement agencies react to these violations of rights only tepidly and only after the sustained pressure of publicity. The Eurabian phenomenon can also be seen in the intimidation into silence of critiques of Islam and Muslim society, epitomized by the slaying in broad daylight of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, who had made a documentary on the travails experienced by Muslim women within Muslim societies.

Eurabia in the Making
This pernicious merger began with Charles De Gaulle in the 1960s. De Gaulle saw that the power of France diminished with the loss of its colonies and he believed a more unified Europe would restore some French glory. In order to unify Europe, the continent needed to form an international bloc that could rival America. The Arab nations of the Middle East, unparalleled in their oil wealth, seemed to be good partners. Laying the foundation for this relationship, on November 27, 1967, De Gaulle said that French-Arab collaboration would be a fundamental element in French politics. Since then, France has adopted a highly amiable policy toward the Arab world and a hostile attitude toward Israel.

After the Yom Kippur War of 1973, the Arabs states proclaimed their oil boycott against Europe and specifically against countries with close ties to Israel. Only twenty days after the start of the war, the European community of nine countries recognized the rights of the Palestinians to participate in political negotiations and demanded Israel's return to the armistice lines of 1949, thus diverging from UN Security Council Resolution 242, passed in 1967 and still the basis of a negotiated settlement.

Consequently, the Arab boycott of Europe came to an end; and the French and German governments requested Arab leaders to enter into an official dialogue with European leaders to cement a solid relationship. The Arab leaders agreed but on condition that the Europeans had a unified foreign policy in synchrony with the interests of the Arab states.

Elements of this relationship are plenty evident. For example, European leaders see Arab reform running parallel to the resolution of the Israeli-Arab peace process. Again and again, Arab and European leaders exploit impasses in the Arab-Israeli conflict conveniently to delay democratic reforms.

The goal of Eurabia is to bring together the two shores of the Mediterranean with the interests of European society mirroring the interests of the Arab world. There should be a homogenization of culture, politics, and policy between the two shores. As a byproduct, American leaders have to deal with the growing Eurabian political culture instead of the former European body politic.

Unfortunately, most Europeans are not aware of the Eurabia merger. The new hatred found in Europe against America and Israel is commonplace and intertwines with many sectors of society, including the media, the culture, and the economy. Europe now facilitates the jihadist values of the Arab world. This is evident in its reluctance to forthrightly denounce Islamic terrorism and its need to indict America and Israel as the causes of conflict, rather than the victims of Islamic aggression. Mass immigration of Arabs across the Mediterranean to Europe, which was part of the friendship agreement, will only strengthen the Eurabian phenomenon. If Europe continues to respond with appeasement to Islamist terror attacks like that in Madrid in 2004, Eurabia will eventually become the complete European reality.

Conclusions for the United States
Americans need to take an assertive role in both combating Eurabia's dangers and preventing a similar merger from occurring within their own country, for this is a danger. For example, American Middle East studies specialists at universities are already predominantly pro-Arab/Islamic in orientation, dismissive of traditional standards of scholarship and not bashful about politicizing formal instruction.

Americans need to embrace their own genuinely pluralist culture. They should not renounce their identity and Judeo-Christian values to appease the current assertive intolerance emanating from the Arab/Muslim world.

Yorkielass. said...

The Future of Europe

As its Muslim population increases, Europe faces a growing threat from Islamic radicals. According to Bassam Tibi, professor of Political Science at Germany's Göttingen University, himself a Muslim and an internationally recognized authority on Islamic extremism, "The goal of the Islamic fundamentalists is to abolish the Western, secular order and replace it with a new Islamic divine order....The goal of the Islamists is a new imperial, absolutist Islamic power." Professor Tibi explains that while about half of the world's Muslim population may hope for the future supremacy of Islam, only between 3 and 5 percent are willing to resort to violence and, if necessary, suicide. His estimates are hardly reassuring: 3 to 5 percent of the world's Muslim population ranges from 39 to 65 million people.

Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, an extremist Muslim leader formerly domiciled in London, confirms Tibi's assessment of Islamic fundamentalist goals. In an interview in Le Monde (September 9, 1998), the sheikh declared that the Islamist movement intends "to make the flag of Islam fly high at No. 10 Downing Street and at the Élysée Palace." Similar positions have been expressed by other highly influential Muslim leaders, including Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi, Mayor Ken Livingstone's honored guest in London; and Saudi Sheikh Muhammad bin Abd Al-Rahman Al-'Arifi, imam of the mosque of the King Fahd Defense Academy. Qaradhawi, who broadcasts a weekly program on Al Jazeera with a worldwide audience, has often stated in his TV sermons that "Islam will return to Europe as a conqueror," although he is careful to add that "the conquest this time will not be by the sword but by preaching and ideology."

All authorities are agreed that European Islam is by no means a monolith. Nevertheless, younger European-born Muslims tend to be more alienated from the dominant culture than are their parents and grandparents. According to a 2003 Le Figaro survey, three-fourths of French Muslim respondents regarded the values of Islam as compatible with those of the French Republic, but only one-fourth of those under 25 concurred. These alienated European-born Muslims constitute a fertile recruiting group for extremists who openly call for the Muslim conquest of Europe.

Harvard historian Niall Ferguson has observed that "the whole of Western Europe is entering a new era of demographic transformation without parallel in modern times." Princeton Professor Bernard Lewis has predicted (in a July 28, 2004 interview in Die Welt) that "Europe will be Muslim by the end of the century." No one can be sure whether such projections will actually come to pass, but regardless of whether Muslims achieve a numerical majority, there can be no doubt that their power and influence in Europe is in the ascendancy. And if present trends continue, we can expect to see an intensification of anti-Israel sentiments and policies as well as a proliferation of attacks against European Jews.

In the final analysis, Europe's new anti-Semitism is the result of a foreign policy rooted in European dependence on Arab oil. Some thirty years ago, in response to a temporary crisis, Europe's leaders made the fateful decision to appease the Arab League and open their gates to a population that includes elements which pose a serious threat not only to Jews but, as the Madrid and London bombings and last November's riots in France demonstrate, to all Europeans. ADD THIS YEARS RIOTS WHICH WERE FAR WORSE.


Anonymous said...

Have you watched "Endgame" if not you should, it adds to what you have already posted, Eurabia is only part of the "One World Government" "New World Order" which includes the "North American Union" which is well underway but denied in the MSM. Trade agreements have already been signed with Europe, ring any bells !!

Endagame video link..

Nikola said...

It takes a big character to admit their mistake. Thank you for your untiring work and support GA.

Anonymous said...

One of the best blogs on the internet, fair accurate and tireless in searching out topical stuff to enlighten and inform.
Well done Green arrow, never say die!

Yorkielass said...

ALCA - FTAA - ZLEA - Third Summit of the Americas, Declaration of Quebec City
Where Bush laid out the union with Canada and Mexico.
Another video worth a viewing is Freedom to Fascism.
Available at
What is happening to the UK also the rest of Europe. is also taking place in America mass immigration mainly from Mexico. but you try
migrating to Mexico no chance!
Australia is already set up to receive mass Asian immigration.
With the election of labour this will no doubt speed up somewhat.
We are being groomed for serfdom bigtime throwing a spanner in the works to upset their plans should be our aim by voting BNP we can do this.

The EU and the NAU ~ Two Peas in a Pod!
Treason Abounds ~ Gov't Cabal Plots North American Union
Using Bilingualism to Subvert America
Illegal Alien Anarchy . . .SEE..SITE...

Yorkielass said...


Barcelona declaration
adopted at the Euro-Mediterranean Conference - 27-28/11/95

The Council of the European Union, represented by its President, Mr Javier SOLANA, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Spain,

The European Commission, represented by Mr Manuel MARIN, Vice­President,

Germany, represented by Mr Klaus KINKEL, Vice­Chancellor and Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Algeria, represented by Mr Mohamed Salah DEMBRI, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Austria, represented by Mrs Benita FERRERO­WALDNER, State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

Belgium, represented by Mr Erik DERYCKE, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Cyprus, represented by Mr Alecos MICHAELIDES, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Denmark, represented by Mr Ole Loensmann POULSEN, State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

Egypt, represented by Mr Amr MOUSSA, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Spain, represented by Mr Carlos WESTENDORP, State Secretary for Relations with the European Community,

Finland, represented by Mrs Tarja HALONEN, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

France, represented by Mr Hervé de CHARETTE, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Greece, represented by Mr Károlos PAPOULIAS, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Ireland, represented by Mr Dick SPRING, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Israel, represented by Mr Ehud BARAK, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Italy, represented by Mrs Susanna AGNELLI, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Jordan, represented by Mr Abdel­Karim KABARITI, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Lebanon, represented by Mr Fares BOUEZ, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Luxembourg, represented by Mr Jacques F. POOS, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Cooperation,

Malta, represented by Prof. Guido DE MARCO, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Morocco, represented by Mr Abdellatif FILALI, Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs,

the Netherlands, represented by Mr Hans van MIERLO, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Portugal, represented by Mr Jaime GAMA, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

the United Kingdom, represented by Mr Malcolm RIFKIND QC MP, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs,

Syria, represented by Mr Farouk AL-SHARAA, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Sweden, represented by Mrs Lena HJELM-WALLEN, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Tunisia, represented by Mr Habib Ben YAHIA, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Turkey, represented by Mr Deniz BAYKAL, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs,

the Palestinian Authority, represented by Mr Yassir ARAFAT, President of the Palestinian Authority, taking part in the Euro-Mediterranean Conference in Barcelona:


Freddie said...

Check out the hijabshop yes there IS one because searching for Ikea I came across it on Google. Silly Ikea approached them to ask them to make hijabs for staff with the IKEA logo. (I've now boycotted IKEA)
The pics of the Muslim policewomen outside Scotland yard are worth a shudder too.
Like all Muslim sites its got a massive chip on its shoulder about the nasty infidels (notably France..though they are burning it down at the moment)not being respectful and democratic enough about the headgear and Islam itself.
To listen to them bang on about inclusiveness respect equality and tolerance you'd think they actually believed in these qualities.

johnoddybnp said...

Guilty, Sir,
I, like many others, swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Obviously regret it now, stable door and all that. My excuse is I was young (those were the days) and foolish what’s Labours?????

bernard said...

Pretty damn good lead article and follow-up comments.
Most impressed, I must say.

tonydj said...

I voted NO!

When I was at Salford University years ago, we were lectured by Prof. David Marquand, ex-Labour MP and one of the founder members of the SDP. He went off to Europe with Roy "Woyboy" Jenkins.

The professor openly and casually told us that in the 1940's / 1950's it was decided by the European powers-that-be to have a United Europe. Period.

The only debate / disagreement was whether to go for immeadiate political union or a gradual coming together. The "gradualists" won out because BOTH SIDES agreed that the public would not fall for an immeadiate union.

Right from the "Horse's Mouth"

PS anonymous is dead right GA. Yours is a superb blog!

tonydj said...
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