Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Nurses told to turn Muslims beds towards Mecca

Beds to be moved about five times a day whilst British Patients suffer

OK, you know what this is about and for once I am totally pissed off with the Dhimmi bastards who rule us.

Overworked nurses have been ordered to stop all medical work five times every day to move Muslim patients' beds so they face towards Mecca to fart in the face of our culture whilst they pray.

I will not go into how British Patients now suffer from bed sores because Nurses say they no longer have the time available to "turn" patients several times a day. Years ago, God help the nurse in whose care a patient was in, if the patient was found to have developed a bed sore.

We are also regaled almost daily on the plight of patients who have to lie in dirty soiled bed linen and even their own blood because the nurses do not have time to change the sheets.

We hear of elderly patients and patients unable to fend for themselves starving whilst the food placed before them goes cold because there are no nurses available to feed them. Angry. Of course I am angry and if you still have any red blood in you, so to should you be.

So this business of moving beds to suit Muslims is one straw too much for this British Camel.

This requirement of the Muslims is complete and utter bollox, like their so called religion. Just bollox invented to show the Dhimmis who their masters are.

I suggest that hospital managers do a little research into the Cult of the Dead Paedophile and then tell these creatures where to go. Hell, with their dead paedophile prophet.

The guidelines(fatwas) are quite clear for those stupid enough to believe the brainwashing of Islam on how to pray in hospital.

If they can move, they they get up and do their prayers. Hospitals already provide prayer mats for them. If they are unable to move or leave the bed, then they can pray with their eyes.

Now for the running water they require. More bollox. In several earlier posts I have described to you in detail about their unhygienic method of cleansing themselves after using the toilets. A dirty stinking method which has been laid down in their book for centuries. Even down to which fingers to use and how to to rotate them.

If I was in an hospital with a serious MRSA or e-deficil outbreak, I know who I would be looking at as the possible source of the outbreak and it would not be Mr Smith in the next bed.

But the turnips also have to wash their hands and forearms in a ritual prior to prayer.

Again if they are unable to move and there is no running water or soil (yes soil) available, they are permitted to do a dry ablution because as their crap book says:
Allaah does not burden a soul more than it can bear, but he/she should not abandon the prayer because he/she is not able to perform ablution or cannot find what he/she would perform ablution with, as this is a grave mistake. Allaah Knows best.
But you just know our Dhimmi, overpaid hospital managers are not going to tell these disciples of the Devil where to go. No.
Yesterday, a spokeswoman for Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust confirmed that nurses were encouraged to help meet individual requests.

She said: "Nurses have not been ordered to move beds or provide running water - they have just been encouraged to help meet patients' needs wherever possible.

"If a sick patient requests that their bed be moved to face Mecca, then it is right that the hospital looks at this request - even if it is more than once a day.

There is only political party with the courage to tell the truth and that is the British National Party. So what are you going to do? Be a Dhimmi slave and move the bed or be a man and join the BNP?

If you have time why not go through their guidelines here. Good for a laugh, even if you cry whilst reading their complete and utter bollox.


najistani said...

This story should be worth another few thousand votes for the BNP.

Keep 'em coming!

The Spook said...

wow, how are you sane people surviving over there? This is pure insanity of epic proportions. The fact that all of you haven't slit your wrists yet is a testament to your courage!

Anonymous said...

I'm just not surprised or arsed any more GA. Just sick of Islam, sick of the spineless dhimmis who bend over backwards for them, sick of seeing Britain turned into a cesspit.

I just want to see the BNP get stronger and stronger so that one day these dispicable bastards get what's coming to them.

I just hope we don't run out of time.


BFB said...

We Taoists have a saying: "When a situation reaches it's extreme it reverts to it's exact opposite."

This bollocks cannot go on much longer, the laws of nature will not allow it.


The Green Arrow said...

spooks, we are close to having enough. I personally would not care if the whole thing kicked of tomorrow. We are going to have a civil war whether we like it or not.

Keep the faith guys. We will prevail and God help the traitors come the day of judgement.

najistani said...

"You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour and you will have war."

- Churchill's words to Chamberlain regarding appeasement

BFB said...

Some commenters on the story have claimed that the story is not true, but a quick visit to the Mid Yorks NHS Trust website (under News - Hospital staff develop cultural understanding ) confirms that it is:

Changes that the hospital has already made for their Muslim patients include:

* Positioning the beds of very ill Muslim patients to face Mecca if requested by the patient
* Providing shower facilities for patients, as well as bathing facilities
* Providing halal meal options for patients.

Beverley Brook from ward 6 at Dewsbury and District Hospital was one of the first members of staff to enrol on the training course.

Beverley said: “I found the training session really useful. Although I already knew quite a lot about the Islamic faith, this gave me a greater understanding on how we can make small changes on a daily basis that will really make a difference to our Muslim patients. I’ll be taking everything that I learnt back to my colleagues on the ward.”

johnoddybnp said...

If I didn’t know better I’d say this one really got to you, all that about a civil war and how pissed you are. You certainly know how to get the lads going!!!!!!
How’s it hanging bro’
You are one clever dude, you managed to get “intelligence” and “US Army” into the same sentence!. You’re right we have got a lot of shit over here at the moment, incidentally, how is Hilary?.
GA really got you going there, turning the beds towards mecca, in deed. We all know the NHS is in such a bad state they cannot afford f**cking beds!!!!!!!!!

The Spook said...

"You are one clever dude, you managed to get “intelligence” and “US Army” into the same sentence!."

Aah, good one indeed! I have my razor blades ready just in case Hilary manages to win. Filthy, brutal whore.

Trevor said...

Beverley Brook sounds like a "common purpose" graduate.

Anonymous said...

As a real nurse from the 70s I can vouch for GAs comments regarding bed sores.

my town is about 98% native and so are the nurses but my mother contracted huge water blisters the size of side plates from urine scald after a stroke. She stank from several yards away. Her slippers were so heavily soaked in piss from being left sat in a chair, 3 days after suffering a stroke, I actually wrang them out. She contracted MRSA which we weren't told about until she had spent 2 more sessions in hospital due to contracting static pneumonia. She also had her teeth thrown away, a brand new pair of slippers stolen and she got head lice. You have no idea the fuss I kicked up and we got her out as fast as we possibly could.
I asked (sarcastically)if they no longer did bed baths and back rounds (to avoid bed sores) to be told no, I couldn't believe my ears.
Nurses are no longer allowed to lift patients because of the risk of back injury which I can confirm is a high risk injury which I am personally a victim of.
When I was nursing there was no cross infection on wards because they were cleaned properly by hospital cleaners and auxillary nurses. It is successive governments that have destroyed the health service in these ways and in my opinion deliberately. Nurses spend more time hiding away in little cubby holes or pratting about on computers than they do engaged in actual basic nursing care. I'm appalled and disgusted at todays (total lack of) standards.

How far this country has sunk !!


Brian said...

Well said Rose. My blood boils every time I hear about those hard worked "angels". My last stay in hospital for a serious "hospital infection" was a nightmare. Night nurses banged clattered and chattered all night and discussed a Jewish patient in unflattering terms, while he was awake .
Far too many public sector workers are drawn friom the ranks of the Far Left with all the laziness and mean spirit that implies. Their adoration for all things Muslim permeates every aspect of their lives. They'd never survive in a real job that doesn't have Left Wing union muscle to cushion them from reality.

johnofgwent said...

Last night the blokes who run our local curry house were up in arms about this business.

For a start the sick are excused from the need to participate in prayer rituals and it says so in Mo The Paedo's little book. Or so they tell me. I have not (yet) got round to looking it up. But I will.

But I genuinely believe that this, plus the events in the sudan, have done something to piss off the "muslim on the clapham omnibus" if there is such a thing.

Ok the cynics amongst you will say they are reacting in this way because they fear a loss of business from the people around them. But I say that's no bad thing is it ? After all most people let politicians get away with murder until they are hit in the wallet.

With luck I think this whole business might be a teddy bear and bedtime story too far !!

Red Squirrel said...

Hi to all,
The nurses get barely enough time as it is without having to pander to the whims of these assholes!
I thought that the sick were excused from praying and fasting ect?
I think I got a Troll recently, just left me this link,
Sorrt to mention Trolls as you have had so much of their idiocy lately.

I just love that You tube cartoon with Bliar the rat lol.

najistani said...

If the Muslims have to pray with their beds towards the place of origin of their religion, shouldn't they be pointing directly downwards?

Anonymous said...

Quite a lot of Musalims are getting a bit jittery I agree. They know things are bubbling away nicely under the surface and you have to ask who is orchestrating this low level campaign to make well educated previously impartial Brits begin to look at them with deep suspicion. Its certainly not the BNP who have been outspoken and blunt in their disapproval of Islam for years They can never be accused of hypocrisy or duplicity no matter what other sins they are accused of. Perhaps those in the far left are getting a bit scared of their muslim pals and letting these snippets leak out.

Anonymous said...

Remember Rose when ever a patient left the ward for home. the bed was removed from the ward taken into a side room and scrubbed from top to bottom with hot soapy dettoled water?
Sheets etc were changed every single day. nurses uniforms were washed in house. to leave the hospital wearing ones uniform was a strict no no.
The wards were run military style where the patient was king.
Now hospitals are filthy. patients come way down the list of priorities. political correctness and common purpose are now the kings that run the NHS.
My own mother had to be admitted into Barnsley hospital to stabalise diabetis.
Her teeth were not attended to. on trying to give her a sip of water i found her glass stuck to the side table.
She had been given sugar by a nurse that seemed surprised to be told mum was diabetic and there to be stabalised.
When i complained to a passing doctor about the filthy state of mums table etc. i was told the nurses were busy.
I replied yes they are busy. i have just watched 5 discussing their milk and banana diets success.
I'm afraid the time has gone when nurses could be described as caring for their patients first and foremost.
All i hear nowadays is how much they can hope to earn.
Not all nurses obviously some are very good. but the good are no longer the norm.

Anonymous said...

Listen u stupid stupid ignorant people..you are all going to be judged and punished for your insults. Islam IS the right religion and you know it is..therefore all you lot are pooping your pants. Muslims are going to defeat you and when the time comes all you will be asking for is mercy and forgiveness but you know what,it will ne too late. There is nothing wrong with respecting other religions it just you can't take the fact that the number of muslims is growing tremendously and that one day muslims will unite as one and thats when you lot are going to be sorry!!!!