Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Power Struggles

I have received the following correspondence from Tony Lecomber, as will many others. As an independent blogger I intend to just publish without any comments of my own. It is interesting to see what another "old timer" thinks.

Power Struggles

“Politics is the art of the possible” is an oft-quoted saying that does not tell the whole truth. The whole truth is: “Politics is getting what you want. The art of the possible is merely its constraining factor.” If you’re wondering what famous personage made that quote, then I shall put you out of your suspense – it was me!

Political power struggles arise, essentially, from three causes: personality conflicts, disagreements over strategy/tactics and disagreement over ideology. The first is the most trivial and the third, the most basic. Yet each can bring a movement to its knees depending upon the way a disagreement is handled.

The history of small political parties is littered by this kind of factionalising, tending towards fully-blown splits in a way that the larger political parties seem to escape from. The reason for this is that political activists in a small political party have no incentive to ‘hang together’. They can afford to be politically pure & principled and walk off to establish their own perfectly formed party – the effect of which is to destroy the party that they profess to love. Why would they do that? The answer is that it was never going anywhere anyway. There is no incentive to hold it together.

Nationalism, like the left, has traditionally been beset with splits. Nationalism, like the left, has had no incentive to stay united. Or it didn’t until very recently. Only within the last 5 or 6 years has any kind of incentive been apparent. The change, of course, has come with the growing electability of the BNP. First there were 3 councillors, then 17, then 50 to the point where I’m no longer sure how many councillors the party has.

How to Destroy the BNP – have a split!

It is the electability that is important, not the size of the party. The NF was much larger in 1979 than the BNP is even now. But over a single year, the NF split disastrously into three main factions. By 1981, there were a dozen nationalist grouplets. Nationalism did not fully recover for 25 years. Indeed, in some respects – in terms of size and nationwide coverage – we have still not recovered. Although in other areas – in terms of professionalism, party machine and above all, in electability – the BNP is way ahead.

That split was a disaster for nationalism and may yet be said to be the decisive event that smashed a timely opposition to the destruction of our race and nation.

Politicians in the larger parties, on the other hand, while also prone to internal party politicking, including briefing journalists and the like against the ‘enemy of the moment’ ensure that their tussles almost never result in a fully blown split. The exception that proves the rule was the SDP split from Labour in the early 1980s and which, in time, merged with the Liberals to form the Lib-Dems.

That one example aside, the most usual manifestation of large party tensions is the secret briefing against a particular MP designed to knobble them. But even larger party turmoil is punished – usually by the electorate. It is interesting to note that the one thing that is never punished is open and honest debate – whether it’s a series of meetings as conducted by both Labour and Conservative over the last few years to gauge the public mood, or whether it’s a leadership election campaign as conducted most recently by the Lib-Dems and the Tories. Different policies, different tacks to the ‘right’ or the ‘left’ can be tried out which inform the public and through the media achieve feedback through which the consensus view is arrived at. And if no consensus is arrived at, the losing side shuts up until it can manoeuvre itself to get what it wants (see my political dictum at the head of this article). That is how it works. United we are strong and divided we are weak – most famously demonstrated by Mussolini’s bundle of sticks. Individually they can all be broken, but united together – tied up in a single bundle they are pretty much indestructible.

BNP safe-guard against a split

This theme was recognised by the BNP way back in the early 1980s. The, then, recent history of the NF (at the time, the most powerful nationalist party grouping) informed the BNP as to how to avoid the same mistakes. Debilitating splits within the NF occurred in 1972, 1974, 1976 and disastrously in 1979-1980. These splits occurred because the powerful executive – the Directorate – was able to form factions. The Constitution of the BNP was drawn up to prevent this happening. The flip side was that all power was invested in the Chairman. If the Chairman was not up to the job, then aside from powerful party managers effectively deciding the course of the party over the head of the Chairman, which happened to a degree from 1996 – 1999, the only alternative was to replace him. This is what happened in 1999, by which time the party had become the single largest force in nationalism and had been so for some time.

While this ‘strong’ Constitution worked to keep the party united, it was recognised – chiefly by Nick Griffin – that it had to be modernised to allow greater democracy within the Party, but without a return to the bad old days of factionalising Directorates. Changes to the Constitution and a move towards an Annual Conference and voting membership at the Conference are the result. These changes are ongoing, careful and patient because it is recognised how important it is to get the balance right. After all, a membership surge – which must happen if the Party is to be successful – will swamp the party with thousands of well-meaning novices, which could lead opportunists to capture the party.

Since 1999, aside from a bumpy start, the party hasn’t looked back and has gone on to heights undreamt of in the 1980s and even the 1990s. Mistakes have been made along the way. Of course they have. It would be strange, not to say miraculous, if they had not. Nevertheless, despite the party attracting necessarily independent-minded people which ensures a degree of conflict arising, the BNP has avoided the disastrous splits of yesteryear which occurred so frequently in the NF.

Having myself been out of the loop with regards to the party for a year-and-a-half or so, but continuing to read ID, VoF and check out the party website, I assumed that everything was running fairly smoothly aside from the odd hiccup – although I’m wise enough to realise that I won’t read ‘bad’ news in any of these publications.

I was saddened and, or disturbed to hear that Scott McLean, Ian Dawson, Jonathan Bowden and the Doc have all resigned over the last year or so. While I don’t know all the ins and outs of each one (I accepted at face value the reasons given), I do know the details of one case and tried to help out, which affected only a temporarily successful resolution, soon to be undone.

The Recent trouble

The recent trouble affecting the party is of a far more serious nature. I imagine that I wasn’t the only one to look at the party’s website and think: “What desperately depressing news.”

All anyone wants is for the party to do well and to go forward.

I’m sure that’s what Kenny Smith and Sadie Graham wanted too. However, There's a right way to go about things and a wrong way – and the way that they went about doing it was clearly the wrong way. One side backing Kenny & Sadie are saying that all they were trying to do is get rid of three bad eggs, but to my mind building a web site which seems to undermine the party means that there is far more to it than that.

I don’t know about the claims made against Dave Hannam, Mark Collett & John Walker but not wanting to rely on second hand information or read about it through opposition media and thereby let the enemy do my thinking for me (something some nationalists do tend to), I decided to get it direct – first hand. I tried first phoning one of the protagonists in this saga for a better understanding of the situation, but both landline and mobile phone were not being picked up. Later I phoned another who confirmed that Dave, John and Mark were ‘bad ’uns’, but was unable to offer any details. So I’m still none the wiser.

As a result, I won’t comment on the allegations, but surely if there were problems, these should have been raised openly. If there was no satisfaction gained either privately with the individuals in question or with party Chairman, Nick Griffin or formally through the AC, then someone should have raised these concerns nationally by way of a leadership challenge.

If the Chairman is thought to be wrongly bending over backwards to protect John, Mark and Dave then the Chairman is putting his personal prestige and weight of personality behind them. If he is proven to be wrong in front of the membership, then he will suffer accordingly. Nick Griffin is not a fool and Nick Griffin was only very recently backed by an overwhelming majority of the party membership. Either Kenny and Sadie should have been upfront and taken it to the membership by way of a Leadership challenge, or they should have bided their time – ‘slowly catchee monkey’. Destabilisation and creating a crisis is never the answer.

Along the way there have, apparently, been leaks to the enemy – the targets of these leaks being the three aforementioned. I’m not sure if anyone knows conclusively who has been leaking, but whatever the reason it is inexcusable.

Good people and naivety

Leaks aside; I know Kenny & Sadie to be decent hard-working nationalists who I am 100% convinced, have nothing but the good of the party at heart – and I’m equally sure that goes for the folk that have taken their side in this. But if they wanted to achieve a political outcome, they have gone about it in a very cack-handed and duplicitous manner.

It is evident from these events and the cack-handed way that their political project has been progressed and also events subsequently (I understand that Kenny is texting people the length and breadth of Britain urging them to resign in solidarity) that not a single person involved in this ‘project’ has the experience or wisdom of simply ‘being there’ covering the period 1979-1980 and the subsequent wilderness years of the 1980s. The suggestion from some that they ‘break away’ until ‘Griffin gives in’ and sacks Mssrs Walker, Collett and Hannam is the latest evidence that the people surrounding this project have no earthly conception of what it is that they’re pushing for or any realistic appreciation of the ‘art of the possible’. They appear to be heading towards a fully blown-split.

I have previously seen commentary by far leftists bewailing the failure of their efforts to ‘stop’ the BNP. One of the most astute comments was that while attacks from without were resisted by the party, efforts from within were likely to be more successful and the lefty concerned cheered himself up by recalling that, historically, nationalists always do it to themselves – although the BNP was bucking the trend. No doubt today, he’s a very happy man, although it’s still not too late for everyone to calm down, limit the damage and affect a reconciliation.

While, to my knowledge, no one in the Kenny And Sadie camp, was around in 1979, I was and I can tell you that it was the most depressing and dispiriting time to be a nationalist. Nationalism split asunder and destroyed any prospect for progress for 25 YEARS. I remember some good comrades who battled through the bleak 1980s and who were burnt out during that time, never to see even the relative upturn of 1989 and the early 1990s. Anyone seriously contemplating a re-run of that kind of inter-party warfare should be taken out and shot – which is something I’ve got into trouble for saying before.

Whatever their grievance and however right they are, the tactics adopted by Kenny, Sadie and anyone else involved reveal that they are relatively inexperienced, have not seen the dark days of the 1980s and have been stupid beyond belief. I am not putting them down for inexperience and never having seen the wilderness years, because they can’t be faulted if they weren’t there. In any case, I myself have been stupid beyond belief on occasion, so I know what it’s like!

As it is, what’s done is done.

What Now?

The question is what to do now?

Before answering that question, everyone concerned: Kenny, Sadie, the Chairman, and anyone supporting either one side or the other need to focus on something even more fundamental. The first thing that’s needed is for everyone to calm down and think politically.

What is the primary goal? Answer: for the party to do well. From that question and answer all else should follow. For the party to do well, what must be done? Answer: by everyone continuing to work as a whole for the party i.e. not walking off in a huff – however badly one is feeling. That implies some sort of reconciliation.

I know party Chairman Nick Griffin very well and there is no way that he will be blackmailed into any course of action. All anyone will do by saying: “do this or I resign” is to affect their own resignation. The naivety of those who have said this is astounding. Uncharitable opponents, while no doubt displaying huge grins, are already saying that kind of ‘unpolitical’ demand is proof that people within the BNP have no place getting anywhere near power.

A feeling of the mood and also the naivety mentioned can be gauged from one member who has made a number of demands which include the resignation of the party Chairman. He said:

Coming to such a conclusion is not easy. I have in the past considered both Mark and Dave to be friends of mine. However, to allow emotional feeling to get in the way of a cause I know to be right would be a great betrayal in itself; a betrayal of the British people and their identity. I can honestly say that at no point could I, or would I desire to cause harm to the British people’s very salvation.”

Those words are so obviously ‘from the heart’ but at the same time, the harm alluded to in the last line is clearly being effected. That is the tragedy of splits, mini-splits and general inter-party turmoil.

Reconciliation the key

I am firmly of the opinion that a reconciliation would be the best outcome concerned and I note that a well-respected independently-minded party member has offered his services in this regard to be the ‘honest broker’ – the well known blogger, ‘Green Arrow’.

A meeting of some sort would be required in this event and despite their feelings and good intentions, Kenny and Sadie need to show a bit of penitence. As an onlooker for the past 18 months or so I would be sorry to see either of them go because they’ve both done well in their respective departments. Sadie in particular has worked miracles and is widely admired and respected for the work that she’s put in. Kenny I know works just as hard, but back room boys don’t tend to get the same glory! In my opinion, the party needs Sadie and Kenny because we can ill-afford to lose people of dedication and talent. But for that to happen, penitence needs to be shown. At the same time while the sackings were shocking, given the circumstances there was little other alternative.

I note that the party website says that the pair are currently expelled, which is not constitutionally correct. I presume that what it meant was that their memberships have been suspended because there was mention of a Disciplinary Tribunal. If it goes that far – and I would hope that it would not – then I can tell you from personal experience, that a DT is a fair process and the result is NOT pre-determined and I could cite chapter and verse several examples. I would very much hope that the outcome of any DT, if it takes place, is leniency. Indeed, the process doesn’t even have to go that far. And that is why I believe a reconciliation meeting should take place involving all the players but without it becoming a bear garden.

We all make mistakes. Sadie and Kenny have made theirs. If they wanted to achieve a political outcome, they have gone about it in the wrong way. It is still possible for Sadie and Kenny to stay within the party, but for that to happen their needs to be goodwill from all sides with concern for the good of the party as a whole. Only then can the concerns of those involved regarding Dave Hannam, Mark Collett and John Walker be looked at properly. How that is resolved is for those within the party, but Kenny and Sadie need to realise that the Chairman cannot be seen to be giving in to any kind of threat or blackmail.

For the good of the party, everyone should take a deep breath, calm down and do the political thing.

A Lecomber


Anonymous said...

Just the person to save the day!

The Green Arrow said...

Just for those who did not read the original reason for my deletion of two posts. I removed them in the hope of pouring oil on troubled waters.

Unlike some I do not thirst for war. I wanted peace and reconciliation and for the party to get on with the real problems facing our country.

I still hope that the factions can resolve their differences.

Anonymous said...

But now your back to being "betrayed" by traitors again.

Your a joke.

Tony the terrorist speaks! said...

Tony Lecomber?

The guy they call Tony le Bomber.

Get lost Tony, you and Collett are not wanted in this party.

Paul said...

Anonymous said...
But now your back to being "betrayed" by traitors again.

Your a joke.

11 December 2007 19:39

Who is actually the traitor here? Wether Kenny and Sadie are right is not the issue. It is the manner in the way they have voiced an opinion that has divided the party.

There must have been better ways to achieve it.

As for the post by A Leomber it makes sense in what he is saying. Lets put the swords away and remember what cause we are all supposed to be fighting. If we do not remain focused we shall be over run.

Helena said...

Green Arrow he's echoed everything you've been saying over the last few days.

Paul said...

Another Paul? Thats not me. We're everywhere. However I agree with him. Well said Paul


Anonymous said...

Your = belonging to you, as in , get on your bike

you're = you are, as in, you are a pillock.

learn some basic grammar

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this GA, I think he's absolutely correct. The people involved need to think politically. I've been very... well, the only word to really describe my feelings is frightened over this episode, thinking if people don't calm down and start thinking about the bigger picture all the party's recent progress will be flushed down the toilet.
I'm not usually prone to fear about much of anything at least not in the way I've felt about this but then there really aren't many things that are as desperately important to our nation and our people.
I've been a frequent visitor to your blog since you started it and although I don't comment very often (mostly because I largely agree with what you say)I'd like to say thanks, your blog is a good place for any nationalist to come and get a recharge.
I know that some posters on other blogs have been giving you grief but I'm sure you don't need me to tell you to ignore these arseholes who are obviously trying to stir things up further.

Your stance during this difficult time has been calm and reasonable and I only wish that others who feel the need to express themselves in public forums could have followed your example.

Like yourself I backed Nick in the recent leadership election and with good reason, I have as yet seen nothing that would make me change my position.
One wonders if the disappointed backers of the challenger are using this situation to try and inflame things and achieve what they couldn't through a free and fair election.



golden marrow said...

Isn't Tony proscribed? for the incident with Eddy. Tut Tut

Anonymous said...

Helena said...

"Green Arrow he's echoed everything you've been saying over the last few days."

Indeed. Almost creepy, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

"learn some basic grammar"

You might want to have a word or two with GA about he,s grammar!!!


Wheelie said...

Tony is proscribed but in regular contact with Nick and Mark. Kept out of the loop my arse!
Graham and Smith and countless others have brought the problems to Griffin but he refuses to deal with them and instead punishes those who dare bring the problems caused by Collett, Hannam and Walker to him.
There are numerous people in Graham's and Smith's "camp" who have been involved in Nationalism for a long long time.
Lecomber - What you going to do now? Pull on that ridiculus looking balaclava and attack Graham and Smith like you done to Butler?

Anonymous said...

"Isn't Tony proscribed? for the incident with Eddy. Tut Tut"

Lift the proscription now! Bring back Tony! Give him a senior position! He's almost as good as Mark!

paul said...

Another Paul? Thats not me. We're everywhere. However I agree with me. Well said me.


Anonymous said...

"I don’t know about the claims made against Dave Hannam, Mark Collett & John Walker"

Shall I post the e-mails Tony or will you quit lying and fuck off back into obscurity before you make a fool of yourself?

Nick must be desperate to be sucking your dick for a favour.

Louise said...

GA: Why isnt Griffin addressing these issues on the BNP website? Its like waitin for the bleedin' queen to make a statement;)

Anonymous said...

"Nick must be desperate to be sucking your dick for a favour."

Let's face it - he's not very choosy!

Anonymous said...

Sub Judice Louise. Its easy to rant and throw round allegations when you're a Red, a Troll or a Traitor (or all three)
A Party Chairman on the other hand is a serious politician.

Anonymous said...

"GA: Why isnt Griffin addressing these issues on the BNP website? Its like waitin for the bleedin' queen to make a statement;)"

What can he say? "Sorry folks but Marky owns me"?

Anonymous said...

"A Party Chairman on the other hand is a serious politician."


Anonymous said...

Bring on the Green Arrow!

It's time for the court jester!

Anti-gag said...

Tony’s article shows that he has been away from the party for some time, and has some problems with his medium term memory.

I have always liked and respected Tony, his prompt action when; in his own words he ‘let the party down’ showed a great strength of character, at least in my eyes it did. But the fact is, and Tony should know this, the enough-is-enough blog was not how either Sadie or Kenny went about things. At least, that is, not for 3 years!

Anyone saying: ‘Well they may well have a point but going about it this way is wrong’ simply fails to understand that there has been 3 years of attempts to quote go about it the right way!
These include a final warning Mark received 12 months ago, and yet another warning last month. According to the rules of the party, Mark Collett should no longer hold a membership card, let alone any official position within the party, but as everyone knows the chairman won’t touch him.

Sadie and Kenny acted in the only way possible to protect the party, expose Mark & co as a millstone around the necks of decent party member, and should receive the thanks of all of us for doing so. Rules are made to be followed, but only as long as they apply to everyone, and I’m afraid party rules just do not apply to Mark Collett and co.

Well I have news for Mark Collett & co, maybe the Chairman won’t enforce party rules, but the membership will.

Chris Hill

I meant no disrespect to Tony in my opening comments, and I consider him a friend.

Poppy said...

I'm glad the people on EIE dont have their computrs anymore and hopefully no members details. Reading some of the posts they actually sound quite dangerous. I wouldnt like any of them to have my details.
Why are people being harassed by text and phone?

Louise said...

Anon 20:33 - Well, surely he needs to say something becaue everyone external to the BNP is having a field day. I am external to the BNP (so this includes me) and my concerns have been realised and proven correct despite so much emotional protestation a couple of weeks ago when I raised the issue of Collett. To be honest, anyone could have looked into his track record and seen that his politics are aligned to the National Front moreso than the squeakyclean BNP. However, there are outsiders who are damaging to you. Im in my army of one for good reason. Others are in groups with some power behind them and they are serving your political heads on a metaphorical platter. What Im trying to do is work out whether the meltdown of the BNP is fair or whether its unfair. Not that you deserve my attentions but if its unfair, that aint good and you need to shape up (a message from your leader would be handy!) if its fair, then the demise of the BNP is hard-luck for you lot. You see, I dont like what you stand for but im happier with you in a group than acting as individuals. I can see you all then. I can challenge you.

Anonymous 20:32. Define me as you will but Im not traitor as I dont support you! And, I certainly dont support these other groups out there because I dont have much faith in some of their tactics. I still dont know what you mean by troll and the red thing is kinda old but go ahead and call me all three if it makes you feel better. So long as I know what I am, thats all that counts. I cannot control what you want to call me or what you want to say so Im happy for you to decide so long as you are clear that I understand you all to be racist by default and in a group with seriously flawed and damaging policies.

griffin listen to the party and we will stand behind you said...

while Tony may not be the best person to say it, what he says is right.

a compromise is needed.

an open discusion of all involved with a mediator like GA or anyone who both sides agree as neutral who they can respect.

Nick has screwed up -

sticking by Collett when it was clear he had caused irrepairable damage to the party by association
and bringing in South Africans etc making a mockery of the British part of our party and undermining our image. a general needless paranoia that has been self fulfilling.

Collett and Co has screwed up.
Nazi TV Gaffs, more Gaffs, underage girl claims(if true it should be instant dismissal) and generally antagonising many members within the party.

Sadie and Co have screwed up.
feeding the reds with a stupid destructive blog.
now let them air their evidence before the mediator and move forward.

now Griffin is in a corner,

he cant be see to be giving in, so what is the solution if their is no compromise that all sides are happy with?

put it to the members Nick.

it democratic it instills confidence and the problem gets solved.

Anonymous said...

"everyone knows the chairman won’t touch him"

I take it you mean that figuratively.

Reconquista said...

Chris Hill

Putting up a blog that undermines the whole party and those who support it whilst sleeping with the enemy isn't the membership enforcing party rules it is a stupid, thoughtless and politically naive move that betrayed the party and its supporters.

You and your ilk just don't get it: It doesn't matter how strong your case against certain people is, it is your duplicity that is being condemned. You have put personality clashes before the importance of the message of the BNP. A message that more and more people were receptive to. And you've run with the enemy for help to secure your aim.

I ask you - you directly - is all of this worth it for the sake of one man's head? All the hard work all the tremendous progress all flushed down the pan because of one man who by the sounds of it is running out of allies SLOWLY BUT SURELY? Worth halting the tremendous progress achieved by so many just to have Collett's head on a platter?

You tell me sir.


Anonymous said...

Louise, Collett would not be welcome in the NF

Tubby said...

"The chairman cannot be seen to be blackmailed by members of the party"

Isnt that exactly what happened when he agreed at a meeting to re-instate the Edwardes?

Tubby said...

"is all of this worth it for the sake of one man's head? All the hard work all the tremendous progress all flushed down the pan because of one man"

Surely it is because of the many heads that one man has been responsible for that makes this worth it....

How many heads have rolled because of this one man?

How many votes have been lost because of this one man?

How much more progress could there have been if it werent for that one man?

Reconquista said...



Fact is that tremendous progress HAS been made. F-A-C-T.

Are you seriously suggesting that we flush this down the pan because of what might have been without ONE MAN? We retreat to the wilderness because of Mark fucking Collett?

You have got to be joking, no one man is worth that. Not even Nick.

Jesus Christ we're cutting off our noses to spite our faces here if what tubby has posted is at the root.


Tubby said...

Fact is that tremendous progress HAS been made. F-A-C-T.

Are you seriously suggesting that we flush this down the pan because of what might have been without ONE MAN? We retreat to the wilderness because of Mark fucking Collett?

Thats exactly what we are doing right now and it is all because of one man Mark Collett, this is just the latest episode that is essentially down to him he has lost other people before this.

We flush nothing down the pan except the incompetent, the arrogant, the liabilities - all of which means we get rid of Mark Collett. And reinstate SG/KS and the others.

Collett was given a FINAl written warning last year yes?

Reconquista said...


What you're doing is flushing it all down the pan in a hissy fit instead of biding your time, using your smarts and then snaring your quarry and SOLELY your quarry.

But impatience and madness has got a grip. You want your way NOW and this has clouded your judgement leadimng to a betrayal. What's happened isn't an attack on Collett but a betrayal of the whole party, right down to bit players like me who do what little they can to spread the BNP message and in my case, educate the brainwashed about the horrors of Islam.

You sold us out mate for Mark Collett. No matter how bad he is, those who are doing their best to win this fight in whatever small way they can didn't deserve being shit on for the sake of one man's head.

Can't you and others who support this betrayal see that?


AgainsTTheWall said...

Nice article from TL but this has gone beyond compromise I fear. The actions of SG and KS are unforgiveable (even if they are right).

I suspect the Party's over :(

Anonymous said...

The betrayal was that this situation was allowed to go on for far too long without being dealt with. Even after a final written warning was issued their was no decisive action taken when again the party was brought into disrepute by unthinking actions.

Oridnary members like myself have been betrayed time and timne again by stupid misplaced remarks like the Hitler praise which makes it difficult to counter that allegation when canvassing. Etc etc

There are more instances of that sort of behaviour so impatience is not the issue, people have been patient but after a written warning that was supposedly FINAL it is not really a surprise to see their patience run out.

landroverman said...

well said tony!.

Reconquista said...


That isn't a betrayal that is in-house politics, an issue for our party that concerned no one else. Progrees was still being made, that is indisputable.

But because certain things haven't happened, a group of people have got impatient and resorted to betrayal.

Over one man. Or is it? Is it about Griffin as well?

Whatever it is, it stinks. Just read the invective. Disgraceful at times.

There's no honour in this for those involved. None whatsoever.

And they know it, that's why they resort to abuse and the list of those they abuse and smear gets longer each day.


Chrissie said...

Ordinary members like you were prepared to swallow your honour though at the May elections. You kept quiet then without bothering the voters you were conning.
Now we're told about paedos and Nazi's and how Griffin is being blackmailed and all the other stuff you lot have posted on your blogs. You say this has been going on for years and you covered it up. YOU LIED TO THE VOTERS!
Your honour means jack shit you pimped it for years by your own admit.
who wants you now cos your probably still lying with all your coward anonmous posts and nicknames and gossip.
I see Chris hill is talking about olive branches. Forget it Hill you wrere doing a fair bit of muck raking and admitted you knew about perverts and sleaze for six years.
Kenny Smith and Sadie Graham shut up too about all they wer supposed to know but get all holey holey now when they get caugt.

landroverman said...

i was,nt going to do anymore activism until the new year. but, after reading the crap chrissie and co. come out with i,m gonna "go for it"!!!!!!!!!thanks reds!.

Reconquista said...


That election you refer to is called democracy.

It's the reason why your marxist chums got placed in office to commit their war crimes against our people, the Iraqis, the afghans and their christian allies the serbs.

4 days into this sorry mess and still the amateurs are going on about personalities.

Contrast the writing of the main site, Darby, GA, Barnbrook (yes these idiots are now abusing him too) with the writing of those who support this betrayal.

One quietly whispers "professional" whilst the other screams abusively and amateurishly.

All because some people are so weak minded and thin of skin they allow a somewhat unbalanced individual to drive them to acting in an unacceptable and quite frankly irrational manner.

Acting with good intentions? Possibly. Acting as professionals who prosecute their cause with craft and political nous? Most definitely not and it shows in the way they've turned on colleagues who deserve more professional courtesy than they are being shown.