Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Operation Black Vote

I should imagine if the British National Party should start their election campaign for the London Assembly under the banner Operation White Vote, there would be a huge outcry from the Tri-Axis Parties.

However the Operation Black Vote site is endorsed by all three branches of the Destroy the United Kingdom Party known as the Lib/Lab/con pact and funded by you the tax payer.

A couple of interesting names in that list. Take Cadbury and Rowntree. Both established in the this country on the backs of British Workers and both now moving jobs overseas to maximize their profits.

Their purpose is to aid in the fast tracking of colonisers onto the 800 gravy trains called Public Appointments . Usually about 4,000 positions come up each year to make up the 30,000 people already serving in one capacity or another on these public bodies. Their other role in life is to campaign against the British National Party.

A quick visit to their link list shows you the truth about this tax payer funded organistation. On the list you will see the usual suspects including Unite Against Freedom (UAF) and crooked Lee Jaspers National Association Against Racism.

Also check out their OBV profiles and discover just who is who in all these organisations feeding off us whilst stabbing us in the back.

To see an example of their work, check out the unwanted and unloved Welsh Assembly Thread. This is what the Right dishonorable Rhodri Morgan, First Minister for Wales had to say there:
“Wales is now a truly multicultural nation. It is important to celebrate and cultivate our diversity and at the same time promote social justice and equality for all ethnic minority groups.”
You remember Rhodri. He is the Leader of the Welsh Assembly who preferred to go golfing then to attend the Normandy Landing Commemoration. May the shame haunt him forever.

And to help fast track Waleses new masters, the Welsh Assembly have set up a scheme by which a number of the colonisers will shadow Assembly Members for six months at our expense. I pity the one assigned to shadow cottage watcher Ron Davies had he still been about.

And if you want to know what the general consensus of the Welsh Assembly is to the Welsh then just check out this link here and another one here. Those links should give you a clue as to why they want colonisers controlling every part of our life.

Operation Black Vote
is also linked to Red Ken Livingstone and the UAF, not just by the involvement of Lee Jasper, a member of the UAF steering committee but also in his tax payer funded position as Chairman of NAAR.


Citrus said...

Interesting to learn of your routine, mine is much the same but not quite as dilligent. Have noticed that you recently joined th BNP members forum...welcome! Please continue to blog and deflect the flack.

Anonymous said...

Prince Charles is either Britain's biggest dhimmi or he really is a closet Muslim. This is another Government initiative to aid Islamic imperialism in the UK and this time with more help from Prince Chalres.

On "British" Muslims Charles states .“historical prejudices and other cultural factors which may enhance a sense of social disaffection”.

This stupid man is flushing thousands of years of British history, culture and his royal blood line down the toilet.

fruitloop said...

GA - you are the best think ever to have happened in British Nationalism. Keep up the good work.

No-one is laughing at you. Honestly.

The Green Arrow said...

Thanks for that Leon. I missed it when I read through their site.

I served in the Royal Navy during the time Charles was Captain of HMS Bronington. His men spoke well of him at the time but he has most certainly changed since leaving the Navy.

I have never been a republican but seeing the treason being carried out in the name of the Queen is making me think twice.

Sorry about having to switch on moderation. The reds try to flood our sites with rubbish to slow us down.

The Green Arrow said...

fruitloop. Thank you for your kind comments but we all know that Nick Griffin is the greatest thing to have happened in British Nationalism and that is why we should nominate him as Politician of the Year.

Pity there wasnt a site where we could nominate the back stabbers of the year.

Anonymous said...

GA - PLEASE take comment mod off: it's SO boring

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks GA!

jlb said...

Daily Express

London, February 8, 1999

MI5 act to smash race gangs

Secret service teams up with Yard to combat Far Right thugs


SCOTLAND Yard and MI5 are planning a huge covert operation to break up violent racist organisations. The Express has learned that Intelligence officers will infiltrate Far Right groups such as the British National Party.

Other officers will tap telephones, open mail, and scrutinise bank accounts and medical records. "We plan to close down these organisations by using every administrative device available to us," said a Yard source.
"These may include tax and VAT details, local authority planning infringements and breaches of charity regulations. You must remember that Al Capone was brought down by the American Inland Revenue -- not the FBI. At the end of the day we will know everything about the people in these groups, more than they know themselves."

The operation is being masterminded by Deputy Assistant Commissioner John Grieve, head of the new Metropolitan Police race crime unit. He will work closely with the security services and the Yard's criminal intelligence unit.

Officers plan to apply the skills successfully used by the security services and the anti-terrorist squad against the IRA and Middle East bombers In London.

Mr Grieve, former head of the anti-terrorist squad, is aiming to build comprehensive computer files on the country's active racists and their relatives and associates.

"He will be using all his skills and techniques used against the IRA in the fight against the racial terrorists polluting our inner cities," said the source.

The files will detail racist groups' views and the extent to which they will use violence. It will also include a list of non-active supporters in key Government and local authority departments who are prepared to pass on vital information. The ultimate intention is to bring a series of criminal charges against the ringleaders of racist organisations and the thugs who follow them.

"If it works, and there is no reason why not, it will mark a sea change in the way subversive organisations are policed in this country," said a senior detective.

Mr Grieve will draw on the resources of the National Criminal Intelligence Service, Department of Social Security, Inland Revenue, immigration organisation and Customs. Benefits agencies, local authorities, British Telecom, credit agencies, schools and other educational institutions will also be involved. Detectives will monitor some suspects if they go abroad.

"If anyone can get to the bottom of the menace of racial violence and attacks, then John Grieve can," said a source close to the new unit.

In Australia, the anti-immigration One Nation party leader, Pauline Hanson, was jailed for "infringing electoral law". It seems that in this country the police are to infiltrate opposition parties and subvert them so that only parties which support multiculturalism and liberalism are allowed.


Interview John Grieve, race crime unit chief: `Who trains little kids

Independent, The (London),

Aug 5, 2001 by Sophie Goodchild

"Have a look," says John Grieve, pointing at the untidy heap of documents and files piled on his desk and scattered around his office. "Who would be able to come in here and clear out my office?"

The Deputy Assistant Commissioner is referring to the fact that, at 55, he is due for retirement. Three years ago he started planning for a quiet life. Then he got a call asking him to lead a unit dedicated to solving race-hate crimes.

Smarting from the accusations levelled at it by the Stephen Lawrence inquiry, the Metropolitan Police set up the unit to prove to a cynical public that the police are taking race crimes seriously. As head of the Race and Violent Crimes Task Force, Grieve has now vowed not to retire until Stephen Lawrence's killers are brought to justice.

( Interesting - is he still working with the Met Police then ? )

Certainly he will need all the energy and resilience he can muster. With race riots in the north and Midlands, black-on-black gun crime in London and now a promised visit from the controversial black separatist Louis Farrakhan, Grieve's work is higher on the social and political agenda than in the last 20 years.

Casually dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and trousers, Grieve is disarmingly accessible. He could be mistaken for an eccentric university professor rather than one of the Met's highest-ranking officers.

Grieve's CV is impressive. With 14 police commendations and awards for outstanding courage, he led the Met's elite antiterrorist unit and was in charge of key investigations, such as the 1996 Docklands bombing.

His critics, however, mutter that beneath the genial exterior is a master at the game of office politics.

At the end of last year, he was called upon to apologise to a Sikh sergeant, Gurpal Virdi, who was wrongly accused of sending racist hate mail. Grieve refused, although he said he personally sympathised with the officer.

A realist, he accepts London will never be completely free of racial tension. In his opinion, the key is keeping those tensions under control through the Task Force.

"My job came from Stephen's racist murder, and our tribute to Mr and Mrs Lawrence has to be that we try to make things better, and that's what I've been doing.

"People say: `It's all very well, John Grieve, but no one's doing anything'. But they (the Task Force) are arresting 200 people a month. For every two people arrested, three race crimes are being cleared up - two for three is pretty impressive.

"I concede that is a fraction of what is being reported. That's still 220 people that weren't being arrested when Stephen was murdered."

Unlike some of his senior colleagues, Grieve knows when to accept blame. After the Lawrence inquiry, he personally accepted the charge of institutional racism by stating: "I am a racist. I must be because Sir William Macpherson of Cluny said that I am ... I've found inside myself evidence of subtle prejudice, preconception and indirect discrimination. I'm for change inside myself and in the behaviour of others."

The impression is that "change" and obtaining justice for Stephen Lawrence has become a personal crusade. Grieve's role as race "troubleshooter" has made him the target of hate-mail attacks from far-right groups who have dubbed him "the man who would be Stalin".

He is dismissive of them. "Our message to the community is we will arrest them if they commit a criminal offence. But we refer to the BNP and Combat 18 as `the flag of convenience' for some of these racists - they are not card-carrying members of the party."

In his experience, racism is not confined to whey-faced skinheads. "Who's training these little kids at nursery school spitting out race hate? Sometimes you discover it's their nan: `My nan says I shouldn't sit next to you because you're black or gay'."

As if Grieve didn't have enough on his plate, there is also domestic violence. With 7,000 incidents a month in London alone, he says the Met has "dramatically" changed its views on these attacks.

He is concerned about the long-term impact that domestic violence has on children and the fact that it can lead to other violent crimes. "In many other kinds of criminality there is a history either as a child in a domestic violence situation or they are domestic abusers themselves in violent relationships.

"The cost to society and the economy is enormous if you think of the days they don't go to work because they've `fallen down the stairs' again."

While he remains in post Grieve wants no one to be in doubt about his commitment to making London a safe place for ethnic communities.

And until there is something positive to say about the Lawrence investigation, he is keeping quiet, except to appeal for witnesses to come forward.

"We have a good idea about what some witnesses would say which would help the investigation. There will be a time when they come forward ... loyalties change."

Until they do, he has no plans to clear out his office. John Grieve is a patient man.


1946 Born John Gilbert Grieve in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the son of an accountant.

1982 Graduates from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne with a BA (Hons) in Philosophy and Psychology.

1986 Obtains M Phil at Cranfield Institute of Technology examining police drug and crime strategies.

1993 Head of Department of Criminal Intelligence.

1996 Head of Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist branch.

1997 Deputy Assistant Commissioner.

1998 Head of Met's Racial and Violent Crimes Task Force.


John Grieve is a former Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police and head of Special Branch, a National Co-ordinator for Counter Terrorism who at one stage expressed a desire to become an Assistant Chief Constable in the RUC, a force he apparently held in high regard. John Grieve is the Chairman of the John Grieve Centre for Policing and Community Safety. The John Grieve Centre receives financial payments from the PSNI whose members deliver lectures and receive training at the centre. Ronnie Flanagan, former Chief Constable of the RUC is a Board member.

John Grieve, is one of the heads of the Independent Monitoring Commission in Northern Ireland and former head of the Metropolitan Police Special Branch and then "national co-ordinator" of Britain's Anti-Terrorist Squad, with Richard Kerr, who is a former director general of the CIA, and Joe Brosnan, ex-secretary general of the Department of Justice.

Dr Nick Ridley is currently an associate researcher at the John Grieve Centre.
He was a criminal intelligence analyst for just over 22 years, firstly at the Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard, working in various departments including Special Branch and the Anti Terrorist Branch, and then at Europol, the EU law enforcement agency in The Hague. At both Scotland Yard and Europol he specialised in organised crime from south east Europe, financial crime and financing of terrorism. At Europol he was attached to Anti Terrorist Unit where he was responsible for the operational analysis of financing of terrorism. In 2002 he was seconded to the FBI headquarters Washington, engaged on analysis on financing of terrorism.


Note that serving police officers are working for the John Grieve centre ;

John Grieve CBE, QPM, BA, MPhil. Emeritus Professor
Retired Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, currently a member of the Independent Monitoring Commission for the Northern Ireland peace process.

Professor Allyson MacVean BSc (Hons), MPhil, PhD, Director
Professor MacVean previously worked in the Home Office Serious and Organised Crime Unit before entering academic life. She is a specialist in risk and dangerous offenders, community impact assessments, and paedophile on-line crime and has undertaken a number of dangerous offender risk assessments for police forces. She is also an external examiner and course validation assessor for other academic institutions.

Dr Clive Harfield BA (Hons), MSc, LLM, MPhil, PhD, Deputy Director
Dr Harfield has he has been a serving officer for 18 years in the National Crime Squad and National Hi-Tech Crime Unit as well as three local police forces and has a career background in uniform operations, CID, intelligence and covert policing. He is currently on long-term secondment to the John Grieve Centre. Dr Harfield is a specialist in mutual legal assistance and international law enforcement co-operation and has previously represented UK law enforcement at G8. In 2001 he held a Fulbright Fellowship at Georgetown University, Washington DC.

Irish Nationalists attack Gable / Searchlight / MI5 Axis ( Note the anti-semitism of the Irish Nationalists ) ;


On 28 February 2007, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, the retiring Director of MI5, spoke on co-operation between the police and the Security Service, and the UK counter-terrorism strategy of 'prevent, protect, pursue, and prepare', and also fielded many questions from the audience.

The event, chaired by Professor Emeritus John Grieve, former head of the anti-terrorist branch of the Metropolitan Police Service, was hosted in a Metropolitan Police Service venue for security reasons.

The John Grieve Centre hosts, on average, one police practitioner seminar a month and, wherever possible, these events are opened to academic colleagues. The seminars are generally held in London, Kidlington near Oxford or Birmingham. Future speakers include the filmmaker Roger Graef and BBC Correspondent Mark Daly.




19 February- The Terrorism Act 2000 comes into effect replacing the Prevention of Terrorism Act that had been in effect since 1974.

7 June- Tony Blair and the Labour Party are re-elected in the general election.

11 September- Attacks occur in New York and Washington D.C. killing just under 3,000 people, including sixty-seven Britons.

21 September- Lotfi Raissi, an Algerian flight instructor living in Britain, is arrested on suspicion of having been involved in the 11 September attacks. He is sent to Belmarsh Prison for several months. On 21 April 2003, all charges against him are dropped.

7 October- British and American air attacks against the Taliban in Afghanistan begin.

12 November- The Blair government introduces the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Bill in the House of Commons.

13 December- The Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Bill receives Royal Assent.

19 December- Raids in Luton, London, and the West Midlands leads to the detention of eight individuals with alleged ties to international terrorism under the new Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act.

22 December- British citizen Richard Reid is arrested after he attempts to destroy American Airlines Flight 63 with an explosive hidden in his shoe.


15 February- Home Secretary David Blunkett ends efforts to extradite accused terrorist Abdelghani Ait Haddad because of concern about the legitimacy of the evidence against him.

MAY 2002 - John Grieve retires from the Met Police and then sets up John Grieve Centre to run secret taskforve linking MI5, Special Branch and the government to tackle far right groups and muslim extremist groups.

7 May- Lord Rooker, a Home Office minister, said that since the Terrorism Act 2000 came into effect on 19 February 2001 ‘144 person have been arrested under [it]. There have as yet been no convictions for terrorist offences to date but 10 people are undergoing or awaiting trial for such offences.’

6 July- The Guardian reports that the British Air Transport Association opposes a Home Office plan to require airlines to record personal information.

23 July- The date of the so-called ‘Downing Street Memo.’ The document reveals that the Bush administration was set by this date on war with Iraq.

30 July- The Special Immigration Appeals Commission rules indefinite internment under Part 4 of the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001 is both ‘unlawful’ and ‘discriminatory.’

2 August- The Home Office lists two new Codes of practice under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 related to intelligence collection.

9 August- An Old Bailey jury acquits Suleyman Zainulabdin, a London chef, who was arrested the previous October and charged under the Terrorism Act 2000 with ‘inviting another to receive instruction or training in making or using firearms or explosives.’

22 August- The UK Home Office issues a Circular (Circular 44/2002) authorizing police and other authorities to request airline and shipping companies to provide ‘police intelligence’ on passengers.

5 September- Amnesty International issues a report expressing concern ‘about serious human rights violations that have taken place as a consequence of the United Kingdom (UK) authorities’ response to the 11 September 2001 attacks in the United States of America.’

12 October- Bombs explode in the Indonesian resort of Bali killing 202 people. Twenty-four Britons are among the dead.


5 January- Police arrest seven men in London related to a plot to manufacture the poison ricin for attacks on London Underground. All six were later acquitted of murder charges related to the ricin plot, although one would be convicted of ‘conspiracy to commit a public nuisance by the use of poisons or explosives to cause disruption, fear or injury.’

14 January- Police raid a flat in Manchester while searching for a terrorism suspect. In the course of being arrested, Kamel Bourgass, one of the ricin suspects, stabs to death Detective Constable Stephen Oake.

20 January- Police raid the Finsbury Park mosque. They arrest seven people and seize weapons and forged passports.

30 January- Richard Reid, the ‘shoe bomber’ is convicted of terrorism by an American court and sentenced to life in prison.

5 February- During a public briefing to the United Nations Security Council, Colin Powell makes reference to the ricin arrests in the UK the month before and links these to the Saddam Hussein regime.

11 February- The Blair government deploys the British military, including armoured vehicles, at Heathrow Airport because of the apparent threat of a terrorist attack.

12 February- Five weeks before the invasion of Iraq, the Joint Intelligence Committee warns the government that the invasion of Iraq would increase the risk of terrorist attacks against the UK.

7 March- The Attorney General Lord Goldsmith sends a thirteen-page memo to Tony Blair warning that the invasion of Iraq could be deemed illegal without the second United Nations’ resolution.

17 March- In a shorter memo Attorney General Lord Goldsmith declares the proposed invasion of Iraq to be legal.

19 March- The American and British invasion of Iraq begins. Twenty-seven British service personnel die in the first ten days of hostilities.

31 March- The US/UK Extradition Treaty signed.

1 April- Two Algerians with ties to Al Qaeda, Brahim Benmerzouga and Baghdad Meziane, who were arrested in the UK in September 2001, are sentenced to 11 years in prison because of their involvement in terrorism fund raising and recruitment.

1 May- President George W. Bush from the flight deck of the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Lincoln announces that ‘Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the Battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.’

17 July- Scientist and WMD specialist Dr. David Kelly commits suicide.

18 July- The Blair government announces an inquiry under the leadership of Lord Hutton into the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr. David Kelly.

25 October- Andrew Rowe arrested under terrorism act in Dover. He was found to be carrying socks containing traces of high explosives and would be convicted of terrorism offences in September 2005.

20 November- On the day that President Bush arrived in London for a state visit, bombs explode at the British consulate and headquarters of HSBC Bank in Istanbul, Turkey. Thirty people die in the blasts and hundreds are wounded. Among the dead is Consul-General Roger Short, the top British diplomat in Istanbul.


1 January- Extradition Act 2003, including the US/UK Extradition Treaty, comes into effect.

28 January- The Hutton Report is released. It is highly critical of BBC news coverage that alleged that Downing Street had ‘sexed up’ a pre-war intelligence dossier while absolving the Blair government of any wrongdoing.

3 February- The Blair government announces an inquiry under the leadership of Lord Robin Butler, a career civil servant, into British intelligence surrounding Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

11 March- Al-Qaeda-inspired terrorist train bombings in Madrid kill 191 people and injure over 2000.

30 March- Seven men allegedly in possession of approximately half a ton of ammonium nitrate fertilizer are arrested in West Sussex as part of Operation Crevice. The Crown would later allege that they intended to bomb several targets including the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent and the Ministry of Sound nightclub in London. Five of the seven would be convicted in April 2007.

6 April- Cabinet secretary Sir Andrew Turnbull writes to John Grieve, permanent secretary at the Home Office, and notes that Cabinet had ‘recently discussed relations between the Muslim and other communities here in the UK.’ The letter set forth a number of topics related to the disaffection of British Muslims for further discussion.

19 April- Over 400 officers raid homes in the Manchester area and arrest eight men, one woman, and a sixteen-year-old boy. Media coverage links those arrested to plots involving attacks on Old Trafford during a Manchester United game.

10 May- John Grieve writes back to Turnbull and includes a draft of a Foreign Office and Home Office paper entitled ‘Young Muslims and Extremism.’

18 May- Sir Michael Jay from the Foreign Office writes to Sir Andrew Turnbull about the findings in ‘Young Muslims and Extremism.’ The actual report lists a number of forces that were leading to the radicalization of young British Muslims, ‘including the issue of British foreign policy, especially in the context of the Middle East Peace Process and Iraq.’

29 June- Court sentences Kamel Bourgass to life imprisonment for murder of DC Stephen Oake.

14 July- The Butler Report is released. It is critical of the quality of British intelligence in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq.

3 August- Fourteen men are arrested and eight eventually charged over plot to blow up financial buildings in London. The plot’s leader, Dhiren Barot, would later plead guilty and be sentenced to life in prison.

26 August- Abu Hamza, a radical Islamic cleric based in London, is arrested under Section 41 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

24 September- Four men are arrested in Brent Cross, London after they tried to buy ‘red mercury’ in a newspaper sting. Three would be charged and would be acquitted at their trial in July 2006.

19 October- Abu Hamza is charged with sixteen different offences.

2 November- George Bush is re-elected President of the United States.

17 November- Tony Blair promises to bring in legislation to target the ‘economic sabotage’ done by animal-rights extremists.

19 November- Mohammad Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer arrive in Karachi, Pakistan in order, it is believed, to attend terrorist training camps.

24 November- The government introduces the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005. The new act requires protesters to seek police permission before being allowed to demonstrate within one kilometre of Parliament Square. It receives Royal Assent the following April.

16 December- The Law Lords rule that the detention of nine non-Britons at Belmarsh Prison without trial, under the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001, is unlawful under European human rights law, although the detentions continue.


22 February- The Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 is introduced to the House of Commons.

4 March- Hazel Blears, the minister responsible for counterterrorism, announces in the House of Commons that ‘some of our counter-terrorism powers will be disproportionately experienced by the Muslim community’ since terrorists are ‘falsely hiding behind Islam.’

6 March- Sir John Stevens, former head of London Metropolitan Police, warns in the News of the World that as many as 200 Al Qaeda-trained terrorists may be in the UK.

11 March- The Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005, designed in part to deal with Law Lords’ ruling from previous December through a new regime of ‘control orders,’ is given royal assent.

17 March- The Blair government announces a ‘National Identity Scheme’ that will see the issuance of Identity Cards.

5 May- Tony Blair and the Labour Party are re-elected in the general election.

6 July- According to the Guardian, the head of MI5, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, briefs a group of Labour MPs, assuring them that no terrorist attacks are on the horizon.

7 July- Four suicide bombers, Mohammad Sidique Khan, Shehzad Tanweer, Hasib Hussain, and Jermaine Lindsay, kill 56 and wound 700 in London.

On 28 February 2007 AT THE JOHN GRIEVE CENTRE SEMINAR, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, the retiring Director of MI5, spoke on co-operation between the police and the Security Service, and the UK counter-terrorism strategy of 'prevent, protect, pursue, and prepare', and also fielded many questions from the audience

8 March 2007 - It is announced that a career intelligence agent and specialist on Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda-related groups, Jonathan Evans, who also had experience in dealing with the Irish Republican Army, will succeed Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller as the head of MI5 when she retires at the end of March.

green sparrow said...

I am NOT a twat!

No-one is laughing at me. Honestly.

twitter twitter

Anonymous said...

Fuck off GA - we don't need you anymore

Anonymous said...

Best take notice, GA. You've been of use. Now go home.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - another useless "blog"

Louise said...

GA: You already said that you didnt bother to read my comments, so how come too much of your time is 'sucked up'. Surely you could have just ignored them?! Freedom of speech isnt a right given provided a person falls into line. After all, I could level the same thing at you and I never did once. Freedom of speech is far more critical than that. I stuck by the rules that you stipulated, I stayed away from poorly organised opposition groups and I always took all comments seriously never once reporting you, spilling guts to crap opposition etc. I havent been associated with any violence, nor any accusation of it, ever, in my entire life. In fact, quite the opposite. So, if you folks cannot deal with a bit of a challenge from someone with a remarkably clean record who belongs to no other group, who can you take a challenge off? So youre pissed off because you think I crossed the line? And your line was what? Your not liking me saying something that made sense to the YBNP member? Thats ridiculous GA! Unless of course, it peeved you because you know I have a point. What is amazing is that your blog offers extreme viewpoints full of racism, hatred and damage to the beautiful countries that make up the UK...and yorue pissed off with me writing something down that wasnt even dangerous or violent?! Unbelievable. Especially given that some of your policies will be reacted to incredibly strongly (just wait and see what hapepns when people who have hte perfect right to be here get herded out of the country) and yet you expect other people to take those policies seriously and to give you a platform. Even though you dont like what I say, have you any idea how badly that comes across? Have a scotch tonight GA and a long hard think about what your actions actually mean. Yes, you might get slaps on the back from your BNP mates but this blog is a dull place without a bit of spice. Moreover, as the only serious challenge to your commenters ...(comments like the above ones dont count precisely because they lack a point!)..... Your blog really does become a one-sided rantathon opportunity. At least with the Louise that you all knew and hated, you had a bit of gumption going for you!

Anonymous said...

Griffin is a cunt!

Louise said...

Anon: Cant you explain your point properly? And if youre pro-human rights which includes many many people who disagree with the BNP (myself included) then why insult a man (which is reasonable) by using terms for female genitalia (which is not)? Its offensive to women. Why insult women if the above assumption is true? Or, if you want to insult him as a man, whats wrong with calling him a cock or a prick?! But why is he a cock or a prick? I can give you a hundred reasons (or maybe just site his past, his motivations, his priviledge, his shoddy leadership, his insistance on washing over disgusting behaviours, his insistence on endorsing unethical behaviours or every single one of his policies). Its better to take an intelligent and practical stance if youre going to slagg him off. Telling us that he is a cunt tells us nothing really. And its degrading for women (or 50% of the world population to be more precise). And if you degrade women, then you loose ground for disliking someone on the basis of their racism. If youre going to take the moral high ground, do it more intelligently!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, this blog has now come under the attack of every red (all 2 of them)playing their infantile games. Is this some concerted effort to close down sites which promote Britains culture, with loads of inane babble, under orders from their leaders (commisars?)in the fare left, or those in the Liebour party?. I suppose having read the previous comments about police chiefs becoming politicised, then the BNP are obviously right over the target. The "powers that be", although being publically dismisive of the BNP, must be terrified of them to warrant this kind of effort. All I can say is shame on anyone who is of indigenous extraction who has sold their soul to the darkside and sets out to destroy the only movement that has the courage to stand up for our childrens future. I hope the 20 pieces of silver are worth being eternally dammed by your descendants.

The Green Arrow said...

OK Louise, I read your post.

I have no problems with debate.

But why should I put up with the garbage above?

I have just returned from my neighbours having had a pleasant hour and what do I find? Same old same rubbish.

So how do you suggest I deal with foul mouthed morons?

Louise said...


I see what you mean. I have always acknolwedged that it is your blog and therefore you get to decide (naturally) but you stipulated at the start that the BNP engages in freedom of speech. Youre onto a difficult issue because you obviously dont like it when people are foul mouthed about you or nationalists or bnp supporters. Yet, you have systematically allowed people to be foul mouthed about others under the guise of FoS. The muslim joke page was probably the easiest example to cite. However, I have seen calls for destruction of muslims etc on this blog too.

It depends on what you are looking for. There is opposition to the BNP. There is opposition to muslims and others that you define as immigrants. If youre looking for freedom of speech as a guiding principle (and the bnp is meant to be hot on this) then taking foul mouthed people on the chin might be part of accepting freedom of speech (hold on...wait for it below...). Conversely if youre not interested in freedom of speech, you can switch moderator on and ignore anyone who disagrees with your position or who insults you.

Freedom of speech is a right but only to the extent that other rights are not violated. So, if someone calls you a cunt or threatens you, they are violating your rights by exercising FoS.

The problem with this relates to your part in having this blog because your commenters dont mind exercising their FoS but damaging others through indirect discrimination (which is against national and international laws).

This is why its so hard to see how a bnp supporter who shows systematic hatred and incites harm towards others (lets concentrate on those convicted so general people here dont get bent out of shape) can take a moral high ground. Conversely, its equally non justifiable for any other person who hates you and incites harm towards you for peaceful assembly or FoS too.

But this issue of dealing with foul mouthed people is a problem. In a sense, when they are shown here, they really do look stupid (as i pointed out above). (though note how another anon comes in to have a pop at me for defending you!). But there again, so did most of the people that reacted to me when I first posted a comment a couple of months ago.

I think that you could set an example here but having a seperate link to the insults you receive. The foul mouth person gets to exercise their FoS but shown as a very long list will soon become old for the person voicing an insult and they wont bother after too long. Also, that way, you can actually count how many you receive in any given day. They stand as good evidence too. So if you get x number of threats, you can always report them to the police or take further legal action too.

Of course, the MOST interesting thing to do would be to have a space for foul mouthed insults from pro bnp people too. That way, its more democratic and perhaps it will bother some people into thinking more coherently and sharpening their debating skills. Its simply not cricket to have the likes of Oddy calling people twats etc on this site. he stands as a politician so how will that ever win the majority over? In short, if you dont like the behaviour, dont promote your own mates in doing it too!

devils advocate said...

Louise, most of us "BNP people" are able to discourse without resorting to the use of profanity, I think you will find the more you search internet and newspaper forums that its the BNP opposition that starts with the threats and misuse of the language. We may include the odd "Jeez" Louise, but that is as far as it goes. and I am sure you well know that, as its your alter egos that do some of the nastier "anonymous" postings isnt it?. Judging by some of your wording in previous posts though, you certainly dont sound like a member of the fairer sex, there are certain masculine intonations which give the game away. What kind of person are you?, some sad little lad or lady, someone with real intent, a vested interest perhaps?..or someone sinister, who acts as an agent provocateur?, regardless, remember that the bloggs that your side operate arent as democratic as this one run by the nasty "BNP people", GA allows you to post, enters into debate with you -UPHOLDS free speech!, so please behave yourself while a guest.

Anonymous said...


If you don't mind I would like to copy and paste your comment on my blog. That was very enlightening. Could I dare say that democracy is dead?

Louise said...

advocate: Think whatever you like but those anon postings arent me and if GA wants to trace them back to their ISP routes, he can and that will prove that its not me (im pretty certain its not my housemates too!). All well and good as far as im concerned. My personal feeling is that if GA is being threatened or insulted in this way, he should report it to the police and if GA cant trace the origins of the postings, the police certainly can!

When I first came on here Advocate, I was insulted quite openly with a plethora of words being used, a lot of them foul. BFBs site was even worse and some insults were negative and sexually explicit. What was really interesting was that I was asking some pretty straight forward questions. In fact, I openly began by asking a question that was not even particularly provocative.

I dont actually think its any of your buisness as to what sort of a woman I am. As such, you may think of me however you please because its irrelevant to the debate and its irrelevant to me. Likewise, I have purposefully avoided engaging in too much personalised debate about my temperament but its slightly insulting to other straight forward women out there besides me that one must be assumed to be of male form for being assertive and for being downright challenging, confrontative and conflictual. A lot of women are quite ordinary like me and can speak their minds perfectly well. I have no idea what gender plenty of folks on here are and I dont care either! Im normal though Im certainly no beauty queen (though why would it matter?), of some intelligence but rubbish at reading maps where a compass is involved and cooking. Im originally from a military background and training but now with a job (putting people back together again in AE and ITU as well as research), choosing to do a lot of work unpaid and preferring to live on a tighter budget with a working class background and no savings or wealth, renting a property, no car (carbon footprint) with a love for the world and the diversity of humanity, a preference towards travel and keen ideals (which I uphold) about humanity and standing up to be counted. I have plenty of faults, Im not left, Im certainly against communism and far right politics and racists. I have lived abroad, in muslim communities and have never been threatened by a muslim for being 1. a woman, 2. an aetheist (technically agnostic) 3. in my work. I live in the UK now, Im under 40. Im horribly dyslexic, lead a pretty healthy life, run mountain marathons for fun and enjoy shifting my arse up and down the natural hills and mountains in the beautiful countries that make up the UK. Although Im not old, I have lines round my eyes and mouth - mainly from laughter even though I take teh world quite seriously, I like comedy too. I think that comedy is overlooked as part of culture and in the UK is amongst the best from anywhere in the world! I dont like the antics of the UAF, I do like the idea of free speech and I dont think that any of the above of bugger all significance to you! Now, you can come back with an insult and rip apart any of the above and make any accusations that you like for it doesnt matter to me. I quickly learnt on these pages that the weak willed who dont have the guts to stand up to you or get scared off by being patronised (eg i simply MUST be a bloke!) will never survive. When the day comes, I will not choose on the basis of religion, colour, age, gender or any other demographic. However, I will choose on the basis of humanity and I WILL NOT be dictated to. Although Im scared of death, I hope that I will brave enough to always stand up for human rights. I did in Palestine and South Africa and I will again. Im afraid of what the BNP represents when its policies are laid out on the table. I have no problem with a love for the UK. I have no problem with a national identity. I have big problems with the destruction of human beings. I think that the BNP constantly underestimates the gentler aspects of the muslim faith and it outrages me when everyone is labelled in the same way (in fact, its bare faced lies and hypocrisy most of the time which gets my goat), just like the National Front used to underestimate the rights of Jews and Judiasm principles. The behaviour of violent people is not justified and it doesnt matter where its coming from or how many are affected. Violence is wrong. Like any other fundamental group, the BNP policies will result in violence. There will be ethnic cleansing in teh UK if the BNP are elected. It does bother me because its against my personality and my professionalism. Im okay with that. If youre not, its not my problem. Now then, go for your life and rip me apart if you desire just to prove my point!

Advocate, you will notice my confidence. Even if you hate what I stand for, you folks are missing a trick on not sharpening your debating teeth here. Ive observed your strategies on this post and all commenters show a lot of argumentaitve weaknesses.

Advocate, I havent mis-behaved. and yes, if you see me challenging you as misbehaviour, you have more problems in the bnp than I first realised!

johnoddybnp said...

Without insulting you or your intelligence it is not too difficult for you to research my background in and around the Nationalist sites so I will not bore you by going over it. I will, however, give you the answers to the questions you want to ask me, I will give you honest answers or, depending on the question, my honest opinions. I am not a liar and object to being called one, I will terminate the discussion if you insult my wife as she or her opinions have no baring here, agreed ?.
In return there are questions I would like to put to you, they will not be of a personal or sexual nature but on the lines of……
1. You have worked in Palestine and South Africa, are these the only Muslims you have worked with outside the UK?
2. In your military career were you ever in a combat zone? Without being presumptuous were you a QA ?.
I’m sure that depending on our responses more questions will be forthcoming but you get the idea. I promise not to use foul language to or about you during our exchange and if I insult you then tell me and I will apologise publicly.
All my answers will be under my own name and you know how to verify that. If you do not want to answer a question openly you can PM me, if a question is too difficult/personal tell me you refuse to answer question No?. Okay?.

Anonymous said...


"I think that the BNP constantly underestimates the gentler aspects of the muslim faith"

Have you actually read the Koran?

Do you know what Mohammed thinks of Non Muslims and Jews? Well, he compared us and Jews to pigs and apes. He stated that Jews should be "beheaded whenever they are found".
Mohammed was not a peaceful human being, he besieged Medina, he warned everyone in the city to embrace Islam or die, they told him they would rather die and he slaughtered everyone, men, women, children all the animals. Mohammed himself was a rapist and allowed slavery and the raping of his victims once he vanquished a city. Mohammed raped a little 9 year old girl, he forced her into marriage at 6-7 and then raped her when she was 9 years old. Mohammed was an old man, about 65.

How many other peaceful religions are based in this type of action? Jesus preached love and forgiveness, he allowed himself to die rather than fight back. Buddah preached love and peace, Krishna etc etc. Mohammed was a vicious, paedophile megalomanic and not so dissimilar to Genghis Khan.

I suggest that you do your research on Islam and the bloody violent anti-semetic teachings of this vile cult before you tell us all how peaceful Islam is.

And please don't call me racist, Islam is not a race.

Anonymous said...

Louise, a couple of things. Do some research on Islam. I suggest Faith Freedom as a good starting point. It's by ex-Muslims so you should feel more comfortable reading it. Islam isn't like any other religion. Don't confuse criticism of Islam with criticism of all Muslims. Islam really is a wicked vicious faith at it's heart and has become a problem in every country it has a presence in.

Nationalism isn't fueled by hate but by love. Love for one's people and culture. None of us were asked if we wanted our communities utterly transformed. Can you honestly say those transformations have been successful? The area I live in has changed completely in recent years. It's just not the same. My sympathy is with the older people who are being left behind. My neighbour's daughter lives in a street where she's now the only English speaker. The council provided a translator to her asylum seeker neighbours 'in case they had any problems'. Who provides a translator for her? She's so unhappy living there but the council won't move her. The asylum seekers have been moved. My city will have the native English as a minority in around 10 years. It's already terrible. We had our first 'steaming' on a bus last month, there have been shootings (between crack dealers) in my local pub and even the Indians above me are complaining about the Africans that have moved in. It's a nightmare.

The BNP may not be perfect but they're all we've got. Please don't talk to me about extremism. The Labour party has overseen massive levels of unwanted and unnecessary immigration without any mandate or debate. Any attempt to suggest this may not be a good idea is shouted down with accusations of racism. A myriad of black or Asian only organisations are funded throughout the country. The hypocrisy and double standards are staggering.

Multiculturism has failed, even Trevor Philips has admitted as such. So insisting on and legislating for what's now shown to be a failure is 'mainstream' but asking for your culture to be maintained and immigration to be at a level where it doesn't affect that culture is extreme. If you said to the people of Pakistan you were going to allow immigration from a variety of countries such as Somaila, Uganda, Irag, Vietnam or Albania, what do you think they'd say? If you said that they'd become minorities in their capital city as well as many other other of their major cities, what do you think they'd say? If you said that this was going to happen whatever they said and that there were going to be laws to enforce it, how do you think they'd react?

One final thing. I'm going to include a link to a video of an interview with a Sikh elder called Rajinder Singh on BNP TV. It should tell you a few things. One, not only the BNP are concerned about Islam. Some have long memories. Secondly, the BNP do not hate all ethnic minorities. They describe Rajinder Singh as friend not family. It's my contention that a country with a strong sense of cultural identity and with small groups of ethnic minorities from friendly cultures would be a success. What we have now is dysfunctional and a failure.

Anonymous said...


Great comments my brethren my regarding Islam, but why don't you start a blog? The more Nationalists out there the harder it will be to shut us up. Please open a blog and tell the unwashed masses why Islam is not what it seems! You are a great writer. Sorry for your neighbour's daughter, what a shame.


only the gullible feed trolls said...

I see Louise the lonely troll is alive and still ill! but being kept alive by the gullible!

I fell asleep halfway through her first post, wash repeat, repeat, just repeat, repeat some more,
ignore all valid points and facts, repeat, repeat some more. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

then some well meaning idiot is stupid enough to reply to her thinking he is having an effect on her by demonstraiting a superior argument. but no she goes back to wash and repeat, repeat and ignore zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

GA stop the flirting and take some action this is getting too boring!

The Green Arrow said...

only the gullible. I accept what you say. I cannot be bothered to read her posts. You are correct. He or she is programmed like a washing machine. The same cycle over and over.

No matter the evidence he/she blindly repeats the cycle.

But if we are to have FOS then I must let her comments through.

I would be happy to hear your suggestions because it does as you say need sorting.

Louise said...

Pig Farmer: I looked over your blog details as they are open, public information. You are weapon happy, armed to the hilt, clearly insecure about your security and on the psychological edge. Go and have a look at others who fit your profile. To be that obsessed with arms, to promote it and to support it not only makes you a dangerous man with a mission, it also proves some indication that you appear messed up. I dont want to know anymore about your background. If you werent anti-muslim and RACIST (and you seriously need to look at the definition of racist because I am not claiming muslims are a race per se - i already said that race is a social construct - I am using the international and national definitions you idiot), it would be some other group. Your fundamental and extreme behaviour is no different to any other cell out there. If it wasnt muslims it would be someone else. I have lived with and around muslims and i have already specified that they have never ever been anything other than warm and welcoming to me. Of course I have read the Koran you idiot. No, i dont need to paste it all over google. I shall go by my experience of the world. I shall not be dicatated to by a trigger-happy idiot with no knowledge who makes ridiculous statements and cannot back them up (no, you havent have you). Stay in America and keep your weapons there. The UK already has enough violent crime even in white-briton areas and we dont need anymore. Im working the other end of your stupidity. I have seen the damage your type of thinking causes. You are an insult to humanitarianism with your attitude. I think Pig Farmer that we are in the 'agree to disagree' zone and lets leave it there. Your actual hands-on experience of life with those sorts of ideas is probably extremely negative and limited to a circular argument that involves over-security, ignorance and the love for all things negative. Im going to predict a Michael Ryan style outcome for you and bid you farewell.

John Oddy: Okay, lets give this a go. I insulted the intelligence of your wife because I actually couldn't believe that someone would come up with those sort of jokes that day. She is a teacher right? She works with kids and people with educational needs right? She works with everyone from all different backgrounds, class, culture, religion etc? I didnt see any need for her to come up with suggestions in those jokes, especially when it was another teacher involved but more than that, when she carries out important work with others. I had severe doubts that she would have had the gall to tell the parents or those children those jokes because she would have known that they are wrong (and if you thought they were right, why should anyone else from any other faith behave any differently?) I dont know your wife but your personal love for your wife and your protecting her was beyond my concern. What is within my concern is the idea that someone, anyone would misunderstand so much about a group of peoples and take the piss out of them.

My point on this blog is not to advocate for a muslim faith (or a christian faith or any other belief system). My point is to try to understand why you are all of the viewpoint that nationalism and identity excludes others. If I was in the presence of people being racist towards you, I would stand up to be counted and defend you. There are no prizes for guessing that racism is a bug-bear of mine. I make no apology for this. As GA said, if folks dont like my posts, they can presumably hit the scroll tab! And at best, they can use my questions and points to build a better stronger argument for their doorstep talks.

GA and others point to my unwillingness to yield to the BNP mission statements. I wont because I dont agree with them. I am not expecting you to yield to my viewpoints because you disagree with mine.

JOBNP: I dont think it matters where I have worked with muslims precisely because I have also seen what christians can do in their name of their faith. The idiot Bush told the Iraqis and the muslims listened in other surrounding countries to his verbal justification that god was on his side. What the hell did our services expect to happen? And before the Americans sodded it up further, our boys and girls were able to wear Beris in Basra. We would do the same thing if someone sent their planes and ships and arms over here and told us that Allah said it was okay, of course we would react! Remember that I never said that violence was okay. I was as against the twin tower AND the london and the OKLAHOMA bombings etc. But i was also against every other western funding of armed conflict in every other country too. I was living in the USA at the time and recorded his live public addresses. Most people here are actually ignorant about the experience of being black or muslim or an arab. They tend to see the negative before anything else and yes, starting out with a prescriptive idea about the characteristics of a group of people in this negative way is racism. but worse, if you do this to them, dont they have the right to do this to you? And this is precisely what has been going wrong in my mind. I have always known that people will think im stupid so i got my bag packed and i went to see for myself. With an open mind, I cannot find the hatred. I am not denying the conflict that goes on all over the world. I understand much about tribal identification. But I will not accept that we can do nothign about it because we can. we are more than the sum of our parts. We can stabilise this country and uphold our identity without all this violence and fear that is prescribed here. Our current politicians do a very bad job and Im scared to say that the BNP will run a dictatorship. Recently Griffin would not even do something about the likes of Collet in his party and everyone knows how dangerous he is.

I dont want to answer your questions necessarily because they are irrelevant to my points but yes, I have worked other muslims outside of the UK. I have been in a combat zone, I havent ever killed anyone. I have helped to put bodies back together. These days, Im interested in medical and social projects abroad and in the UK. I appreciate that im in my army of one but Im going to keep on chipping away at the negatives of humanity and if I have to stand alone, I shall do so. Although...remember this...if universal statements are made about muslims being bad, and one person exists whose experience was good, it makes a mockery of those statements. No one has ever tried to make me convert or even suggested it! It also begs the question as to whether you cannot do more to promote peace and understanding and tolerance on both sides doesnt it? But if you want conflict, sure as the sun rises everyday, you shall have conflict...because this is what human beings do so well. Me? I aint having it!

AgainsTTheWall said...

Louise please explain why racism is bad?

Anonymous said...

Troll :Are you George Galloways lovechild?The garrolous traitor is on 1089 talksport at this moment promoting the call to prayer fiasco in Oxford .Troll you choose Islam and we'll reject it but thanks anyway.

johnoddybnp said...

All questions are relevant; it just depends on your point of asking the question.
Without sounding condescending, for there are people reading this who have not been in the Services, I appreciate the job you did, I, too, have been put back together on more than one occasion and it’s thanks to the skill and dedication of people like you. If you have the strength and fortitude to wade through the blood and guts that is the aftermath of any battle then you have every right to be your “Army of one” and I now understand more. I know where your independent, devil may care attitude comes from. Don’t give me the “I don’t want you to know” speech. You should always know your enemy, not that I class you as such, more adversary.
You have worked with Muslims outside the UK and in the places stated I, presume, that was also within the medical field. If I don’t point this out some other reader will so I’ll quickly mention the doctors within the NHS who attempted to bomb us, enough said for now. Am I to understand you have not worked in any oppressive Muslim countries, that’s the message that comes across, but you have had contact with mainstream Muslim communities.
Your boyfriend and yourself think of me as insecure, I suppose, like most people, I do have some insecurities but in general nothing that affects me badly. You may have been referring to my position on Islam for I am certainly insecure about that but you didn’t specify so I wont.
Once a person has seen the horrors of war they are, understandably, reluctant to return to it but there comes a time when if all else fails one does what one has to, I’m sure you understand that. As a smaller scale example: You’ve been burgled so you install a complex security system but you awake one night to see a stranger standing over you, you hit the panic button but the system as been bypassed and it’s not working, there’s a gun in the bedside drawer…….what would you do?.

Louise said...

Against the Wall: I have been doing that for two months! Why dont you explain why racism is good? When youre there, spot the glaring similiarities that you have with every other pocket of fundamental and extreme group that exist around the world. Honestly, if you need to ask why its bad, you must be an idiot or a justifier of violence and discrimination by definition. Moreso, if you dont understand that its bad, have a good think about why it is that so many people here cant wear the cap that fits because they deny they are racists and dont like being called racists.

Anon 10:49: Dont be ridiculous. Do I accuse you of being Hitler's child? What a silly thing to say. I already said on numerous occassions that I wont be choosing any religion. You have the perfect right to reject Islam and so do I. What you dont have the right to do is to behave in racist ways (because it violates others rights) and if you cant see that, then why are you fighting your mythical fundamentalists who are trying to convert you in your dream world of fantasy?

You two have so many flaws in your arguments, and they are laughable. This is why racism is so easy to 'out' because it doesnt stack up. To reiterate, if you accept your fantasy that you have the right to be racist then understand that others will accept their fantasy that they have the right to be racist. In actuality, then, you share something in common with the very same people you hate. When in fact...none of you have the right to be racist because violating the rights of someone else (eg to be free from discrimination) is contrary to practising your rights. If you say "screw it! i can think and say and do whatever i like!" then you behave just like anyone else that you hate! what is good for the goose, is good for the gander. thats why i take my position of non-racism and non-violence by anyone, towards anyone.

This is why you will never win the majority over. Its also why racist behaviour is doing your party a massive disservice and screwing things up for nationalists who have a national identity, who love their culture and who want peace.
You could actually promote the general aim of a nationalist identity without ever being racist. You choose not to. And if you choose conflict which is the rational and logical conclusion of your oppression of others, then expect conflict in return. It aint rocket science because "they" are simply doing what "you" say you have the right to do. Youre essentially mirror images of each other. In this sense, youre as bad as each other. Thank goodness, that the vast majority of muslims arent fundamnetal and thank goodness that the majority of brits arent bnp supporters. Finally, thank goodness that none of you are in power in this country! We have had enough of extremisim around the world and we dont want it anymore!

Let me tell you that the ability to take another's perspective (even if you dont agree with it) means that you understand the principle of reciprocity. If you cant understand that, you will always think like a fundamentalist and reach the natural conclusion of a fundamentalist which is oppression.

So, when are you folks going to obtain power then and start putting these threats into action?

Anonymous said...

Troll:Is'nt the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?

The women Said yes.
He said,This is because of the deficiency of her mind!

I was under the impression muslims were obliged to take the koran literally,if not they're pronounced apostates so to label a muslim moderate is complete nonsense.

Louise said...

John Oddy: I am going to have to disagree with the place that you are coming from (eg your stance) and also disagree with the place that you are going to (where we will end up under BNP influence). JOBNP: Im coming back later, I see that stupid is as stupid does has just posted a really silly comment. One that Ive been waiting for.....;) xx

To the person below Anon 13:27 - no muslim ever treated me as a second rate person, nor suggested that I had a deficient mind. Have you seen what documents regarding judiasm say about women? Have you seen what the bible says about women? Women are oppressed all over the world. For goodness sake, elderly women who are widows or unmarried are the poorest of all in the UK (pension inequalities), females do better in school but end up in lesser paid work, we still have a pay gap between men and women in teh UK, doing the same level/skilled jobs! When I first joined up, I got less than my male counterparts for doing exactly the same job and the same times and the same hours on the same days. What about porn? The porn industry exists all over the world - shed loads more porn outside of muslim countries (doubtless there will be some porn inside too but thats the result of a hypocritical muslim and only a few are compared to the open stacks and heaps in the UK and the west generally). Porn is exploitative by its very existence. So, next time your jacking off to some woman moaning and groaning have a look in her eyes. Women dont have orgasms like that in real life and if your partners are, theyre lying! EVen if you wanted to believe the subjective experience of a woman's moans in a porn context, she shows no autonomic or sympathetic nervous system reactions that actually occur in the fantastic experience of a real orgasm. Ask your partners in all honesty - they will agree - even if they like porn. Jeese, this stuff has been researched using fMRIs! Essentially, women involved in porn have been horribly oppressed since the beginning of time. Many women have to get drunk or high to take part and if you still think that porn is okay, would you allow your wife, partner or daughter or grand daughters to take part in porn and to be oh so proud of her achievements? Most men would be repulsed at that. Its completely degrading to women. If you start quoting or citing muslim men who enslave women and girls into porn - I will ask you to challenge first why the filthy stuff exists on every top shelf in many many newsagents in the UK. We are obsessed by it. If it turns you on in secret - fair enough but dont slag of other men who abuse women just like you. Lets look at other issues affecting women: I have a tiny percertange chance of having a male convicted if he genuinely rapes me, Im not allowed to be under the influence of alcohol anymore if I want to allege rape. Two of me (eg women) are killed every week in the UK with countless thousands having recevived a bloody good beating as a result of domestic violence (as SirHM pointed out previously - men are also the victims of domestic violence - I had to treat a man once who was shot by his wife and the poor bugger was so ashamed, he created another story -= but its nowhere near the same numbers). Dont try to pretend that the Koran keeps me down when this happens all over the world. Biological determinism keeps me down and if you want a fight about feminism(s) - bring it on! You cannot touch me, you cannot bully me and I will kick your backside up and down here if I have to defend myself so dont even bother. so let me be clear ANY woman who is abused by a man or even a community of men is being abused because thats what the history of time has endorsed and thats what SOME males do. There are more of you out there who DO NOT ABUSE women but some of you will have and some of you do and its something that you share in common with other men REGARDLESS of religion, national identity etc. This is a universal experience for women its not special to muslims. Im a strong woman and I love men. I wouldnt tolerate abuse for a second. Something that youre not going to like is that more rude, sexualised comments have been put to me on this website than my never once negative experience in a muslim community. On this blog, there were jokes about wanking and muslim women on teh infamous joke day that made my blood boil. The insult was that muslims were being attacked for your perception that they all abuse human rights and yet people saw perfectly fit to take the piss out of women in sexually degrading ways. Now, if you do that, spot the contradictions between what you are bitching about and what you then engage in yourself. Its disgusting.

Anon 13: 27 - Regardless of your gender, if you want to have it out here, you bring your text book, koran, bible, every other religious text, some knowledge about what women really have endured and your stupid google searches and we can have it out. On the other hand, you can slink away now and let hte next person step in. I thought so!

Louise said...

John: I read your comments more carefully. Can I ask you some honest questions? They may be ones that you want me to ask when youre not on this blog though.

Anonymous said...

i have a tiny percertange chance of having a male convicted if he genuinely rapes me,

Compared with NO chance if your a muslim woman,you've at least got better odds and a case so to speak.

Keep denying lol

Louise said...

Anon 1511: Oh, that makes me feel better. What a relief! What justice!

johnoddybnp said...

We all come from the womb and we all go to the grave it’s what we do in between that can make a difference, you should know that.

Anonymous said...

"Im going to predict a Michael Ryan style outcome for you. "

That actually made me laugh.

Anonymous said...


you made an interesting point. Whenever conservative individuals have made opposing statements in a socialist state they are immediately branded as crazy, lunatic or mentally unstable. Compare this to the Soviet Union and Communist China where dissidents and political rivals were locked up in mental asylums and psychiatric institutions for daring to challenge the government. This is still happening in the former countries of the soviet Union. Is owning a gun a symptom of mental illness? Is my desire to protect my pregnant wife a sign that I need psychiatric help? My neighbour was recently burgled, in broad daylight. That takes some balls to go into a home, especially when 80 million handguns are in the hands of law abiding citizens here in the USA. They were either crack heads or very stupid people to burgle a home in broad daylight. The day it happened I bought a security system. I feel safer when I leave my wife to go to work, she has a firearm and an alarm system hooked up to a monitoring response company.
Am I mentally ill for wanting safety, security for my British brethren? Go read my blog, over xmas many people were killed and attacked in their own homes. Men were killed on the streets. It rarely happens here due to citizens being allowed to carry guns in public. Unless you are stupid enough to walk around the ghettoes or buy drugs from gangs then you are less inclined to avoid a violent death in a hail of bullets. The far left are quick to brand their opponents as mentally ill as it's convenient, Hitler employed the same tactics, as well as spiritual terror, as used by the far left and their muslim patsies. So tell me, how is owning a handgun, a rifle a symptom of mental illness? When the US constitution, the BIll of Rights actually encourages free citizens to own personal weapons so that those weapons can be used against a government, including a US government, if that government becomes too over bearing and tyrannical towards the people.

Louise said...

Pig Farmer: I hear you...guns are dangerous right? You are in fear of attack right?

Pig Farmer: If you own guns, promote their use, offer to train nationalists in military tactics (which is a darn insult to the likes of Oddy and SirHM who could probably kick your youthful and miserable experience with arms into oblivion with their armed service backgrounds), and stuff your blog with weapons type references, I would be quite safe in thinking that youre bordering obsession about security and being armed. But whats with your threats about posting propoganda and in deliberately stirring up the muslims in communities by scattering leaflets everywhere etc. ?

Okay, so what is my evidence? How could I think that?:

Bearing in mind that your blog details could contain anything that you like, you didnt choose to list non-violent references. In fact, your lack of balance sites:

1. the right to bear arms and interestingly your right to free speech (whilst getting pissed off with muslims who might want to practice their right to free speech).

2. "fighting" sharia coming to europe (yet you are in USA and Sharia would never be accepted in europe as the rule of law.)

3. serving your BRIEF service in a MISERABLE place called Bramcote Barrocks.

4. NRA

5. "I love to shoot firearms" - "my hobby really"

6. "I own a PPK/s .32 Cal"

7. "My home has a state of the art security and surveillance system and I am armed to the teeth. Dont mess with me"

7 examples across 7 sentences!

8. Citing deer hunter, dogs of war, taxi driver, raging bull, targets, man bites dog, goodfellas, the godfather, casino, the crying game, get carter, blow up, etc etc as your favourite flicks. Jeese...Oddy listed Tom Hanks! BFB has no soul so he didnt list anything!

At almost every opportunity Pig Farmer, your entire 'ABOUT ME' is actually about a young bloke who is more than bordering obsession and justifying his own freedoms whilst dumping on anyone elses (lets say islam in this case) from a great height (precisely because you have justified preemptive negative actions towards muslims even in the country where you live.).

To be honest, I dont really mind how you present yourself. Its you thats bothered that Ive called you on it! However, your behaviour doesnt exactly lead me to view you as a man who is balanced or of peace. Indeed, you use the 'interests' section of your very own blog page to tell anyone who may not like you out there that youre armed to the teeth and not to mess with you. For goodness sake, what do you think is going to happen to you?!

There is nothing endearing about you on your personal blog page except for correctly pointing out that there are upper class idiots (of course, there are working class idiots too;)) and that you take walks with your wife. Im sure she is crazy about you and best of luck with the pregnancy but honestly Pig Farmer, your lack of balance lets you down and rings alarm bells all over the place...and thats coming from a woman that still leaves her door unlocked at night! You wanna watch those guns though. Your ignorance has led you to fail to understand the history and reasons why the right to bear arms actually existed in the USA. Your utter ignorance and love for shooting may never reveal to you the futility of owning and promoting gun use. But one day, an error could happen and perhaps you werent in the services long enough to know that there are right and wrong places to hold and store guns and those prize possessions of yours, albeit locked away will inevitably lead to failure. For example, your kid observing the routines for the locks or combos, showing off to their friends with your "pieces", someone loosing their temper, someone else discovering the weapons. Everyone will say its an accident but I dont believe in accidents. Its like saying a pregnancy is unplanned as if dropping your draws and trousers and having sex will be an 8th wonder of the world if it ends in pregnancy. People can be stupid. Weapons kill. A lethal combination. If you dont like the idea that you are under threat, think about yourself as being part of the problem by owning weapons.

I am still predicting a bad outcome for you Pig Farmer. You read it here first. It maybe that no one has questioned you or challenged you so you are blissfully unaware as to your thin ice position. Worse, if youre hanging out with your NRA friends who are complete arses, and you cannot even see it, then youre never going to question yourself anyway. The overiding message from your blog page is weapons and aggression. If you dont like it, ignore me. Im not the one whose shitting myself every night and watching for every creak outside on my surveillance TV channel.

As some quick information, keep a box of super sized tampax near to you whenever you shoot with a gun that leaves a hole. A (black muslim) doctor in south africa taught me that. They are ingenious for non-medical people to plug bullet holes. Theyre made in clean environments, pop in easily (practise on mango or something pulpy with a hole cut out so you are quick and familiar with the exercise) and plug bleeding well. Its not perfect but it may make a difference. Its saved lives in my experience.

So Pig Farmer, you have some outstanding questions to answer:

1. To tell me how you think I am a slave (this surely is null and void now)
2. To tell me why you think that trade unions mean that an entire group of countries in the UK are far left and socialist
3. To tell me how the international definition of racism doesnt include people who practice islam
4. To tell me whether its the labour party or the EU who have produced a far left socialist state in the UK.

Please offer better answers than your previous and incorrect attempts. Lets be havin' you, my weapon obsessed nemesis!

Anonymous said...

What about porn? The porn industry exists all over the world - shed loads more porn outside of muslim countries (doubtless there will be some porn inside too but thats the result of a hypocritical muslim

Yes everyone in the porn industry is exploited,what a ridiculous statement and typical of the claptrap you continue to deliver.

I thought you advocated free will? in doing so people should be able to choose their profession and work in safety,so what are you doing about itwhy are you not championing the rights of both men and women to be able to work without fear of being exploited within this profession,or are you just another man hating Harriet Harman who wants to ban everything.

You're a observation btw

Anonymous said...

Crikey Lousie! You really think i'm gonna end in a nasty way. I'll add some flowers to my blog, maybe some puppies. Good advice on the tampax, thanks.
1) you are a slave because, "people who are armed are citizens, people who are unarmed are slaves". Meaning, if and when the government decides that they want to rid themselves of political opponents, rather than make arrests on trumped up charges they may decide to plan massive clampdowns. It happens periodically in Europe. Ask the Jews how they felt being disarmed, or how about the people of the soviet union. They disarm you for a reason, so that you cannot fight back. Hence the fact that you are nothing more than a slave with no means of toppling a corrupt and dangerous government. Go read this british man was arrested and placed in jail for 2 years for writing a book on how to make a gun. He was held in prison and subjected to psychological testing, standard far left tactics.
2) Trade unions are far left, they have their roots in the doctrine of Marx and Engles.
3) Islam is not a race. is christianity a race? or buddism? or scientology? the international definition is wrong, muslims like to use the "race" card to portray themselves as the victim, usually used after they have butchered innocent civilians, especially the London massacre.
4) The EU and the UK are socialist regimes. You cannot even march peacefully against Islam in Europe without the far left stormtroopers handing out extreme bloody violence. This was true on September this year when the far left mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans, launched a brutal attack on unarmed peaceful demonstrators.

Now on over to your other observations of my blog.

1) muslims use hate speech on a daily basis. they are also using the legal system both in the UK and USA to implement Sharia law.
2) The EU or the United States of Europe was conceived by Napoleon, (the Napoleonic Law). Napoleon suggested that Islam or the Koranic law should be implemented as the new law of europe. ""I hope the time is not far off when I shall be able to unite all the wise and educated men of all the countries and establish a uniform regime based on the principles of Qur'an which alone are true and which alone can lead men to happiness"

Hitler also saw the merits of Islam and even suggested that it would have been a more compatible religion to Nazism than Christianity. "The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness…."
3) Bramcote barracks was a miserable place for a 17 year old lad. I thought and dreamt of grand things before I joined the army. Charging bunkers , winning the VC you know boys dreams. Reality set in after month 6 when I was still ironing my y-fronts into little cardboard boxes and spending many hundreds of boring hours on the drill square. I was too young and still a little boy.
4) NRA, yes this is a direct 2 fingered salute to liberals the the far left that they cannot change the constitution of the USA. There are over 6 million members of the NRA and we will use our rights to bear arms to protect the constitution if necessary.
5) yes is love to shoot, it's fun, trains the eye and is a great tradition which I hope to share with my child.
6) the name's Bond, James Bond.
7) just a little warning i threw out there for stalkers and haters of democracy.
8) come on, they are classic films. Especially the bit when de-Niro buys the Walther PPK.

Louise said...

Pig Farmer: Im warming to you. Maybe in the same way that a teacher warms to her child-student with the big moon smile and trisomy21. Though what you share in common in terms of IQ with suchlike departs rapidly at the part where such a child like this is full of love and human capacity that you are not! Though I give you one thing, some are classic films. But flicks are flicks pig farmer. They are not how you are meant to model your behaviour in reality. I like some of the same films that you do. But I have balance.

I like your comment about puppies. But I thought this was meant to be a reflection on you? And is the real you? Mr Action Man - childhood heros, big guns, over security and ohhh scarey big man threats? I refer to my earlier assumptions.

I wouldnt waste my time conducting psychological examinations on you. I dont rate them much and I think their political use is dreadful. But I know a humanitarian when I see one. I also know a scared little boy who wants to big and brave and to kick box his way through the thin paper veil that he kids himself with.

However, your definitions are still shoddy. You havent read my questions properly and you are failing to see the bigger picture. But worse, you are misunderstanding the current politics in the UK. You fail to understand that the economic system, commerce, the daily way of life, private ownership, rapidly expanding private healthcare, purchase by housing groups, and purchase provider splits across the social and buisness sectors in the UK are most certainly not socialist! You need to look more closely at your definitions and then look closely at successive social policy since the early 1990s to see how things have changed. We agree about upper class idiots and about the poor functioning of current governments but we diverge there.

Im less and less bothered by the fact that you hate all muslims. Im more bothered that you fail to udnerstand that if you get to have your hatred and racist viewpoint, then others are going to have theirs. And if thats all it is....they say: you say, then good luck to both of you and get on with ripping each other and your children to pieces. Because tahts going to be the outcome.

Yes, I think youre obsessed with weapons. Yes, I think youre a naive man. Yes, I think your arguments are full of flaws. Yes, I think youre a racist. Yes, I think you shall unfortunately reach a sticky end and that even if you survive, you'll certainly be the cause of lots of sticky endings to other innocent people.

When your missus lays your new-born baby across your chests, ask her if she REALLY wants you to introduce your kid to a love of shooting even if there is risk involved. And when something dreadful and unintended happens to your kid and youre all f****d up about it and heading down the road to AA or NA for some good ol' higher power healing, think about the risks, the real reason behind armed weapons and how you are accountable for the grief you caused.

If you justify holding your weapons on the basis of training the eye, well...thats your business. I like to train my eye and coordination by suturing grapes and getting to a place just a few minutes early to see how fast I can pick a mate out in a crowd at a distance before we head off to the pub.

Glad you liked the tampax advice but remember to practice so its only muscle memory in the event of an emergency. Next time you do something horrible to a muslim, think of me big boy.

Louise said...

Anon 19:01 -

I do believe in free will to an extent. But I dont believe in free will to go and exploit others in order for me to practice mine. And yes, I do champion for men and women to work safely in the sex industry. Im no Harriet Harman but you can consider me however you please because it doesnt matter to me. If I need to be a moron in your eyes, so be it. Thats okay with me.

2 Issues spring to mind:

1. You folks spent quite a bit of time slagging of muslims for their hypothetical involvement in sexualised acts in exploitiatve ways. You want free will to engage in good old western porn but you are denying the principle of a muslim to engage in it? Its not free will if women are being exploited. Its not free will if girls are being exploited. Its not free will when people are not being paid fairly or equally. Yes, you can watch it and justify it as much as you like. But what you cannot do (unless youre a raving hypocrit) is watch this stuff and then slag of others who you 'think' may also be engaged in it. Women and men should be safe, they should not be exploited. However more women than men are screwed over in the porn industry than those who are not. And the significant majority of these women have been sexually abused or abused and/or neglected in some other way much earlier on. Happy, balanced, psychologically healthy and capable empowered women do not get involved in the porn industry as the norm. Free will is free will and it takes nothing away from what i have just said.

2. You are missing my point somewhat however by dragging this one example out. Its okay that you drag the example out because I have enough experience in work, research and in personal viewpoints to be confident about this. however, my actual point is that the history of the expoitation of women has occurred all over the world. you cna point the finger at the taliban or any other group but I can also point the finger at every employer in the UK who doesnt pay women fairly (see the equal opps work if you need the details concerning the pay gaps). If you care to explain away domestic violence rates in the UK, do so. I have already listed the other atrocities towards women over time, in the history of time and committed by males all over the world. If you need specific examples, go and look at the 'beer girls' in cambodia. Set up by companies like Heineken where women are paid to sell beer to men. Its less than minimal wage but their terms of employment include drinking more than the safe limit per week in every evenings worth of work. The men who purchase the beer are western tourists from UK, USA, German etc. None of htem are muslims. The girls usually go on to have unprotected sex with the tourists and many encounter injuries and being forced into the most unpleasant activities (free will right?) If theyre lucky, thats all that happens but it isnt for 25% who contract HIV because of their situations and then their children become "emancipated". This is a pleasant word for bieng homeless, on the streets, out in the cold and completely screwed up. With no shoes, no education and no opportunities those children's only hope is to become beer girls. The boys must move on. The cycle continues. Do I judge the women and the beer girls? NO!

Not a muslim in sight in that little sexual tour industry. Heineken make their money because guess what? they sell beer. and they market it to the happy memories of the males who return home to their own families. I know! Lets raise a glass!

Its easy to continue to point out the flaws in humanity but please dont lie and pretend its only one group, because it isnt.

Free will it all you like! Im a prolific worker, and I move about the world and have lots of experience. There are trade offs but essentially, I engage in the world and I love the kinder things in humanity. For every anti muslim example that you quote, I can find you a non-muslim example. I dont mind you being anti violence but dont make your racism about muslims. Before Griffin got wind of the muslims, your ilk were up and armed and slagging of the Jews. You just need a group and someone to hate and blame and youre happy. Im pleaesd you consider me a moron. But you have got to shape up. Your arguments are rubbish and they dont stack up!

Anonymous said...

"Next time you do something horrible to a muslim, think of me big boy."

next time?

You're posts are really funny, no really, I actually find them amusing. Not trying to wind you up but me and the wife laugh out loud when we read them.

Unless my child becomes an expert lock pick I seriously doubt it will be able to break into a solid steel 300 pound gun case.

you keep calling me a racist, that bothers me, as I'm not and never have used racial language or harboured any racist ill thoughts. Please explain how I'm a racist and define racism to me please. My hatred of Islam is not racial as Islam is not a race.

As for big guns? the Walther ppk is a small gun, easily concealable, my ruger .45 is reasonably sized but not big. Big guns are clumsy and cumbersome and are useless as concealed weapons.

I read about a British man who was burgled and only had a brick to hand to defend himself, his family and his property, he used it to ward of the attacker. He was arrested and charged for using a brick as a weapon. How sad.

Did you read ?

When my sister in law was sexually assaulted by a gang of chavs in belsize park london, my wife mentioned to the police that she will carry hairspray around in case it happens again, you know spray it in the attackers eyes. Well the cop changed his tune and warned my wife that she could face prosecution and arrest if she did this. Just shows you that the British police couldn't care less about the freedom of women, hence the fact that you are a slave.

Anonymous said...

Its not free will if women are being exploited. Its not free will if girls are being exploited.

In other words it's MEN who are to blame,thats what your trying to say is'nt it.You don't think perhaps these women are exploiting their punters,or enjoy the large sums of money they make through their immoral deeds or indeed possess any form of moral responsibility?I agree that there are women out there who walk the streets in desperation and as a last resort to feed a drug/alcohol habit but is this the fault of men.

In the case of the grooming incidents in west Yorks these were not women that were being exploited they were innocent children who were deliberately singled out for the colour of their skin and their vulnerability.
Where were you Louise,these were children ffs....

Your posts suggest to me you're probably an member of a fundamental branch of feminists which explains your attitude ,imposing manner and rudeness ,in my[non bnp] view your religion is probably as dangerous if not more than our cultish colonisers.

Louise said...

Pig Farmer: Its okay. You wont wind me up. Ive been here for a while now and with the exception of my work which takes me away now and then, Im not scared away easily (well, not at all in fact - though irritatingly enough I am off tomorrow for several weeks but GA can breathe a sigh of relief. YOu will have seen the news. There is work to do).

Im glad that you and your wife laugh out loud. Does she only get to laugh when you tell her its alright? Are the earnest viewpoints of someone who is concerned about humanity that funny to you? Glad that you take it so seriously. No honestly. But then, you are armed to the hilt and learning to jump and punch at the air chanting "I am a man! I am a man!" so you aint taking life that seriously. I was being ironic about the size of your weapons. I already have a bit of an idea, the truth be known;) Its quite obvious by your boyish charm attempts and your threats of pre-emptive paper wars on those nasty nasty muslims that you know bugger all about them but are so scared of anyway. Have you ever read about the blood lines of Arabs?

I already provided you with the definition of racism several days ago. Go and look it up in the previous postings. If you read the definition and slot in your viewpoitns about muslims and Islam, you will see how come youre a racist. Your objection to it is interesting. I am not claiming that Islamists are a race, my trisomy21 brain sized nemesis. I am claiming (quite correctly so) that every time you laiden all muslims with some negative character assisination, then you commit racism. So your guns are well locked up. How do you get them out in a rush? Darn it, you should get practising with the tampax now because you will need it sooner than you think if your house gets robbed.

Farmer boy: I have never justified violence on these pages. If someone you know was sexually attacked or a house was broken into, its wrong. Were the "chavs" muslims too by chance? Im not justifying violence and Im not saying that a person doesnt have the right to react and defend. But youre not talking about defending something, youre talking about going out and seeking trouble. And the next time you scatter leaflets in muslim communities or shout something disgusting to a muslim child or baby or adult, you think of me if you can and enjoy yourself. And when some muslim adult does the same to your baby, dont bitch and moan because you will have been thinking exactly the same thing about them. You see, if its good for the goose, its good for the gander. Surely the higher moral ground is to work towards humanity. why are you putting so much vigour into voilence and weapons of death when you could be ivnolvevd in boundary crossing events and breaking down racism? Theres a muslim lad from palestine touring with a jewish mum from israel. The lads brother was kileld by israelis, the jewish mother's son was killed by palestinians. They are working hard to reduce social boundaries and to show how they have more in common than they do apart. They set a fine example to us. Why not do something decent with your time Pig Farmer? You can laugh at me all you like because every second you spend doing that, youre not out spreading your words of hatred and insecurity. Youre on the edge. You are scared in your own home. You know it. Now turn on that TV channel because theyre all around, whispering in the bushes, sliding under the gates...ohhh!! GET REAL! But most importantly of all, stay in america and keep your fear with you!

Anonymous said...

Troll:Islam/religion is superstition,therefore your over indulgence with authoritarian semantics makes you look a complete fool,how can one be racist towards an imaginary based concept,you and every other bleeding heart liberal have managed to trivialise and use the word to stifle debate well done.

I suggest you fuck off and take your patronising bullshit with you,shave your armpits and find a man.Or better still convert to Islam as your so taken with said cult and perhaps they'll preach some sense into you..

Louise said...

Uh Oh! Anon 2245 is loosing the point of the postings! Do pay attention dear.

I am a feminist in terms of believing in equality between the sexes. Im not a radical feminist as you hint because I believe in equality and I like males too much! Im talking about equality of opportunity whilst acknowledging the absolute differences between some women and some men. The amount of cross over is also huge and I acknowledge that too. Yes, fathers can make great parents to stay at home. Yes mothers can go to work if they want to. Yes women can go to war. Yes men can be nurses without being acussed of being gay. Yes a male can outbeat me in an arm wrestle. Yes he can definatley run a marathon faster than me in most cases. yes, my cervix is the strongest muscle in the human body. Blah blah blah.

Please remmeber that the sole reason for my posting was to point out that males represented from all over the world have been involved in the exploitation of women. Not all men. But where men have been concerned, they have come from all walks of life. Of course, women have exploited men too but the inequalties on the grand scale are significnatly difference in terms of outcome. Look at the demographic in the UK between men and women and then look at the numbers represented in positions of wealth and power as the norm. Those who make the biggest decisions and hold hte most power, tend to be men in the public sphere. Ive given plenty of detailed examples already. You can read back over the postings if you need to remind yourself.

To answer your points:

1. No, its not men per se to blame as in ALL men. Im making the point that it aint just the muslims! In fact, in majority terms, muslims have relatively little to blame for in the areas of prostitution that you mention compared to the normalised en masse versions in teh UK and the USA and western europe alone. Ive already specified this.

2. No, women are not exploiting their punters. Remember the commodity exchange goes something like this: a. woman desperate. b. man desperate. c. man seeks woman. d. man has sex with woman. e. man pays his commodity (cash) for her commodity (sex). Do they enjoy the large sums of money you ask? I dont know what you mean by large but the women that I have worked with in the UK usually get about five pounds for a blow job and a black eye is often thrown in for free. literally. full sex may be under 50 quid, sometimes as little as 15 or 20. do they enjoy the sums? not usually. they are usually too desperate getting out of their skulls just to feel normal (being addicted at that stage is like having to get the substance just to stop the shakes, cramps and to stop the flu like symptoms that go with it). It is you that is suggesting their acts are immoral. I am suggesting that the men who put them through this before skuttling off back home are immoral. the set of problems are different outside of the uk. the cambodia project usually involves trying to support the women so they do not feel forced to involve their children. if you think that prostitution involves healthy consenting adults who look like julia roberts and are seen by punters like richard gere, then you are very much mistaken.

3. is it the fault of men? well anon, it is when men keep the industry going. why dont they donate their fiver to a homeless shelter and go home and masturbate? or they could volunteer at a project and put their time in. they dont have to be part of the problem.

4. it wasnt me that exploited teh children anon 2245. I didnt do it. pointing out to me precisely what i am rallying against is not a handy way for you to attack my arguments. i was kinda hoping we wouild be on the same page with this. its wrong to exploit people, end of story. i wasnt there and it wasnt me so put your anger elsewhere! if i was there, i would stop it. do you know how many muslim girls are raped by jewish male soilders?

5. Im not a branch of anything. Im female and feminist. I absolutely adore strong and principled males. My fella is an absoulute sweetheart. Hes very gentle and strong - ordinary job and absolutely petrified about what you lot will do to me if ever you track me down. But he respects me and though hes scared of my medical and research work here and abroad he understands my interst and reasons behind it. Hes probably my greatest critic and greatest friend. Hed probably agree wtih you about my imposing manner too. Im not going to defend against that which you say is true. If you find me rude, you wanna see the hateful things that get said about muslims here. as for my religion? im an agnostic. With all this information you need to form your own opinions. Mine was only to point out here that you cannot accuse only muslim males of exploiting women. Your stupidity in sugesing that women exploit punters is somewhat alarming but if you can honestly quote more punters who feel exploited about sticking their dirty penises into orifices they know nothing about and then paying tiny amounts of cash knowing the situation, Id be happy to listen. If you can demonstrate that this is the total experience of males and that in fact, those women are nothing more than immoral profiteering beings then Id be absolutely fascinated to hear about it! But we know its never going to happen. It makes me sick that women get screwed over like that and then you have the darn cheek to suggest its them that profit. Wake up!

If you get to justify males behaviour in this way, why is that different to the hypocritical muslim males who justify their exploitation of women?

Hmm. Next!

Louise said...

Anon 23:39

Is that the best you can do? The eloquent attempt of trying to raise your game? Shape up! If you dont have an actual point, why bother?

Anonymous said...

"Now turn on that TV channel because theyre all around, whispering in the bushes, sliding under the gates...ohhh!! "

Classic! LOL!!!

My safe is well locked, It has a digital keypad, 6 digits and can be opened within 3 seconds. I'd hate to be the poor git who tries to break into my home. This would be the scenario. Crackhead/stupid idiot breaks in, me with gun tells robber to sit down. robber sits down, black pee stain appears on the front of his trousers. I pick up the phone, "hello, police please. I'd like to report a robbery, unfortunately I had to shoot the burglar, yes, he's dead". I hang up the phone, the robber stares at me in fear and disbelief, brown stain appears on the back of his trousers, "no please" he says. "Goodnight" i whisper and pull the trigger.

Anonymous said...

Troll:I made my point,i could say the same about you...just what is your point.In fact why are you here
is this some kind of one lesbian man hating mission to highlight the things missing in your life?

Your boyfriend[sic] does'nt live with you ...?i wonder why ..dream on loser you have'nt really got a boyfriend have you he's just another addition to your bizarre folly and over active imagination.


Anonymous said...


islam is a virus