Saturday, 15 December 2007

So what is it to be?

Well we are regrettably in the Press now and for all the wrong reasons. The following is from The Independent and you can read the full story here.

The British National Party is gripped by civil war amid bitter personality clashes and claims of dirty tricks by rival factions.
Whatever the reasons they give to justify their setting up a site opposed to certain elements in the British National Party, its creators have created a crisis that could have an impact on our chances in the London Assembly.

Even if their claims were true, it could have been handled so much better but now their names will go down in Nationalist History as wreckers and any good work they ever done for the Party and the Country will be forgotten.

Whether damaging the BNP, were their intentions from the start, I have no idea. We know that Marxist spies like agents Burgess and MacClean worked undercover for years. We know the police used an undercover woman to try and entrap Colin Stagg. So we know that kind of thing happens. Could the instigators have been double agents? I doubt it but it does happen.

The time for resignations should have been after hearing all the evidence from both sides, after the disciplinary tribunal process had been finished and after the tribunal had decided its verdict.

It is no good for Matt Single now try to claim the moral high ground with his post there today. In my opinion it is too late for you and your fellow collaborators. If the events and actions you say you witnessed are true you should have done something about it then. Not a year or more later when you were caught red handed. I for one would never trust any of you. You say your loyal to the party but your actions throw the lie back in your face.

You say Griffin is at fault and is a megalomaniac and imply that it is all his fault for not being dictated to now by people who have betrayed him, The Party and Our Country. But you forget that Nick Griffin at this moment in time is the British National Party. He is our front man and does it well. No one in your little cabal or on your list of supporters can match him in debate or image. That is his job as Our Leader. His job is not to handle the day to day running of the party. Others do that and perhaps he should have chosen wiser. But that could have, would have been resolved in time. But you could not wait could you?

Or was this the time to strike? Now. Just before the run up to the elections. Why not after? When the "revelations" you pour out daily would not have done so much damage to the troops on the ground? Perhaps your timing was, in fact, perfect.
The BNP was itself born out of a feud when the right-wing National Front imploded in the 1980s. After struggling to make an impact for a decade, it secured its first council seat in 1993 in Tower Hamlets, London.
But it languished until 1999 when Mr Griffin became leader and set about modernising the party. It achieved a breakthrough in Burnley in 2003, when it won three council seats.
Its progress has been steady, but not spectacular, over the past four years. Its strategists believe it is now well placed to win seats in the London Assembly and the European Parliament.

But it is done and now it is up to all of us to try and repair the damage caused and move on. The following people have been listed on the infamous eie site as supporting the wreckers actions:-

Well I say this to the people on the list and on it are people I would class as friends. Did you realise that this would happen when you resigned your positions? Did you as people knowing the instigators act hastily in loyalty towards them? Did you put your friendship before your Party and Your Country?

We all agree that there are real legitimate concerns that need to be addressed but by attempting to bring the Party to an halt and calling for more resignations does not help address those concerns.

It distracts us away from fighting the true enemies (who signed away our freedom only a day gone) because whilst you attempt to destroy the Party, others will be trying to rebuild it. Every brick you remove we will replace even if it should take till the end of time. So you cannot win. And would you really want to. Win by destroying the only hope of our children's future.

I plead with you on that list to think again. If you really want change then you must do it through the proper channels that are in place already. You cannot be allowed to dictate terms. Now is the time for politics and a political compromise can be reached. But you cannot negotiate with someone holding a gun to your head. You have more than made your point. Come back now while there is still a bridge open to you.


Anonymous said...

Sorry GA
In the book of many Nationalists and voters their names will mean a totally different thing. And mine will be with them as things go.
It is all in the public arena because it was splashed on the offical website. How can you be so blind.
What Sadie and her colleagues stood up to was the increasingly dark side of the BNP and by what has been done to them, exposed it to all but the most blind of members.
The 'cult of the leader' can become sick and rotten when that leader starts to lose sound judgement. It leads to a path of perdition and stalinist purges. In fact what we are seeing now.
If you want to be a modern political party - and the intelligent among us do, then you cannot run it as some sort of Tudor Court. Favorites one year - off with their heads the next. You cannot have a 'king' in power without checks and balances.
The sight we are seeing in the BNP and which is becoming more ugly everyday, has a clear analogy with the current Bush administration.
A complete disregard for the rule of law, for personal privacy, the protection of unsavoury and incompetent persons,(for reasons that if the rumours be true are gross) and militants attacking all in their path. A quasi- dictatorship.
We have a bunch of little more than thugs pulling down the reputation of the whole party and with it, its prospects.
The reports coming out from the Wigan meeting, if they are true should leave no doubt in any reasonable person's mind that something is wrong, very very wrong in the top echelons of the BNP.
I am a person of principle and integrity. I have a line in the sand.
You do not break the law and illegally enter into peoples homes and steal their goods - whatever!!!
You do not allow a man who takes 14year old girls into a conference hotel, to stay in the top ranks of the party.
You stick by our own now famous manifesto. British jobs for british workers - you do not use a bunch of South African enforcers.
I am one of many who are trying to look at where best to move for reconcilation but if push comes to shove my support will go to those who have not broken the law, not supported what is little more than paedophilia and to my fellow Brits in the BNP.
I hope the little mole who has orchestrated this whole matter somewhere around the ranks of the increasingly bizarre leadership - who made sure the whole world knew of an internal disagreement in the party, is satisfied. I hope that little mole is now a very happy bunny. They should be.
I wonder how many pieces of silver they received from the establishment?
I saw it all in UKIP and am now watching it again.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon: 09:16

I am glad that the party is finally gathering more and more "thoughtful" people to it. It is a sign that we are starting to arrive.

We all see different paths to our destination and mine is different to yours.

What do you make of the post about Mark Collett?

Paul said...

Good andvery reasonable post anon well written. Its so articulate and reasonable that I actually nodded my head when reading it. Until we got back to the bit about paedophilia.
Its not paedophilia to chat up a glamourous girl with a great figure then realise she's jailbait by about 2 or three yrs.
I work in a pub and its a legal nightmare,not to mention a moral one.
Who to serve who to eject
One other thing, what dodes mean;

I saw it all in UKIP and am now watching it again.

15 December 2007 09:16

Britain The Trash Can of Europe said...

There is no smoke without fire so Collet is guilty of bringing the party down. The BNP is not worth supporting with these kind of scumbags left in the party.

With Collett in the BNP the party will never change its image portrayed to the public.

Anonymous said...

Read it!
I'm afraid we are all stuck with our past actions.
That is life.
If Mark Collett 'has grown up' then for God's sake tell the lad to step down.
What we need is an independent and impartial committee set up to investigate all claims and counterclaims.
A body free free from domination from the top and in whom Sadie can have confidence of justice.
Who will join with me for pushing for such an independent review?

Anonymous said...

I think you have had my answer about Mark Collett and the conference, however I will add this.
I understand that 'someone' realised there was a problem and alerted our security - so they couldn't have been that mature looking, could they?. That is why the whole affair was nipped in the bud and went no further.
I have that from a very reliable source who was present as events unfolded.
As for UKIP.
The former leader was an extremely fine man called Michael Holmes. Under Michael UKIP won their first four Euro seats.
There was a palace'coup' by Farage and co. And very unpleasant it was. It resulted in mass resignations including mine.
I can assure you that there was MI6 involvement. I even know the name of the agent, whom it was alleged, was implicated.

Paul said...

You know this from your time in UKIP?

Anonymous said...

"There is no smoke without fire so Collet is guilty of bringing the party down."

Says it all.

If the man wanted to do his best for the BNP he would step down. If he had matured the man would step down. If he had an ounce of decency, and wanted this to end, the man would step down.

You're reading what is said everywhere GA, MC's actions are starting to turn this into a much more serious issue.

He is threatening the very fabric of the party.

There can be no compromise whilst people like MC remain.

We all want this to end, we all want a solution, but there is only one solution that can end this, and it requires certain people either falling on their swords, or being removed from the party.

You've read that from both sides of this GA, so you know it's the only solution.

No matter how often you beg and plead, the split will not be healed until that happens.

Now we have managed to get this into the mainstream media, isn't that enough?

Todays papers have reported this, the public have read this, we have now lost members, votes, and money because of this, how much more will we lose because of one person?

What are you willing to lose to protect this guy?

I certainly don't want to waste my nations future, to piss it down the drain, because of one silly little boy, do you?

There is only one solution, and it needs to happen now, before any more damage is done.

Reconquista said...

No smoke wiothout fire says it all - have you taken leave of your senses?

This is a belief enshrined in idiocy. How would you like it if a group of people in your neighbourhood spread false rumours about you? And when you plead innocence you're told: "No smoke withouit fire"

It's precisely because of this kind of stupidity that the law exists.

Here's the issue: If this case against "the terrible 3" is so right there was:

1. No need to resort to duplicity.
2. No need to set up a blog to undermine the entire party.
3. No need to betray all the people who fight for the BNP because you want the head of 2-3 people.
4. No need to blackmail and issue ultimatums to your elected leader.
5. No need to have chosen to remain silent about a serious issue when it happened. Instead, it was saved as an "ace up the sleeve", used to further this witchhunt and not out of any sense of morality and decency or concern for the victims involved and indeed future victims.

The only reason this has surfaced is because betrayers got found out big time and rather acting with the interests of the BNP as a whole they continue to refuse to admit culpability and put their personal agenda beforew the agenda of the party at what is now a crucial time (Lisbon, Kosovo).

There's a war going on and we need to be focused on fighting it and not each other.


SWIFT&BOLD said...

None of this should've been splashed over the internet,but now that it has been, the media and the
left are having a field day.
SLOPPY is the only word that springs to mind i am disheartened but i will carry on for England.

yorkielass said...

Hear Hear Reconquista. Brown and co must be rubbing their hands with glee the BNP are doing exactly what the other parties could not do causing the BNP damage.