Saturday, 22 December 2007

What could you do with £57Bn?

We could have Street Parties to celebrate getting Our Country back

So there I was reading about how the Northern Rock fiasco is going to cost every overburdened taxpayer in Our Country £1800 pounds, when I got to wondering about the scale of the massive debt that the Directors (still receiving HUGE salaries) had got us into.

Well the conservative estimate at the moment is that so far, it is going to cost us £57bn. Yep. That is £57bn that could have been spend on things like treatment that would saved people going blind, drugs to slow down the onset of Alzheimer's disease, equipment for our troops fighting in illegal wars and a host of other things that would serve the country better.

But is our unelected Dhimmi Prime Minister concerned? Of course not. He thinks he knows how the British Public will react to the Northern Rock disaster, political donations, loss of personal data and the constant losses of our troops overseas.
"Many of the things that have been written about for the last few weeks would be forgotten quickly,"
The Brown Clown, just back from the Moslem Festival of Slaughter, also said that people were more concerned with Health and education. Well they are. But if he is going to use £57bn to prop up his friends in the city then that money cannot be spend on health and education.

Well the population of the UK just a few years ago was stable around 56 million citizens, however thanks to uncontrolled immigration it is now almost 61 million and increasing by the minute as the colonisers set about breeding us, the True Brits out of existence and into the history books.

Well I think I know what a British National Party government could do with £57bn and the maths are quite simple, even for me. There are 2 million followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile in Our Country. Give each and every one of them £25,000 each to leave and never return and we would still have change to buy some drinks for a National Street Party to celebrate their leaving.

In fact, I would be prepared to chip in a bit more and pay for another 2 million other colonisers to leave and return to their own homes in their own countries. We would soon recoup the money spend by sacking all the translators, closing down all the special clinics needed for the exotic diseases they enrich us with and the huge benefits bill they gobble up faster than something that can really gobble up things fast. Green Belt saved. Affordable housing. Jobs for all. No civil war. Money well spent.


johnoddybnp said...

For a start, pay-off my credit cards that her indoors as worn out over the last few days !. Do all wives buy for the 5,000 at Christmas ?. She bought a 20lb turkey for two of us, “Why?” I asked, “In case family drop-in”. our family live in London and the chances of them driving 270 miles on the off chance of getting a bit of burnt turkey is, to say the least, a bit slim. Besides it was her cooking that made them leave home in the first place, God bless her.
She was wrapping a hair drier and I asked who it was for “Steve’s girlfriend” she said, who the f*ck is Steve ?. “Works behind the bar at the pub and his girlfriend is the one that comes in with the messy hair, you know, you‘ve seen her”. I was about to make a comment along the lines of “world and his wife” when I thought better of it.
Just coming out of the shower and I caught the dog pissing up the side of the Christmas tree, again. So he got his prezzie early, a swift kick in the bollocks !. She walked in and said “Aw, look he’s smiling at you” hanging his stocking on the mantle piece, a stocking for a dog ???.
“Don’t think your going to the pub, you’ve got all these presents to deliver today”, shit, ”Yes love, I know”.
Loaded the car up, even had to sit on one of them, hope it wasn’t fragile, drove around the corner to the pub and phoned everyone up and told them where I was and to come and get their presents, the wonders of a mobile phone. I was only half way down my first pint, thinking what a clever bastard I was when in walk she who should be obeyed “You must think I’m stupid” she said, I, of course, made no reply but shook my head nervously. Steve came over and informed me that our table was ready, she’d only phoned ahead and booked, “I’ll pay” she said, taking out the credit card,
I bloody hate Christmas !!!!.

devils advocate said...

Sounds like a great Christmas wish list there GA, I think Santa would be more than happy to oblige, as when Christmas is outlawed in Europe he will be out of a job and on the scrapheap too, though I would be just as happy with him dropping those treasonous politicians down my chimney (with a rope attached of course, complete with note declaring their treason). Sadly Santa doesnt exist of course, and neither does sanity in this country, because if if it did, the minions would be marching on Downing Street calling for change, and not calling the latest celebrity phone vote. May I take the opportunity to wish all (and that includes the misguided individuals who come here to disagree with our beliefs) a peacefull Christmas and prosperous New Year, better must come!

Louise said...

GA: Is the BNP serious about paying people off to get them out of the country (even if they are British Citizens)?

yorkielass said...

Louise see the BNP site don't expect nationalists to run around after you!
Do you deny that one could live in Pakistan for yonks yet not being born there would never be called Pakistani anything?
The horse.The stable...

Here are some startling facts, which track the devastation caused by REGIONAL Soviet style Government . . . .

Fifty reasons to leave the EU
We joined the EU in 1972. After 35 years inside we now know:
1. The European Union has the constitution of a dictatorship.
2. The EU has the laws of a police state which
will be enforced after the sixth treaty is signed.
3. The EU’s 111,000 regulations will bring us a soviet style command economy and abject poverty.
4. Unelected EU dictators will control the nuclear weapons of former nations of Britain and France.
5. The EU ’s Constitution will compel us to hand over all our armed forces to the EU.
6. Our armed forces and police have been told they will swear a new oath to the EU, or be fired.
7. Its 111,000 regulations will rigidly control our personal lives more
so than any nation in history.
8. EU regulations now cost us £100 billion a year. (Better Regulation Commission annual report 2005)
9. When enforced, those regulations will destroy hundreds of thousands of small businesses.
10. Millions will be unemployed after EU regulations close small businesses.
11. The 111,000 regulations will make us subject to continual arrest (SOCPA 2005).
12. There are now 3,095 “Crimes against the EU state” on the British statute book.
13. We will be stopped on the street for continual checks on our EU ID cards from 2009.
14. The EU Constitution will replace the British Constitution (currently planned for May 2009).
15. Under the EU Constitution, there is no place for the Westminster Parliament, which will go.
16. The EU’s Road Pricing and then ID chips will keep the state informed of our exact position.
17. Huge taxes/fines by the EU’s Road Pricing, Congestion Charging and global warming policies.
18. The EU Regionalisation Plan will abolish our 48 counties in favour of 9 EU regions.
19. The 9 EU regions will report direct to Brussels, not to Westminster, which will be defunct.
20. The EU Regionalisation Plan will abolish our 19,579 councillors.
23. British common law mainly replaced by EU corpus Juris by 1992. Government is now above the law.
21. Police have shot 30 innocent people dead since 1992 with no successful prosecutions.
22. 1,000 deaths in police custody since 1992 and no prosecutions.
24. Police Shoot to Kill policy now in force; illegal under British common law, OK under EU corpus juris.
25. EU conceived on 22nd June 1940 speech
on forming the EEC by Herman Goering.
26. Hitler, von Ribbentrop, and Herman Goering designed the EU.
27. After fall of Germany, the Germans switched the EU from a Nazi to a communist basis in 1946.
28. Hitler’s Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst Intelligence Department (DVD) now controls the EU.
29. Edward Heath, Geoffrey Rippon, Roy Jenkins recruited by the DVD in 1958 as saboteurs.
30. DVD has arranged finance to put proEU
ownerships into British newspaper groups.
31. EU has been sabotaging Britain with German Frankfurt School techniques since the 1950’s.
33. The EU’s main subversive organisation in Britain, Common Purpose, is run from the ODPM.
34. The EU’s Common Purpose has trained 24,000 local leaders for “the post democratic era”
35. Common Purpose has been inside the NHS for 20 years, controls it, and has wrecked it.
36. Common Purpose has 400 staff inside the BBC censoring out antiEU
news and and current affairs.
37. Common Purpose has staff in hundreds of local newspapers censoring out antiEU
38. Common Purpose is transferring power from councillors to the unelected council executives.
39. Common Purpose has built the EU gravy trains inside local and national government.
40. Common Purpose has built most of Britain’s 8,500 quangos costing us £124 billion pa
41. These quangos bribe compliant, pro EU local officials and businessmen with £150,000+ salaries.
42. EU quangos are the reason your council tax is going through the roof.
43. The EU is utterly corrupt and cannot account for 95% of its expenditure (yes, ninety five % lost)
44. The EU has over 200,000 offshore bank accounts from which it pays bribes.
45. We now lose £30 billion a year trading with the EU. Outside, we had an even balance of payments.
46. EU Constitution is similar to the Soviet. And EU Commissioners similar to Soviet Politburo members.
47. The EU parliament is a sham with no power just
like the old Soviet parliament.
48. The leadership of the Conservative Party has been controlled by the EU since the 1960’s.
49. The Labour and Lib Dem leaderships EU controlled for 20 years that’s
why your vote doesn’t count.
50. The Amsterdam Treaty 1997 gave the EU control of our immigration, now running at a million a year.
51. Our infrastructure can’t cope with the 5 million immigrants the EU has let in since 1997.
52. 350,000 highly qualified British emigrate annually to escape from the EU and its overcrowding.
You can stop the EU with the campaigns at
David Noakes. 07974 437 097

Louise said...

Yorkielass: You weren't being asked to do any work (can you read?). Moreover, over telling me to do my own work (again, having misunderstood my question), you then proceed to provide a lot of someone else's work for your response! Unfortunately, irrelevant work at that, given my clear and concise question.

Perhaps this is why so many of you get consistently frustrated because:

1. you cannot process a simple question correctly.

2. you cannot respond to a simple question with a congruent answer.

3. you see every question as a challenge to your racist position (rather than seeing some questions as being quite serious).

My suggestion yorkielass is that you keep your amigdala under control for a second, engage cerebral cortex for a little longer than that second and then answer the question, or ignore it. you have a choice.

Now then...GA: are you serious in this policy about paying people off and will that include british citizens?

Yorkielass need not reply if that suits since the response was meaningless given the question (which results in a waste of time for yorkielass and yet more alarming evidence of bnp-er-stupidity). Jeese, where is SirHm when you need him?! No, Oddy, thats not an invite for you to jump in!

English Rose said...

Louise of course Green Arrow didn't mean it! it will be the price of a plane ticket and that's it! the money could be spent on rebuilding this country and providing our children with the vaccines they deserve and rebuilding our army.

Seeing as our youths are homeless and newcomers get propertys and the fact that this wonderful government are trying to ethnically cleanse this country by telling us that there is no such thing as an English person and Labour supporters and socialists alike find it very trendy to say that there is no such thing as an English person.Seeing as my son can't get the BCG injection when lots of infected people coming in from infected countrys are allowed to have it and it is still their right to refuse it and some have! Seeing as it is hard to find work because too many immigrants have come over which is "good" for this country (as if) I see you as the fool for not spotting all this Louise

Anonymous said...

Racist dog...i despair.

Louise said...

English Rose:

I completely understand that you think I am a fool. In various ways of presenting that opinion, I
can read that between the lines quite a lot on this site.

I identify your obvious fears here (eg "us" being treated less favourably to "them and "us" losing our identity) so Im going to try to respond to those points you raise.

1. Actually English Rose, it is part of BNP policy to offer financial inducement to leave the country if youre not one of the indigenous populations of the UK (though the defintions and conditions around this are notably racist at worst and unclear at best). I think you should gem up on these topics since this is the party you support. All that money and no consideration about how one would actually put these policies into place. Similarly, no BNP consideration as to how that economically impacts on the country or the trouble that it causes. I wont even move onto issues about ethical, legal and moral problems associated with suggesting that human beings are being paid to leave countries, nor will I start beating on about how problematic this is in terms of national and international human rights. Yes, SirHM, get your kids bags packed. Unfortunately she will be second if not first in line for being mixed 'race' right? Poor bugger.

2. You suggest that the money will be spent on re-building this country. Are you implying that ALL of the problems in the UK are those solely of the "non indigenous" peoples? (using your terms and goodness knows how you are defining those peoples but Im goign to guess that you mean all people of the wrong colour and wrong birth place and wrong descent and religion - of course, you can correct any errors I am making here).

3. More of our youths are housed than are homeless. If you have figures to suggest that more British youths are homeless than housed, please pass on your evidence.

4. Who are your "new comers"? Regardless, migrants into the UK are not more likely than british people already in the UK to get access to properties (both privately owned, rented, AND social housing eg the old council house style accommodation). There are differing reasons for prioritising people but as a singular statement, a newcomer is not more likely than a non-newcomer to get access to property on average.

5. The government are not trying to ethnically cleanse this country. What a silly statement! No one is denying the right of a person to claim to be English. Being english generally means being a native or national of england or a person of english descent. There are lots of debates about the concept of 'indigenous'. But you can be English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh. Where it is foolhardy is to suggest that there is absolutely no history of migration (in or out) that make up those peoples in any of those countries at any time. In a sense, it is the BNP who make problematic and ethnic cleansing type statements. In fact, the BNP policies reinacted will do more damage to our national identity than any other group in the UK precisely because it involves controlled movement and dictatorship by its essentialist and oppressing policies (and YES i do want to be able to move freely and NO i dont want SirHM's kid to be shipped out of the UK or any other kid with mixed ethnic backgrounds, British status so yes it will oppress me and hundreds of thousands of others like me, let alone non indigenous peoples).

5. There is a policy about the BCG vaccination based on risk, need and protection. If you read documents relating to it (you can read them on the dept of health websites and all information is available), the restriction of the vaccination is NOT based on a need to deny it for a British person in order to promote it for a non British person. However though its personal opinion, one step that you might wish to take to protect your son is to ask your gp for him to have a skin test. This will give you some definitive information about his need for the vaccination if he is at risk. Another source for information is You can also ask your GP. And if you are really concerned about it, you may want to arm yourself with knowledge ahead of time to make a case to your GP to request a vaccination. The changes in policy on BCG vaccination were never about racism, they were about risk. And frankly (looking over your comment), if someone else wants to refuse it, this is a matter between the medical profession and the people concerned. In a sense, it aint necessarily your buisness unless you are involved! And yes, if you live near to people who arent vaccinated and you think you are at risk, you can use this to make the case to your GP. So really, this is about you informing and educating yourself more than anything else. My suggestion is for you to understand the disease, know the risk, know about the vaccination and treatment guidelines, stop immobilising your own actions by bleating on about it and be empowered to do something about it. Of course, your gp may make a stronger case to suggest why its not necessary but if s/he does that, you can take it up with them if anything further happens. I didnt wait around for that. I went to my GP. I made my case about risk and exposure. I got vaccinated. Never once in this fruitful outcome did I assume that others who were also at real risk were somehow only getting it because they were "coming into this country". Thats just ignorance on your part if you think that racism against the Brits is driving this particular medical policy. Anyway, you have the info here so you can act upon it if you desire.

6. Work that is allegedly difficult to find is not completely due to the fact that the immigrants are taking all of the jobs! Migration has increased. Similarly, job opportunities exist. Everyone has the right to apply for a job and to be treated in non-discrimintory ways. The notion that employment in the UK is only problematic due to migration is laughable. Some of the largest losses of jobs due to the death of industrial and production enterprises (much to our shame) occurred in the years before migration increased. A larger problem in the UK than migration employment (and migration is not a crime) is really as to why so much benefit dependence is occurring. Reducing the gap between welfare and employment would be a good start. The larger percentage of people who wont work or arent skilled to work are our British brothers and sisters. Rather than hating people, why dont you focus on the real issues that are destroying our countries in the UK? At least those migrants who are working, are contributing to the system! Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there are a lot of people sitting on their arses watching daytime TV and the challenges they face are much bigger than a Pole driving a bus or an Indian slogging in some crap factory being completely exploited or a nanny with no pension opportunity or hope in hell of ever buying property or renting anyhthing other than a cess-pit. Jeese, do you actually think that the migrants who take jobs in the UK (and then do a better job than we would do) are actually the cause of the problem? Are you telling me that there are more migrants applying than Brits? Can I assume that you dont envisage any pride if your son or your relatives kids happened to get work abroad? Do you want everyone to stay in their countries of birth and never move out? some people like to stay fit, other people like to move around or at least to have the choice! Besides, these issues existed long before Enoch Powell's policies! Employment issues are about training, support, education, ethic and structure and opportunities in the first place! The fact that you lot are running around, pointing the racist fingers is just adding to the grind that the rest of us face on a day to day basis. If I can avoid hate, so can you! Go and inform yourself as to the basis of these issues and then see if immigrants are really the cause of all ills in the UK! Theyre nothing more than your scapegoat and a vechicle for your fear!

Anonymous said...

typo! some people like to stay put!

Anonymous said...

85% of the population think immigration is putting too much pressure on public services says a new poll out today. According to a YouGov poll for Migrationwatch, 85% agreed with this statement, 58% strongly. Only 10% disagreed, 2% strongly.

The highest numbers of those strongly agreeing came from the East of England (63%), the North West, Yorkshire and Humberside and the West Midlands, all on 62%. It was felt most strongly in the 45+ age group who are of course more likely to use services such as Health, at 67%.

There was a similar response when asked if the Government should substantially reduce immigration levels to Britain.

81% think immigration levels to Britain should be cut substantially and a massive 57% agreed strongly with 24% tending to agree. Only 14% disagreed, 4% strongly. In London, where 30% of the population are immigrants, 70% agreed (41% strongly) that immigration levels should be cut substantially.

The highest numbers of those strongly agreeing came from the West Midlands (65%) the North West (61%) and the East of England (60%).

When asked if they thought immigration had generally contributed positively to the UK economy 35% believed that it had (6% strongly) while 54%, (22% strongly) that it had not.

When asked if immigration was the result of global trends rather than the actions of the Government 42% believed it was global trends (11% strongly) while 48% disagreed (23% strongly).

‘These figures show that now the scale of immigration and its consequences are now being better understood and people are deeply concerned at what is going on,’ said Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch.

‘This is heightened by the way in which the Government has clearly mishandled the whole issue, making tough sounding pronouncements that are then not followed up in practice.

‘The public have at last seen through the smoke and mirrors that has been government policy on this issue for a decade and are very angry that they have not been consulted about such a fundamental change taking place in our society,' he said.

Anonymous said...

The troll aka"i'd never heard of the uaf"louise puts economic greed and fuck everyone else ...over social cohesion.

LOULOU you are a complete moron but hey if it boosts your self esteem to gift the world with your version of a utopian dream then go for it.pssssst learn some manners on your bye

johnoddybnp said...

You should all know by now that you cannot have a serious debate with Louise, she will only talk at you or, preferably, down to you, for her far superior platform on the knowledge of the real world gives her that right, you should know that whatever Louise says is gospel and not to be questioned by the underlings that frequent sites like this, how dare you.
You can spout facts and figures at her all day long but she will find a way to twist and turn, discredit or simply ignore if it doesn’t “fit-in” to Louise’s perfect world.
Louise’s world evolves around Louise; to her we are merely flies she swats at occasionally when we annoy her by mentioning imperfection for that does not exist in Louise’s World.
You and I, along with the rest of Britain live in a cesspool of despair we live with the knowledge that we are run by a corrupt Government who open our borders and allow the dregs of the world to walk amongst us, to drain our resources, to rob, riot and rape. To allow them to demonstrate on our streets, to threaten us and ultimately kill us, 7/7 and 7/11 did not happen in Louise’s world it was a figment of our over active imagination, not reality.
In Louise’s world everybody has a job to go to that is well paid and not undercut by cheap imported labour and the entire population have houses that were not given, fully furnished, to some asylum seeker who travelled across nine other countries to get here, don’t talk so silly this is Louise’s world and nothing like that ever happens here.
Now that we’ve established we are all wrong and Louise is the only one totally correct, what should we do ?, well if it’s so perfect why don’t we all go and live in Louise’s world ?, sorry can’t do that Louise is already there which means it’s full.

English Rose said...

Louise, having common sense doesn't make you a racist people like you should listen when other people are using wise thinking and are saying enough is enough!. before you point "your" finger at me surmising that I support the bnp I have only ever voted Conservative but I am considering voting BNP now. Because of the lies told in the Media that I am already a "right wing extremist" and knowing that while you make your case you really don't know what you are talking about!
Yes you are completely right that our people do go abroard but not at the ammount that is coming here.
We are in danger of losing our culture.
As for being "free" to call yourself an English person, again you are completely wrong, people become almost aggressive when English is mentioned, I should know I have been on the recieving end for nearly 11 years.
I have heard British people running the English down at tube stations, on corners and almost anywhere else you care to mention.
As for the BNP being a dictatorship
it can't get any worse than Labour.
Offering someone money to leave is far more decent than forcing them to leave.
You may not be able to live with your self but how do you think we all feel with the demise of our Country and you can't tell me that immigrants aren't the reason, I have seen it deterorate in the last 11 years, Labour years.
It is again common sense. You may have studied but it isn't clear to me that you have any of that, I bet you can't even change a lightbulb! When the shit hits the fan and it will, it will be people like you who need our support, because you may be fighting for immigration etc but pretty soon it will bite us all in the arse. What about the fact that Brown has sold us all out? don't you feel something for that??
There has to be a mutual respect and while people like you go around calling someone racist (which is such an over used word)
for expressing their view, then this Country will remain in shit. Even if you had it your way it will be in shit! because people like you actually like people from another country shitting on them.
I like people from other countrys but only if there is respect between the two of you and I think that is something you know nothing about!

English Rose said...

p.s you sound just like my brother, so full of your own intelligence that you are over looking what is going on. I bet you wouldn't even know what your own children are up to and they'd be doing it right under your eyes.

BFB said...


Sniff my pants!

BFB said...

In fact, you might even get some moisture out of them.

Life-saving stuff, eh...?

Yorkielass. said...


During the first Jihad, Charles Martel, "The Hammer," brilliant general and founder of the Carolingian Empire, the first Western power after the fall of Rome, defeated the Arabs in the Battle of Tours (or Poitiers) in 732, thus saving Western civilization, and by extension much of the world, from Islam. The Muslims underestimated the strength of the Franks, who they considered barbarians, and allowed them to pick both the time and place of the battle. The Muslims were also burdened with booty. During the battle, members of the Frankish army began freeing prisoners, and fearing loss of their riches, a significant part of the Muslim army abandoned the battle to protect their plunder. Although they managed to conquer Spain, Muslims thus lost the first shot at subduing the European heartland because they were too arrogant and underestimated the strength of their Western opponents, and were too weighed down by and concerned with their riches to fight effectively. Is the same thing happening now, only in reverse, with the arrogant West underestimating their Muslim opponents until it's too late?

During the second Jihad, Jan Sobieski, king of Poland, routed the Ottoman armies that had laid siege to Vienna in 1683. Leading a combined force of Polish, Austrian and German troops, Sobieski attacked a numerically superior Turkish army until their lines were broken and the Turks fled in confusion. This was the last time Muslims came close to threatening the West in traditional warfare. They now prefer demographic warfare through migration, combined with terrorism.

The third Jihad started with the oil embargo, the influx of Saudi petrodollars and the beginnings of Eurabia and Muslim immigration to the West in the 1960s and early 70s. During the third Jihad, Leftists all over Europe seem to be opening the gates of Europe from within. "You want to conquer Europe? That's ok. Just vote for us and help us get rid of capitalism and eradicate the Christian heritage of Europe, and we'll let you in. In the meantime, you can enjoy some welfare goodies, and we will ban opposition to this undertaking as racism and hate speech."

The basic trends are remarkably similar throughout Western Europe. I will start with describing the situation in the Scandinavian countries, as I'm Norwegian myself and thus have the most detailed knowledge of this region.

You know you have entered a strange, Eurabian world when leading politicians from Norway, a country straddling the Arctic Circle and with no colonial history, begin their election campaigns in the Pakistani countryside. Before Norway's national elections in 2005, the leader of the Socialist Left party, Kristin Halvorsen, praised all the "blood, sweat and tears Pakistanis in Norway have spent on building the country." While the deputy leader of the Socialist Left party has stated that he wants to abolish private property, its leader Kristin Halvorsen is in 2006 Norway's Minister of Finance. 83 percent of Muslims in Norway voted for Leftist parties in 2005. The Labor Party got a majority of these votes, whereas the Socialist Left Party got 30, 5 %, more than three times the percentage it got among the general populace. Psephologist Anders Todal Jenssen pointed out that parties such as the Socialist Left party had the most liberal immigration policies, and that this probably contributed to this tilt towards Leftist parties among immigrants. Likewise, the Labor Party is seen as the primary guarantor of the generous welfare state. The Leftist parties won a very slim majority (in fact, a minority of the votes) in parliament in 2005, and formed a coalition government that has been notoriously anti-Israeli and critical of the USA, as well as appeasing towards Palestinian Hamas terrorists.


Yorkielass. said...





leon the pig farmer said...

Merry xmas my brethren. Keep up the great work! You are all true patriots.

Anonymous said...

The anti fascist charged with knowingly affecting twelve polish women with aids....i despair.

ps..The beatroot blog is anti nationalist btw,the story is an interesting one though.

Britain The Trash Can of Europe said...

I would not give a penny for them to be sent back home. Stop giving them all the handouts they currently receive and watch them leave in droves.

Yorkielass. said...


Churchill on Islamic Fundamentalism
Winston Churchill's grandson says radical Islam at war with the world

By CJ Staff
March 03, 2006

CJ Photo by Don Carrington

Winston S. Churchill III speaking at the John Locke Foundation's 16th anniversary dinner in Raleigh on Feb. 10.
RALEIGH — Winston S. Churchill III maintains that Islamic fundamentalism is as destructive as the malevolent "isms" of the 20th century: Nazism, Communism and Facism. In a speech on Feb. 10 at the John Locke Foundation's anniversary dinner, the grandson of Winston Churchill urged the West to stay the course in the fight against extremist Islam.

Here is the text of his speech:

It is both an honor and a pleasure to be your guest here tonight and to have the privilege of addressing the John Locke Foundation. First and foremost, may I congratulate you for honouring the memory of John Locke, who was very much involved in the establishment of the Governments of the Carolinas and who, most important of all, was one of the great philosophers of the English-speaking world.

Locke’s message — the vital importance of resisting authoritarianism — is as relevant to the strife-torn times of the world in which we live, as it was in the strife-torn times of the 17th Century. Authoritarianism constantly rears its ugly head, even within our own societies on both sides of the Atlantic, in so many guises and disguises, and in every field, be it religion, government or the military.

At its most extreme, authoritarianism is exemplified by the isms of the 20th Century — Communism, Fascism and Nazism. The Fascists and Nazis were responsible for the deaths of more than 30 million human beings, while more than 50 million are estimated to have been murdered by Stalin and the Russian Communists, while Mao-Tse-Tung and the Chinese Communists are believed to have accounted for some 80 million.

But today a new challenge — another ism — confronts us, and that is the challenge of Islamic fundamentalism. Extremist Islam has declared war on the rest of the world, as evidenced by their ruthless attacks across the globe — overwhelmingly targeted at innocent civilians. Beside the outrage of 9/11, the bombings in Madrid, in Bali, in London and, most recently, in Jordan come to mind.

Those who have declared jihad against the West, and Western values, such as freedom of speech, are doing all in their power to mobilize against us the large Muslim communities living in our midst. In North America, there are an estimated six million Muslims in the USA, plus a further three-quarter million in Canada; while in the European Union, they number an estimated 20 million, including nearly 2 million in Britain. Unlike most other categories of migrant, the Muslims are reluctant to assimilate and, all too often, wish to pursue their own agenda.

Unbelievably, Washington is urging Europe to admit Turkey to the EU. Were that to happen, the Muslim population of Europe would skyrocket to 100 million — an act, in my view, of consummate folly. Already Judeo-Christian Europe is under siege from a tidal wave of Islamic immigration. The admission of Turkey would hasten its demise. While I have a great regard for the Turks, the only democracy in the Muslim world and stalwart members of NATO, I am firmly opposed to their admission to the EU. I would accord them most-favoured nation status, but not the right to settle in Western Europe and become EU citizens.

The scale of the problem confronting Europe today is epitomized by France, which has a Muslim community of some 6 million, or 10 percent of its population. But, if you take the population aged 20 and below, the figure rockets to 30 percent, such is the birthrate of the immigrant communities. In other words, within one further generation, France will be a Muslim country — a truly horrifying prospect.

At the same time it is vital that, in our pursuit of the men and women of terror — we do all we can, not to alienate these large Muslim communities already established among us. For, without the active support of the Muslim communities, we shall never excise this deadly cancer in our midst.

Intriguingly, the dangers of extremist Islam were foreseen by Winston Churchill all of 85 years ago, as I discovered to my amazement, while compiling my most recent book NEVER GIVE IN! The Best of Winston Churchill’s Speeches.

Churchill is, of course, well-known for his gift of prescience and, specifically, for being the first to warn of the menace of Hitler and Nazism as early as 1932, and of the Soviet threat in his famous Iron Curtain speech in 1946 in Fulton, Mo. But how many know that he also warned the world of the dangers of Islamic fundamentalism? I certainly did not!

On 14 June 1921, hard on the heels of the Cairo Conference, at which he had presided over the re-shaping of the Middle East, including the creation of modern day Iraq, he warned the House of Commons:

A large number of [Saudi Arabia’s King] Bin Saud’s followers belong to the Wahabi sect, a form of Mohammedanism which bears, roughly speaking, the same relationship to orthodox Islam as the most militant form of Calvinism would have borne to Rome in the fiercest times of [Europe’s] religious wars.

The Wahabis profess a life of exceeding austerity, and what they practice themselves they rigorously enforce on others. They hold it as an article of duty, as well as of faith, to kill all who do not share their opinions and to make slaves of their wives and children. Women have been put to death in Wahabi villages for simply appearing in the streets.

It is a penal offence to wear a silk garment. Men have been killed for smoking a cigarette and, as for the crime of alcohol, the most energetic supporter of the temperance cause in this country falls far behind them. Austere, intolerant, well-armed, and blood-thirsty, in their own regions the Wahabis are a distinct factor which must be taken into account, and they have been, and still are, very dangerous to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina…

In Churchill’s day, of course, the viciousness and cruelty of the Wahabis was confined to the Saudi Arabia peninsula, and their atrocities were directed exclusively against their fellow Muslims, whom they held to be heretics for not adhering to the Wahabi creed — but not anymore.

Today the combination of the oil wealth of Saudi Arabia and the supine weakness of the Saudi royal family which — as the price for not having their own behavior subjected to scrutiny and public criticism by these austere, extremist clerics — has bank-rolled the Wahabi fundamentalist movement, and given these fanatical zealots a global reach to their vicious creed of hatred and extremism.

The consequence has been that the Wahabis have been able to export their exceptionally intolerant brand of Islamic fundamentalism from Mauritania and Morocco on Africa’s Atlantic shores, through more than two dozen countries including Bosnia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East, to as far afield as the Philippines and East Timor in the Pacific. This is the stark challenge that today confronts the Western world and I fear it will be with us, not just for a matter of years, but perhaps even for generations.

Just in the past two weeks the temperature in the Middle East has risen markedly with three significant developments. First, we have seen the wild and furious reaction, whipped up by firebrand clerics throughout the Islamic world, to the publication some five months ago in a Danish newspaper of a cartoon depicting the prophet with a smoking bomb in his turban, as tattered suicide bombers were being greeted at the Muslim pearly gates by a gate-keeper shooing them away and shouting: “Get lost! We’ve run out of Virgins!” The fury that this mild piece of satire engendered, epitomizes the clash of civilizations that is the key factor confronting us today.

Secondly, the stunning election victory in the Palestinian elections of Hamas — a terrorist organization committed to the destruction of Israel — provided a rude shock to those in Washington who naively imagined that democracy would provide the answer to the problems of the Middle East. For many within the Beltway, free elections have been an article of faith, even though it was in a free election that Hitler first came to power, before establishing his Nazi dictatorship.

Such is the anger of the Moslem world against the West, inflamed by extremist clerics and fanned by the Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabia television networks, that truly democratic and free elections would result in the election of fundamentalist governments throughout the Muslim world. It is a frightening fact, that in 50 Muslim countries countless millions of Muslims tell pollsters that they regard Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri as more trustworthy than President Bush.

The third and by far the most serious development, is the decision of the Iranian government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to remove the U.N. seals from its nuclear research facilities. He it is who not only denies the Holocaust ever happened, but who declares that Israel is a “tumor” that should be “wiped off the map”! Some Western analysts state that the Iranian president doesn’t really mean what he says. There were, of course, many who said just that of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and we saw the result.

Having reported events — including two wars — in the Middle East over the past 45 years, I think I know the Israelis well enough to say that Israel is not about to wait to find out whether or not the Iranian president means what he says. In 1981 Israel took decisive steps to take out Saddam Hussein’s Osirak nuclear facility with a long-range air strike. I do not see how she can fail to do the same in the case of the even greater threat posed to Israel by a nuclear-armed Iran.

This time it will not be so easy, as the mullahs have dispersed their nuclear facilities across 16 sites and built them deep underground, making them far more difficult to attack. But with 500 ‘bunker-busting’ bombs from the U.S. and precision-guidance technology they will certainly make a mess of the place. The whole Muslim world will be enflamed with outrage and Iran’s reaction may well be to deploy 100,000 guerrilla fighters to Iraq to fight the Americans and British — not a happy thought.

But even before these developments, siren voices could already be heard on Capitol Hill, raising the cry: “Bring the Boys home.” I tell you: Nothing could be more disastrous than if, at this juncture, the United States were to cut and run. It would, at a stroke, undermine those forces of moderation we are seeking to establish in power, betray our troops as they fight a difficult, but necessary, battle, and break faith with those of our soldiers who have sacrificed their lives to establish a free Iraq.

Gravest of all, we should be handing a victory of gigantic proportions to our sworn enemies. Let no one imagine that by pulling out of Iraq, the threat will simply evaporate. On the contrary, it will redouble, it will come closer to home and our enemies will have established in Iraq the very base that, by our defeat of the Taliban, we have denied them in Afghanistan. We shall see a desperately weakened United States, with its armed forces undermined and demoralized, increasingly at the mercy of our terrorist enemies.

Precipitate withdrawal is the counsel of defeatism and cowardice, which, if it holds sway, will immeasurably increase the dangers that today confront, not just America, but the entire Western world. It is something for which we shall pay a terrible price in the years ahead. When great nations go to war — and they should do so only as a last resort — they must expect to suffer grievous losses and must commit to war with an unconquerable resolve to secure victory.

In Iraq the United States has lost some 2,200 men and women, Britain just over 100. Compare that to the first day of the Battle of the Somme — 1 July 1916 — when the British Army in a single day, nay, before breakfast, lost 55,000 men killed, wounded or missing in action. Did we talk of quitting?
What has happened to the mighty United States? Is it going soft? Are the elected representatives of the American people ready to surrender to those who threaten their homeland — indeed their civilian population — with death and destruction? I pray that they are not, and I call to mind the words of my grandfather, addressing the Canadian Parliament on New Year's Day 1941, in which — referring to the British nation dwelling around the globe, but it applies equally to our American cousins today — when he declared:

We are a tough and hardy people! We have not travelled across the centuries, across the oceans, across the mountains & across the prairies, because we're made of sugar candy!

In conclusion, I would remind you — and especially the legislators on Capitol Hill — of Winston Churchill’s words to the House of Commons on becoming prime minister in May 1940, which applies every bit as much to the situation that confronts us today.

You ask: What is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is victory. Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror. However long or hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival.

Provided we have the courage to stay the course, I am convinced that we can, in the end, prevail. Any alternative is too terrible to contemplate. There are no quick, easy solutions; on the contrary it will be a long, hard slog. But more leadership is needed from on high and, above all, more guts and determination if we are to see this through to victory.

Let us fight the good fight — and let us fight it together! How pleased my grandfather would be to know that — 40 years on from his death — the Anglo-American alliance is still strong and that British and American soldiers stand shoulder-to-shoulder in Iraq and in Afghanistan, confronting the peril of the hour! Long may we stand together! God bless America!


Anonymous said...

God bless America!

The only reason the UK is up the rear end of the yanks is because of the debt left over from the 2nd world war that the UK owed them.

America is a country that preaches and expects the rest of the world to follow, but gives nothing in return. You only have to look at their stance on global warming to see that it wants to blame everyone else.

America needs to get its nose out of europe where its not wanted and deal with its own issues.

Anonymous said...

"The only reason the UK is up the rear end of the yanks is because of the debt left over from the 2nd world war that the UK owed them."

If it wasn't for the Americans you would all be reading this in Cyrillic. Wake up nationalists. If you are ever going to form a credible political movement you are going to have to ditch the anti-Americanism along with the Zionist conspiracy theories. Grow childish.

devils advocate said...

Lend-Lose....Point of fact for the above-yes we did end up very much the loser for the "lend lease" deal that we did with the USA. In fact, one elderly gentleman I spoke to who was directly involved with the inspection of items sent here, told me that up to 75% of the stuff was junk, and had to be scrapped on unloading. All the while it was a well known joke among farmers and factory owners over in the US that government officials were urging any old scrap to be sent all the while promising new for old. This also does not take into consideration the human cost of all those seamen who braved the Atlantic convoys to get here in the first place. Up until very recently we were still paying with our gold reserve for this grandiose scam, so yes I think most educated people would agree we were shafted. But perhaps worse was the way we were treated when we asked for American aid in the post war years. After exhausting ourselves fighting Hitler, and at a time when other former enemies were getting "free" aid poured in, we were signed up to a series of "loans" which would guarantee our adherence to US demands for years to come. And of course those "free" loans to the defeated nations werent exactly without ulterior motive- the US required their co-operation for the sighting of bases, which they already had here so didnt need to "butter us up". It has often been said that had we lost the Battle of Britain, that America would some how found a way to clly themselves with Germany. We did win the war (and even the memory of that is being carefully reconstructed), but we certainly lost the peace. Is America our ally now?, well its a very diferent world today, and due to the weak corrupt leadership we have endured for many years, our country had been conned and abused by other nations for decades, so we cant judge the US for their past sins can we?, the future will possibly force us all to unite to fight off a common enemy which has us all in their sights.

Louise, are you the new breed of young woman who does not understand irony?... oops another trait we have inherited from the US!. With all due respect, I admire the earnest, almost zealous tone of your views, even if I cant understand where you are coming from. Such deep seated naivety is so reminiscent of the Jeremy kyle and Big Brother generation. Lighten up dear!, merry Christmas!, or happy winterval to you lol

Louise said...


It is bad enough that you do such a dreadful job in your public meet and greets in speaking for yourself. Do not speak for me, I can speak for myself. Your passive aggressive approach bounces straight off me precisely because you assume that I think Im superior to everyone (when I do not). However, in terms of argumentation and in being able to stick to topic, I do excel over and above you in particular. Plus I am out and out direct so if you see hostility coming your way, you know it. I also hold more consistent viewpoints and flex to accommodate other viewpoints when they are in line with an underlying principle of human rights. Since you violate that principle, and do so in such shoddy and personalised snivelling ways, You are damn right that I chew you up and spit you out in our debates every time! So why dont you stop trying to guess who I am, and stop assuming that you know what I think and start thinking and speaking for yourself. Honestly, where is your backbone man? Its a tragedy that older boys like Sir HM have had enough of politics and arent in full health because they have more spirit, sense and gumption than you can dream off! Notwithstanding that , I dont think that your policies are humane, I do think that they are dangerous and I WILL stand up to question and challenge you every time that I jolly well feel like it. If you dont like that, all well and good. You will have noticed that I am not here for popularity! However, if you had any sense, you would cut your debating teeth on a bit of healthy challenge and understand that if you cannot get past the most basic of challenges, then you will have massive problems in furthering your parties cause. We are in the same world. We are in the same United Kingdom and we both have pride in a British Identity. Start thinking your way around your debating points or back off and let others step in if you cannot! (By the way, asides from the MASSIVE political gulf between us, I hope you and yours have an excellent Christmas - I liked your pub story - and no, this in no way detracts from all I have just said!).

Louise said...

PS. Now I can get on and read the other comments to see what there is to learn here.

Louise said...

Yorkielass, anon and devils advocate and co....Im going to print out your comments so that I can read over them properly and consider them in detail before getting back to you. Thanks.

Louise said...

English Rose and Yorkie Lass and Co:

I notice that you failed to come back to me on many of the points that I raise. However, to come back specifically to you.....When I said British unemployment, I was referring to all people who are British. It looks as if you are taking a personal and incorrect line of differentiating between British and Ethnicity and perhaps suggesting that a non-white ethnicity means that a person cannot also be British (Id like to see how you carve up the British Royal Family if that is the case). As a side point, I think you are talking about 2004 data and have forgotten to add up all British Groups together which alters the picture somewhat , and to look at the data further you also need to differentiate between migrants from white and non-white ethnicities versus British people. But this is neither here nor there in a sense because I am not focused on ethnicity and unemployment as being THE reason for the demise of this country. Moreover, your error is in hinting that on one hand, those incoming people as you see them (either migrants or non-white Brits etc) are allegedly taking our jobs. On the other hand, you are whining about them being unemployed. Which is it? Why dont you actually stop trying to use obvious excuses and admit that regardless of their huge contributions in this country, you simply dont give a damn and want to take your racism to its ultimate and dictatoring conclusion? I am concerned about unemployment and I am concerned about welfare dependency. The difference is that I am not dissecting this issue in terms of racism against non-white peoples, I am more concerned about the principles involved. I dont care what colour a person is. I DO care that of the umemployed group, then one or more of the issues may exist: that people arent educated (no, I dont mean university degrees), they arent skilled or they arent skilled in areas that are needed, they arent being paid enough money, they arent motivated, they arent equipped with life skills and that there arent enough opportunities of the right sort for people. I remain unconvinced even after pouring over your comments that migration is solely accountable for all of the problems in the UK. Your rants still look like the over-emotion of scapegoating. Your arguments are all over the place and you offer sod all explanation as the causes of unemployment - as a totality or according to the various white and non-white groups and british versus non-british peoples.

If you dont like the word racism - deal with it in your own time. If its over-used, stop producing racist commentary and behaviour. In short, if the cap fits, wear it. And finally , if youre not sure of what the word means, look it up. You provide blow by blow racist statements = you are racist.

As I recall, it wasnt me that began the debate with "money". Funnily enough (is that enough irony for you?), the title of this blog entry includes "£57Bn". I have offered you no indication that I think that money or economic gain is more important than social cohesion. Of course, as usual with your poorly constructed arguments, its hard to know precisely what you mean by social cohesion. Curiously, I am very interested in what ends the BNP will go to to faciliate social cohesion? There will be a bloody and messy civil war if you ever achieve power. Luckily, thats not going to happen!

Re: Loss of culture. How are YOU defining the British culture(s) over the years? Are you aware that we have always been influenced by various ebb and flow of cultural practices from all over the world in the UK? You might want to think about that whilst carving your Christmas turkey on Christmas day. If not, perhaps over our Queen's speech (who knows, Phillip may be in the next room). But failing that, next time you watch a game of footy and claim ball sports are part of the great culture, think on regarding its origins even if we have benefited from adopting and adapting footy here. Regardless of whatever examples you may have of our culture(s), the denial of influence and impact on our culture from other parts of the world is an insult to the English, the Welsh, the Scottish and the Irish who live here. I think that you bring our culture down to racism and/or thuggary level. I accept the core cultures of the UK and embrace other influences from other parts of the world too. And if you want everything to stay in the dark ages, think of the UK before sanitation laws, education rights, health service access, rights to housing, welfare and more even prosperity for all based precisly on labouring and including the monies generated from theft in imperial England and the use of labour and trade from other peoples. It is certainly not amazing for everyone here and the class issues really sod things up for many of us. We are also dogged with terrible and successively bad governments etc. But whilst youre considering these issues, dont forget those Brits and non-British who died for our culture and freedoms. How dare you use your fears to mobilise racism, hatred and the destruction of others' human rights. The people of the UK are multicultural! If you dont like it, why dont you move out so we can rid the country of extreme racism once and for all! Take your policies and join your Nazi fellows or the Islamic fundamentalists or some other such group that you share so many of your bad ideas about purity and control with.

Yes, I am expecting an explosion of reaction from you at the jaw dropping challenge that actually, you hatred people are no different from the other thankfully tiny pockets around the world who behave just like you. Is that too hard to accept? How ironic......

BFB said...

Louise:"PS. Now I can get on and read the other comments to see what there is to learn here."

Tried sniffing my pants?

BFB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louise said...

That wasn't me.

Louise said...

Green Arrow:

Apologies on behalf of the thicko who stuffed up your blog above. I expect that this is the problem with not having a blog ID. As is clear above, mischief has been occuring. The Louise Said.... after 00.06 hrs are obviously not me. No need for comment other than that, but there is a lot of unnecessary scrolling needed which indicates purposeful messing around with your blog.

Well. Regardless. If Yorkielass and English Rose and co want to see my comments, they can go up to the 00.06 posting. If they dont, thats fine too.

The others clearly arent me. They hint at the inarticulate and incapable stance of BFB but I suggest that very carefully indeed since I was frequently accused of mischief earlier on with your blog and it really wasnt me. Maybe BFB would like to depart from his usual aggressive and infantile stance and tell us whether it was him or not. Or, he can stick to his rubbish blog and not mess this one up!

The Green Arrow said...

Good morning Louise,

I gathered that. It is a pain. I will try not to delete your original post. If I delete your correct post, it will not be intentional.

The people who clog up the forums only intention is to stop debate and the BNP can handle their own.

My biggest attackers are the UAF. Have you checked out the dummy green arrow site where they have me as a pervert?

orion said...

Merry christmas GA and all fellow nationalists,let's hope for a prosperous new year.

The uaf ordure have an unhappy eid oh and take a bath you odious creatures...

The Green Arrow said...

And a very Merry Christmas to you also Orion and anyone else who drops in over the festive period.

Come the New Year we will recommence our fight to recover our country and will make our own good luck.

2008 will be the turning point.

johnoddybnp said...

Hell’s teeth !!!. Louise is back I see. That’s all I need on Christmas Eve morning, along with this hangover that crept up on me overnight. My head is pounding, I think they must have put stale ice in my scotch, and my arse hole hasn’t stopped working since I got up, well just before I got up actually. Her Indoors is not a happy bunny, she’s playing Elvis at full volume, “that’ll teach you” she said and it has. Never liked him anyway.
She recons that pissing on the railway line, on the way home, to see if it was live was not one of my better ideas and I have to agree with her on that. She also thinks my pole-dancing in the pub could do with a bit of work on it and no that 20 year old blonde didn’t fancy the pants off of me.
How do women remember all these things ?, don’t they ever get pissed ?.
I keep looking at the dog suspiciously, I recon the little bastard shit in my mouth when I fell asleep in his basket, well that’s what it tastes like anyway.
I half expected to see Louise out last night, she did say she liked CLUBBING but then it was pointed-out she meant seal pups, I did warn you all about her, although at this moment we do have a similarity only my diarrhoea isn’t verbal. Before she starts her ranting and raving just remember….It’s Christmas and there’s more to be pitied than scorned.
That’s it good people She who should be obeyed is out doing the “last minute” shopping, why or what for one will never know but who cares it leaves the door wide open for me to nip back to the pub and have the “hair of the dog” and see if that 20 year old blonde is still there.
It just remains for me to say to all BNP members, supporters, friends and family Have yourselves a very merry Christmas and may you be blessed with love.
Louise, Merry Christmas darling, wherever you are !.

johnoddybnp said...

Just before I scurry-off to the pub may I take the time to wish you and yours a very special Merry Christmas, you’ve done an absolutely great job over the last few troubled weeks and we’re all proud of you, keep-up the good work.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi John.

First a Merry Christmas to you and yours also.

I am suitably embarrassed by your kind comments as any True Brit would be:)

I think that Louise has been given to us as some kind of care in the community scheme. I also suspect she is becoming drawn to the "dark side" and will one day come over to us. Then God help the reds because she appears to be tireless.

Have a nice drink and forget things for a few days because there will be no time for relaxation come the New Year.

Antifascist said...

Happy Christmas and good luck in the new year.According to sources Louise is a post op transexual hence the mood swings and personality disorder.Hormone treatment can cause these negative traits apparently ;however... i am assured they will subside and eventually stabilise,it looks like she'll be around for a while then could take years lol..;-)

English Rose said...

Happy Christmas x

Louise said...

Green Arrow:

Thank you for your response.

I dislike almost all comments from your pro bnp mates. However, I also consider the principle of freedom of speech and the right to peaceful assembly paramount in any organisation's activities, even if I cant stand the cause of the respective organisation. So, this forum provides a platform for all and that alone is to be celebrated.

Why are the UAF calling you a pervert? On what basis?! I hope you have taken them to task?

Oddy: May you have as painless Christmas as possible given your last few postings! Happy Christmas!

So, sharpen your best-racist debating claws for 2008 folks. I leave you with a couple of excellent quotes that will enhance the reduction of your negativity no end, if you could only see another way forward:

Mark Twain:
Peace by persuasion has a pleasant sound, but I think we should not be able to work it. We should have to tame the human race first, and history seems to show that that cannot be done.

Thomas Jefferson:
The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.

Let there be peace said...

Dear Reader

Thank you for calling by. To mark the Christmas period as from today, 24th December we will not be making any further postings or publishing any comments on the subject of the internal issues facing the current BNP leadership.

We do so in order that peace and goodwill can descend on the houses of all involved over this special period that marks both the birth of Christ and the ancient pre-Christian festival of Yule. Whether Christian, atheist or pagan this is a time of reflection, celebration and joy, especially for those with young family, it should be a few days enjoyed by all.

As nationalists we should never forget what is at stake; the issues of the past few weeks are not about the jobs of a handful of individuals and their families, the career paths of aspiring parliamentarians and councillors, the issues are fundamentally how the BNP can survive every challenge and overcome obstacles thrown at the Party by the liberal-left opposition so that we as a unique people can not just survive but flourish and prosper in these our island homelands.

As 2007 comes to a close we face a mighty struggle. A cultural war is being waged in our classrooms and our media, a physical war is being waged in inner city housing schemes and a demographic war is being waged in the maternity wards of our hospitals. We haven't got the luxury of internecine battles while those that would destroy Britain and the British people are gaining strength every week, every month.

We call upon the BNP leadership to cease the character assassinations and spend the Christmas period in quiet reflection.

We further call upon the BNP leadership to postpone the threat of expulsions of office holders which was posted on the BNP web site on Saturday 22nd December. Many office holders will be spending time preparing for festivities with their loved ones and not avidly glued to their computer screens. There is no purpose to be served in demanding a decision on this of all days from those who have given many years service to the BNP and the longer term Cause. There is too much at stake.

We send our good wishes to every sincere, decent nationalist who strives towards a happy, secure and prosperous future for our kinfolk and our nation. Each and every one please have a merry Christmas and let's trust that we can all come out united in the opening days of 2008 to give the corrupt Old Gang parties a series of election battles in a year to remember.

The Enough is Enough blog team.

Posted by EnoughIsEnough at 11:56

leon the pig farmer said...

Great, all this stupid in-fighting really kicks British Nationalists between the legs. Why don't we all just bend over and let the far left and their islamic patsies shove our country right up our backsides and get it all over with. I'm observing all this from the other side of the pond, Americans on a daily basis ask me "what the hell is wrong with your country"? I speak to everday folk who have come back from trips to London and have asked me the same question. I even had one lawyer come back early due to the high crime and muslims attempting to blow up londoners in a nightclub. And now I'm reading about this pathetic BNP in-fighting, it's truly sad to watch a nation commit suicide. And it's even sadder to know that when my son is a young man he may well have to fight another European war to bail out the Brits again because they fell asleep on the job, again, WAKE UP AND TAKE YOUR BLOODY COUNTRY BACK!

Louise said...

Pig Farmer:

We are all agreed here that terrorism in London was destructive.

So why we look at our enemies and who has supported this....what about the funding of IRA activities all through the seventies, eighties and nineties in Boston, USA? Where did most of their terrorist money come from? Yes, the Americans!

We HAVE our country already!

I spent a few years in the USA and ended up dumping some of the pubs I had previously frequented when I found that tins were past around for the IRA in 2001 AFTER the twin towers attacks. You may have read the following article in the Boston Globe where a journalist witnessed the same acts and a supporter of the IRA said "so be it" when he was told that his funds would result in the destruction of Irish and British.

So luckily for your lawyer s/he was able to get on a plane and safely return. A lot of people died, were injured or will permanently have PTSD as a result of that funded activity. Communities were ripped apart and yes, muslims were also injured and killed and protested against fundamental activities.

Meanwhile, America continues to fund the IDF and other groups (including a rather sketchy past of funding the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden to fight the Russians) who are or have been involved in terrorist activity. Worse, the USA and the UK continue to provide arms in the Middle East yet bitch and moan when we get killed as Brits. Chomsky would take it even further and suggest that the 1992 US Congress definition of terrorism actually includes America as a terrorist state - using their own damned definition!

Thus, the hypocrisy of Americans and/or Brits in America to tell us to take our country back when they too were part of our destruction is stunning.

ANY violence against ANYONE is non-justified. See the bigger picture here.

Have a safe and peaceful Christmas and have a jolly good think before you whine about BNP fighting (which was always going to happen given the proclivity of Griffin and his henchmen to promote the achievements of the ever-inappropriate Collett whilst bugging and raiding the flat of one of his own employees). The BNP cant even deal with the most minor of challenges. Its certainly not in a position to act upon its racist policies. However, in the unlikely event of this occurring, I suggest that you get your priorities right and stop enjoying the freedom that your work migration out of the UK appears to have afforded you. Tut Tut. The BNP dont like people who come into this country so what makes you any different by leaving this country and stealing a pure bred American's job?!

orion said...

troll:The critics of Islam on this site are challenging the validity of Islamic practice in the uk,this is by no means racist as you suggest.I'm sure there are a few good muslim individuals out there but thats not the point is it,you and every other bleeding heart liberal fail to acknowledge the bigger picture.

Your previous assertions that Islam does not hurt or for that matter affect anyone would seem to be at odds with 77 911 madrid Dawsons field munich olympics ,the list of atrocities is endless and what positives has islam brought to the uk..I'll answer that for you ......


Does Islam have my best interests at heart,how does it enrich and improve my life?

You know they celebrate those dates in parts of west yorkshire ,this tells me everything i need to know about the destructive cult infesting our lives.

What's irrational about fearing a cult that produces homegrown terorists capable of blowing up and slaughtering hoardes of innocent people,a cult that prescibes its wares to its followers in the uk ,that decides and controls their life choices through its draconian backward teachings which does not recognise its followers as individuals hence its prevelance in backward regimes.Go ahead tell me...oh and btw i used to live in Harehills in Leeds i've lived in your multicultural utopia.

najistani said...

I am not a racist. I would like to live in peace. I would like my children to live in peace. But as the old saying goes, "If you wish to live in peace - prepare for war!"

Islam has declared war on us, therefore if we wish to live in peace we must destroy Islam (Which does not imply killing anyone - Islam is a meme or mental illness and Muslims are the unfortunate sufferers from this affliction. Destroying Islam is a sort of mental hygeine like draining malarial swamps is a physical hygeine.)

Resolution for 2008 - Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All, and an end to the evil divisive murderous death cult of Mohammed the pedophile and allah the infanfile bogeyman.

If there are any Muslims reading this who have an intrinsic aversion to Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All, then may I suggest you treat yourself to a Christmas present of a one way ticket back to Dar al-Islam.

Merry Christmas to one and all

Louise said...

Orion: You have either been reading someone else's posts or you are missing my points.

I suggest that you have a good think about your emotional reactions when you read my entries (or entry in this case), understand that I am not justifying violence by anyone to anyone and then stop acting like a fear-mongerer and respond appropriately.

If one life is lost due to violence, its lost. You pointing out deaths caused by islam is no better than me pointing out deaths caused by the IRA or christianity or the American government or anyone else. Plus, you clearly fail to misunderstand Arab identity, and Muslim identity. I have never justified death or destruction caused by the minority of people within a given group (including the very small number of muslims that may or may not be involved in this example).

The destructive movement that negatively impacts upon our lives is coming from the BNP.

You tell me why your policies are any different to any other violent group. How will you respond to those who democratically disagree with you when you cannot even deal with a challenge from a fellow Brit? Precisely.

Whilst you continuously point the finger and yet engage in promoting policies that will lead to civil war and destruction/control of others, you have no foundation whatsoever. When will you realise that in order to take the moral high ground, you have to be pure and to hold humanitarian principles. You cannot whine and bitch about your imaginary concerns when your party is the history and source of so much damage. Of course, you will seek to deny this because people were denying it til the cows came home a month ago and then their 'real' concerns about the damage caused by Collet and co began to rear their ugly heads. the BNP aint as clean as it looks. Your corrupt activities against the Sadie woman and co were indicative of just that. The school girl invitation to Collet and co's hotel room at CONFERENCE (for goodness sake!) also smack of the same old story for totally dreadful politicians.

We have all seen what happens when a group of peoples are routinely scapegoated and when national resource limitations are used as the stimulus to promote fear and when the end result was mass control and destruction of people, their identity, their habitat and their rights. It wasnt pretty then. It will be even worse when the BNP does it because history suggests that you should have known better.

So what are you going to do about it? There is NO time for star gazing!

Louise said...

Orion: You can enjoy my fantastic typo at yours and your supporter's leisure! Thus, let me point it out to you first....of course if you fail to misunderstand something, then you understand something!

I should have written:

you fail to understand OR
you misunderstand arab identity!

Doh. Merry Christmas:) .x

leon the pig farmer said...


the Taliban formed in the 90's, well after the Soviet union had been destroyed by the Americans and the Mujahadeen.
Yes the funding of the IRA by a small minority of the Irish community was truly appalling, maybe the UK government should've sent in SAS teams to have taken them out.

But, the greatest threat to the UK today is not some Irish Bostonian given a few dollars to some outdated outgunned Irish movement which is now dead, no the threat comes from jihadist muslims and the far left, who have almost taken over every last British institute.

I'm just grateful that I now lie in a land where I can fight the jihad without fear of arrest by a far left government. Plus in the US, Georgia especially the government allows us to own a pretty impressive amount of firepower, so when the shit does hit the fan we will be ready to step in when our government does nothing or if the far left gain power in the next elections then we may have to over throw them if they do not protect us from another muslim attack.

An armed population are citizens, an unarmed population are slaves.

leon the pig farmer said...

ps, America was founded by Great Britain, it was a former colony, i was welcomed here by some very grateful people. Everyday I am welcomed and thanked for becoming a citizen. America has a totally different unique concept towards immigration. immigration is a corner stone of american culture whilst K immigration is totally un natural, it is a relatively new phenomena and which grew out of far left policies in the 1950's. The over generous welfare state has fueled this. There is no comparison with American immigration, where immigrants are rewarded for working hard and to improving the local communities. in the UK immigrants are given as much welfare as possible and still bomb./rape/mug/rob/steal welfare and yet the government still rewards them saying they are a great asset to the community!!! Still, as i have said, as a Briton, I am in a unique position to aid the resistance and to send money, propaganda and support to British Nationalists and if need be in the future I would be happy to set up armed training to Nationalists if things get really bad.

Finally, I'm always left amused as to when a Brit leaves the UK and mentions his country he is told that he no longer has a right to speak about his nation as he no longer lives there. Yet new arrival in the UK are instantly handed a British passport, welfare and are instantly called "londoners" or an asset to the community.

You really need to take back your country, but you're probably a communist and love seeing your heritage destroyed. Are you a far left communist? like Vanessa Redgrave?

leon the pig farmer said...

PPS...I am not affiliated anyway to the BNP. These are my words only, and should not be associated with the BNP. I am a nationalist, not a white supremacistt and nor am I a BNP member.

leon the pig farmer said...

"The BNP dont like people who come into this country so what makes you any different by leaving this country and stealing a pure bred American's job?"

LOL! What is a pure bred American? I live in Georgia, over 200 000 indentured servants came here from London's slums in the 18th century!!! They built the state that I now live in, some could well possibly be my distant long lost relatives!!! They have the same blood as me, the only difference between them and you is the fact that they are armed and speak English and you, Louise are an unarmed slave living under a far left establishment run by the E.U.

Anonymous said...

PS, Louise check out my site......I'm sure it'll raise your blood pressure! A Brit, in America! oh the nerve!

Louise said...

Pig Farmer:

Good! Your not being a BNP member obviously explains why you benefit from living/working in another country and having racist viewpoints towards some peoples who live here in the UK.

Dont suggest that I am a communist. Since we are drawing mistaken conclusions, I suspect that I am less communist that you are pro-BNP position however since I share NO commonality with communism (no pun intended!). You may as well suggest that I am pro-BNP such is the insult!

I am British and i LIVE in the UK. I dont want your filthy weapons and your destructive violence. Keep it in America where God speaks to that idiotic and dangerous president of yours and people "thank you" for your becoming a citizen. But Briton who doesn't live here: if you have your way who gets to hold arms in the UK? Do you think that it does you any favours in America? What will you do if some of us dont want to hold arms? Can British Muslims hold arms? Who will decide? Im British and aethiest but if I believed in God and wanted to convert to Islam or Christianity or any other religion, can I hold arms then? Can I hold my arms, get on a plane and come and visit you? You gonna train me military style Mr Pig Farmer?

If we dont like violence in the Middle East and we assume that Muslims are swamping the UK, why do the USA and the UK fund and support the arms trade? On the other hand, if we support the arms trade and want the right to bear arms, why do we deny the Middle East and Muslims in the UK the right to bear arms?

Your arguments do not stand up Pig Farmer. I suggest that you stay there in the USA because the majority in the UK dont think like you, or like the BNP. We (the majority) have NOT voted for the BNP and have therefore rejected the policy of holding weapons in our households.

You cannot justify arms (holding arms, using arms or trading arms) AND deny the intention of extreme violence. Goodness knows what the likes of BFB would do with a loaded weapon! He cannot even operate his brain in civil or intelligent, coherent ways! Even worse, Collett. OH NO! Keep your loaded guns there, thank you very much.

Lets see if you can address all of my questions here!

Anonymous said...

"f we dont like violence in the Middle East and we assume that Muslims are swamping the UK, why do the USA and the UK fund and support the arms trade?"

Good question, i honestly do not know why we give these pigs weapons. We need to pull out of their medieval lands.

"We (the majority) have NOT voted for the BNP "

i thought that at the last local elections in london they came third?

"OH NO! Keep your loaded guns there"

British citizens had guns until the 1990's. and then you had to hand them in and then gun crime went through the roof. Only yesterday i read in the BBC about a man getting shot outside a pub in Birmingham. yet guns are illegal? it's kind of a pointless argument as next you will bring out facts and statics etc about gun crime in the USa and i'll simply say that most of the gun crime stays in the ghettoes and is localised to gang crime and drugs. Crime is bad no matter what weapon they use. You can ban everything and still someone will kill another human being with a pointy stick. I just feel happier owning the same firepower that my local cop owns

ps, im not racist. i just hate illegal immigrants and their far left masters.

johnoddybnp said...

It’s Christmas, stop winding-up Leon, go out and get laid or something, just for today pretend you’re a nice person and go find someone to shag you senseless. Get rid of your frustrations that way, you never know you may even enjoy it.

Louise said...

Oddy! Good morning and Merry Christmas!

If PigFarmer is wound up, that is his/her problem. Unlike you Oddy, Im not desperately keen to present an image of being a nice person and non-extreme in public and then act like a sneaky-extremeist-racist on the Muslim joke boards here. You will remember that it was YOU who made a pledge to me to tell me how nice you and your missus were, not I. Besides which, you will have doubtless noticed that no-one here considers me particularly nice and that suits me fine:) I will go so far as to say that you can think of me however you choose! The BNP will frustrate any reasonable minded humanitarian. Standing up to you and your racist-bullies is about having the guts to challenge something that is wrong (its not about being nice!). Im sure PigFarmer has enough gall to talk for him/herself and can probably do a better job than you. Why do you always insist on snivelling your way into conversations with your psuedo-concern?! My fella suggests that you and BFB are probably deeply insecure males and I tend to agree with him (although admittedly, I think you and I would have far more fun having a debate than BFB). Jeese Im gonna buzz off now before I end up complimenting you. Twice in one week would be far too much. Best to Paul, GA and SirHM if you happen to see 'em!

Now then...PigFarmer: I was being ironic about the pure bred American job (a homer 'doh' for you!). You will have familiarised yourself with the BNP notion of 'indigenous population' and the contradictory position that you are in...enjoying your life over there, doing a job that an American Citizen could do without you being involved or existing. Its not a situation that I disagree with but I am not in the BNP! To the contary, the BNP position regards the so-called indigenous peoples here in the UK as being entitled to more rights than anyone else in the UK. Of course, that didnt stop the Brits when they were storming all over the USA and all the other imperial colonies, hense my comment. Yes, LOL - coz its so funny isnt it?

Please define what you mean by a far left establishment in the EU.

....Chapter and verse or Im going to have conclude that you are a totally stupid idiot. There is nothing far left about the UK. Everyone knows that the Labour party are a washed out - "third way" who have sodded up this country in terms of the infrastructure eg social cohesion, sense of community, employment, economics, health, education, housing, welfare, and other internal and foreign policy. A far left would not be welcome in this country and does not exist....but go on, educate me. Explain the far left.

Also, if you like, you can tell me why you think that I am a slave. I dont feel like one. I dont behave like one. I move about the world freely. I am challenging any threat to my or anyone else's freedom by standing up with my army of one to the BNP. I dont think that this level of strength, vigour, intelligence, ability or achievement makes me a slave! It makes me an ordinary woman from a working class background who is able to kick your backside up and down this blog. Like so many of your other buddies here, you will not convince me to engage in your hatred or to feel like a slave!

Your just just just justifcation for holding a gun is atrocious! Guns have one function and one function only. So, if you are just..ifying their use for your ownership, can everyone have them? I am assuming so since it looks as if you have narrowed down your hatred to illegal immigrants? Presumably they cannot have guns since they are not technically legal in the country. So, essentially as an unarmed people, they are necessarily slaves right? Is this the point that you are making? That its alright for them to be our slaves? Is it still okay though under your vision if I load up my weapon, get on a plane and come over to you in the USA for this military training so you can teach me how to use it? Is that what you were suggesting when you recently said:

"if need be in the future I would be happy to set up armed training to Nationalists if things get really bad." (Leon the Pig Farmer, 2007)

With regards to elections, the BNP are not the majority. I appreciate that the dimpled chads and outright lies got that dangerous idiot elected in the USA but here in the UK, coming third does not maketh a winner! The BNP certainly have support but they are not winning any major seats in the HoP....and unless they resuscitate someone more honest and educated like the old sea Dawg SirHM, they aint going to get very far in the future either. Though of course, one can always employ Collet's tactics of stirring up a load of racial based frustration in an area to get a vote. If you take the average reading age in the UK (through no particular fault of the individuals concerned) and provide crap tabloid and broadsheet press to keep everyone dumbed down on east-enders and stupid ballerinas who mix flatterly lust up with independent cognitive thought, and then throw in a shaky economy, rubbish policies and fear, anyone can hammer on doors and spoon-feed people into hating their neighbours and community war. If the people actually knew what BNP policies involved (lets take your individuals with loaded weapons example or even shoving women back into the 1930s or enforcing national service), they would never vote for the BNP! Luckily of course, the majority dont. Unluckily for the BNP, one of those majority is here.

Pig Farmer: Your version of nationalism is ill-informed and with malicious intention. Stay in the USA and keep your weapons with you.

Okay men and women, Im off to my shifts. See you in 72 hours. Dont drink and drive and be safe.

Yorkielass said...



Muslim refugees of the Western country take all the liberty and freedom to preach Islam, and distribute their holy book among the Christians and Jews of those countries that calls the scriptures of the latter to be corrupted, perverted and cancelled. It denies and condemns many percepts of the Bible, including the divinity of Jesus―the central belief of Christians. Quran also urges unconditional war against and subjugation of the Jews and Christians to subhuman dhimmi subjects [Q 9:29].

But when a critic, Salman Rushdie for example, writes a book doubting the claims of Muhammad, his life is there for taking. If a Hindu, Jew or Christian openly tries to preach their creed to Muslims in countries like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Iran or any other Muslim country―he/she faces death, assaults and jail by the authority or the Muslim mob.

Muhammad had killed the freedom of expression of the highly tolerant Arab society, save his own, 14 centuries ago. After his death, Muslims have killed freedom of expression of others wherever they have gone. Like their refugee Prophet in Medina, the supersensitive and intolerant Muslim refugees are successfully undermining the freedom of expression at every step in Western countries―the only frontier which allows it by law today.



Louise said...

YorkieLass: Thank you for your post and the info. This is an unusual request, and one that I do not have the right to ask for so I fully understand if you dont want to ...but....I wondered if it would be possible for you to write in usual sentence case or even lower case? Im fairly dyslexic and it took me three times as long to read the capital letters as your normal writing style. You certainly owe me no favours and I understand that! Though it would be much better to have ease in reading your comments.

Having said are quoting the Times? 100 thousand muslims armed in the UK? Interesting but to answer your assertion, it doesnt make me feel comfortable that anyone is armed in the UK or anywhere else. My philosophy and my profession has resulted in my long-held belief that more money could be spent on vaccinations, not arms.

How did the Times do their research? Did they look at everyone else in the UK? Did they validate their findings? How? Are they up to date? Did they compare all arms or guns (not that it makes a difference but it certainly makes a difference if 100% of people own guns and 100% of the people own pointy sticks as Pig Farmer suggests). In short, where was the data obtained from and can I look at a copy of the raw data to see for myself? You know YorkieLass, the BNP should really have these details if they want to make these points. Im not denying its true but as a reasonable and engaging human being, I want to be able to see for myself! It doesnt change what I have always said regarding the total lack of excuse for any peoples to be armed in this way, White people and British people included!

If it scares you, surely you understand that it scares anyone else too?

Anonymous said...

"sneaky-extremeist-racist on the Muslim joke"

Louise, I hate to tell you this, but get ready.....

......Islam is not a race.

Anonymous said...

"There is nothing far left about the UK. "

You do realise that the Labour party is a socialist organisation. The roots of Labour are far left. Labour boasts many ex communists, such as John Reid, Hilary Benn. Their back benchers are staunch trade union far left supporters. And if you never realised , the Labour party have been in power since the late 90's. Hence the fact that the UK is considered a socialist state.

Anonymous said...


Doesn't it make you feel proud to be British that the Government takes away your right to protect your family with a firearm yet 100 000 muslims tool up in preparation for the coming British infitada.

Louise said...

Pig Farmer:

Wow. You are actually that stupid. I am going to provide you with a quick education here that will involve you doing a bit of home learning too. I am then expecting you to go and do your homework because you are way outta line on all of your points!

1. Discrimination towards muslims /those who practice islam is covered under the race discrimination laws in the UK AND international law as upheld by the United Nations. The UK is a signatury of the UN declaration. To provide a brief definition:

UN International Conventions, "the term "racial discrimination" shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, color, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life."

The EU document specifies religion directly. As you know, Islam includes but is not limited to a study, a religion, a law, and a culture.

Race is arguabley a social construct these days but the wider picture is recognised all over the world. Certainly, the BNP claims that people can be racist towards those who claim to be indigenous peoples of the UK - something that the genome project would probably have a lot to say about given the multiple influences and HUGE MIGRATION history throughout the UK! But anyway, they claim protection under racial discrimination laws anyway (despite saying its also one of the things that gets abolished on the mythical day of BNP election). The truth is that racism can actually be claimed by a Briton (including a white briton!) on the basis of their descent without needing to 'prove' to be indigenous! the indigenous idea was cooked up by the BNP to provide a platform for those who were obviously white with a heritage to make claim to so that any others could be booted out of the UK. You can go back and read about the history of the National Front and its so-called more respectable version to the current split in the BNP and the point at which indigenous as a concept was lept upon!

2. The current (and shoddy) labour party has not promoted a socialist state in the UK! In your original point, you suggested that the EU runs us under such a state but now you suggest the Labour party did it? Neither have produced or run a socialist state in the UK. The EU doesnt have the political and legal powers to do such a thing and the old version of the labour party changed dramatically from Kinnock's departure to Blair's insertion knowing full well that socialist leanings were going to get the Labour party nowhere fast. Granted, socialist principles were endorsed in the history of the UK political system but we are talking current politics, not old ones (as you specified eg since 1990s).

In fact, everyone has stepped over slightly in terms of their philosophical and political leanings. Labour became new labour (hoho) and provided the so called "third way". Defining what was meant by this in a coherent way has been impossible and easily AS difficult as trying to get a coherent definition of ANYTHING from any of you nationalists and/or supporters of the BNP. Seemingly, this is one of the most significant weaknesses here and probably a reason why there is SO much BNP inter-party scrapping, the allowance of imbeciles such as Desmond Collett and that dreadful leader, Griffin who lets anything go to control his party!

This leads me to ask Pig Farmer: What do you mean by socialist state and what evidence do you have that the UK is a socialist state? A far left and socialist state would be massively rejected in the UK and could not happen alone due to open market and mixed market economies. And before you start, the provision of certain aspects of a free health system (which is not free from cradle to grave and never has been entirely in the totality of health care provision eg not everything is available free of charge to everyone on the NHS) and rights to housing, education and welfare support has reduced in the UK and now falls under a reluctant provision but the basic driver in current political power is one of individual interest and independence of individuals with an ambition of low taxation and choice for the Briton (with which the labour party fail miserably).

Privatisation has occurred over many UK industries and structures, purchase-provider splits occurred in the NHS and the introduction of the fated managerial layers into the NHS led to a rapid decline there too. You can ask JohnOddy's missus about the education system policies and to tell you how streched and under resourced and under funded they are. I have worked against communist rule in previous jobs running medical aid projects in Romania etc and I can tell you that socialist influences there are HUGELY different to anything that we have in the UK - htough I certainly liked nationally owned industries such as mining and transport etc but the Conservative government screwed them up and New Labour didnt bring them back! Whole communities were destroyed and people forced to diversify their efforts. Up North and in Wales, thousands of people hit the poverty level and there was nothing for them.

So to conclude this issue, regardless of the history of the labour party, one cannot look at us now and stand by your precise and original statement that I am "living under a far left establishment run by the E.U." (Pig Farmer, 2007)unless they were an idiot OR havent lived in the UK since the seventies plus or both!

Whilst I am trying to establish what your knowledge base is, why the hell are you quoting the Times data?!? You didnt address any of the questions I raised. I like to have evidence at hand and all the questions answered before I draw conclusions. Papers report they dont conduct valid, reliable and verifiable research! I need to see either the raw data or to know more about the survey design before Im getting sucked into any debate regarding arms. You seemingly cannot answer my perfectly reasonable questions about being armed in the UK, you quote research without knowing anything about its sources and you dont appear to understand the fundamental definitions that surround your behaviour (racism). Ignorance is not an excuse even in the eyes of the ass of this legal system in the UK! The only civil war (you made an innocent enough typo), is going to be caused by the rebel rousing of the BNP. Tolerance is only promoted when people come together. Stop whipping up fury whilst youre nice and safe over there (as if) with your loaded hand gun. The majority who dont vote BNP dont want your violent racism over here!

Okay, im up to time on my break so Im off. I'll leave the floor open to you to educate yourself on socialism, rubbish UK press and definitions of racism. Come back with something sensible please! Im hoping that your earlier attempt was not the best that you could do! You should have known better than to think that everyone here was going to swallow your rubbish so naively!

Oh and for some real christmas cheer, why dont you give me a laugh for my next break and tell me why you think Im a slave! Im going to presume that you have the intelligence to back up your ridiculous claims. Whilst youre there, give us a definition of slavery so that I can see precisely what you mean!

Anonymous said...

The EU document specifies religion directly. As you know, Islam includes but is not limited to a study, a religion, a law, and a culture.

I'm a COS member so i assume this document being all inclusive covers me ;however i doubt it so i'll ignore it but thanks anyway for an epic of rambling dialogue and insincere tosh lol {insert rolling eyes smilie}

Leon,great posts btw and excellent blog...keep fighting.

Anonymous said...

1) Islam isn't a race!!! There are caucasian muslims, Chinese muslims, etc.

2) I would consider any party that has ex-communists and far left trade unionists in its ranks as being a far left socialist party.

3) British laws are being perverted by the EU, you cannot deport an individual now unless the individual is given a hearing at the EU human rights commission.

4) Polish cops are patrolling the streets of a Welsh city, this was organised and funded by the EU.

5) The EU leadership is run by unelected socialist and far left councillors.

Lousie, sorry but I can't be bothered to reply to the rest of your post. It's well laid out and intelligently written, but to be frank, I'm about to eat my xmas dinner and indulge in xmas wine.

But as for being safe over here in the US? Hmmm the crime rate is pretty high in the ghettoes and gang areas but I try and stick away from them but I carry my piece when I enter those areas.

Unfortunately there is a growing Islamic fundamentalist community here in Atlanta, and i am soon preparing "guerilla" style advertising, propaganda attacks (peaceful) using the media as my weapon. I am actively recruiting members for a "cell" to carry out the lightning "guerilla" style propaganda raids. Ie, flooding an area with flyers, posters etc and unfurling huge banners during ball games and CNN building( the HQ is in Atlanta).

Have you seen "Fight Club"? My goal is to set up cells like this all across the USA. Of course I will not use violence only peaceful direct action and mass marketing.

And for the record, again, I am not a racist. I do not hate other races and I'm generally a nice guy and treat people as individuals.

Have you ever wondered, louise, why the UK has a Black Police Association.

I consider this to be an affront to British society and an insidious marxist plot to undermine British culture and social cohesion. I could go so far as to state that this could well be national security issue. This is a divisive group who I may add have a large amount of firepower at their disposal.

Would you want a black British armed forces regiment? or how about the Islamic regiment of oldham?

Anonymous said...

Thanks anon!

"'m a COS member so i assume this document being all inclusive covers me"

excuse my stupidity (thanks louise) but what is "COS"?

johnoddybnp said...

Our colonised American correspondent, Merry Christmas and seasonal greetings. In answer to your question C. O. S. means Church of Scotland, that’s the cold bit at the top end of the Country where they talk funny, the men wear skirts and you get an excellent drink called Scotch.
By the way Louise is Scottish, her real name is Jimmy (as in: “See you”) and she could head-butt you several times before you got your hand anywhere near your piece (as a few gentlemen found to their cost). She may sound and act feminine but she has a large set of dangily bits protruding from the gusset of her knickers, have fun !!!.