Friday, 14 December 2007

Christmas its a British thing. For now.

This is why we fight. The children. No other reason. None needed. The British National Party fighting for you, for me but most of all our children. Support them. Join them.


Note to people leaving comments. I am having problems with the email that monitors the comments and also handles my various search results so I am missing much. The problem appears to be intermittent. I am not deliberately ignoring them and/or intentionally deleting any and trying to stack them to respond but am sure I will some.

What about the video. I thought it was great.

Richard from Harrow when I responded the way I did please do not think it was aimed at you. As I said I am having problems. You guys done a great job.


green sparrow said...

Please think I'm important. Please.

twitter twitter

(previously denied publication by "Mr Free Speech" himself)

The Green Arrow said...

Actually my little green sparrow I like birds. My last home had 40 trees and I delighted in watching them. Sure the Goldfinches were beautiful and the blackbirds song nicer but I liked the little sparrow for its cheek. All it had going for it.

green sparrow said...

Nice to see that you think you can now tolerate cheek, rather than banning it in the interests of "free speech".

What a joke you are.

Loyalty Explained said...

I'll tell you all what is important in this whole sorry scenario...


Loyalty is a two street otherwise it becomes "Blind Loyalty".

NG is loyal to Collett as Collett has been loyal to NG. I do not care if MC is the worlds worst graphic designer - he CAN LEARN.

Loyalty cannot be learned. You either have it or you don't.

NG WAS loyal to Saide, Kenny and Steve Blake, They betryaed his loyalty first. Simply beacause he refused to be dis-loyal to Mark.

So then they stamped their feet like spoilt brats and tried to destroy the party as they could not get their own way.

I have just taken a phone call from Nick, he is absolutely working flat out as usual. He told me the phone had not stopped ringing all day etc etc (details omitted obviously).


Amongst his own incredible workload, he took the time out to call me about another issue he knows is important to me, as I have shown loyalty to him.

Loyalty is two way street, betray that loyalty and you are worthless. Loyalty is EVERYTHING!

Imperfect leaflets can be improved in time. Loyalty cannot. It's either there or not.

Keep the loyalty people, keep the loyalty.

Ayatollah khomeini said...

Grrr... I hate to see you Kaffirs enjoying yourselves. But not for much longer!

Seasonal maledictions and woe unto you Kaffir sons of pigs and monkeys.

May Allah’s vengeance fall upon you worshippers of the winged idol sodomized by the topmost branch of a conifer sapling. The tree-idol is the ultimate in debauchery, for our beloved Prophet even at his horniest never had carnal relationships with vegetatation.

Moreover you Kaffirs mock the Prophet's mufa’khathat of Ayesha with your blasphemous custom of sitting children on Santa's lap. This practice is an intentionally Islamophobic parody of the hadith in which Mohammad said to Ayesha “Ho! Ho! Ho! Come here little girl and sit on my knee and let’s talk about the first thing that comes up”. And of course ‘Santa’ is an anagram of the most secret holy name of Allah.

But worst of all, you defile the most sacred symbol of Islam - the mistletoe - by performing your writhing, steaming promiscuous orgies beneath its sacred berries. The mistletoe, by its mode of sustenance, is a holy symbol of the role of the Ummah in Dar al-Harb.

So, may Allah curse your abominable festivities. I pray that the Mujahideen place Semtex in your crackers. May your tinsel tarnish and your balloons deflate. May your turkeys catch bird flu and your Poinsettia be consumed by aphids. May your elderly relatives give you presents of ill-fitting knitwear and your objectionable in-laws buy drumkits for your children. May your holly scratch you and the wounds turn septic, and may your ivy be of the poisonous variety.

Allah Akhbar !

Reconquista said...

Hey Green Sparrow, what a hilarious parody! You really should be in comedy. No wonder you're cosying up to the UAF, they're a bunch of jokers too!

Laugh? I thought I'd never start.

On second thoughts, don't bother. Just change your moniker to "great tit" it would suit you much better.

We can the ignore your unimportant, tiresome diatribes defending betrayers and backstabbers. Go play with your commie chums there's a good tit.


The Green Arrow said...

Al Jihadi, fantastic. Like your site you always raise a smile.

green sparra said...

"We can the ignore your unimportant, tiresome diatribes defending betrayers and backstabbers."

You're not from round these parts, are ya?

Or are you just a semi-literate moron (much like Green Arrow)?!

Do try to learn a little about spelling, punctuation and grammar. English is a great language - I do so hate to see it defiled.

Toodle pip

Anonymous said...

Green Arrow: "You guys done a great job." sounds more like Del Boy than a serious political party.

GA you mean well, but please stand down. Close your blog and stop posting on Stormfront.

You are an embarrassment.

Put the good of Nationalism before your own ego. Surely you can do that?

Reconquista said...

Bow reduced to highlighting spelling and grammar errors in comments eh? You may want to proof-read your own posts first bird-brain.

Tweet tweet, tweet tweet, tweet tweet - fly away tit your boring us.

Ali Jihadi - fantastic!


Unwashed Ass Farce said...

Fly away Green Sparrow...oh btw Ketlan has invested all your donations and is planning a jolly in Thailand ,in fact he's already booked a room in the CHATEAU JADE {allegedly] for next spring... Suckers.

we can smell you from here....or is it Wish you were here. Happy hols Ketlan you cad..

Red Squirrel said...

Green sparrow,
you sound like a mouldy old bird, a bit like a duck I bought for Christmas dinner a couple of years ago, and once defrsted it stank!
Green Arrow is a great guy, so lay off and fly back to Russia!
Not that you would be wanted there now lol.

Ex -Uaf said...

Believe me red squirrel the anti- bathist collective are a rancid lot.I think the word you're looking for is repugnant,kinda sums them

Whiff you were here...uaf/holiday fund.......

Rita Rules said...


A few weeks ago it surfaced that Ketlin Ossowski and Denise Garside of LUAF had a meeting with Steve Thompson, Mr Fister. Things were bubbling up because the lesbian Garside thought Ossowski was a tosser for not checking his facts before posting his crap. They had a meeting in Manchester where Ossowski called Garside a fucking dyke. The UAFs leader Weyman Bennett ordered them to forget the personal crap and work together. Ever since then Ossowski made sure that Garside never got top billing at the LUAF blog and shredded her posts.

Garside is pissed with Ossowski because of that and because they berried the hachet she thought and made an appeal for funds. Seems that Ossowski can't account for the funds and Garside is REALLY pissed.

A UAF member posted this message today

WHERE IS THE MONEY.we donated to luaf,whats it gone on ,it seems you've taken the money and done a runner and not spoken a word on it.l can't see what you've spend it on and thats why if this comment is witheld and not posted and answered.l will be withholding my donations as will my friends in future.denise and ketland you do a great job but the future is bleak for this blog if you don't be truthfull and come straight out with what you did with the money

We moniter Red hate sites like LUAF and its obvious Garside and Ossowski don't think the same. Garside moded this afternoon and none of our test posts made it but Ossowski modded later and they did. We know a lot of UAF scum who gave them mioney want to know whats happened to it.

We hear that Garside belled Bennett wanting to know when Ossowski will be sacked and Fister Thompson bought back. Ossowski gave away Fisters identity and had his Stalingrad blog shut down.

They are split worse than the BNP, More soon

Anonymous said...

The uaf are entering into new realms,Ketlan and co are expendable,a way to a means,a laughing stock.
The real force behind this insidious bunch of retards will eventually surface,but we all know who pulls the strings of the red renegades and it's not benefit scroungers and sexual deviants.

K and g are obviously thinking beyond the cause,planning their future so to speak,who can blame them for wanting to line their own pockets...donations are justifiable when all the hard work they've put in is pointless,they're human(sic) give them some

Flushed said...

Ketlan and Denise have fcuked up big style

The dick dodger is pissed that the soap dodger can't account for the money