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No. I'm Spartacus

I'm Spartacus

I have cut n pasted the following from 21st Century British Nationalism.
Italics and bolding are mine.


I suggest all our blogs carry this article and that way we all get sued.


December 20, 2007
See you in court
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Yesterday the BNP posted an article on its website that contained several libellous and false statements about Gerry Gable, publisher of Searchlight. Searchlight sent a polite email to the BNP pointing this out and requesting that the article be removed.

Today the BNP responded with a further article headed: “Hardcore Communist Gable and Searchlight Panic at Public Exposé on BNP Website”, which contained several even more serious libels.

The BNP refused to remove the original article and compounded the offence by allowing Jason Douglas, a leading London BNP organiser, to add another very serious libel in a “comment”.

Well we certainly are not panicking. Our response to this ongoing abuse is: see you in court.

Hardcore Communist and convicted criminal Gerry Gable, publisher of the “Searchlight” magazine, has reacted hysterically to the public exposé of his die-hard Stalinist Communist past on this website a few days ago, by demanding that the article be taken down. The BNP’s press office received the following email from Gable:

Send reply to:
From: “Searchlight”
Copies to:
Subject: Legal Action
Date sent: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 13:31:31 -0000
Organization: Searchlight
Mr Griffin
We request that you immediately remove from the British National Party website the whole of the item entitled, “Gerry Gable - Die-Hard Communist Who Cost the BBC £1 million in Damages“, on the grounds that it is grotesquely inaccurate and clearly libellous in several instances. It is damaging to the reputation of Gerry Gable as a professional journalist and as a private individual.

Obviously, the truth of Gable’s hardcore Communism has at last reached the media at large (who regularly monitor this web site) and this explains why his much vaunted allegations of “BNP financial irregularities” - for which he used Labour MP Jon Cruddas to announce in parliament, hiding behind parliamentary privilege, have been ignored by the mainstream media, who, upon discovering Gable’s agenda, ditched the story without further ado.

The BNP has informed Gable that the article will not be removed because it is covered by the principle of fair comment and reportage.

It is in the interests of the general public that the full details of the activities of Gable and his magazine are revealed, as he pretends to be an ‘impartial’ opponent of the BNP whilst he himself is both a political activist and an active Communist Party supporter.

His ‘organisation’ is in receipt of funds from the Labour Party, money from Trades Unions that support the Labour Party. Furthermore, Searchlight has become involved directly in election campaigns by working with Labour Party activists and officers and candidates to attack the BNP.

Confirmation that Searchlight is in fact a Labour Party front organisation, has been confirmed publicly by Liam Smith, a Labour Party election agent in an election in Goresbrook, who was quoted in the media as saying that “(T)he Labour Party, Searchlight and the unions have formed a great team together and this sets us in good stead for next year’s all-out local elections.”

Furthermore, our article, as put on the website, is protected under the “Reynolds Public Interest Test” as reportage, which asserts all information of this nature is aired in the public interest. Gable is familiar with this case law, having used it himself in previous court actions.

When Labour MP Jon Cruddas cowardly used his parliamentary privilege to make public Searchlight lies about the BNP, he did so full in the knowledge that if he had made the same allegations outside the House of Commons, that he would be opening himself up to a libel action.

In such a unique case where Parliamentary Privilege was used to evade the libel laws, then it was clearly in the public interest for the source of the information to be questioned by us seeing as we were the victims of the attack by Cruddas.

Gable has also lost various libel cases in the past (as detailed here) and was also a member of a totalitarian organisation, The Communist Party of Great Britain, and stood in an election for that party, at a time in history when tens of millions of innocent people were being slaughtered by affiliated political parties directly linked to the British Communist Party.

To recap Gable’s open and verifiable Communist record:

Gable was a member of the Young Communist League and the Communist Party of Great Britain.

He started as a trainee journalist on the Communist Party’s Daily Worker.

After a year he left for what became a career as a Communist Party trade union official.
He stood for the Communist Party on Thursday the 10th of May 1962 at Northfield Ward, Stamford Hill, North London.
These links remain. In 1986 Searchlight was distributed by ‘Central Books Ltd.’, a Communist Party front that distributes various Marxist literature.
It is also of interest to not that Gable has a criminal record with several offences for burglary and theft. Amongst other things, he has been convicted of stealing a GPO pass card which was used in one burglary.

Arrested alongside Gerry Gable was Manny Carpel. Manny Carpel was convicted the year before of assaulting P.C. William Nield and of having an offensive weapon (a metal butcher’s hook). Later, when in court for setting light to a printworks in Uckfield, Sussex, and causing more than £50,000 worth of damage (November the 5th, 1980) he described himself as “a freelance journalist working for Searchlight”. Despite his previous convictions, Carpel received a mere two and a half year sentence on the 13th of April 1981.

The founders of Gable’s Searchlight operation are equally interesting. The Zionist terror outfit, ‘The 62 Group’ (supporters of the terrorist Beginite Herut organisation in Israel) was unofficially based in the Limbo Club in Soho. Gable was involved with the ‘62 Group’ and the Limbo Club was managed by one Harry Bidney. After his death Bidney was described by Searchlight as a “hero”.

In 1977, Bidney was found guilty of eight charges of living off the earnings of prostitutes. In court, Bidney was described as the company secretary of Calderhead Investments, which was headed by David Calderhead, who was jailed for, on his own admission, attempting to procure a 16-year-old boy to commit an act of gross indecency with the predatory homosexual Harry Bidney.

In the March 1997 edition of Searchlight, Gable wrote of his joy at having a 60th birthday surprise party sprung on him by his fellow Searchlight criminals. He listed pimp Harry Bidney as one of just eight “old and dear friends” who had “passed on”. But, Gable wrote, “(T)he evening did not pass without fond memories of you all”.

The official BNP response to Gable’s threats concluded:

Therefore if your client wishes to sue us, then we welcome this opportunity to address in public all the above issues as we believe it is in the public interest that all the facts relevant to these issues are disclosed, investigated and revealed.”


d said...

I've read (I had to, duty etc) gables ramblings on the "hope not hate" leaflet that was pushed through the doors of Canons Ward Harrow.
I will not waste time dissecting the lies. Fair enough I say.
But where was your name on the ballot paper?
Gable, you are a blackguard.
Regards Harrow

Red Squirrel said...

Gerry Gable,
like all old 'die hard' commies, an old fart who drivels on and on and on.....
Well that's how I imagine him to be anyway and hanging around with pimps, reminds me of a smackhead that offered me heroin when I was 15. We used to call him Smeagol..

The Truth said...

I reckon it's not too smart, but there you go.

johnoddybnp said...

Good day to you Sir. Just thought I’d point-out that Sparticus was crucified at the end and, more to the point, so should you be for the
effort you put into making the BNP grenadiers !!!.

Brendan said...

Ah, what can Comrade Gablesnikov do to me over here in the States? I have no plans on returning from self-imposed exile until the glorious revolution is well underway. I shall make this article the first entry in the new ONM blog.

Best wishes to you lot on the front lines of the good fight.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

I hope that the BNP legal team will be asking about the links between Gable and the Secret State. His relationship with various overseas intelligence services (MOSSAD anyone?) and what he was saying in the infamous Gable Memorandum. This man has no reputation to trash - he is a political prostitute who long ago sold-out any principle. See you in court Gerry! Got a lot of questions to ask! Ask your friend Peter Hain how he spent his penny!

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Superb article Green Arrow, simply superb.
These are the kind if revelations we truly need
concerning these sordid filth.

Pip pip