Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Boxing Day Morning

Up slightly later than usual, 0645 and start the daily routine of a quick scan of what is happening around the world.

My first port of call is always the UKTabloid site. Any news worth reading is always there and for those patriots not wishing to contribute to the coffers of our enemies then they should also visit the site daily. Do so and you will never need to purchase another newspaper again. Donate the money saved to the BNP.

If we stop buying their rags, sales revenue will drop and their awareness that the British People have had enough of their Tri-Axis lies grow. Eventually greed will kick in and they will start to reflect the truth in their opinion columns. Well one can dream cant one?

Then over to the Uk Newslinks on the StormFront forum. There are several members on the forum who scour the net daily for news articles from around the "Regions" and the rest of the world that have not made the National Press. The links in that particular forum are a veritable gold mine of information revealing how Our Country is being eaten alive by the New World Order.

By now, with links from both sites bookmarked into my "Do Today" folder I make another coffee and despite the time I add a slight dash of whiskey instead of milk. It is after all Boxing Day and the day is mine.

Well until this evening that is, then I have to pay a social call on some neighbors. No doubt the conversation will drift into politics, I will listen to their concerns and then I shall attempt to gently steer them in the direction of the British National Party.

After giving up smoking for over eight years, I have started again. The reasons for which I will not go into now. So I roll myself a smoke and then head over to the blogs I run for a quick check on the comments posted. I leave Home of the Green Arrow until last.

Quite a few there and despite the fact I do not like to delete any comments I am forced to remove several. Obviously from the same person and not suitable because of the language. Another I delete is a large cut n paste from a news article written several years ago. I am not clear about why it was posted and am sure it will be available elsewhere.

Someone called k050v4 left the following in my post Kosovo. The Canary down the mine of Nationalism.


I decide to let it stay. Normally I just delete the occasional threats but I am beginning to wish I had saved them for use in a future article. I do not fear these threats for myself. But one always worries about family.

I never worried about my long tours in Northern Ireland but if I knew that one of my brothers were also out there then I really worried about them and was always happy when they went back to the mainland safe. They of course worried about me and not themselves.

I get the occasional comments about posts on KOSOVO. The New World Order are not to keen on the world knowing the truth about our betrayal of the Serbian people. If they can bomb Belgrade into submission then they are quite capable of bombing London also. I first started writing about Kosovo in March 1999. My, how time flies.

The comments cleaned up. I now have my time. I take a walk on the wild site and go into the Politics and Activism thread on the Stormfront forum.

Stormfront would be worth a post in its own right. And what a strange place it is, where nothing is what it seems. It is like some saloon on the boarders of the bad lands. They are all there. Nationalists of all shades each believing their way is the right way.

Urinate Against Freedom(UAF)
agents masquerading as Nationalists making racists comments so that they can they be cut n pasted to their growing number of sites as "evidence" of the evil of Nationalism. Usually identified by their avatars of symbols of a different time and a different country.

Then you have the agent provocateurs. Paid agents of the state working around the clock to cause distention amoungst the forum members, widen splits and spread lies and half truths about the British National Party. Their main target, now that the BNP is becoming more acceptable to the British Public and a real threat to their New World Order plans.

In amoungst these groups are the BNP supporters trying to counter the false claims about the only patriotic political party with any hope of success. These brave individuals are usually attacked with ferocity by most of the above and face constant calls for them to be expelled from the forum by the reds and government agents. They do not wish visitors to the infamous Stormfront forum reading moderate, sensible posts. They want racist rubbish and threats of violence. More concocted evidence to be used against the BNP.

Sometimes a red or state agent is exposed and exiled only to return the following day with a different identity. Sometimes a true patriot is trapped into making a foolish statement and they are either sent for a spell in the cooler or also exiled. They tend not to return to what can be a very dirty pool of politics.

Finally a quick check around the British National Party forum for members. A much safer place where sanity prevails. Here the talk is of activism and helping each other. A bit too heavily moderated in my opinion but I can understand the reasons why. All well there. I have found a couple of images that I have downloaded for future use. Well done to the graphics guys who make the images for our use.

Last check over to the BNP Group on YouTube to see if there are any new videos and to see if anybody bothered to view my poor attempts. I have added a little clip of a TV advert to my favourites that you may find amusing.

So that is that for now. Time for another coffee and then later I will write about ...well I am not sure yet. We shall see what we shall see.


My comments on Kosovo prompted Zlatan Vrabac to point us in the direction of two sites that show the betrayal of the Serbian People by the West during the second world war. A betrayal that continues to this day. They make fascinating reading.

The sites are General Draza Mihailovich and The Movement of Serbian Chetniks.


johnoddybnp said...

Good Morning GA,
Checked- out you attempts, good description!.
Excellent choice of coffee additive although I prefer “Jamies” myself, your never alone if you’ve got a bottle of Jamesons.
I also read the threat and was tempted to respond to it but thought better and treated it with the contempt it deserved.
Various amounts of miscreants floating around they must have got new computers for Christmas to replaced the ones they lost.
I see Louise has got PMT again.
Nice to see your still on patrol.
Being ex NI I don’t have to tell you YouTube has Harvey Andrews’s The Soldier on there, always brings back memories, not always good ones.
Thanks for your support with the young lad, we can only hope he sees sense.
Right I’m going to float around and see who I can wind-up today see ya.

The Green Arrow said...

Good hunting John.

johnoddybnp said...

Thank you, but I didn’t get far. I just read the article on “21st” about MI5 and their intentions. It answers a few questions, since I announced my intentions to stand for the BNP back in October I personally have had….
1. My house raided by Customs and Excise.
Acting on a “tip-off” that I was a major supplier of cigarettes and tobacco they entered my house and conducted a search and found 200 cigs I had purchased.
2. Had my company investigated by the tax/CIS.
I employ numbers of sub-contractors and either pay their tax by issuing vouchers or don’t pay their tax and they invoice me, no indiscrepancies were found and no charges brought.
3.Lost a £150,000 contract.
Received a phone call telling me a contract was being withdrawn because of my racism. I could have fought it but what would I have gained, there needs to be trust between the client and the contractor.
4.Spent fortunes on computer security.
My computer is constantly under attack and even my complexed security system cannot tell me the source.
5. Been attacked in broad daylight.
The men who attacked my election manager and myself in the middle of a busy street surrounded by CCTV were never identified and the case now dropped.
6. Constant scrutiny by Building Regs.
Over the last 11 years I have built up a rapport with building regulations to the point where not only would they trust in my honesty they would send less informed contractors to my sites for instructions. Now all my contracts are subject to pointless investigations and not one adverse report as been made.
When they say they will be using the tactics developed to beat the IRA they need to remember it was people like me that perfected those tactics and would have succeeded in wiping out the IRA had the Government at the time not lost it’s bottle and bowed to external pressure.
Well a word of warning, you’ve tried the back door and failed now try my front door face to face, as you well know even the police have to have an armed response unit on stand-by when they come to arrest me so bring it on you cowardly twats.

Zlatan Vrabac said...

Sorry to hear that your family was threatened, Green Arrow. That idiot also threatened two other people that I know of. I wanted to bring to your attention two sites:

It is about Draza Mihailovic and his royalist/loyalist Chetniks who fought against the Germans but were betrayed by the west to the communists after the war because of a communist mole in the British intelligence. I post it because what happened to the Chetniks is happening again to the entire Serb people, especially those in Kosovo and Croatia.