Monday, 17 December 2007

The growing success of the British National Party

We are over the Target now

Well we have all read it before but I think it worth repeating. "You know you are over the target when you start taking flak". And there is no doubt that the most Patriotic Party Our Country has ever seen is taking it now.

The British National Party is under attack almost 24 hours a day from the enemies of Our Country who are resolved in their determination to totally destroy Our Peoples only hope.

The attacks by the Big Brother Newspeak media, their paid agents embedded within the Party and the Moslem and marxist funded, UAF intensify as the British National Party advances daily with increased membership and an ever increasing share of the votes in by-elections where the BNP are now the only defenders of the working class.

The enemy have seen from the by-election results that the BNP average vote of above 20% is now more than enough to make many if not hundreds of their New World Order, rubber stamping M.P.s lose their cushy jobs that they have been rewarded with for betraying Our Country.

And so they have let loose their jackals of war, not even dogs. We see physical attacks on female BNP activists selling our papers of truth. Our cars are vandalised in cowardly attacks outside our conferences and paid agitators attempt to ferment dissent within our ranks as is happening now.

Sniff and you will smell the stench of their fear. They see the noose of justice in their dreams and are now panicing. The BNP has not gone away and the internet has allowed us to bypass their NO PLATFORM propaganda machine called the BBC and so now they have finally shown us that we, the BNP really can win by their increased hostility to the party that speaks for the people. The True Brits whose very existence they would wish to destroy for ever in their mad plan for a New World Order.

And what of the BNP members? How are they responding? They are True Brits, the real owners of the land that our enemies are close to stealing away from us. How do you think they are reacting to these increasing desperate attacks on the Party that they support? Forced to put their personal lives on hold to defend their country and their children's future. How are they responding?

Magnificently. From the top down, they are responding like the True Brits they are. The Chairman of the party ducks the blows aimed at him and hits back with another telling blow against our enemies. The skills he learned as a boxer during his time at Oxford are paying off now.

The techies pick up the standard dropped by the quitters and produce an even better Web Site then before. Volunteers step forward to replace those who have run and counter attack the negative comments posted by our enemies on the blogs and forums.

And the real heroes of the BNP. The PBI, the poor bloody infantry, engage the enemy in the streets with almost daily deliveries of leaflets containing information with links to the truth and all the time they are talking to their friends and work (if they still have a job) colleagues, spreading the truth and warning of the dangers facing the country from the traitors within. The real heroes.

And the Party has traitors. Some embedded for years. The "hidden assets" working against the Party and the people by carrying out acts of sabotage. Now instructed by their masters to increase their efforts to destroy the BNP from within. But their wrigglings have revealed them for the maggots and traitors they are. And some of those have been caught red handed by our ever vigilant security force. For more information on some of the actions carried out by those who would destroy our party and our countrys only hope, go here and read the posts.

And on a personal level. They also attack the bloggers like myself. They swamp our comments with lies, accusations and threats. They force us to introduce comment moderation so they can shout that we do not permit free speech knowing that no decent person could publish comment with the kind of language they use. They never post anything that could be debated because they have no interest in debate. Their sole purpose is to harass and interfere with the flow of information. But we do not even lose our stride. We counter attack and keep them busy. Because if they are attacking a keyboard warrior they cannot be elsewhere attacking an outnumbered activist physically.

They use our identities to make comments that we would never make or to post threats to fellow nationalists. But these tricks are easily spotted and foiled. The real bloggers identity will always take you to their profile. A false signature will lead you nowhere. Click here for an example.

So well done the BNP. We continue to advance and come May, London will finally have possibly two BNP members to speak for the True Brits.


Phil said...

Well its heating up nicely and Barnes blog certainly pulls no punches. I've been an interested observer on both sides and am confident that support for the rebels may not be as forthcoming as first thought. Even UAF site contains mostly C&C efforts by their handful of regulars.
The BNP is keeping them well on their toes.
I do however favour an enquiry into all the mud thats been slung from both sides.
I offer a thought into the debate, spurred by your mention of "the working class" in your post.
Perhaps Nationalism has outgrown this voting base, not only here but in Europe?
The Far Right are on the rise with charismatic handsome leaders, well spoken female candidates and professionals.
In the case of the BNP it has attracted defectors from UKIP and the Conservatives, but Collett and his like cause a nasty smell we cant ignore.The message is good but the messenger is a bit rough?
Just an observation.
I think this is the recurring bad dream of the Left, a Nationalist Party which has purged the slurs of the past and gives the message with a nice face and a professional line of attire.
No more skinheads, no more cheap hairdo's or down at heel shoes.

The Green Arrow said...


Couple of things. You were correct about the "working class" statement. In my mind anybody who works or wishes to work is "working class". I could have phrased it much better and will edit the post later to reflect that.

I would prefer not start of a long debate at this moment in time about MC for obvious reasons. One being that I do not know the man so cannot honestly comment and after all the conflicting reports that I have received, I am reserving personal judgment.

I would ask others not to kick of the circular argument until we know the full facts.

But are the BNP far right? Their policies are made up of all the good ideas from both the left and the right of the political spectrum?

Phil said...

Agreed GA. I also do not know MC and therefore can only join in useless speculation. I think the BNP are the ONLY Right Wing party out there, and yes, in comparison to Tory Lite under Cameron they do appear pretty Right of centre.
This is not a bad thing as Nationalism kicks off in the rest of the world. Unfettered migration of Third Worlders has affected not just the poor on sink estates but those who pay crippling taxes to fund it. The unemployed or unemployable may have to wait in the queue for a house but the mrtgage payer (thats a lot of people) sees his investment vanish before his eyes.
This is a golden opp. for the BNP to mop up these votes. Under Griffin the success has been very good, I only wonder how extra good it could be if the party was seen to distance itself from any scandal regarding some members shady past (YKW?) or SG's dreadful hair and accent.
The only one still sounding and looking like a politician is Griffin, none of the others on either side look the part and in an age of media spin (unfortunate but true) the rebels look lke the great unwashed and some supporters look like skins?
If I haveto go out leafleting for a Nationalist party I want my companions to look teachers doctors or even ballerinas. Am I a snob, probably but so are many potential voters dying to vote BNP but unable because of photo's of current supporters on websites.

The Green Arrow said...

Well Phil, you are right about the "middle classes". They are certainly amoungst the most hard down by because they are the ones who have to fund the mad plans of the government and pay for their failures through increased taxation and increased rates for declining services. They are the ones who have to think about whether they can even afford a child. Children that this country needs from stable family backgrounds.

If I had a choice of companions to leaflet with then it would be a mix of all "classes" working side by side.

Where I go, it is with the those at the lower end of the social scale with regards to income but their feelings are no less stronger than our own.

I mix and drink with people who feel as strongly as you are I but are not able to articulate those feelings and so vent their feelings in the language that they have grown up with. And they know they cannot clearly express those feelings to a group but if you sit down one on one then they can.

Many years ago when my mother was a child she would go listen to my grandfather talk at one of the many debating societys that existed in the Welsh Valleys where the working classes could listen, learn and practice the art of debate.

That is something I would have liked to have seen and also be taught in schools. But the government would never allow that skill to be taught in the state propaganda schools. Free thought is their enemy, especially those who are able to convey them by word or pen.

johnoddybnp said...

I read your post and am in agreement with you. I live in a very staunch Conservative area and the people here are a cross-section of society but lean more towards retired or about to retire age bracket. At the last by-election these people were saying to me we want the Conservatives out but we don’t think you are strong enough to do it, hence the Libdems got in.
The agreement of our policies is there, it’s just getting the message over that we are a “votable” party. The general public know the main parties are liars and cheats but they’ve been indoctrinated into voting for them for decades and that is hard to break.
There are hundreds of people around here who would love to hear what the BNP stand for and debate it in public but are amazed when I tell them that’s what I want but cannot have it for the reasons we all know about.
I spend hours on doorsteps, pubs, and street corners talking about how the BNP has changed and how we only want what is best for this Country, apart from the internet that is our only platform and it’s tiring, cold and, sometimes confrontational but it as to be done and I don’t care if I’m talking to young, old, working class, unemployed or royalty the message is still the same, Britain is being sold down the river and only the people can stop it.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Apart from my area being Labour dominated, John just said it for me.

Sir HM

Phil said...

So now we're in broad agreement gentlemen can we get rid of lame ducks like You-know-who, keep our chairman AND dispose of these wreckers so intent on destroying the BNP?
Because that is what the Left fears most
At the moment apart from some notable exceptions, it could be said some of our "members" resemble a rabble and a mob
Understandably to gain votes anywhere we have concentrated on sink estates where feelings may run high but supporters often dont even have a vote on account of their chaotic and transient lifestyles. Victims no doubt of the horrible social experiment that have third and fourth generation layabouts paid to sit on their asses.I dont want to see some drunk in a string vest can in hand wearing a BNP rosette and spouting about "'ow immigrants took my job" He's never worked in his life, and never will.
Old Tory values and Old labour values werent really so different, when Left and Right move too far they meet again in the middle.
See the current debacle as a step in the Right direction.
Oafs posting libel, scruffy females bleating in awful accents and men in bad suits we dont need anyway?

johnoddybnp said...

There you go again with that silver tongue

David said...

You make some very valid points.I agree,we can never do enough to improve our image. Although I don't share your view on regional accents.

Regional accents are wonderful things and help to make up Britain's diverse native cultural identity.
Have you heard our very BNP ballerina speak in her lovely Yorkshire accent?

Intelligence, substance and courage are the attibutes that really count.
One 'Lloyd George' is worth a thousand 'Tim nice but Dims'.

Today,received pronunciation simply doesn't carry the same 'clout' as it may have done 30 or 40 years ago.
These days, people are just as likely to associate RP with the arrogant, out-of-touch 'Metropolitan elite' who have ruined our once great nation.

Surely a candidate that speaks with the same regional accent as his local electorate, is more likely to give the impression of affinity and trust?

johnofgwent said...

Well, I've always said it's good to know your enemies and know the propaganda they print.

In my travels round the web I was heartened to see Lancaster UAF is whingeing that the BNP's financial officers have failed to get the accounts done on time.

Now I *KNOW* you're not just over the target you've shoved a coupe of thousand pounders straight through the roof of their comms bunkers and ammo dump.

Why do I say that ? Because of the delicious irony of a bunch of labour party supporters playing the 'accounting irregularities' card. This from the supporters of a party forced to sack their financial officers for activities a bank would be forced to report to the police as money laundering.

Please. No more. I've fallen off my chair laughing and I can't stop long enough to pick myself up.