Monday, 24 December 2007

Why Labour need the immigrant vote

The continued growth and increasing success of the British National Party is really beginning to make the Tri-Axis parties sweat.

Both Labour and conservatives have claimed that the British National Party influenced a surprise win in the Benfleet by-election for the St Mary's Ward.

You might remember that this by-election was brought about by the resignation of an husband and wife pair of councillors being investigated for benefit fraud.

In the by-election, the BNP put up two candidates who each gained 20.4% of the vote cast. No mean achievement in the ward where the CONservative candidate had this to say:

"When we were canvassing it was frightening the number of people who said they would vote for the BNP, particularly when we have no ethnic problems in Castle Point."
Well the people of St Mary's ward are lucky. Because as sure as God made little green apples, when the enrichers do arrive(and they will), so to will their problems. Those who did not vote BNP will curse the day they fell for the same Lib/Lab/Con lies and put their cross against any name that did not have BNP alongside it.

Now perhaps some of you will see why all the Tri-Axis parties with their common policy of betrayal of the True British are so determined to flood the entire country with colonisers whose votes they can buy. Buy with your taxes, your jobs, your safety and your Country.

Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Being usually a reluctant shopper !*!!, and working all hours to pay for the enrichers, I was totally gobsmacked this evening by the sheer number of immigrants lounging around my local shopping centre (some still wearing their sandals, I kid ye not!). Now I can understand them being in places where they feel comfortable and warm, which have been more or less given up by the whiteflighters, but this is central Scotland for Gods sake!. Scary stuff indeed, and indicative of just how out of touch us workies who toil all day are to whats really happenning in our towns. As a six foot male I felt quite uncomfortable at times, but any woman alone must feel very intimidated. Thank you Labour. ps merry Christmas, NOT winterval!

The Green Arrow said...

Anon: You should see them up in some of the Welsh Valleys. How they found their way up them I have no idea. There is nothing for the True Brits let alone turnips and yet they all seem to own at least one people carrier per family when they visit the benefits office.

Louise said...

Green Arrow:

2 Points. I'll keep 'em brief!

1. How does the story relate to the blog title?

2. Why do you exaggerate so keenly about the "them" numbers. Who are the "them" precisely?!

The Green Arrow said...

Louise as you know I do not have much time for you for various reasons.

If you cannot understand the title then there is little I can do to help you. You must discover the truth for yourself. Instead of talking try listening.

I suppose also that if you do not understand the significance of the numbers then you also have to learn about how fragile the Labour vote is.

Louise said...

GA: Fair enough - I realise that time is tight, especially for a non-BNP-er and that you have been generous (some would say too generous given my unpopular position here). However, the link is still not clear to me NOR is it clear as to who "them" are. Its reasonable for me to ask the questions, even if you or others dont want to answer them. I was actually trying to 'listen' as you put it, but when I ask so that I may listen, you dont talk!

I actually understand entirely how fragile the Labour vote is. And frankly, when they perform so poorly, I am not suprised! However, it is most unfortunate that there is no viable alternative (though this in NO way excuses the labour party) and sure as day follows night, the BNP is not an alternative!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this?
Thanks to our US friend tude dog for posting it on his blog!

Yorkielass said...


Migrationwatch Statement on the Health Protection Agency Report on HIV

26 November, 2007

The latest report from the Health Protection Agency shows that the major source of heterosexual HIV infection in the UK is immigration from sub Saharan Africa. 70% of all heterosexual cases diagnosed in the UK are among those born in Africa. Of those diagnosed in 2006, nearly half (46%) were described as Black African.

Commenting, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrationwatch, said "When it comes to HIV the government are curiously reluctant to address the problem. The best thing they could do to protect health in the UK would be to introduce screening for anyone from a country of high incidence of HIV who wishes to enter Britain for longer than six months. 47 other countries require such tests of immigrants. It is high time that Britain followed suit as we already have for TB."

Migrationwatch comment on the Office of National Statistics immigration figures released today.

15 November, 2007

The ONS press release headlines record emigration without mentioning record immigration.

In fact, their figures also show record foreign immigration of over half a million in 2006 with less than one fifth coming from the new Eastern European members of the EU. British emigration is also a record at 126,000, having doubled since 1997.

Commenting, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrationwatch said: 'These latest figures show that two thirds of yet another record level of arrivals come from outside the EU and therefore could and should be subject to much tighter controls.

'This gives the lie to claims that nothing effective can be done about immigration because of our membership of the EU.'

The figures also confirm the government's latest population projections for the UK of an extra 10 million people in the next 25 years.

Yorkielass said...


Just imagine, if you will, that your child has just returned home from school in tears. You naturally ask him or her what the problem is. The child explains that there is to be a school trip next week but that he or she is not allowed to go. Imagine your anger when, after asking, you are told the reason – “I can’t go because I’m white”!

No folks, this is not a trip into fantasyland but what passes for reality in modern “non-discriminatory” Britain! The former Great Britain that has been painstakingly torn down over the past five decades by the tax eating representatives of the Lib-Lab-Con axis of treason.

But can you imagine the national uproar if the roles were reversed and an upset black child returned home from school to tell his or her parents that he or she was barred from a school trip because he or she was black?

Such are the double standards in force in this, what is supposed to be, OUR country.

This shocking Labour Government approved episode is not confined to just one school but has been “bought into” by a growing number - thought to comprise around one hundred schools at present!

To get a flavour of how our kids are being systematically discriminated against we quote:

“But the £1.3 million-a-year programme also funds trips, through large grants, that white children cannot attend. Black pupils are taken to galleries, museums and the offices of local companies up to four times a year to be inspired into working harder at school.”

”The trips are part of a larger effort to ensure that the curriculum reflects the “experiences of African-Caribbean and Muslim pupils”, according to the Department of Children and Schools.

The scheme includes the introduction of the analysis of rap songs into English lessons and classes on the topography of Caribbean islands during geography.”

devils advocate said...

What's your stance on this very obvious discrimination against white kids Louise?- its not a figment of any right wing immagination either. Do you think its ok?, do you have kids of your own? would you feel comfortable that the taxes that you pay into the system are being used in such a divisive manner (that's assuming you do work of course). On second thought dont bother answering, as I'm sure that you would feel quite happy to see your own kids, or those of your relatives, being left out in the cold in favour of some that dont even belong here- part of your conditioning, the guilt trip, that self condemnation of your own kind for the gratitude of your Svengalian masters in pc NOOOOO Labour and its white hating offshoots. NUTS

Louise said...

Devils' own and Yorkie Lass: Again, whats with the emotional stuff? The questions were quite straight forward! Im asking who 'them' are and every time, your goalposts change? Are 'them' all non-indigenous peoples or:
non EU
non Brits
non Whites
non Christians
non Jews
illegal immigrants
black people or mixed ethnicity folks

You folks dont really appear to be clear on who it is that you actually hate and dont want here in the UK. Of course, your troubled history in the BNP speaks to that when you once hated jews. mind you, some would say that collett is still saying that but more quietly now your esteemed leader has half-kicked him up the backside. Who precisely is 'them'? lets see if you all tow the party line on this minor issue.

Stop making assumptions about me and start working out what your wretched party actually stands for!

Hmm. Break time. Gotta go!

johnoddybnp said...

As we all know it is very rare that I actually address you in person. Your self righteous, self opinionated and openly hostile responses to everybody is the reasoning behind my reluctance to engage you in conversation. Not that I or any of us are scared of you, for what harm can you bring us that hundreds before you have not tried, if they all failed then there is little chance for others like yourself.
With you Louise there is only one side to an argument and that is yours !, you refuse to listen to reasonable debate and can turn hostile by twisting that hostility and make it appear you are the victim. If you were slightly less one-sided you would learn that the people on here are true patriots and believe in what they say, you may not, but they do. For example you would not question a Muslim why he believed in his religion or a Christian why he believed in his. Therefore why should you question us on ours, it is fair to say you are not alone in your opinion of us for there are thousands out there who would love to have your balls and confront us but, unlike you, they do not. In that uniqueness of being one against many do you not realise that regardless of what you say no-one here is going to change their opinion of Islam, we had hoped that we might of changed yours but you are truly a spirited lady who steadfastly remains unconvinced of our perceived danger, for that, at least, I can only commend you.
You are educated sufficiently enough to understand that you cannot change another person if they do not want to be changed, no-one here wants to be changed and you certainly, gathered by your comments, will not come over to our way of thinking. Which brings us to a point, by being here what are you trying to achieve ?, there seems to me to be no other reason other than pure bloody mindedness and why ?.
I am sure, just by reading you, that you are capable of being a great asset to society in whatever field you choose but you are doing that asset no justice by being here for all you do is waste your time and ours, time is a commodity that is so precious there is too little of it to waste, make use of it while you can.
I wish you and yours all the very best and I hope you have a peaceful and prosperous New Year, may your God be with you.

Louise said...

Oddy: Who said I was trying to change any of your minds / beliefs / opinions?

I dont need your personalised message. I would have been more impressed with you if you actually managed to address some of my questions. Is this how you address questions when one of your would-be constituents or community members asks you something about the BNP that you do not like? Could this be the reason for your poor voting support?

I point out my position here but I do not feel like a victim and if you read carefully, you will see that I dont behave like one either! I am already an assett to society - just like most other ordinary folks. I work hard. I play hard. I pay my taxes. Im a humanitarian and I like to think about the world and actively engage in the world around me. I have lived in different areas around the world, including muslim and I do not share your hatred. This makes me suspicious of you all precisely because no one has tried to convert me, oppress me, hate me or harm me. In fact, Ive had more insults and threats on this and initially on BFBs blogs than ever being in a muslim community. I think your ignorance about muslim identity and your fear is precisely what stirs up tension in this country. I dont like the harm you cause. Naturally, im going to challenge that.

I try not to do anyone any physical or emotional harm. And no, I dont consider that challenging you lot (which is all I ever do) is going to cause you any harm beyond highlighting your incompetent ability to debate, your contradictions, your hatred and your harmful actions. Ask one of your biggest influences Collett if he can say the same thing? But as usual Oddy, you have read me wrongly. HOWEVER - how you read me, is actually immaterial because its not relevant to the challenges you consistently fail to rise to. Its also not relevant in the grand scheme of your damaging party. You need to shape up Oddy.

You worry about what you are doing Oddy and I shall take care of myself. How can it possibly be a waste of time to challenge you folks to shape up. I think you have done great harm. I think you will continue to do so. I would be a liar to myself for knowing you all exist here and for not challenging you (and lets face it, thats all I do - on an anonymous blog). When Im working away from home next, I wont be here but other than that, I'll be around for a little longer. Take the opportunity to sharpen your claws Oddy. I cant believe that you lot are meant to represent a party and yet get so flustered by me. Its pathetic! And this makes you pathetic. And thats worrying coz youre meant to be behaving like a politian.

So, you gonna answer the questions above? Its not rocket science.

johnoddybnp said...

Having tried to reason with you, unsuccessfully, let me point-out that if you are attacked by a mad dog your first response is to back-off and calm the poor animal if that fails have the bastard put down.

johnoddybnp said...

Having tried to reason with you, unsuccessfully, let me point-out that if you are attacked by a mad dog your first response is to back-off and calm the poor animal if that fails have the bastard put down.

The Green Arrow said...

Moderation is back because so are the clowns. It is easier for me to go through a pile in one go and click reject then go through every thread looking for rubbish.

Louise please feel free to go find an alternative site. I recommend the Opposing Views forum at Stormfront and you will be able to pick fights all day. Another good site is UK Debate where I am also a member.

The links are on the right.

Louise said...

Green Arrow: You wrote this morning and told me that I wasn't welcome anymore. I can find other sites and I prefer this one. I have been clear as to my reasons previously so I wont repeat them here. The question that I have given your earlier writing (which I cant find now) is: will I have my freedom of speech if I do write (providing I, like everyone else, stays within your blog rules)?

In the comment that I cant find anymore, you suggest that Im no longer welcome. Thats a shame as I expect that your mates enjoy debate as much as me and for those who hate it, it is still a shame because it brings more people onto these boards and even if you delete my comments at a later date, you can certainly save theirs. If the reds are flooding the site, you are preventing their freedom of speech to houseclean and stop them sodding your blog. However, I dont flood the site (even though I realise that some folks will see any comments from me as bloody annoying). I really want to establish what level platform I have here. If I dont, then there is no point in my continuing to write to you. But if I dont - we both know (and you can choose not to put this up), what that means dont we? Thereagain, I do understand (though dont agree with) if you want to be like the other shoddy parties too by not providing platform. Oh, and in my utopia, you DO get a platform - every time - even when I dont like what you say.

So, where do you stand with this?
Perhaps I touched a nerve earlier.

The Green Arrow said...

OK Louise. I will be straight with you. In my opinion there is no changing you no more than you will ever change me. But debate is good practise for some of those who care to respond to you. If I had time I would enjoy ripping your arguments to bits but I do not.

Discuss anything you like with one exception. Stay away from internal BNP party politics.

This is a Loyalist site. Simple as.

leon the pig farmer said...


you're welcome on my site (as you are on here i'm sure) , but next time, please dont leave anonymous posts, it's more fun getting insults from you!

devils advocate said...

Jeez Louise, you must either enjoy all the negative attention (as they say even negative is better than none), or perhaps you are soul searching your own views?. Anyway, in response to you answer, I must say that you evaded my question by entering into the ethnicity of those who receive the funding over our own children. As you will see in the original report (find it online if you havent seen it already), the main beneficiaries are those children who are NOT white, so it follows that its children of white extraction who are being discriminated against. Now yes it probably is an emotive subject to those of us who have children, and as a white male who has white children, I would feel just as sorry for the children of other ethnicities if they were being publically discriminated against like this, wouldnt you?, or are you one of those ladies of today that has no natural feeling toward minors (of whatever colour). I dont know what you are searching for here, does it excite you, are you bored, unloved perhaps?, maybe undertaking some Uni thesis on what makes a Nationalist tick?, whatever, I would imagine that most people who visit this site are reluctant warriors, I myself hate discriminative practice, was once very pro socialism, but years watching my own kith and kin being victimised and put to the back of the que by those whom I originally stood up for has been a growing up exercise for me and no doubt many others who have seen the foolishness of being overly open minded and liberal. Time for you to get a grip now too honey.
ps Love the way you wriggle out of answering a question, you're not a Liebour mp are you by any chance?