Saturday, 1 December 2007

Ex-Serviceman fined for stating the obvious

There is an interesting story over in the New Milton Advertiser to which I am unable to provide a link as you have to buy the paper to read the full story, so you will have to accept my word that what follows is the truth.

But what it reports is that a 70 year old former ex-serviceman made a racist comment to a black neighbour for which he was ordered to pay £1000 in fines and cost after a row with the female neighbour. Some neighbour.

Despite the "victim", Ms Vurchio admitting that she instigated the confrontation by parking her vehicle in such a way to prevent Stephen Towers moving his own car, that was not taken into consideration by Dhimmi District Judge Lorraine Morgan.

Naturally enough Mr Towers went to the house of Ms Vurchio and asked her to move it. She apologised but made the point that Mr Towers did not own the road.

Leaving aside the fact that because of Mr towers advanced age, he had probably contributed a lot more in road tax and certainly more in income tax then the Asian Refugee and her three children from Uganda. The Judge came down on Mr Towers for stating the blindingly obvious. "You know that Idi Amin is dead now. You should go back to your own country".

The Judge also conceded that the immigrant had been guilty of exaggeration and that their were inaccuracies in the "victims" evidence but she still found in the immigrants favour after she asked Mr Towers whether he considered Ms Vurchio to be English. To which the old serviceman replied: "Well, if I consider her not be be English, would I be wrong".

Well yes and no Mr Towers. Ms Veruca is not English. She may well be a British Citizen but she can never be English, no more than a white child born in Africa could be classed as a Negro.

But in the mad topsy turvy world of the new world order, of course she is as English as you who were born in England or anyone else who cares to land on our shores. By their logic an invader from Mars would be classed as an Earthlings the moment they landed.

Depressing reading but probably another few more votes for the British National Party, who would return sanity to our world whilst returning immigrants to their countries of origin once they were deemed safe enough for refugees to return.

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johnoddybnp said...

Good point GA, it is safe to return to Uganda but why should she?. In Uganda would she be given a house and enough benefits to afford to run a car, as she obviously does now, would the Ugandan Government pay for her children’s schooling and their healthcare?. The answers are all no, no they wouldn’t and that is why she and thousands like her came here in the first place. As most of you know I spent a fair amount of time in Africa and I can tell you that the average African could not, even if his life depended on it, be able to afford the airfare to escape, that is if the Government allowed you to leave in the first place. The vast majority of black Africans seeking asylum in this Country come from well-off families, families that can afford the equivalent of one years wages to purchase a ticket. Once here they are able to send back enough money, money obtained by defrauding the benefit system, in order for more of their family to join them, they’re laughing all the way to the bank.
In London I had a Nigerian tenant my other tenants complained that they couldn’t get to their garages, eight flats and eight garages, I thought they were having a laugh so I went over to have a look. Her garage was overflowing with fridges and freezers, they were everywhere. When I approached her about the matter she told me it was none of my business and became rude and offensive. Eventually, after a lengthy legal battle, I obtained an eviction order and she was removed. It transpired she was claiming benefits for her and four kids, she only had two, in seven different names!, with the money she had started a business exporting fridges back to Nigeria!!. The best bit was her husband was in Holland doing the same thing and they just shared the kids between them when they needed them!.
And they get away with it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Green Arrow said...

Hi J.

When I first came out of the forces after 12 years and went to sign on, I was asked if I could have re-enlisted. I made the mistake of saying probably and I was told I had made myself unemployed and they refused me benefits. I got it after a long struggle but it started to make me wonder about the way of the world.

johnoddybnp said...

Now if you'd been a one legged black lesbian ....................

wheatington said...

income tax THAN the +the Asian Refugee and her three children from

Just thought you'd like to correct the typo.