Sunday, 2 December 2007

The French civil war has begun

No matter how much the new world order media try to portray the recent French Riots simply as being disaffected "youths", the fact that armed weapons and even a bazooka were used to attack police, blows away their stories.

Over in Paris, the first opening battle of their Civil War has taken place and will only end if the Dhimmi politicians surrender their country to Islam or if, finally the French people wake up and cut the cancer from their body. Either way it is going to be painful and there will be deaths.

Not far from where Illy was lying was a policeman who lost his right eye after being hit by pellets from a shotgun. Another policeman displayed a hole the size of a 10p coin in his shoulder where a bullet had passed through his body armour.
Altogether 130 policemen were injured, dozens by shotgun pellets and shells packed with nails that were fired from a homemade bazooka. It prompted talk of urban “guerrilla warfare” being waged on French streets against the forces of law and order.
Will the events in France waken our fellow sleeping citizens. I think not. Who can tell. The only thing I think will wake them will be the sound of an explosion outside their doors and blowing into their lives.
“It felt like they were out to kill us,” said one of the officers in Villiers-le-Bel last week. “We knew that there were weapons in the suburbs, but they have never been turned against us like that. The kids were shooting at us at close range, loading and reloading their weapons. I’ve never seen anything like it.”
The urban guerrilla warfare that is now happening in France will soon spread to Our Country. The turnips from hell have already created their own no go areas for the True British and the police. Soon their generals will order them onto the street again over another concocted excuse to rattle their swords and our cowardly Dhimmi government will give in to their latest demands and pay the jizya(tax).

You know there is only one political party with the courage to grasp this most painful of nettles. You know there is only one political party that says what it means and means what it says. You know what you must do. You must join the British National Party and take your place in the firing line with your comrades and fight for your children and grandchildren s future.

Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold forbidden that which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued


defender said...

"Bad moon rising" creedence clearwater revival" great music.

how will we react to this happening here in England?
We have been promised a dirty bomb, we have had and will have riots. I realy am interested to hear what you think our reaction would be when it does kick off here.

najistani said...

The nightmare scenario is civil war in France with the Muzzies eventually losing but swarming across the Channel in their millions to claim political asylum here.

Has the government got any contingency plans for a full-scale French infida, or will they welcome the fleeing Jihadists with open arms as another wave of enrichment?

Anonymous said...

najistani, not too concerned about a rush across the channel, it still is a barrier and the tunnel is a tunnel one way in and one way out, what i am on about is how will the English people actually react to an uprising taking place here in England?

The Green Arrow said...

anon. I will be posting my thoughts on your question later this evening.

I have been meaning to do it for ages. Thank you for reminding me.

johnoddybnp said...

GA I know you are a man who does not agree with violence and, to a degree, so am I. There are times though when you can only meet violence with violence, our laws, the ones we have lived with for years, mean absolutely nothing to these people, to them we are weak, morally corrupt (I wish) and ready to be assimilated.
You and I along with a growing number of others know that the BNP are all that stands in the way of these reptiles in rags but what if we don’t get elected into Government?. What if the mainstream parties retain their strangle hold on this once proud Nation?, they haven’t got the balls that the BNP have, so what happens when, not “if”, when, the scum starts to float to the surface and we are faced with the same things as France and Sweden are facing now?. It scares me when the people of the UK become ostriches, they, we, cannot turn a blind eye forever there as got to come a time when we say “enough is enough!”. If this continues, and I cannot see why it shouldn’t, with this Government, what are we going to do, stand-by and watch Muslims burn our houses, our cars, rape our women?. These parasites have no fear of our politically correct authorities, they couldn’t care less about robbing, raping and looting it’s not in their nature to be understanding.
If there is no political solution, very soon, then it wont matter what our feelings about violence are, the situation will overtake us and if the Government at the time haven’t got the gonads to stand-up to these scum then you will have Civil War, the people of this land will only take so much and then they will take to the streets and, by God, I’ll be out there with them!!!.

Yorkielass. said...

We already pay the muslims taxes by way of welfare benefits these being the highest claiments not only here but across europe.
When trouble erupts here the government and media will be 100% to blame, for their constant censoring of news that would at least be a warning to the general public.
Fooling ourselves that like the French the ones here are any different, fooling ourselves that they don't have access to the very same weapons that French muslims have.
Dhimmis in charge of our safety and not doing regular unannouced mosque searches just it incase it offends these so sensitive barbarians.
The Danes are arming themselves against the law. but at least their police turn a blind eye recognising that to defend oneself is a most basic human right.
Our government prefers to sit us all in a shooting gallery just like ducks in a fair ground.
Allowing only the aggressors to hold arms against the population.

Our own bill of rights allows for us to bear arms handed down through the centuries.
This corrupt government saw fit to disarm only the honest citizens.
Using Dunblane to bring this about when the true facts about this carnage have a 100 year banning order placed upon them to save their poxy skins.
For this the British were disarmed!!
Just another lie, another cover up.

defender said...

Here is a scenario:
Late one night a group of lads with a can of spray paint write some deretory statement about Mo high up on a building. Next morning when it is light, the faithful who have been to early morning prayers come out and see whats written on the building, they obviously go nuts and the word spreads.
The building can also be seen from an adjancent motorway and a mainline rail line. The area is also on a flight path to a major airport.
Within minutes its on Sky and BBC.
Rioting starts, fires are started, gunshots are heard and areas are barricaded.
within a short time the unrest spreads across the country. Many people are trapped in the area, people have been killed and injured, emegergancy services cant get in. The motorway, rail line and airport has been closed.
the old bill are stretched and the govt calls for order.
Over the coming days it intensives with reports that people are dying in these areas and shots have been fired at the police.....

johnoddybnp said...

The course you went on, probably a state funded one, would have gone like this…..
…….The Government are in talks with local Islamic leaders who have presented a list of demands that must be implemented before hostilities can cease. The Government spokesman, Lord Achmed, said, today, that concessions had been given and that amongst those concessions the group of youths who were responsible for all the trouble will be publicly flogged to death outside the new mosque, when it’s finished been built next week.
One of the Imans, responsible for this great achievement, got out of his new Mercedes and told waiting reporters what a good Prime Minister Gordon Brown is. The Iman then sped off with Ken Livingstone to collect his key to the City. Police are still investigating the allegations that it was BNP thugs who mingled with the rioters that actually fired the shots.

Anonymous said...

If the French do fight back, those fleeing muzzies will be welcomed here as new Labour voters...the homes are already being built for them!. I for one will never back down to creatures which are of a lesser order to me or my family, its got nothing to do with white supremacy, as the braindead left would like to think, rather that I can make my own mind up and not commit atrocities on the rantings of any master, priest or imman. thats what makes us superior.

Zlatan Vrabac said...

Kosovo independence will be declared in 7 days. I hope everyone understands what that means. Soon it will not only be France in turmoil but also the Balkans. After that I am afraid that every country in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America will be torn by a low-intensity war of one kind or another.

Ronbo said...

Civil war brewing in France, Britain and America...Are we begining to see another revolutionary period like the late 18th century?

Ronbo said...
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Zlatan Vrabac said...

No this will be nothing like the 18th century. Those civil wars were fought on the purpose of ideals. The civil wars that will be the result of Kosovo independence will be ethnic strife. Imagine the wars in former Yugoslavia and now imagine them around the world.

johnoddybnp said...

Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, under growing pressure from all sides, has implemented a controversial directive sent out to all regional states. The directive comes after increasing crime figures show that the highest percentage of crime is committed by immigrants. The final straw came after a Rumanian illegal immigrant was arrested following a vicious attack on a woman.
The directive gives all states the power to arrest, detain and expel all illegal immigrants without the need of a warrant or trial. Italian Police and Italian riot Police were shown on Italian TV systematically and actively seeking out the immigrants and taking them into custody before forcibly putting them onto buses and removing them from the Country. The Italian TV programme also showed the Police bulldozing down shanty towns that a lot of these illegal immigrants were occupying.
For years Italy, like the UK, under EU instructions, have been forced to allow immigrants to enter the Country but they, also like us, have suffered and are still suffering from illegal immigration. Not only do they have a problem with Eastern block immigrants they also have to contend with boat loads of illegals from North Africa swamping their shores with disease ridden North and West African illegal immigrants. A lot of these boats are in such poor condition that they do not make it and sink on the way over (I will say nothing on that point!) causing bodies to be washed-up on Italian beaches. Those that do make it disappear into an area of Milan known as “Little Senegal”. Some try to claim Political Asylum claiming to be from war torn Sudan, the Italians have just sent a plane full of these asylum seekers back to Lagos when they were found to be Nigerians.
Mr Berlusconi has come under intense criticism for his decision but the billionaire Prime Minister is no stranger to controversy, he as just taken over the Presidency of the EU amidst claims of corruption. He stands by his decision and his popularity with the Italian people as soared to an all time high.
There are a number of points that surround this report: This is a ground breaking decision by a European leader yet it as not even been mentioned in the UK media, instead we are treated to how well two of our Muslim peers did in ensuring the release of Gillian Gibbons, okay, maybe it didn’t have anything to do with the £326 million we give Sudan in aid money. Could the Presidents decision have anything to do with what happened in Paris and he could see it happening in Italy so he stopped it before it began? Finally, could we be witnessing the start of a fight-back to regain control of our streets, could it be the Italian intolerance of these parasites is the awakening of Europe to what we all know is an unacceptable and abhorrent? European Union directive?, I for one, can only hope so.


yorkielass. said...

Italy and Italian MEPs have been the driving force in Brussels, it was PRODY that put through the bill earlier this year to allow muslim health tourists,he's fully behind the islamnisation process of the UK and Europe.
There has been riots across Europe in 2007 within minutes of starting europol move in close down the area completely phones etc are cut off.
They keep a tight grip the news gets out thanks only to bloggers.
Last year our own top Gen of the army warned of the dangers islam poses to this country but it was ignored by the mainstream media.
This proves there is an agenda otherwise his words would have filled every newscast that day.
I have the part of his speech that should have caused everyone to wake up but it did not.
Here is the part.....2006

Sir Richard warned that the consequences will be felt at home, where failure to support Christian values is allowing a predatory Islamist vision to take hold.

He said: "When I see the Islamist threat in this country I hope it doesn’t make undue progress because there is a moral and spiritual vacuum in this country."

"Our society has always been embedded in Christian values; once you have pulled the anchor up there is a danger that our society moves with the prevailing wind."

"There is an element of the moral compass spinning. I think it is up to society to realise that is the situation we are in."

"We can’t wish the Islamist challenge to our society away and I believe that the army both in Iraq and Afghanistan and probably wherever we go next, is fighting the foreign dimension of the challenge to our accepted way of life."

"We need to face up to the Islamist threat, to those who act in the name of Islam and in a perverted way try to impose Islam by force on societies that do not wish it."

"It is said that we live in a post Christian society. I think that is a great shame. The broader Judaic-Christian tradition has underpinned British society. It underpins the British army."

General Dannatt says he has "more optimism" that "we can get it right in Afghanistan."

But he condemned the treatment of injured British soldiers, who have been forced to share wards with civilians in Selly Oak hospital in Birmingham.

Sir Richard said he confronted Mr Browne about the "covenant" between a nation and its armed forces.
Now ask yourself why no coverage of such a warning from our top General.what he was saying was exactly what the BNP have been warning about.
The BBC cannot be trusted at all yet the British population have such a trust in this org. untill they hear from the BBC that all is not good that a danger exists. folk just seem to believe it's just the BNP scaremongering which is exactly what they are fed.

johnoddybnp said...

Being a Yorkshireman myself (Burley-in-Wharfedale) I believe in saying it the way it is unfortunately this cannot be said about the BBC or any other media platform in the UK. It’s down to the likes of you and I and other readers (most of them) to say what we know but as soon as we do some do-gooder says it’s BNP propaganda. If the mainstream media were to say the same it would only give credence to the BNP and we all know the main parties would not want that to happen, imagine it a Political Party that told the truth!!!! Never been heard of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!