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The Madness of Europe: Let us stop it now!

Guy Leven-Torres

28th November 2007

Largely unreported in the British media, especially at the BBC, little more now than the British version of the old style Pravda or Tass that performed a similar function as state propaganda machine in the former USSR, Moslems tonight are again rioting in the cities of France after two youths deliberately drove their motorbike into a French police car. Nearly one hundred policemen have been injured and more than one has been wounded by gunfire. Even worse a Turk, released before time on parole, raped and murdered a young French female journalist, Anne-Lorraine Schmidt on a late night train.

The French media, notoriously corrupt, harps on and on about the terrible tragedy of the Moslem yobs and the 'need to understand their anger' in the face of French 'discrimination', while the death of the journalist is ignored: after all she is of no consequence on two grounds: she is white and therefore not a 'victim of society' to be patronised by France's liberal establishment and she was a woman travelling alone and so easy prey to her Moslem killer in the Islamised regions north of Paris; such a woman should not have been out on her own anyway and have dressed so provocatively but instead perhaps, should have worn the burka and travelled with male relatives for protection.

France is well on the way to dhimminitude it seems. 'Dhimmi' is the status awarded by Moslem conquerors to the infidels they have overcome and then force to pay the religious tax of 'jizya', in order to live in their own former lands and practise their faiths, unless they convert to Islam of course. In France's case, the gradual islamisation is seen in the unimportance placed by the media on the life of Anne Lorraine Schmitt: she was simply a member of the white 'dhimmi' that will within a generation or so, perhaps sooner, given the cravenness of the French governing class in the face of the Islamic threat be having to consider whether to remain faithful to France's Roman Catholic Christian traditions, or to convert to the new dominant religion.

Meanwhile in the Sudan, a British teacher Gillian Gibbons is held in a squalid prison facing a harsh penal sentence and 40 lashes, for simply allowing her class of children to call a teddy bear 'Mohammed'. Our craven media in response to this obvious piece of political machination and mischief, falls over itself to appease the primitive thugs that run the regime in that part of the Sudan, that is currently seeking western aid and is a well known operations area for Al Quaeda. Sudan was only last month seeking an official apology from our own Prime Minister for suggesting sanctions be placed on the country over its human rights record (Guardian newspaper 1/11/07).

Meanwhile, on our home front David Miliband the Foreign Secretary calls for the EU to take in Turkey and extend the Union to Moslem states around the Mediterranean as reported in the Guardian November 15th, 2007-

'He identified opening up European markets and ending protectionism as the best way to combat excessive migration, which he said was caused by "poor economic prospects in neighbouring countries".

And in a speech that frequently touched on the threat posed by conflict and terrorism, he expressed his belief that shared institutions and activities could "help overcome religious, regional, and cultural divides, especially with the Islamic world".

On the same theme he floated the idea of a "multilateral free-trade zone around our periphery" that could "bring the countries of the Maghreb, the Middle East and eastern-Europe in line with the single market".

He also pushed for Turkey to be granted accession to the EU, warning that failure to do so would signal "a deep and dangerous divide between east and west".

In Malmo in Sweden, a once peaceful and beautiful city just across the sea from the once equally pleasant Copenhagen, white Swedes are now terrified of going out alone as gangs of Moslem asylum seekers regularly rob, rape and even murder their way to local Islamic hegemony. Malmo is now the first Islamic city in Sweden, taken over by recently arrived asylum seekers over the last 25 years with the active connivance of the Swedish multicultural authorities. The Swedes that object have found themselves criminalized on charges of racism and sacked from their jobs, deprived of all civil privileges. A former Swedish Prime Minister, has even informed the Swedish population that they 'have no country or history and that they must accept a Moslem population' that will become the indigenous one within a generation or so, given its huge birth rate and immigration figures in Scandinavia that far outstrip the original white.

In Belgium a Leftwing academic boasts that Brussels will soon have a majority Moslem population and is gladdened by the fact. In Paris the once elegant Champs-Elysee is now the hunting ground of armed Moslem teenage gangs. In and around British Northern cities, Moslem gangs regularly attack and rape, even murder white girls, even disposing of the body parts of one such girl, by cutting them up and selling them as kebabs, while using the crushed up bone as tile grout. This particular incident was reported in the Manchester press but quickly suppressed for fear of stirring up racial unrest.

The simple truth is that wherever large migrant populations exist, crime and disorder seems to follow. Our authorities do not want us to know about this. They even pass laws forbidding dissemination of such knowledge under race hate and religious laws forbidding blasphemy and righteous criticism of Islam. The plain truth is I am afraid, is that Britain and Europe are fast becoming Third World countries with similar laws and levels of crime, imported as a direct result of immigration in figures never seen before in 2000 years of history, except perhaps at the end of the Roman Empire.

That too collapsed as a result and formerly wealthy peaceful Roman provinces used to peace and trade collapsed into barbarism, chaos and murder. Europe was condemned to 700 years of Dark Age mayhem, until civilisation once again stuck its head above the feudal parapet. The Roman authorities too confused by ridiculous 'Christian' feelings of personal guilt, allowed and assisted the barbarian interlopers and savages in their own cultural demise. They too like modern David Milibands, thought it a marvellous idea to extend the benefits of western civilisation to the barbarians, with the same predictable results.

Yet we are told by the EU Commission, that we must accept another 20,000,000 migrants from the Moslem world and allow Turkey's 68,000,000 population into the EU as well. Yet we are not allowed to protest on pain of punishment for 'Islamophobia and racism'. And to add insult to injury we now find out, that under EU law and the Reform Treaty that will be foisted upon us no matter what our effete MPs say or do, that criticism of the EU state will be treated as 'xenophobia' too and we will be stripped of our basic rights and citizenship: See Homepage- Article: 'Back In The EUSSR dated 14th November 2007.

We were further informed by New Labour, that only 13,000 migrants would come to us from Eastern Europe after those countries' accession. The true figures are around 2,000,000 with several British businesses threatened and half of all new jobs going to foreigners. In Sweden and France, even in Britain, Third World migrants usually end up on social welfare and benefits.

In Sweden it is calculated that 80% of the Moslem population lives on the state with generous extras to have more children. So bad is, it that the Swedish welfare system that taxes its citizens at 50% to 60% is in danger of imminent collapse. The Moslem population in France, situated mostly around its major cities also exists largely on state handouts and is largely unassimilated in areas that are now controlled and governed by the same gangs that riot. The police fear to enter these Islamic statelets in which sharia law now holds sway and French women made to wear Islamic dress.

The real cost of such massive migration is horrendous to the European countries and populations that are seeing their cultures and lives ruined before their eyes. The real numbers of migrants into my own U.K. is actually in the region of 5,000,000 in the last ten years alone. The strain on schools and on our social services is reported in the tabloids and Daily Telegraph right now as I write.

With a regime in power that does everything it can to harm and oppress its own white population at every instant by accusations of racism, positive discrimination, denial of housing, work, even national history and banning festivals such as Christmas, Easter, and Guy Fawkes while deliberately fostering those of foreign cultures, is it any little wonder that white populations, even migrant communities long established here and in Europe are starting to mobilise and act? They have had enough.

The military too, in Britain is for the first time in centuries involving itself in politics: absolutely anathema in the UK and between 1300 and 2,000 officers have resigned in protest at the activities of the New Labour government through disgusting living conditions, rotten equipment, low pay, primitive medical facilities and a largely disaffected apathetic public, sick to death of illegal wars and EU/New Labour spin and lies.

Every which way we turn, we are now threatened and harassed by police, health and safety officials, 'multi-culturalist' and false environmental agendas to accept the wickedest social engineering schemes in Western history. This is cultural genocide on a truly megalithic scale, imposed not by foreign enemies but our own elite! Most of this of course, comes from the European Union and Brussels soon to become the European version of the old Soviet Union and called the EUSSR.

We are not even allowed a say in this business that is actually, very much our concern and that of future generations yet to come! I for one cannot believe the breathtaking arrogance of statements by our politicians that 'it is not for you to decide, as it is none of your business!'

Well we have news for our ignoble elite! It is our business; very much our business! We would say in fact, that it is not your business to hand us over to barbarians and a proto Marxist-Leninist state. We also suspect that a great many of the European population may well decide that 'war is politics by other means' to quote Von Clausewitz' famous dictum from his great philosophic work 'On War'.

As most of my readership know and understand I am against violence, preferring instead the methodology of Ghandi and civil disobedience. War is far too destructive and civil wars are always far more vicious than international wars, simply because to overcome natural reluctance to kill one's own, one must hate more. And the only people that would benefit from a destroyed Europe are the barbarians in our midst, just like their kind gained from Roman internecine strife in their day around 500AD.

I do not think any of us want that do we?

And for those that think this cannot happen, then look again at history and recent history at that. Nobody expected the Great War in 1914 on that August hot summer's day not so long ago! Wars tend to start like this of course; totally unexpected and unannounced but after all is done with, never to be forgotten, except their harsh lessons and crippled remnants of those that survived.

Dear God when will we learn?


najistani said...

Muslims regard rape as an integral part of Jihad.

"After one successful battle, Muhammad tells his men, “Go and take any slave girl.” He took one for himself also. After the notorious massacre of the Jewish Qurayzah tribe, he did it again. According to his earliest biographer, Ibn Ishaq, Muhammad “went out to the market of Medina (which is still its market today) and dug trenches in it. Then he sent for [the men of Banu Qurayza] and struck off their heads in those trenches as they were brought out to him in batches.”

After killing “600 or 700 in all, though some put the figure as high as 800 or 900,” the Prophet of Islam took one of the widows he had just made, Rayhana bint Amr, as another concubine...

With Muhammad revered throughout the Islamic world as al-insan al-kamil, the perfect man, the rapes of Darfur and Beslan are nothing surprising. What is surprising, or ought to be, is the silence from the Islamic world about the rapes in both cases.

Where are the reformers who will dare to say that Muhammad’s example must not be followed in this case? Who will acknowledge that the world has developed principles of human rights that must supercede those forged in seventh-century Arabia?

Where are the Western spokesmen who are not so in thrall to multiculturalism that they will condemn rape that is justified according to Islamic religious principles? "


Anonymous said...

Britain has been aquired,we are being gradually merged into a global community,our island is a land mass aquired for redevelopment. British workers are being laid off and replaced with a cheaper workforce ,we are no longer British citizens we are economic entities,a subculture,subservient puppets who are easily manipulated and controlled by soviet styled commissions,unelected elites immune from prosecution and morals.
The eu state will not be accountable to anyone ,the ruling elites want you to be loyal to the state,your governors. Therefore the state becomes the religion and belief system and represents the sole authority.The empire has already been dissolved which just leaves the uk,once the nation is divided and void of patriotism then the new dictatorship will be installed.Our new leaders forsake cultural and indigenous independence for money and corporate multi-national influence creating a socialist empire .Welcome to new Britain.

Thought Criminal 14 said...

"Where are the reformers who will dare to say that Muhammad’s example must not be followed in this case?"

Dead in a ditch?

Le Resistance. said...

The BBC Spreading Disinformation Yet Again!

Guy Leven-Torres

6th December 2007

Yesterday the BBC headlines reported the grooming of white girls for sex and prostitution. They stated that Police and Social Services were concerned with the fact that 'young men', not much older than the teenage girls were giving them expensive presents in order to have sex with them before handing them on to older men and full-time prostitution. The BBC failed to mention it was not just ordinary young men but Asian and Moslem. The Times on the 11th August reported the case of two Moslems, Qaiser Naveed and Zulfqar Hussain being jailed for nearly six years for such activity.

Some of these young women have been killed as the Daily Telegraph reported recently on the 24th May 2007 and one was cut up into kebabs and sold to customers as a takeaway. The parents of the young women, many from good homes have tried without success, to warn the police in the northern cities these events are taking place in but until recently, the police afraid of being seen as racist and anti Moslem, did not do much about it! The Officer interviewed by the BBC did not mention the fact that the culprits in most of these cases were well organised Asian gangs, involved in drugs and the sex trade but probably using the cash to fund terrorism.

One does not want to stigmatize Moslems but the BBC and Police whom we pay for should be telling the truth. Again we see political correctness silencing the media and law. It is well known too that much of the crime in major cities is caused by black gangs, especially crimes involving guns. A recent report also showed that the majority of murders in London were carried out by migrants, whose standard of law abiding behaviour remains the same as it was in the countries they came from originally.

In another episode, social services complained about the fact that over 50% of speedsters in London caught on camera were black. The Police stated that they did not set up the cameras to photograph speeding black drivers and also suggested that as cameras were neutral, it was unreasonable to accuse them of being 'racist'. This is the level of farce we have now descended to. My own black wife thought it was hilarious and suggested they use negative films in the speed cameras to avoid upsetting the black drivers. She also stated that white suits would have to be banned too! If I had made the comment I would be arrested for racism.

We really need to start asking ourselves some adult questions sooner rather than later. The ridiculosity of political correctness is slowly but surely destroying us as a culture by distorting the truth and fact that are vital to a fully mature society. It is simply unacceptable to have facts ignored simply on the basis, that it might upset an ethnic or religious minority, especially when people are being killed. Indeed it is madness!

5,000,000 migrants have arrived over the last ten years since New Labour took power. Whole towns have seen their demographic makeup change almost overnight and in truth, the Home Office has simply no idea of how many migrants, legal or illegal are here and I suspect the numbers are much higher, given the numbers of foreign tongues one hears at gatherings like car boot sales.

The social engineers within the EU have decided that another 90,000,000 must be allowed into Europe if Turkey, with a population of around 70,000,000 is allowed to join the EU. The other 20,000,000 are to be allowed in from other countries around the Mediterranean in an intended widening of the EU free trade area that will allow countries like Libya, Syria and Morocco to join the Union either as full members or on special terms. David Miliband no less, openly stated this in the Guardian recently on November 15th.

The Northern European peoples in general are extremely law abiding when one considers the complete lack of police on our streets, especially in Britain. Britain until the advent of Socialism and migration had one of the lowest crime rates in the world. I remember my mother leaving the door open regularly without fear. That all changed in the seventies when the first muggings took place in London: yet the streets were a lot more safe than they are now.

Obviously the naive souls that run the EU are intent upon spreading the benefits of European civilisation and wealth to those from the Third World, now arriving into Europe in their millions. The trouble is that these migrants do not assimilate European ways and attitudes to law as the EU 'Useful Idiots' would like. Indeed there is a huge increase in crime among the migrant 'communities' and these affect the quality of life for migrant and British natives used to law and order. Whole areas of British cities are now 'no go' areas run by some pretty awful foreign gangs, who have brought their attitudes with them. In France too, Paris is awash with Moslem gangs into the drug and prostitution racket. On one trip I did delivering airfreight to Charles de Gaule Airport in 2004, we were attacked by an armed gang of masked individuals wielding machetes and Uzzi machine guns and locked in the back of our van, which they then proceeded to set on fire. Only the quick thinking of my driver's mate in kicking the hardboard partition through into the drivers cockpit saved our lives. The crooks were not French whites. The French police only turned up some hours later before we could drive the damaged van home via Calais. My mate refused to travel anymore at such poor pay rates of £6.00 per hour.

East Europeans were recently fined for using nets and explosives to catch carp in the Severn River Estuary and police have told me that there are regular arrests of migrants, well over the limit of alcohol consumption when driving and with no insurance and tax either. A colleague of mine had his wife nearly killed by a foreign truck that ripped her vehicle in half on the M25. My own son suffered a similar accident and only just escaped without injury. Both articulated trucks, refused to stop and were foreign. I was told by a friend working on the M25 as a traffic co-coordinator that he sees accidents every day on his travels, mostly caused by foreign vehicles whose drivers thumb their nose at British law.

The plain truth is that admitting migrants in such large numbers, simply changes not them but the country they have migrated to. Britain now has serious crimes that were totally unheard of twenty years ago like kidnap and firebombing, even political corruption on a scale unknown before migration started. All that is happening is that Britain and other European countries are becoming more like the lands that the migrants come from in the Third World, with equally corrupt governments, similar levels of crime and prostitution, bribery and very undemocratic acts by politicians. Even our laws have started to become like those found in places like Pakistan and Nigeria that forbid criticism of religion and increasingly governments and especially the EU. These laws date back in character at least to the Middle Ages, when the Church more or less ran things. Rightly the Church was removed and secular law introduced, so allowing true liberty and freedom of thought, act and speech absolutely vital in a mature democracy.

The release of such energy led directly to the Industrial Revolution and mass education. In Britain today, the reverse is happening with most children, even adults unable to comprehend basic maths, reading, writing with very poor grammar. Indeed I believe Britain is 'primitivising' rather than progressing as a direct result of the above problems. We really are sinking to a Third World Medieval society.

Even worse, our movements are now daily tracked and we can literally be arrested without proof under one of the 112,000 laws passed by the EU. This sort of thing is normally only associated with police states in banana republics in Africa and South America. I broke an EU law yesterday for example by changing a plug holder and screwing it into a wall; illegal under EU law.

People moan about migration and the way our culture is being destroyed. Most of the problem stems from the increasingly totalitarian EU and things will get worse, when the Sixth Treaty is signed and officially giving the EU recognition as a state in its own right. That is when things will really start to get interesting!

People ridiculed us here at La Resistance! for suggesting that blocks would be put on us from travelling even in this country, let alone Europe. Two weeks ago, Gordon Brown announced 'Fortress Britain' and the fact that we will have to produce passports when we apply for jobs in Britain, have to answer 93 questions before we travel by air or train, with officials given power to wreck our travel plans and businesses if they don't like the look of us. Twenty four hours before we travel, we must give personal details and security codes of our credit cards and bank accounts, details of where we were heading, who we were meeting, including telephone numbers and previous trips made.

We were laughed at again, when we suggested that the EU intended to tax our belongings if we decided to move to another country within the EU. Well yesterday legislation was announced in this very respect. The only other countries to have similar laws were the 3rd Reich and the old USSR.

We were laughed at and abused again when we suggested that the EU was considering building gulags for people that detested the EU. Such critics of the EU are to be regarded as 'terrorists' guilty of xenophobia because they do not like seeing their countries destroyed. I am apparently on a Metropolitan Police list of terrorists according to a source we have. My 'crime' to write as I do. A culture is in real trouble when it starts persecuting its thinkers and intelligentsia. Both the USSR and 3rd Reich did so!

So what are we to do? Let this all happen and sit there like supine fools as the State loads every detail about us onto its massive database? Every time we go out it is reckoned every British subject is filmed 300 times a day. In my own village an ex police friend of mine, counted 24 cameras spying on us. There have been two rapes in the local cemetery but nothing was caught on film. The cameras were pointing towards the road and motorists.

It is said people get the type of government they deserve. Well we are certainly seeing this happen in Britain. The public apathy is a disgrace! It is our duty to fight for this land that is held in trust by us for the generations yet unborn! Our parents died in the millions defending us and the freedom that we are now losing. I have made my choice what about you or the person next to you? What will you tell your grandchildren when they ask you why we allowed this land to become an occupied one, run by a nasty foreign elite? Oh we didn't do politics darling!

Legislation already exists that means the EU can strip a citizen of basic civil 'rights' for criticizing the state. The 'Outlaw' will not have use of his bank accounts, will be refused work and literally left to fend for themselves. Those that assist such a person will themselves face similar treatment. This was a common ploy in the old USSR. Several well known dissidents, including Khrushchev, kicked out of power after the Cuba crisis, were treated like this. An attempt was also made in the failed coup in 1992 against Gorbachev. The preferred methodology is to retire such people on grounds of ill health. A former leader of Czechoslovakia was photographed cleaning streets.

Is that what we want then? It is up to you.

Join La Resistance! e.mail: Join UKIP! but don't just sit there!

The Final Solution?