Sunday, 16 December 2007

Schengen borders exapand east

The spread of Eurabia

Little did we think during the "cold war", when entire armies were deployed in Western Europe to prevent the advance of Marxism from the former Soviet Union, that one day we would be rushing to embrace it at the behest of our unelected Masters in Brussels.

But of course times are different now. In those days most of our Leaders still wanted to preserve freedom of speech, democracy and national identities. That as all changed. Now they want a mass of uneducated, subversient slaves with no pride in themselves or their country of origin.
A century after European states carved Africa into a series of colonies, Europe is looking to create a new world order - in alliance with Africa.
A mass of people they can easily control in the New World Order. A New World Order that many of us have been warning about for decades but were dismissed as alarmists. Where as before, the alliance of global business and Marxism hid their intentions, now they openly brag about them.

And in the plan to destroy the West European people who stand in their plans for world domination (sounds crazy doesn't it), they require that millions of immigrants from the east be moved to the West to literally drown democracy under the weight of numbers.

On their way to your town now. Do make them welcome and show them to their new homes paid for by your taxes.

If you look at the map you will see the new pourous boarders now that Hungary and Poland have opened their frontiers for people to travel through without a passport.

Germany and Austria will also stop checking on people (except their own resistance) from the east and now almost anyone will be free to travel throughout the EU without being checked.

And where do you think these new colonisers will travel to? Why the last hope for Western Europe. Our Land, Our Country, Our United Kingdom. Where they are intended to replace the True British People over a matter of just a few decades until it is just a region in Eurabia which itself will be just a region in the New World Order.

But there is a tiresome obstacle to the plan of the Grand, Elite Betrayers of Nations responsible for the little corner of the world called Great Britain. The British National Party. A party of patriots aware of their plans and who will not willingly hand over their country and their children's future to the colonisers. Help them. Support them. Join them.


Louise said...

GA: Well, you licked your wounds quickly!

(and good for you, despite the horrific justification of Collett's seedy behaviour with minors - missing the point entirely that any messing around with minors during political meetings OR otherwise at his age is bad behaviour AND what off Sadie's alleged bugging and forced removal of equipment?).

Anyway, just like all the other dreadful parties in the UK, you have moved on quickly as if nothing happened.

So, GA: Can I assume that youre back on track and the debate can re-commence?

johnoddybnp said...

Has this site got a heading, that I haven’t seen, saying “Great Unwashed slappers welcome”. It’s only yesterday I was praising her for doing the right thing and going away to annoy some other poor unfortunate, now, it transpires, she was only biding her time to have another pop at you.
Mind you it is Christmas and she has nobody else to talk to, her family disowned her for her unwashed, leftie attitude to life and her boyfriend left her for being a bully so who else has she got at this time of year, she didn’t even get an invite to the works Xmas party, not after the twat she made of herself last year, there’s nothing worse than a pissed-up, overweight leftie spouting shite and gagging for a shag!.
So who does she turn to?, Green Arrow, he was clever enough to talk sense to the BNP membership at their time of need so maybe he’ll talk to me. That’s it GA you’ve got your first official “GA Groupie”. We’ll put it to a vote ……….All those in favour say “aye”.

Yoekielass said...

The process of softening up the population of this country to bow down and accept islamic domination is well under way paid for by our taxes.
2010 when the borders expand even more into Arab states. being completely under Eurabian domination there won't be a damned thing we can do about it.
The complete plan of destroying our nation state and the absolute
Dilution of the British people will then just be a blink away!
The traitors at Westminster are working very hard behind the scenes to speed the whole process up.
To view this item online, visit

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Islamic education for all
Great Britain plan would move toward 'religion of state'
Posted: August 2, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2007

A new government study is being condemned by the Christian ministry the Barnabas Fund because its proposals would move closer to imposing Islam in the United Kingdom as "a religion of state."

Among the proposals from the study being considered for implementation is the provision by universities for Islamic studies for all students.

The report was initiated by Bill Rammell, the minister of state for higher education and lifelong learning, officials said. He appointed Ataullah Siddiqui, senior research fellow at the Islamic Foundation, to write it.

(Story continues below)

The Barnabas Fund, in an analysis, said the report "signals another step toward the Islamisation of Britain and its education system"

"Should this report be implemented, education will be handed over more and more to Muslims who will train and shape the next generation," the analysis said.

The Barnabas Fund, which works primarily with Christians in Muslim-majority environments by channeling money from Christians, through Christians to Christians for projects developed by local bodies of believers, said the appointment of Siddiqui, at the outset, signaled a problem.

"It is well known that the Islamic Foundation is an Islamist institute founded by high ranking members of the Pakistani Islamist party, Jama'at-I Islami," the group said. "However, in answer to questions in the House of Commons about possible links between Ataullah Siddiqui and Jama'at-i-Islami, Rammell stated that 'Dr Siddiqui has assured me categorically that he has no links to the Jamaat-e-Islami Party.' … This reveals that Rammell does not understand how Islamists use dissimulation (taqiyya) to hide their real goals while claiming to be moderate and liberal," the analysis said.

Among the other recommendations are that universities should employ Muslim scholars to teach Islamic theology, all universities must employ Muslim chaplains and provide Muslim prayer rooms, Islamic Student Societies should be better recognized and encouraged, and universities should cooperate with Islamic schools and colleges to break down the divisions between British society and the Muslim community.

The study also recommended Islamic studies should be linked to job opportunities such as teaching, chaplaincy and Islamic banking, and guidance should be given to all universities on Friday prayers, Ramadan and halal food.

The Barnabas Fund said it's simply a demand for a "privileged position for Islam in the universities."

"It would seem to aim at transforming Islamic studies in Britain into a Muslim monopoly, a Muslim enclave in which the vast majority of staff and students are Muslim. It is implied that non-Muslim scholars cannot teach Islam because they do not unquestioningly accept its basic premises regarding the revelatory nature and divine authority of Quran and Hadith."

If that happens, the teaching faculty soon would be limited to Muslim and Islamist lecturers, the group said.

"It is most likely that censorship would develop, affecting choice of staff, teaching methods and acceptable subjects for research and publication," the group said.

It's a part of the larger goal, the Barnabas Fund said. "The aim is to expand Islamic domination into all spheres. The whole system of Western academic education must, say the Islamists, be recast and remolded on Islamic lines as it is tainted by Christian and pagan influences."

"Implementing these recommendations, as the British government has promised to do, would be likely to narrow the scope of university Islamic studies and make them more intolerant and radical," the critique said.

The organization said one of its goals is to inform and enable Christians in the West to respond to the growing challenge of Islam to the church, society and mission.

Reports said the government already has pledged several million dollars to universities in order to boost Islamic studies.


Louise said...

Johnoddy-Icantgetelected-bnp: You have missed the point (again). I stayed away whilst you were having political melt-down. I told GA was out of respect. I could critique you easily enough wihtout having to contribute on a daily basis to the misery of last week that you all went through. Now you are back to the issues at hand (eg racism and shoddy policy banter), I shall be back from time to time to give you all a bit of a shake-up. How this makes me a 'slapper', 'twat' and a 'bully' is beyond me. By virtue of the 'comments' opportunity, this site invites responses!

Which leads me to your behaviour Oddy. Do you speak like this to those constituents who question you or your opposition in political talks? Tut Tut. Why take BFB's stance in talking to people?! Why dont you ask your racist but presumably polite wife to teach you some manners? You Oddy could take a lesson of SirHm, GA or Paul. And, if youre too much of a sexist to listen to these well mannered folks, why dont you look at the BNP policy that suggests that you avoid foul language? Your insults of slapper etc dont get anywhere with me Oddy! I am made of much tougher stuff!

Finally: for your information, the BNP could do with more non-BNP "groupies" (if thats what non-bnp visitors are called). Isnt this part of the message? Goodness, dont you have any intelligence at all Oddy?!

So, having said all you have a point about this posting or not?! No. Didnt think so.

Sir HM said...


You sure you're not the former Lady HM?

She was hell to argue with as well.

johnoddybnp said...

You old pirate, nice to see your back to your old, sweet talking self once again but I’m sure your ex-Lady could not have been half as bitter and twisted as “leftie” Louise. If she was then my heart goes out to you, the thought of being married to someone who is so full of piss and self importance, like “leftie”, brings a shudder to my spine. You must have a stronger constitution than I gave you credit for!.
You, like GA, are now considered to be amongst “lefties” circle of friends, along with Paul and best friend BFB, I, on the other hand, am tolerated but treated with the contempt that I deserve. Unlike you and the others I will not be invited to “lefties” Christmas party being held for you and all of her friends in her local telephone box.
As the saying goes “There are more to be pitied than scorned” and, at this special time of year, I can see that you SirHM, are doing your bit, your charitable contribution will not go unnoticed. Beware, though, for she as been known to turn on the hand that feeds her, like a rottweiller with knickers.
I would not like to see two old warhorses like yourself and GA squabbling over a tit-bit like “leftie” surely you two old warriors can come to a compromise and share the “groupie”, she would love that, two real men instead of the spineless, dirty, unintelligent UAF boys she has had to contend with up to now.
If you are considering a Christmas prezzie for her may I suggest a bar of soap, a comb and maybe some deodorant?, at least that way your nose wont be offended.

Sir HM said...


I wouldn't take any notice of the friends/enemies divide. It's only to have us thinking ill of each other. It is clever though.

There's enough falling out going on as it is.

Lady HM was a formidable woman and I have the highest regard for her. I've seen her with a gun in her face and death imminent - and you would never have known from her demeanour that she was the slightest bit afraid. She should have been born in Victorian times - when we Brits, on the whole, were made of sterner stuff. I'm the one that married up. Also beautiful in the extreme. Had either one of us been even slightly submissive, the marriage would have recently passed it's 35th anniversary. That it lasted as long as it did is a testament to the sheer stubborness of us both.

Louise is demonstrating that she is made of similar stuff. She and we may disagree a lot, but you must admit she's no quitter. I respect that, as, deep down, I'm sure you do.

We need people who keep us on our toes otherwise we get slack. Get slack and you're dead. You of all people know that. So they do us a favour. She gives us advance notice of all the questions we are likely to face on the doorstep. Forewarned is forearmed.

johnoddybnp said...

Your ex sounds a most formidable lady indeed, a typical stiff upper-lipped, Tenko type.
You, obviously, see the good in everyone, yes “leftie” would like to keep us on our toes but her choice of position would preferably be on the gallows, I would try and be mindful of that come the revolution!.
Are you starting a new trend of “Hug a leftie for Christmas”?, I’m getting a bit worried about you HM, are you sure your cut-out for all this Nationalist stuff?, you weren’t a hippy in an earlier life were you????. (snigger)
Henry, you are such a “sweet talker”, in your younger days I bet no woman was safe from your enigmatic smile and silver tongue, charm the birds out of the trees I bet. Now me, I’m the shy, retiring type who wouldn’t say boo to a goose, I was the wall flower who admired you from afar and gazed-on in amazement at your conquests, a bit like now then!!!!.
I have tried to engage “leftie” in polite debate but it’s a bit like writing a letter to Santa….you know it’s not a real person, you’re wishing to get what you want, you hope they understand what you said but in the end you get sh*t. So I’ll just kick back and leave you and GA to have all the fun, lets see which of you gets the compliments first (just between you and me, Henry, my money is on you but don’t tell GA!).

Paul said...

Louise is a lovely lady, spirited and opinionated which I love in a woman. Sir HM your lady sounds a wonderful handful!
If not for the gentle and not so gentle prodding of the fair sex we men would behave like beasts.

Women put the flowers in that crappy old shooting trophy and grace your home with the scent of hope. In short they are behind us with a push or a poker civilising us.

You were a dear to back out of that little tiff last few days Louise (though I tried to mind my language just in case you were listening quietly behind the door.)

I want to tell you something, I dont know why I do , but I do.
I hate no other races, I do not feel the slightest bit superior to any other man or woman on the planet but I am against a political system masquerading as a religion which ultimately threatens the West.

I believe our friendship and decency in aiding lifes flotsam and jetsam is perceived as weakness and our inability to enforce our own laws and traditions regarded with derision.

Islam is a very macho religion Louise, there are no feminists in charge and the plight of many women in countries where Islam rules is worse than a beast of burden.
Every country where Islam has dominated by stealth or the sword is the poorer for it. Persia is but one example of a thriving culture wiped out and replaced with tyranny poverty and intellectual deprivation.

I ask you one favour, please go and look at
and digest it thoroughly. It is perhaps the most searingly honest expose of the threat we face in the West available to anyone with a computer.Please do it with an open mind forgetting that a horrible Nationalist like me asked you to. It is written by a Muslim apostate called Ali Sina an Iranian, (formerly Persia)

I hope you are well, enjoyed the fun of Nationalists scrapping over cartoon caricatures and had a good laugh. No one was beheaded, arrested in dead of night (yet! lol) or had his property seized as war booty (well SG maybe)

It was a very British spat where people are free to make fools of themselves...just the way I want to keep it.


Adam A said...

None of the people I speak to on the doorstep have any idea this argument was going on. They care about housing, the health service and the fact their kids are being given no choice in the Halal only menus creeping into schools.
These are the things that matter to the voters, not who doesn't like who in the Party. Lets stay on message because the future looks bleak with even more unskilled migration from these countries on the cards.

Ed said...

Are you sure you're one of us Paul?
Politeness is one thing but the little Leftie Louise is simply gloating. She has a one track mind Nationalism Bad Thing but only for White People, or White British Men to be truthful.
She'd be setting up a peace camp for Travellers or Jihadi's or the ruddy Manson Family just to protect their Uman Rights from guys like you.

Anonymous said...

Just what we need, more interpreters (what a cushy job) more housing stock gone, more Big Issue sellers (thought that was for British Homeless?) More crime through poverty.
What a soft touch country.

Sir HM said...


This is just a message to you, and is not intended as a general comment for the blog.

Your imposter is now commenting on the Lancaster BNP site. I've just put up a comment in response to his latest comment there. Comments number 39 and 40 on this post:

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Your imposter is now posting what looks like libel - about you - on the Lancaster UAF site.

The comment impersonating you is near the bottom.

Wonder what's being said where in my name? Don't forget - Sir Henry Morgan and relevant links from now on for me.

Anonymous said...

The page has crashed Sir Henry. The little Lambs server isn't used to such heavy traffic as the last few days have provided. Its in meltdowm, shame?

Helena said...

Louise said...
GA: Well, you licked your wounds quickly!

(and good for you, despite the horrific justification of Collett's seedy behaviour with minors - missing the point entirely that any messing around with minors during political meetings OR otherwise at his age is bad behaviour AND what off Sadie's alleged bugging and forced removal of equipment?)."

Both of these allegations are hugely exaggerated and based on lies.
I am far more concerned that one of our supporters brought her teenage daughter and friend to a club, bought them alcohol and allowed them to mingle freely with young men passing themselves off as 18+
Though I'll admit it makes a lovely headline.
It allows The Left to get sanctimonious while putting the nations minors on contraception, and advocating it for the whole population.
The Left are notoriously interested in the "sexual health" of schoolage children, even suggesting alternative homosexual lifestyles to those still in primary. Lets not get too carried away with a young man who thought he was chatting up someone 3 yrs too young?

The computer equipment belonged to the BNP and also the Data therein. As with all suspended or sacked employees the equipment is removed to prevent data theft and mischevious tampering.
Lee Barnes makes rather a good case as to the wisdom of this action on his blog.
Its touching though that you now find yourself so sympathetic of SG, when no doubt she wouldn't have been on your Solstice card list a week ago when she was a Nationalist?
Your enemies enemy is not always your friend Louise.

johnoddybnp said...

GA and SirHM,
Today I met “leftie”, now before you both get too jealous let me explain the circumstances.
I was happily being dragged around the shops of Colwyn Bay by my testicles doing my bit for the festive prezzie hunt, when, low and behold, there she was outside Morrisons. As I approached her I whispered her name “Louise?”, her dulcet tones rang out as she answered “Big Issue and Searchlight, mate? ”. Her disguise of the grimy santa hat and tinsel could not hide the greasy hair and dishevelled appearance, the, not too warm dirty denim jacket and woolly jumper did nothing to stop her quivering with delight when she saw me, she shuffled from one well worn and ripped trainer to the other as I neared her, her eyes lit-up as her gaze flickered from my face to my BNP badge and recognition befell her “You’re f*cking John Oddy the f*cking BNP candidate, you f*cking Nazi scum “ I could sense she was in no mood for small talk, and not having SirHM’s silver tongue I continued on my way, she did speak to me twice after that, as we left the store she greeted me with “He;s a Nazi” pointing in my direction. As we passed I plucked-up the courage and said “Merry Christmas” (a chat-up line that’s always worked in the past) to which she merrily replied “F*ck-off, you wanker”, I must admit her knowledge of my intimate sex-life threw me for a moment but I regained my composure and carried-on being led about my duties. The thought of her dirty finger nails as she pointed at me and the rabid look on her spotty face and the way she pulled back her cold sore scarred lips when she spoke will live with me forever. “Merry Christmas Louise, wherever you are”.

Louise said...

Johnoddybnp: Is that the best you can do? Please do not project your foul approach onto me!

SirHm, GA and Helena and co. I shall read over your mails more carefully and get back when my shift has finished, probably on a later posting because there are a few that I want to respond to anyway (of course...).

Meg said...

Johnoddbnp! that was a classic! Sorry Louise, I know he's joking but I was there outside that shop popping a quid in the Christmas big Issue sellers dirty Santa hat.
Have a laugh luv, its only ribbing.
Oddy your scene setting was great!
I also drag my husband Christmas shopping by the testicles. Doesn't everyone?
Who among us can point the finger?