Saturday, 1 December 2007

I want a Referendum

European Auditors have refused to accept the EU accounts for 13 years running because of fraud and corruption. Our Country pays in £6bn a year - for what?

Well we all want a referendum on the EU Constitution and so it is good to see sites such as I want a Referendum spring up and take action to put pressure on MPs in their constituencies. These groups have the power to make local MP's consider their future should they continue to ignore the wishes of their local electorate.

But I have a problem with this group, although they state that they are a cross party pressure group, which is good, their actions say something different.

When Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council prevented villagers from holding an official parish vote on the desired referendum, the group organised an unofficial poll at the village hall.

And a great result it was for the Pro Referendum people who voted 51 to 3 in favour of there being a referendum. But this result has been overshadowed by the actions of the event organiser. A jumped up twerp named Oliver Sims who was upset at the involvement of a British National Party activist.

The unnamed hero of the BNP, who helped leaflet the area stamped the Referendum literature with a message saying that the leaflet had been delivered by the BNP and the activist also had the sense to drop a BNP flyer. Well done that man. Two jobs done in one go.

Now it matters not a jot in a cross party campaign whether the leaflets were stamped with "Delivered by the Labour Party" or "Delivered by Postman Pat". Getting the message out is the thing.

But not according to Mr Sims, who was by all accounts "bloody annoyed" and said he had been told that some local people had not voted because they thought that the BNP were involved in the poll.

Well let us hope that those stupid people who did not vote also do the same in future elections because the British National Party will be putting forward candidates the length and breadth of Our Country. Stay at home and sulk is our message to those fools.

Sims went on to say: “We’re not interested in having them involved and we don’t want to work with the BNP. It doesn’t really need any explanation as to why not,”. What a foolish statement. Of course it needs an explanation. Would any half sane person accept an argument like that? Explain yourself man.

Thankfully for the readers of Newbury Today (where the referendum was reported )had the chance to read more sensible words from BNP Spokesman, Simon Darby:
“As an anti-EU, anti-federalist party we’ve been around before anyone. It’s a bit rich to say we’re jumping on a bandwagon.”He added the poll result showed the BNP’s intervention hadn’t harmed the campaign.“I think all the anti-EU people should work together, and if people from other political parties want to get us out of the EU that’s a good thing,”
So an hat tip to the unknown BNP warrior from the Home of The Green Arrow and its readers.

Please go here for information on The Reform Treaty/EU Constitution.


Yorkielass said...

The Madness of Europe: Let us stop it now!

Guy Leven-Torres

28th November 2007

Largely unreported in the British media, especially at the BBC, little more now than the British version of the old style Pravda or Tass that performed a similar function as state propaganda machine in the former USSR, Moslems tonight are again rioting in the cities of France after two youths deliberately drove their motorbike into a French police car. Nearly one hundred policemen have been injured and more than one has been wounded by gunfire. Even worse a Turk, released before time on parole, raped and murdered a young French female journalist, Anne-Lorraine Schmidt on a late night train.

The French media, notoriously corrupt, harps on and on about the terrible tragedy of the Moslem yobs and the 'need to understand their anger' in the face of French 'discrimination', while the death of the journalist is ignored: after all she is of no consequence on two grounds: she is white and therefore not a 'victim of society' to be patronised by France's liberal establishment and she was a woman travelling alone and so easy prey to her Moslem killer in the Islamised regions north of Paris; such a woman should not have been out on her own anyway and have dressed so provocatively but instead perhaps, should have worn the burka and travelled with male relatives for protection.

France is well on the way to dhimminitude it seems. 'Dhimmi' is the status awarded by Moslem conquerors to the infidels they have overcome and then force to pay the religious tax of 'jizya', in order to live in their own former lands and practise their faiths, unless they convert to Islam of course. In France's case, the gradual islamisation is seen in the unimportance placed by the media on the life of Anne Lorraine Schmitt: she was simply a member of the white 'dhimmi' that will within a generation or so, perhaps sooner, given the cravenness of the French governing class in the face of the Islamic threat be having to consider whether to remain faithful to France's Roman Catholic Christian traditions, or to convert to the new dominant religion.

Meanwhile in the Sudan, a British teacher Gillian Gibbons is held in a squalid prison facing a harsh penal sentence and 40 lashes, for simply allowing her class of children to call a teddy bear 'Mohammed'. Our craven media in response to this obvious piece of political machination and mischief, falls over itself to appease the primitive thugs that run the regime in that part of the Sudan, that is currently seeking western aid and is a well known operations area for Al Quaeda. Sudan was only last month seeking an official apology from our own Prime Minister for suggesting sanctions be placed on the country over its human rights record (Guardian newspaper 1/11/07).

Meanwhile, on our home front David Miliband the Foreign Secretary calls for the EU to take in Turkey and extend the Union to Moslem states around the Mediterranean as reported in the Guardian November 15th, 2007-

'He identified opening up European markets and ending protectionism as the best way to combat excessive migration, which he said was caused by "poor economic prospects in neighbouring countries".

And in a speech that frequently touched on the threat posed by conflict and terrorism, he expressed his belief that shared institutions and activities could "help overcome religious, regional, and cultural divides, especially with the Islamic world".

On the same theme he floated the idea of a "multilateral free-trade zone around our periphery" that could "bring the countries of the Maghreb, the Middle East and eastern-Europe in line with the single market".

He also pushed for Turkey to be granted accession to the EU, warning that failure to do so would signal "a deep and dangerous divide between east and west".

In Malmo in Sweden, a once peaceful and beautiful city just across the sea from the once equally pleasant Copenhagen, white Swedes are now terrified of going out alone as gangs of Moslem asylum seekers regularly rob, rape and even murder their way to local Islamic hegemony. Malmo is now the first Islamic city in Sweden, taken over by recently arrived asylum seekers over the last 25 years with the active connivance of the Swedish multicultural authorities. The Swedes that object have found themselves criminalized on charges of racism and sacked from their jobs, deprived of all civil privileges. A former Swedish Prime Minister, has even informed the Swedish population that they 'have no country or history and that they must accept a Moslem population' that will become the indigenous one within a generation or so, given its huge birth rate and immigration figures in Scandinavia that far outstrip the original white.

In Belgium a Leftwing academic boasts that Brussels will soon have a majority Moslem population and is gladdened by the fact. In Paris the once elegant Champs-Elysee is now the hunting ground of armed Moslem teenage gangs. In and around British Northern cities, Moslem gangs regularly attack and rape, even murder white girls, even disposing of the body parts of one such girl, by cutting them up and selling them as kebabs, while using the crushed up bone as tile grout. This particular incident was reported in the Manchester press but quickly suppressed for fear of stirring up racial unrest.

The simple truth is that wherever large migrant populations exist, crime and disorder seems to follow. Our authorities do not want us to know about this. They even pass laws forbidding dissemination of such knowledge under race hate and religious laws forbidding blasphemy and righteous criticism of Islam. The plain truth is I am afraid, is that Britain and Europe are fast becoming Third World countries with similar laws and levels of crime, imported as a direct result of immigration in figures never seen before in 2000 years of history, except perhaps at the end of the Roman Empire.

That too collapsed as a result and formerly wealthy peaceful Roman provinces used to peace and trade collapsed into barbarism, chaos and murder. Europe was condemned to 700 years of Dark Age mayhem, until civilisation once again stuck its head above the feudal parapet. The Roman authorities too confused by ridiculous 'Christian' feelings of personal guilt, allowed and assisted the barbarian interlopers and savages in their own cultural demise. They too like modern David Milibands, thought it a marvellous idea to extend the benefits of western civilisation to the barbarians, with the same predictable results.

Yet we are told by the EU Commission, that we must accept another 20,000,000 migrants from the Moslem world and allow Turkey's 68,000,000 population into the EU as well. Yet we are not allowed to protest on pain of punishment for 'Islamophobia and racism'. And to add insult to injury we now find out, that under EU law and the Reform Treaty that will be foisted upon us no matter what our effete MPs say or do, that criticism of the EU state will be treated as 'xenophobia' too and we will be stripped of our basic rights and citizenship: See Homepage- Article: 'Back In The EUSSR dated 14th November 2007.

We were further informed by New Labour, that only 13,000 migrants would come to us from Eastern Europe after those countries' accession. The true figures are around 2,000,000 with several British businesses threatened and half of all new jobs going to foreigners. In Sweden and France, even in Britain, Third World migrants usually end up on social welfare and benefits.

In Sweden it is calculated that 80% of the Moslem population lives on the state with generous extras to have more children. So bad is, it that the Swedish welfare system that taxes its citizens at 50% to 60% is in danger of imminent collapse. The Moslem population in France, situated mostly around its major cities also exists largely on state handouts and is largely unassimilated in areas that are now controlled and governed by the same gangs that riot. The police fear to enter these Islamic statelets in which sharia law now holds sway and French women made to wear Islamic dress.

The real cost of such massive migration is horrendous to the European countries and populations that are seeing their cultures and lives ruined before their eyes. The real numbers of migrants into my own U.K. is actually in the region of 5,000,000 in the last ten years alone. The strain on schools and on our social services is reported in the tabloids and Daily Telegraph right now as I write.

With a regime in power that does everything it can to harm and oppress its own white population at every instant by accusations of racism, positive discrimination, denial of housing, work, even national history and banning festivals such as Christmas, Easter, and Guy Fawkes while deliberately fostering those of foreign cultures, is it any little wonder that white populations, even migrant communities long established here and in Europe are starting to mobilise and act? They have had enough.

The military too, in Britain is for the first time in centuries involving itself in politics: absolutely anathema in the UK and between 1300 and 2,000 officers have resigned in protest at the activities of the New Labour government through disgusting living conditions, rotten equipment, low pay, primitive medical facilities and a largely disaffected apathetic public, sick to death of illegal wars and EU/New Labour spin and lies.

Every which way we turn, we are now threatened and harassed by police, health and safety officials, 'multi-culturalist' and false environmental agendas to accept the wickedest social engineering schemes in Western history. This is cultural genocide on a truly megalithic scale, imposed not by foreign enemies but our own elite! Most of this of course, comes from the European Union and Brussels soon to become the European version of the old Soviet Union and called the EUSSR.

We are not even allowed a say in this business that is actually, very much our concern and that of future generations yet to come! I for one cannot believe the breathtaking arrogance of statements by our politicians that 'it is not for you to decide, as it is none of your business!'

Well we have news for our ignoble elite! It is our business; very much our business! We would say in fact, that it is not your business to hand us over to barbarians and a proto Marxist-Leninist state. We also suspect that a great many of the European population may well decide that 'war is politics by other means' to quote Von Clausewitz' famous dictum from his great philosophic work 'On War'.

As most of my readership know and understand I am against violence, preferring instead the methodology of Ghandi and civil disobedience. War is far too destructive and civil wars are always far more vicious than international wars, simply because to overcome natural reluctance to kill one's own, one must hate more. And the only people that would benefit from a destroyed Europe are the barbarians in our midst, just like their kind gained from Roman internecine strife in their day around 500AD.

I do not think any of us want that do we?

And for those that think this cannot happen, then look again at history and recent history at that. Nobody expected the Great War in 1914 on that August hot summer's day not so long ago! Wars tend to start like this of course; totally unexpected and unannounced but after all is done with, never to be forgotten, except their harsh lessons and crippled remnants of those that survived.

Dear God when will we learn?

Anonymous said...


Excellent !!!!

The entire West is being systematically destroyed, but do the conspirators and complicit minions realise they will not escape it's destruction either!