Monday, 10 December 2007

We must get back to the real war

Whilst we in the BNP have been bickering amoungst ourselves, more invaders land daily. Another minaret reaches for the sky and somewhere another one of our fellow citizens is raped or murdered.

If we continue this foolish infighting then we are traitors to our people and children's future but what is the story so far.

A couple of very well respected Officers of the BNP appear to have concerns about another Party member and to highlight these concerns they decide to publish a blog anonymously for fear of reprisals.

Now I do not know whether their claims are true or not but they are very well respected people and perhaps they should have been listened to in the first place.

Perhaps they did not express their concerns forcefully enough. But there were other avenues open to them to express themselves. If they wished a change of Leader then they could have launched a leadership challenge. But they chose not to. So it seems their grievance is with other members and not the Leadership.

I am sure they genuinely believed when they set up that blog that it was in the interest of the Party and Country. With hindsight they might actually regret their actions. I do not know.

But the BNP activists are bold and swift to act when a decision is made and so they build their blog in what seems to have been a spur of the moment action. Believing that through this blog, they could highlight their concerns to the Party without having to reveal their identity and face possible reprisals if disbelieved.

A mistake plain and simple. I have made mistakes. You have made mistakes. Nick Griffin admits he has made his share of mistakes and having made them himself, is, I believe big enough to also forgive mistakes in others.

I suspect that were they to know that their actions might bring about a split in the Party I am sure they love, they would have held back and found another way of communicating their concerns. A split in the Party were it to happen would set us back decades and we do not have decades. We have just a few years and so we must be united.

So what is the way forward so we can return to the real Battle? Well I think that the Party should refuse to accept the resignations tendered by them and others until a meeting has taking place so the whole sorry mess can be sorted out and any information they have be presented to the Party.

Well that is just my opinion. I have been through a Nationalist split before. So have others in the Party. Nobody wants it. Only our enemies. A split is a terrible thing and brings about brother fighting brother. We must not let this happen. We must resolve our differences or at least learn to live together with them.


Helena said...

Hear Hear GA! A good sensible post. I hope overheated heads will cool down and they will see that no good can come of splitting a party destined for continued success.

The Green Arrow said...

Helena, there you are. I have been very busy but it is always great to have a visit from you.

This has been a bad couple of days but hopefully the powers that be will sort it out so we can start saving our county.

Good Luck

Helena said...

Well I haven't had my best day as a Nationalist GA but bridges must be built if we aren't to vanish into the political sea for another thirty years.
As you say we haven't got another 5 yrs before Labour ruins Britain.
At least it gave the Reds a laugh and they haven't much to crow about these days have they?

Eddie said...

Kiss and make up kids. Life is to short.
Put the party first.

Anti-gag said...

Good post, although I don't agree that you have totaly yet grasped what's going on, the spirit is right on!

We can't let this stop us, but that's the point Collett is a millstone that the party needs shot of.

I have always backed Nick Griffin 100%, and I still do back him. But that backing is no longer unconditional.

Chris Hill

The Green Arrow said...

I am glad you called in. I will not Bull shit you. I have the greatest respect for you.

I am fully aware that because of my isolation (which is why I blog) that I am cut off from the mainstream party and individual members. Which is why I have worked alone for many, many years.

If you and other people I respect say that there are problems then they must be resolved and the way to do that is around a table not over parapets and trenches.

I also support Nick Griffin 100%. I would not have returned to the fold if he had not taken over the Leadership. But like you my support is there only on the condition that he does what is right for the party and the country.

Again I urge you or anyone else who might have influence to help resolve this matter so we may return to the Battle.

Helena said...

Its hard to grasp whats going on as information has been a bit hysterical and dropped in various blogs all over the web?
Those of us (like GA) desperately trying to avoid a split in the party and a return to the dark days are appealing for calm and unity. Come on anti gag you could hold your fire for 6yrs surely another few days of measured thought is possible?

Mr T said...

On the bright side loads of BNP blogs are carrying on as normal. Lets keep supporting the boys and girls out there wading through the fallout.

Mr T

Anonymous said...

You talk sense Green, hope everybody listens.

Anonymous said...

Every so often house cleaning becomes necessary in every organisation. There are a lot of egos here each thinking they are the saviour of the party and more important than the whole part.
Cloaking ambition and ego in integrity is a trick we play on ourselves. We've all done it.We feel better.
Nothing sounds more noble than principle but its who we run to with the tale of our noble deeds that shows the measure of the man
or woman.
The ones I'm sorry for are the ones who didn't measure their words carefully. The ones who got all fired up and ran off at the mouth.
They are the ones with most to lose.
There is dignity in a man of few words because no one can quote him.
The sun will rise tomorrow we'll carry on lighter, fitter and more cautious.

Barnsley Nationalist said...


bernard said...

Sorry to post this again GA, but...
Mark Collett IS the tsetse fly in the ointment.
Just to jog peoples' memories, he appeared years ago in a documentary on national TV where he lied directly to camera about some oikish remark he made to the maker of the film.
That documentary is now archive, and has been shown twice now esp. when the BNP looks like gaining too much credence for msm comfort.
Griffin should have kicked the ignorant lout out, but he was kept on in the publicity side.
It now appears that the leopard has indeed not lost it's spots.
Griffin has demonstrated his extreme loyalty to a member that he he went to trial with, and perhaps hoped he would mend his ways. Ms. Graham thought otherwise, and through some sort of impotency, desided to do it her way. She too was as brainless and ignorant as both should go.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

I find this heartbreaking. It's the National Front all over again once proud once mighty now moribund all over the same things. It's tragic.

I'm behind Nick all the way but I would have thought he knew enough by now not to fall for this again. What an absolute shower.

What is it with us?. We Nationalists must have a self destruct gene.

Pip pip

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Im sorry to say this as i loved them but Sadie etc have to go, they cannot throw their toys out of the pram and risk destroying the party every time they dont get their way.

but if they go then Nick also has to make some compromises, its time for Nick to address some of the concerns of the party members.

Nick has been acting paranoid of late and its become self fulfilling. yes he has to protect the party and its leadership but it also has to protect what the members want and that is not a closed dictatorship.

if he was more democratic in his appointments of leadership roles his leadership would be stronger for it as would the party, not weaker as he fears, why? because he has the support of the party, but please remember Nick this support is not blind.

i love Nick he is a hero to all of us but perhaps its time he took a reality check.
make some changes for the better and move on.

dont go the way of JT.

this is a great opportunity for Nick to fix the problems once and for all. there will be casualties but one of them should not and will not be the party.

Nick you are not a fool, stand by the party and your country not your personal `friends`.

BNP forever.

The Green Arrow said...

BNP forever. OK some good comments there. But I disagree that Sadie and Kenny should have to go. This does not mean I condone their actions. That was clearly wrong and I am sure that in their hearts they know that.

I suspect they regret their actions and should be warned about their behaviour but not expelled.

But that is not my decision. I just hope Nick Griffin is big enough to forgive their mistake and get them back to work.

Nobody should resign until they meet with the Chairman and talk face to face.

If the differences cannot be resolved then so be it.

I believe we must remain United and personal feelings should be sacrificed for the good of the country.

Patience and discipline are what we need for the next few days.

Anonymous said...

my worst fear is that Nick will go the `these are my 5 friends the only people i can trust rout and everyone else is a plotter`.

he will end up with no friends and no party if he does.

Nick i also see the party under you is getting more and more international in its leadership role appointments!

have you forgot this is the BRITISH national party, not the SA white supremist party.

nick listen to the members and make the changes dont become a party of 5 and ultimately 1 as the party will leave you behind like JT.

if you listen we will fight for you with our last breath if you do not then you will be history.

this is not a threat, it is a warning of what i fear the most.

Helena said...

Instead of hysterics dropping names and accusations on Red sites and wrapping themselves up in puffed up "integrity" why couldn't they have issued a statement (after going through proper channels)stating that their position had become untenable and they were resigning in protest.
They washed dirty linen in public and fed it to the Reds when Nationalist sites didn't rush to their defence.
Hill had 9 comments on his site yesterday and Aberdeen had about 17 including about 4 or 5 from you and I. In contrast UAF had its personal best EVER of 162. Most of the posters were "Nationalists" trying to justify their dishonourable conduct by bleats of integrity, truth and any other puffed up pompous quote you can think of.
The issue never was about three hated guys close to Griffin it was about a show of strength by people who thought they were bigger than the Party.
They went about it wrong, and if people of that standing in the BNP cant see HOW they went wrong then these are loose cannons with a future with the BPP.
Dont be sidetracked by how hardworking they were in the past or how "committed".
When the chips were down they failed in the worst possible way.

Louise said...

Sir hm: Thanks for your response. We are on a different philosophical basis here which informs me much about your stance and vv i am sure.

I didnt say that you said "shut up little girl", I was using that to suggest the feeling my end at having your point compared to 'reality' not to 'sociological theory'. I was not using sociological theory (anything but) so I didnt understand what other motivation you would have for saying that.

Good luck with enrolling on an OU course. I hope that your tutor enjoys the challenge of having you (and yes, I mean that sincerely).

I see what you are saying about correlations...but the argument you are making is down to your feeling on a weight of evidence that I cannot assess about how these different phenomena fit together. It is not about the conclusions that you can actually draw from having conducted your own spearmans rank test of association with all of the data that you mention is it (or is it?). Im glad that you considered the issue of casuality but it really is your resopnsibility if you are employing such mathematical methods to 1. use them correctly and (you havent by virtue of the claim in your original post about this) 2. do not suggest that the associations extend beyond the physical data set. If you have the raw data, you can send it my way and I will enter it and re-run the analysis to check for myself. Also, as you will already know if you have done the research - there needs to be a statistically significant level (i suggest a reasonable one p< 0.05) AND a high enough R to denote the strength/magnitude of the relationship. Moreover, the relationship needed to be linear (did you look at the distributions with raw data?) AND did you look for normal and other shaped distributions (eg bi-modal) etc? I am asking all of these questions ONLY because if you are saying yes - did it to the questions, I can gauge that you do indeed know what youre talking about. If you are not saying yes - did it, I know that your basis for resorting to 'correlation findings' is sketchy. I KNOW you are a smart bloke SirHM so I dont think that I will cause you offence in being curious and becuase you are smart, im pretty sure I wont have caused offence to you precisely because Im hoping for a yes - did it response. Yes, I get into the detail on everything (I sat for over an hour to trawal through raw data sets and double checked the statistics and figures on crime and ethnicity before giving you my arguments earlier). To be honest, its a bloody shame for your party that you dont have someone like me who works for a bean but is very bright and would know how to construct good sound arguments that remain consistent. Of course the deal is that bright people take your stance or they take my stance and theres lots of room in the middle (for thickos like BFB who just take the 'heavy' stance). (oh BFB lets see you get all mad now!).

Where were we?

In a sense, it doesnt matter whether you frame this as a numbers and culture thing, or a race thing. The BNP policies concerning migration are racist. I know that you have told me about your daughter (what happens to her under your policies?) but making claim to this does nothing to explain the situation of racist policies no matter how nice a bloke you are.

You are alarmingly correct about the difference in our philosophies. But you cannot tell me how a civil war is avoided with the hypothetical occurance of BNP majority and the implementation of the policies. And this is an issue SirHM.

11 December 2007 02:25
Louise said...
SirHm: If you dont mind me saying, you might have considered whether a logistic regression technique with your data would be appropriate. I dont know what your research questions and data set looked like so I dont know myself if that would fit. But if you did this (all data assumptions fitting of course) you could have predicted the likelihood of one event occuring as a function of the other. Much more exciting statistically speaking than a foreshadow test that is generally employed by amateurs who know sod all about mathematics or statistics but use them anyway. Im no genius in this respect but I can just about hold my own in this area of conversation and tend not to get the wool pulled over my eyes all that often.

And yes, BFB and Reconq...this is your perfect cue to get in and have a little dig. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Surely the person to condemn is the idiot who put what was clearly an internal party matter, all over the internet via our website.
What could have been maybe resolved within the party and with a minimum of fuss, is thanks to this fool, all over the website, and become a chasm to cross.
Washing our dirty linen in public was the greatest betrayal in my view. As a dedicated nationalist who works extremely hard for the party in every capacity I can, I feel utterly gutted.
The betrayal was not a minor blog few, including me, even knew existed. It was posting up this spat, in neon lights, for the world to see. Making a mountain out of what could have been a middle sized and negotiable molehill.
How could anyone in their right mind blast this whole matter into cyberspace. What a gift to those we are trying to oppose. An act of political suicide and one it is impossible to understand other than to damage our party.
Who did it? Who was guilty of this appalling lack of judgement? That is the first head to roll, surely.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

"Surely the person to condemn is the idiot who put what was clearly an internal party matter, all over the internet via our website."


Washing dirty linen in public is political suicide. I seriously question the integrity of those that use this kind of infantile tactic. What could have been quietly resolved as an internal party matter may now become a media circus. I have no doubt this was designed to scupper the GLA elections. No doubt whatsoever................

Pip pip

Paul said...

Or maybe just a moron, a useful idiot who'll now be shunted sideways into the wilderness. Its the posts on UAF I cant forgive.