Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Tomorrow is another day

OK this is a new day. And if we wish, it can also be a time for a new start.

We as a party have shamed ourselves in the eyes of the enemy and even worse in the eyes of the country we love by descending to the level of the Main Stream Parties. Perhaps we really have arrived.

Some of us have behaved worse then badly. Myself included. I rapidly leapt to the defence of Our Chairman and started blasting at people who acted in what they thought were the best interests of the Party. In the interests of peace, I have removed those posts.

Other people with genuine concerns then jumped in to defend people they believed to be doing what they thought right.

And in amoungst all these genuine patriots were the red scum and the government agents helping to stir the pot and turn brother against brother in order to destroy the only Party that can prevent them reaching their goal. The complete destruction of Our Country and way of life.

Act in haste and repent at leisure. Well all of us from the top down reacted too fast. We should have thought things through first. We should have at least talked. Where were our cool heads to advise people about the implications of their actions?


I no longer know up from down. This blog will support the British National Party and its Chairman Nick Griffin in any way possible.

Now would be a good time for a sign from above.


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right GA we have come incredibly far in the last few years and have far too much to lose to blow it now. We must stay calm, united and remember what is truly important and that is the regaining of our nation for our people.



Anonymous said...

What great good sense GA.
What I would have hoped to hear from you.
There clearly is a serious problem within the party and you talk it through. You certainly do not post it all over the internet.
There has been far too much expelling and too little rational consideration of what that problem actually is. There is clearly 'no confidence' in senior party members. This cannot be ignored.
A bit more listening and 'man management' at the top of the party may have gone a long way towards preventing this upheaval.
A lot less heavy handedness would have helped.
I am afraid I was shocked to read some of what has been done in my name as a party member. Both language and activity. It is no way to run a political party and this has to reflect on at least some of those in charge.
This has to be sorted, grievances given a proper airing - not to a kangaroo court either, matters must be resolved.
I woke up this morning and my first thought was 'why bother'. We are self destructing so fast. And not just because of any ill conceived blog.

BFB said...


You have allowed that red troll to post screeds of absolute b/s for best part of three weeks now and yet you have been deleting comments from BNPers (me in particular) all over these threads. And now delete entire posts!

For someone who claims to be an advocate of free speech this is disgraceful behaviour!

You have played right into the trolls hands, you are a complete idiot and I find your actions personally insulting!

johnoddybnp said...

At last a voice of reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. GA it had to come from you to make people see sense. Well done, now lets just hope we can all keep clear heads until we know the full facts.

Sir HM said...


Louise said...

BFB: I wrote last week and told GA to delete my posts if he wants to because he lets everyone exercise their freedom of speech as far as I can see but he does need to keep house and keep things cleaned up and tidy (you could take a leaf out of his book!). You can read over my posts and ignore them if you want! And GA has already explained that there is nothing personal in his deletions. Yesterdays posts were deleted in their entirity. Since you have been told its nothing personal, dont be paranoid!

In case you havent noticed, I come on here and in general, I get a good verbal thrashing off you lot! Im not popular and you think that my arguments fail to stack up. So what are you scared off?!

I come on here to see what you all have to say. If it informs my opinions and arguments, so much the better. This is freedom of speech. Perhaps the BNP is too moderate for you? Maybe youre not the one fitting in?


The rights make sense. Dont be horrible to GA coz you are realising that youre too extreme.
(and racist). I wouldnt go near your blog because you come across like a right nasty piece of work!

Sir HM said...

Off topic, but it wont take a minute and it's well worth a read.


Anonymous said...

For goodness sake do something about your spelling and grammar, man! It's a disgrace. Very sloppy - must try harder.

The Green Arrow said...

Battler come on now old friend.

There was nothing personal in the deletion of comments. Lots went. I apoligised in advance were I to delete anything other than clutter.

The reason for the deletion of the two posts was to pour oil on troubled waters.

I want to bring about a reconciliation between two factions that have the capability of ripping out party apart.

Anything I do is for the good of our country and never personal.

I would urge people with a genuine desire to resolve this matter post comments calling for peace and unity on every blog you visit.

Louise. What can I say?

johnoddybnp said...

BFB, of your loyalty and patriotism I have no doubt but a lot of things were said in those posts, in the heat of the moment, that people would prefer they hadn’t, not only that it would not make good reading to any casual visitor to the site.
I agree with you on the Louise issue but I find the best way is to ignore the little toad !.
Lets get back to our friendly banter, you can be more entertaining when your in a friendlier mood.

BFB said...

Wake up, the Troll is making fools of you all


hang the troll said...

I agree with bfb, the troll has manipulated you very well indeed.

Louise said...

BFB: You are the only one who is looking like a fool here. You have a bruised ego because everyone is not playing your game.

Rest assured BFB - everyone agrees with you regarding your loyalty to the BNP so stop behaving like an insecure brat because others want to engage in debate.

Johnoddy-icantgetelected-bnp ignores me now (solely because he gets verbally kicked up and down the blogs based on his rubbish argumentation style and failure to make good points unless hes giving you all a good laugh with his wifes racist jokes). Reconquista will be quick to follow - another lousy debater. But it works for Oddy and Reconq, so why dont you follow up and ignore my comments?

We are way off BNP issues here and that is actually what we are here for. So if you dont have a BNP point of view, why bother?!

What are you going to do to smarten up your party and get more votes?

Vote SirHm to lead the BNP! said...

SirHm: I posted a response to your comment late last night. Its on an earlier thread here and still up. Louise.

Sir HM said...

I wouldn't want to lead anything.

I'm an enlisted man by nature, not an officer.

Louise said...

Well Sirhm: That is true and I respect you (same for my Pa) but I am damn sure that you would uphold the principles of the BNP (though I disagree with your policies and aims and objectives). And you appear to have a better basis for doing so than Griffin. Sometimes leadership finds the person, not the other way around. In the end, when the BNP back is against the wall, one of you is going to have to take over. At least you have justifications for your thoughts.

Troll Crusher said...

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Real BNP said...

Why should anyone trust GA after that nasty "lancing the boil" piece?

Louise said...

Crush on Troll: Grow up! If folks want to squash me they can do so in a moment! All GA has to do is prevent my freedom of speech and its job well done. I cant control that outcome if it happens. If you dont like what I say, ignore me OR respond as you want but its better for you not to look like a fool and to engage in that verbal backside kicking with some intelligent debate or comment.

The Real BNP: The piece lancing the boil was written to protect and promote the BNP, not to damage it. If you cannot look over the history of this blog and see that GA is a staunch supporter of BNP policies, you are silly. GA is as entitled to his freedom of speech as you and he exercised it. A lot of people agreed with him too. A lot disagreed and everyone said their piece. Im damn sure that you can trust him - just look at all the racist records here to know that!

I dont like the BNP cause. But you should have your right to a party so why are you picking on GA when you could be putting yourselves back together again?!

Real BNP? Start acting like it!

Louise said...

GA: Im jolly well sure that it doesnt do your credibility any good to have a "troll" of all people standing up for you! Im going to go now coz im on shift so good luck.

johnoddybnp said...

Have you noticed how your site has become like a cow field?, you can smell the leftie bull-sh*t and you have to be careful not to stand in the Louise-pats!.
I only hope she gets a boyfriend soon, she is obviously so frustrated and lonely, no company, no where to go, I mean why else would she hang around a BNP web-site, unless of course she wants to be a “groupie”.
I feel sorry for the poor unfortunate who does end-up with her, can you imagine the nagging the poor sod would have to endure!. It would be like having sex with Mary Whitehouse, makes you shudder at the thought of it.
Louise fills a niche in life, what that niche is she hasn’t worked-out yet so until then she as decided to be Green Arrow’s mosquitoe.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what you think Green Arse!

Anonymous said...


Have you had an official response
from anyone about your mediation idea?
I see you have received some hostility from anon. over at eie
they seem to think you can't be trusted, or they don't want a solution.
Any fair minded person can see that what you propose is the only way to resolve this issue without causing a massive split, although I see Martin Wingfield has already made up his mind that there is no way back for the alleged conspirators, which is a shame

Cllr Chris said...

Some fair commonsense Green Arrow. Although I can't see the situation resolved while there are people in the BNP who seem to want to live up to the media generated image of thugs and thickos. There is nothing wrong with Nick Griffin as leader - in fact he is very good - except perhaps his judgement on close collegues.

On another subject completely - you can always tell who is going to cause trouble for the party - be they infiltrators or just palin stupid. They like words like "arse" and they seem to get very agitited very easily. Swearing by members should always be discouraged. It has the "skunk" effect - (I'm sure the sabateurs are trained to know this!) - frightening off otherwise normal activists who would want to support the BNP. Don't tell me I'm old fashioned - there has always been swearing. Swear words are used instead of adjectives - and judging by some people's "normal" use of the "f" word their adjective (and other!)vocabulary is shockingly poor. People lose arguments and respect before they even begin when they swear. It's a trap too many fall into.

real bnp said...

"over at eie
they seem to think you can't be trusted, or they don't want a solution."

Not really surprising people don't trust him after his initial vile outburst in support of Nick. Now it's all "dove of peace" and "I am the peacemaker".

Who does he think he is?

He's way too pushy. Push off Mr Pushy!

Reconquista said...


You don't deserve the disgraceful invective directed at you by people who were once brothers in arms.

I tell what though. I'd rather have people like you alongside me than fools who resort to sleeping with the enemy and who then whine and scream like little girls when they get found out.

Nick may not be perfect but I don't see him kissing up to the reds to betray his people and party.

It is that what condemns them as traitors and not the issues they hold about Collett.

Let them get on with their treachery GA. Ignore them and let's get back to fighting the battle - a battle that needs our full attention.


johnoddybnp said...

“Only a fool rejects a hand extended in friendship” and especially when it’s extended by a brother in arms. We, as a party, have enough enemies outside the party without arguing amongst ourselves.
Before we get too hasty do not forget we have agitators amongst us who thrive on all this. We rise above them by being united and Green Arrow knows that. All we need to do now is pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and get right back into the fight to save our Country.

Anonymous said...

We all know who Nick has been kissing, though, don't we?

Reconquista said...


I don't. So you do, tell us what this is all about. For me, the events of yesterday came as a total surprise.

That's because the people who had serious issues that needed addressing resorted to treachery and betrayal instead of informing their own people - who are fighting the same battles - what their issues are/were and why they felt so poorly treated.

So far all I can see is that this is about the behaviour of Mark Collett. I still don't know the full extent but I don't get how all of the good work that's brought the BNP so far can be discarded just because one man is deeply unliked by a group within the party. Is Collett - anyone - worth that sacrifice?

There was a way to go about this with honour. Sleeping with reds wasn't it.


The Green Arrow said...


I fear you are right. I had hoped and still hope that the factional differences could be resolved.

In the event that they cannot, then I stand firmly with The British National Party and its Chairman Nick Griffin.

Real BNP said...

GA - glad to see you have stopped posting your pathetic "Contact me. I'm important. I can solve things" posts. Grow up and get a life!

Alternatively keep brown-nosing Griffin. Just don't expect it will save you from expulsion or save our country either.

Collett owns Griffin so ultimately your loyalty will be to Collett.

Your choice.

Helena said...

you tried GA and were rebuffed by those who think they've got what the wanted (a split in the Nationalist vote)
They are recognised for what they are by the Red company they keep.
Lets see how the use the same oafs to be their mouthpieces screeching about truth anfd homour but stay quiet themselves, in case there is a way back.

Reconquista said...

Me and you both GA.

Real BNP - You're out of order. Something stinks to high heaven here and it shows in the way you and others like you treat good, decent men like GA who are doing their best to fight for beliefs we all share.

So you don't like Collett and Griffin's association? Fine, persue it with intelligence and craft. Bide your time and seize your moment. But what you and your ilk don't get is that no matter how bad you think Collett is, it was never an excuse for sleeping with reds to serve your agenda.

That's a betrayal of all BNP people not just an attack on Griffin and Collett and it is a stupid, dishonurable tactic.

Like I say, the BNP had achieved so much. More and more people are receptive to the BNP message. Was all the hard work worth sacrificing for Mark Collett? Was your honour and integrity worth abandoning just to see one man removed from the party?

I suggest this could've been handled far better and with patience and astuteness you'd have secured your aim and kept your honour.

Instead you've allowed your hatred for one man to bring dishonour upon you. Don't tell GA to grow up - look in the mirror and say it to yourself - and those who spat their dummies out and went telling tales to the enemy because they couldn't get their own way.


Paul said...

The party is changing under Griffin and many people dont like it.
Real BNP might possibly find himself in a party of one. He knows the glory days are gone, he's out.
Smarter people haven't used rentamouth RBNP, they've let him rattle off and quietly gauged the reaction of the majority.
That's why very few Nationalist blogs are beating their breast Kong style.
They're waiting to see the way the wind blows. That my friends is politics. We have arrived.
Mature discussion will decide the fate of the one you loathe and envy for his closeness to the leader.
Few are fond of him anyway.
Griffin will always be remembered as the man who got us councillors and swelling support, you on the other hand will be remembered as the mouthpiece of those to tried to wreck it.

disgusted said...

Anonymous said...
Who cares what you think Green Arse!

11 December 2007 13:49

A master of wit and repartee as well. Those stooodents on UAF will be eagerly waiting on more of your inside gossip.
Why dont you go check if anyone has left a comment on your blog with the wind howling through it.
I swear I saw tumbleweed.

Forseti said...

Nobody slept with reds. The enough is enough blog was the result of Kenny's and Sadie's failure over a long period to resolve the issues over Collett and Hannam by any other means. Ian Dawson aired them in his resignation letter as group support officer but was then put upon to withdraw his allegations. Sadie and Kenny were stronger.

But how convenient that Hannam and Walker can now blame Kenny Smith for the problems that have prevented completion of the audit of the BNP accounts. Perhaps that is the real reason for their expulsions.

Felicity K said...

Thank God for this site, the hatred and bile spewing out of "real" BNP is a one man crusade against all of us who were loyal to the idea of Nationalist unity.
He's everywhere.

Felicity K said...

Thank God for this site, the hatred and bile spewing out of "real" BNP is a one man crusade against all of us who were loyal to the idea of Nationalist unity.
He's everywhere.

Paul said...

He's one desperate guy Felicity because he's been outed and put out too.
I cant see Kenny and Sadie calling him up to thank him for his support. Maybe early doors they did. That wont last. They can plead foolishness inexperience and misguided zeal for the party. They're charismatic and popular and reasonably smart. Its gone tits up (sorry ladies) and they're probably not so confident now.
I had a dog like RBNP once. Show it kindness it would have died for me, but it could be relied on to be a pretty dangerous dumb animal.

Anonymous said...

Its so sad.Just when we were doing so well. I smell rats.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin is the only show in town. There is no credible alternative leader. He deserves full-backing in dealing with malcontents and saboteurs. They should be shown iron discipline.