Saturday, 8 December 2007

Hard Cheese

Every little bit helps. The Superstores that is

The alliance between big business and a corrupt government more obsessed with making money to pay for their illegal wars then justice for the people they are supposed to represent, is again highlighted with the recent price fixing scam operated by all the major super markets.

We nationalists have known for quite some time that the supermarkets are liars. Asda was caught out lieing when it stated that it had just one store selling Halal meat. It did not take us long to discover the truth. They actually have over 150 stores selling this cruelly produced product.

And we laughed at Richard Bransons Virgin Companies pulling their adds from Facebook in case their "good name" was tarnished by being seen on a British National Party support site. All this whilst they were selling British Airways down the drain for a price fixing scam that they to had been involved in. British Airways paid up and Branson walked away clean. I would rather have my teeth extracted with a hammer then shop or fly Virgin and so should you.

Prior to that we had the game show fiascoes and even the BBC escaping prosecution for defrauding viewers of millions of pounds and again the fines flow.

Well you can read the details of the Price Fixing scam here. What interests me is the fact that all the companies named and those above will just pay fines. Not even large fines compared to the huge amounts of money they stole from the public.

The so called Office of Fair Trading will take the Governments cut of the fraud, around about 50%, the robbing superstores who defrauded the young, old, rich and poor will have a token slap on the wrist and then go back to exploiting the people. Will the prices drop? What do you think?

What should happen is that ALL the money is returned to the public by massive price cuts on the products they price fixed. Then an even larger fine and then to top it all. Prosecute the people involved no matter how high in the companies they are. And should they be found guilty. Prison for a very long time.


devils advocate said...

Of course GA you are right, this is what should happen, but unfortunately the rot is so deep within the judicial and political establishments that, like you say, only a token fine will be the outcome. I guess this is just one of many reasons why the old boy's alliance of big business and government fear power being handed back to the people, not that it ever really has been here in Britain, except on those rare occasions when we do revolt, but this is why the criminal cartels in charge of our country will stop at nothing to prevent the BNP (or any similar threat to their operations)from getting into power. As I think I mentioned in a previous post, criminality does fear Nationalism (far from being connected with it, unlike the left who have courted gangsters for years), just one example being what happened when the allies took Sicily-they immediately re-instated the Mafia, after Mussolini had spent 15 yrs eradicating them from his country, allegedly this was done to help keep order!. I think if I had just run up them beaches under a hail of bullets to see that being done (as did Alan Whicker), I think I would have wanted to go home and call it a day.

if its insane look to the EU or Labour said...

its probably part of an EU plan to screw our dairy farmers - its well known the EU wants us to reduce our dairy herds drastically so what better way than to force them out of business with a bit of goverment backed price fixing/blind eye turning.

saisburys involved in this?

remember how many millions they donate to Labour!

Cat said...

Think global act local. Buy from local producers where possible and always enquire as to the origins of your meat (get the manager out to explain if necessary) If its not British, dont buy it. Use Farm shops and Farmers markets where possible (Google one serving your area twice a month..there IS one) If you have space or even a window box grow your own. This may become essential in the near future, our grandparents kept a few chickens and had a row or two of veg, this may feed you come the bad times.
Visit self sufficiency sites, save more than money and above all dont pay the oppressers who want to see Britain become Eurabia, dont for God's sake fund them anymore.

Cat said...
try this one then look into taking a couple of ex battery hens into your garden (Google) They're no trouble, kids love them and they eat your greenfly and slugs (keep them off your veg patch!)and give at least an egg each a day.

Jane G said...

High time we ALL did something to improve our self sufficiency. The mortgage crisis is looming early in the New Year with interest rates set to hit the roof. New Labour like old Labour likes to tax and spend so there wont be anything left in the kitty, then watch the professional poor go on a crime spree blaming poverty and unfair treatment. Chickens are a good point..but its the ones coming home to roost I'm worried about.

Anonymous said...

I read it somewhere recently that the EU, in other words Brussels, had decided that because the latest members EG Rumania, Poland, etc were very poor, had no industry etc that they should have the livestock industry for the EU. They can't do that without getting rid of ours. so I rather think that's why we've had Foot & Mouth twice and where the hell did Bird Flu come from ? A bit of thinking outside the box is required to get to where I am.

we used to have 3 dairy farmers in my village alone, not to mention the one's in neighbouring villages. Within the last 20 to 30 years the lot have gone and most are now residential estates.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 10:25

Correct. Think outside the box.

Poland for the coal, Spain for the fishing and the list goes on.

And to level up we, the British must pay by leveling down of our services and lifestyle.

The only thing they would like to keep is Our Fighting men for their illegal overseas wars.

Anonymous said...

Brace yourselves folks because it cannot continue, nothing does.
So get digging in those gardens and allotments. Pull up the patio and the decking and plant potatoes brassicas and beans. Learn to make preserves of your crops and throw nothing away.
See the BNP site for ideas on saving your own energy.
Anyone know how to build their own generator?
Come on GA get a thread going with self sufficiency tips LOL!

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 11:38.

I think that is an excellent idea and will try and get something together that we can all build on with a fixed link.

Anonymous said...
There, just to start you off!

Paul said...
theres another for the rest of us anon.
Good idea GA.

Anonymous said...
This one looks interesting too.

Anonymous said...

GA 10:34
Forgot to say, GB will be designated the(one huge)housing etstate of the EU, for criminals and other human dross.

In US, (don't know about here) you can buy dehydrated canned food that can last fifteen years. The meals work out at about 50p each and don't take up much storage space.

I'll be stocking up on veg seeds as soon as poss.

Berkey water filters are amazing at cleaning water, you can buy them in the UK.

Solar kits would be best for a power source, There's info on the web to build you own, and I've seen it somewhere they've developed solar paint but it's not available just yet.

A generator needs fuel of the oil based variety and there will be precious little of that around when the time comes.

Most kids today can't cook a meal unless it comes pre packed and ready to eat, so it will be God help them when it comes to survival and self sufficiency.

Louise said...

GA: Agreed! Louise.