Monday, 24 December 2007

Enough is Enough. Either split or barking mad

Santa reads the EiE Christmas Wish List

Don't ask me which. I have no idea. But there is either a difference of opinion in which direction they wish to move in or they are all barking mad.

Now I had not intended to write anything over the Christmas period. It is supposed to be a time of reflection and thought on the year past and the year to come. And next year is a key one for the BNP and Our Country.

But what springs up in my message box as I check my email, after returning from visiting family but a bizarre message that contained the text of the latest post on the infamous enoughisenough site.

So of I go for a visit, taking a small whiskey with me. And it is not a wind up. They have posted a "Christmas Message" stating that they will not be making any further postings or publishing any comments on the current BNP Leadership.

Tickety Boo. They have come to their senses thinks I. But quickly scanning down to their earlier posts of the day made only a few hours previous I find no mention of peace or unity, just vicious attacks on the Chairman of the British National Party and stupid statements that not even I would write. This from Kenny. Dream on Kenny. This is the real world not South Park.
Nick Griffin may just realise that resistance is futile
And of course whilst calling for peace and unity in their final post for Christmas they fail to retract their poisonous allegations or remove their ridiculous five demands.

I find it strange how they can so insult a man in a dozen posts and still say they would like him to remain as Leader of the Party. I start to lean towards them being barking mad.

Their Christmas message, seemed to me, like a gang of muggers kicking hell into someone and then when the deed was done asking the victim to forgive and forget, hand over the keys to the castle and in future do as he was told and all be friends.

Like I said. Either a split or barking mad. I suspect there is a bit of both.

Well it makes no difference now. Who could ever trust any of them again.? They cannot even trust each other.


Anonymous said...

I think you have got to the root of the problem here. There is no basis for the relationship of trust necessary in any organisation or business. How could Nick Griffin possibly work with these backstabbers? They must be purged from the Movement. Every means should be used to make an example of these traitors.

The structural/constitutional questions raised are separate from the unworthy individuals raising them. We can get rid of them and still look at these. The BNP constitution needs looking at but Nick Griffin is canny enough to see the need for this.

Fight Covert smears said...

The "Covert team" claim: '...the "Voting Member structure" is slowly bringing internal democracy into the party...'

This is a lie!

The BNP has always been the most democratic party on earth!