Friday, 28 December 2007

The British National Party - The only game in town

I have dug out this video clip of Nick Griffin, The Chairman of the British National Party speaking on the afternoon of the elections.

I thought it worth posting, in view of the increased numbers of first time hits on this site from people who have traditionally voted for one of the Tri-Axis parties in the Lib/Lab/con pact.

So for those who have never heard Nick Griffin speak, here is your chance now.

Not bad hey. Now you can see why Labour is wetting itself and wheeling out their agents to attack the BNP with lies and falsehoods at every opportunity.

If you have time, why not go check out the Liars, Buggers and Thieves site to see what their politicians have been up to lately. There are quite a few Tri-Axis M.P.s who will one day be gracing the pages there one day.


Nick Griffin for PM 2014 said...

Nick Griffin

one of the greatest, bravest, polititians this country has ever seen, if anyone can save our country its Nick Griffin.

we truly are fortunate to have him.
sure he may not be perfect - who is? but would any of you trade him for Cameron or Brown?

indeed Nick is head and shoulders above such treacherous scum.

English Rose said...

Hi I just looked at radical Muslims blog and he just makes Louise look like an idiot you should read his first blod about Bhutto

yorkielass said...

Watchout for more sleaze The Smith institute [ CHARITY STATUS}
It appears Brown is too closely involved.
Discussed today on radio 4 on what the new year will bring.
Perhaps like the other so called charity Brown and co involved with 'COMMON PURPOSE'

yorkielass said...

TOP cop Jerry Savill has admitted colluding with politically controlled council spin doctors a about how to present crime issues to the public.

The Tower Hamlets borough police commander told councillors he regularly 'co-operated' with the Labour-controlled Town Hall about spinning 'good news' stories to the press.

Chief Supt Savill was asked by Tory Opposition leader Peter Golds whether police "colluded" to issue media releases and prevent worrying criminal incidents reaching the public.

He replied: "We tend to use the media to promote good news in co-operation with the local authority."

His comments came during a grilling before the authority's overview and scrutiny committee on September 4.

Latest figures show an eight per cent drop in overall crime in Tower Hamlets in the past 12 months, with big falls in burglaries.

But Commander Savill conceded robberies were rising.

He also spoke of fears of a growing youth gang culture in the East End.

"These youngsters don't act in criminal gangs as they do in other parts of London," he assured.

"There are 40 to 50 youngsters who cause the bulk of the problem here."

Labour's anti-crime chief Abdal Ullah revealed that extra police would be stationed at schools during the new term to tackle a spate of pupils being mugged.

So the concept of police independence, honesty, integrity, impartiality as public servants are all untrue.

The modern police force is political. NuLab political.

From pjc journal.

spiffing said...

and the contributors to this blog just get better and better