Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The GLA Elections

Follow the white rabbit. Follow the BNP

Whilst most of us are gearing up for Christmas and looking forward to spending some time with their families and switching off the Dhimmi Queens Speech, others will be gearing up to attack us in the GLA elections next May.

London Assembly Member Murad Qureshi is already starting to sweat at the continued growth of the British National Party in Londonistan and has issued a call to arms to Londonistan's voters and by voters he means the BEM vote. The Black and Ethnic Minorities who are colonising what used to be the Capital City of Our Country. Although why they are called minorities these days is beyond me.

The BNP will, of course be calling on the True Brits, the White Ethnic Minority (WEM) to support them in their fight to help halt the ethnic cleansing of the Capital and to be able to use the seats gained to attack the massive corruption that is rife under the administration of the Newt Man, Red Ken Livingstone and his cronies.

And for the True Brits, this may be the last chance they have to be able to win any seats in the Capital as the Government encourages the cleansing by "encouraging" elderly whites to move out of the City to make room for the larger families of the arriving colonisers.

Because of the way the electoral system for the GLA is set up, the British National Party have a "real and worryingly good chance" of winning seats in the Assembly.

In order to win just one seat on the Assembly, the BNP would need to gain only 5% of the vote. Another 3% would give us 2 seats with 8% of the vote. Back in 2004, the Party led by Nick Griffin, The Chairman came within just 0.1% of winning a seat. So you can see every single True Brit vote counts.

Another factor giving concern to Qureshi is that four years ago during the last GLA elections, the European elections were going on and the UK Independence Party, now in terminal decline were popular.

With no Eurabia Elections, Qureshi, Navin Shah, Shafi Khan, Ranjit Dheer, Balvinder Saund and Ansuya Sodha, the other Asian Labour Candidates fear that as many as 20% or more of the former UKIP voters will switch to the BNP and that means at least two of them would lose their seats on the Red Kens Express Gravy Train. Qureshi rattles on with:
“I am proud to live in what is probably the most tolerant, diverse city in the world with its long history of rejecting reactionary, divisive politics. The only way we can continue this proud tradition and defend our city from the despicable BNP is at the ballot box in May 2008. It is not a done deal, but Londoners have to get out there and vote”

In fact so tolerant and diverse is this city that parts of London resemble Chicago on St Valentines day and other parts look like Islamabad during the rush hour.

He also forgets that the elderly people that he encourages to leave have a long history of defying invaders. They sat through the Blitz and then rebuild the City when the enemies of their times were defeated. They did not expend all this effort to hand it over to the new invaders intend on changing their way of life and cleansing them from the City they were born in.

But of course this is what really worries Qureshi and the Labour Party:
“What these stats tell us is that this racist, fascist party are worryingly close to gaining real power in the capital. London’s voters should know that any complacency will see the BNP elected and given the power to decide the Mayor’s budget".
See it? Right there. The very last sentence. "The power to decide the Mayor's budget".
And with that power, also comes the right to demand a full enquiry into Ken Livingstone's roll as Chairman of the Urinate Against Freedom (UAF) movement that he set up along with his black toady Lee Jasper and his illegal donations into the pockets of those intent on either filling their boots by bringing about the destruction of Our Country.

For more information on the BNP Campaign in London, click here.

Wake up people. The Matrix has you. Follow the white rabbit. Follow the BNP

Hat tip: Pickled Politics


yorkielass said...

We need to wake up to what is happening across Europe before our votes are completely meaningless.

Muslim Vote Tips the Balance in Netherlands
By Paul Belien
Created 2006-03-08 16:59
Yesterday’s municipal elections in the Netherlands were won by the Left. The Labour Party (PvdA) gained more than 500 town hall seats, an increase of 50 per cent compared with 2002, while the far-left Socialist Party (SP) doubled its number of seats. The Christian-Democrat CDA of Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende and his government coalition partner, the free-market Liberal VVD, suffered heavy losses. Yesterday’s result does not bode well for the Right in next year’s general elections. If the result in 2007 is the same as yesterday’s the PvdA will gain 49 of the 150 parliamentary seats, while the CDA – currently the largest party – will lose 13 of its 44 seats. A government of Labour, the SP and the extreme-left Groen Links (Green Left) Party could replace the current center-right government, leaving the Netherlands with a radical-left coalition similar to that of Norway today.

Today the center-left newspaper De Volkskrant writes that the immigrant vote has tipped the balance in favour of the Left. This should not come as a surprise. All across Europe, immigrants tend to vote for the Left. The Left is perceived to be the welfare state’s Santa Claus. Most of the immigrants who came to Europe during the past decades were attracted by the generous welfare benefits which Western Europe lavishly bestows on the “underprivileged.” Today, owing to their demographic growth, the immigrant vote is increasing as more and more young immigrants reach voting age. In many countries the Left has begun to cater for the immigrants, aware that the immigrants guarantee their power.

According to the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies of the University of Amsterdam 80% of the non-indigenous electorate voted for Labour. This explains why cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Breda and Arnhem succumbed to the Left. 84% of the Turks voted for the PvdA; 81% of the Antillians/Surinamese did likewise. Of the Moroccans 78% voted Labour and 12% voted Green Left.

The center-right VVD, the party of famous Dutch policians such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Frits Bolkestein, received only 1% of the immigrant vote. The CDA got 3%, the SP 5% and Green Left 7%.

According to De Telegraaf, the largest paper in the country, immigrant voters have become a power block.

The effects of the immigrant vote will soon be visible. The Amsterdam borough of De Baarsjes has already decided to remove a white cross which serves as a memorial to the Second World War. The cross is situated not far from the place where a mosque is being built. According to the authorities “Muslims and Jews” take offense at the cross as a war memorial. “We told them that it is a Dutch tradition to refer to the dead with a cross. However, the cross is seen as a reference to Christianity. I can understand this,” the local (Christian-Democrat) councillor, Jan Voetberg, said.

Anonymous said...

Another 160,000 asylum seekers,ie muslim labour voters are being allowed to stay due to yet more incompetence{again?}by our leaders.

The groundplan to submerge our fair isle with the dreggs of the world is well under way and their plan is to create a united states of Europe which in turn will create a pan european socialist STATE.

Mass immigration is deliberate and there's no sign of it slowing ,shit has got to meet fan soon for the sake of our children.

najistani said...

Has anyone done the stats on the growth of the BNP? When smoothed out does the graph follow a straight line or is it exponential?

It ought to be possible to extrapolate to the date when the BNP will reach the point needed to put a large number of MPs in parliament. If the BNP hasn't done the maths I wouldn't be at all surprised if the triaxis of treason have.

Maybe it's a race between BNP growth and importation of culturally enriching voters which will determine the future of our country.

yorkielass said...

Western government are complicit in what is happening even the states has been allowing mass immigration of muslims and this after all the grandious words from Bush about islamo/fascism.
Americans are just starting to wake up it's time we did!
Al-taqqyi...fools only fools!

Worldwide, Islamic fundamentalists continue to make inroads into Western culture, political structures and in the economic system, while, at the same time, insisting on severe and outrageous punishments for even minor violations of sharia or Islamic law. It is unprecedented that a minority group that freely immigrated to the United States and Europe of its own accord is now endeavoring to overhaul Western civilization to its Koran-dictated, specifications. The West, particularly America, has a tradition of welcoming people from other cultures and practitioners of different religions. However, immigrants have always assimilated and strengthened American society rather than demand that we adopt their ways at the expense of our own.

Many Westerners, who worship at the altar of multiculturalism and erroneously believe that Islam is just another faith, fail to understand the inherent cultural and political dangers of a religion that is a consummate ideology for the faithful. Unwitting Westerners write off barbaric punishments as mere cultural differences, enthusiastically embrace blatant acts of appeasement and readily respond to demands for special privileges and allowances never before conferred on other groups.

In places like Saudi Arabia, the epicenter and primary global financier and promoter of Wahhabism, an austere form of Islam that interprets the Koran literally, social rules are severe, extensive and often brutal. Gender apartheid is enforced with separate libraries for men and women. Starbucks coffeehouses are divided into "male" and "family-only" sections, and hotels are completely devoid of a female presence, as all personnel, including maids, are male. A rape victim was recently sentenced to 200 lashes, a punishment that was increased when her lawyer complained of its injustice. At the same time that the Saudi government is sponsoring 32,000 students on visas to the United States, the standard Saudi elementary and high school curriculum teaches hatred for Christians and Jews.

In other Muslim strongholds and countries with significant Muslim populations, Islamic law and customs have been imposed and Muslim demands routinely appeased. In many hospitals across the United Kingdom, unprecedented faith-based, special services have been provided to Muslim patients at the risk of damaging overall quality of care and burdening healthcare professionals. These include special patient counseling during the Muslim holiday, Ramadan; devising substitutions for alcohol and porcine-derived drugs; rotating the beds of bedridden patients toward Mecca and providing fresh bathing water for the five-times-daily prayer rituals; distributing burka-style gowns for patients and mandating that hospital personnel participate in taxpayer-funded workshops on Islam-specific customs. In September, a Muslim dentist in Manchester, who offers special discounts to hijab-donning patients, refused to see a female patient with an uncovered head. Last week, the Philippine government announced plans to surrender territory for a Muslim "homeland," following decades of Muslim slaughter of area Catholics.

In the "enlightened" West, Muslims are free to perform "Dawa" or proselytizing on behalf of Islam. They openly engage in organized efforts to spread the message of Islam and invite non-Muslims to join the faith. Furthermore, the building of mosques and the opening of madrassas proceed without hindrance. Yet, in many Muslim countries, non-Muslims are not free to practice their religion, let alone proselytize, and may be prosecuted for doing so. A Muslim convert to Christianity may be sentenced to death for apostasy.

Although mostly spurious charges of Koranic desecration abound in the Western world, little mention is made of the numerous Bibles actually being confiscated and shredded at the Riyadh airport. In many Islamic countries, Christians are not permitted to build churches or renovate existing ones. While Muslims are invited to the Vatican and to serve on interfaith councils, non-believers are not permitted to travel to Mecca or Medina.

Meanwhile, six years after 9/11, most Americans remain ignorant about the history, nature and intent of Islamic jihad. They know little about the worldwide presence of Islamist groups, the hateful rhetoric directed toward non-Muslims spewing from mosques and madrassas, the use of the Internet by Muslim radicals to spread their propaganda and connect with each other, the extent of weapons arsenals and nuclear proliferation, and the geopolitical interconnections between countries in the Middle East, Europe, Pakistan, Afghanistan, South America, North Korea, Southeast Asia and Africa.

The Bush Administration and the media have focused on Islam as a "religion of peace" and have done little to educate the public about the presence of Islamist groups on American soil, the level of their infiltration and their ultimate objectives.

The popular, pluralistic bumper sticker "Coexist" espouses a philosophy of religious harmony, mutual acceptance and brotherhood across all faiths and nations. Yet, in Islam, the word of Allah, as represented in the Koran, reigns supreme and overrides any state-imposed laws. The Koran dictates three options for non-believers: conversion, subjugation or death.

An ideology that endeavors to supplant our laws, culture and religious beliefs poses a dangerous threat and is not a candidate for coexistence. We had better face the reality of true, Islamic doctrine and forcefully fight its encroachment into our society. It is a peril to our way of life if we wish to preserve the liberal and enlightened democracy that is America.

johnoddybnp said...

My wife and I used to live on Surrey Quays in London, it was when it was the up and coming Thames side development area, expensive, fashionable and well sought after. Surrey quays was great but it became an island, surrounded by “no go areas”. We used a pub called “The Wibbily Wobbily” a boat moored in one of the locks, it became busier and busier because nobody dared to venture out to the local pubs. Muggings, burglary even rape became part of the normal, every day occurrence a trip to the supermarket wasn’t without incident and on more than one occasion I had to step-in and deal with black perpetrators and their first instinct was to pull a knife on you. I stopped a mugger one day and he pulled a knife on me so I broke his arm, when the Police arrived instead of congratulations I got arrested !, it was only when the muggers victim complained and gave a statement that I was released…..with a warning !!!.
After that we moved out to Brentwood in Essex and that was fine for a while until the blacks started to move in with their drug dealing and prostitution. “Bollocks to this” I said to the wife and I retired, we came to live in North Wales, that was nearly 12 years ago, now I look around and I can see the start of what drove us away from London beginning to happen here. Trouble is there’s nowhere else to run and when your backs to the wall you have two choices give-in or fight, personally I’ve never been a great lover of giving-up without a fight so I only have one option.
I’m not a young man, in my 50’s, but if the BNP do not win this WAR by the ballot box then the only option open to the people will be outright civil war, our very existence depends on bringing Britain back under British control and being self sufficient enough that we do not need to rely on outside assistance. From experience I can tell you that a man, or woman, fights the harder when they have nothing else to loose, if you’re going to go down you go down fighting, in this war there is no surrender for surrender would mean enslavement.

Yorkielass said...

Churchills words are more relevant today than ever.
We shall defend what is ours,We shall never surrender!

Our capitol city is corrupted it needs a truly British party to clean the whole mess up.

Lee Jasper of Blink is also funded by the currupt un-democratic EU.
link to this story at the Bruges group site under political correctness. Blink the group responsible for allowing every disease under the sun into our country by screaming racist at MPs trying to bring in this measure.

Emails 'bring cover-up right to Mayor's feet'
Andrew Gilligan
14.12.07 Related Articles
Secret emails expose Mayor aide scandal
Project linked to Mayor aide sued by LDA
Ken and lost £500,000: The inquiry begins
The chief executive of the London Development Agency expressed "the deepest possible concern" over a six-figure grant paid to a friend of Lee Jasper, Mayor Ken Livingstone's senior aide.

A series of leaked emails show that LDA boss Manny Lewis wanted to sack Joel O'Loughlin, claw back the money, and even raised the possibility of suing him.

But after Mr O'Loughlin approached his friend, Mr Jasper, the LDA not only withdrew all these threats - but agreed to give him a further £250,0000 and a lucrative consultancy.

Two senior LDA officials who protested about the deal - one calling it "extortionate" and "against the interests of the GLA" - were suspended and then sacked. Emails show that Mr Jasper played a decisive role in at least one of the sackings.

The Standard revealed last week that more than £2.5 million in City Hall money has been paid to organisations controlled by Mr Jasper's friends and business associates. Many of the organisations can show few, if any, results for the money. The devastating internal LDA emails, written last year, demolish Mr Livingstone's claim this week that the Evening Standard's report raising concerns about the grants was "without substance".

They also raise deep questions over his broader assurance that he knew of no problems with the projects. Some of the leaked emails are copied to the Mayor's most senior staff.

Mr Livingstone claimed there was a full audit trail on all the projects - also exposed as untrue by the leaked emails. The emails, some of which are published today on this website (scroll down to the end of the article to read them), make clear Mr Jasper's day-to-day involvement in even some of the minutiae of the LDA's work and the extraordinary influence he exerted over it.

Richard Barnes, the Tory leader on the London Assembly, said: "It's never the original crime that gets you, it's the cover-up. These emails bring that cover-up right to the Mayor's feet. This looks like a real tide of corruption and I am just horrified."

The leaked emails relate to a company called Diversity International, which in 2005 was given a £295,000 LDA grant to run a web-based tool for London business called the Diversity Dividend.

The website only operated briefly and unsatisfactorily. Diversity International has now collapsed and all of the LDA's money has vanished.

Diversity International won the contract even though it had no expertise in computers and was based in Liverpool.

It was run by Mr O'Loughlin, a longstanding friend of Mr Jasper. Mr O'Loughlin and Mr Jasper ran a business together and Mr O'Loughlin is currently a senior director of the Jasper-linked organisation, the 1990 Trust.

The emails make clear that, in the LDA's view, Mr O'Loughlin was a hustler who systematically fleeced them, demanding - and being paid - far more money than he was entitled to under the contract, failing to deliver the project to agreed milestones, but constantly being protected by his friend, Mr Jasper.

On 22 April last year, LDA chief executive Mr Lewis wrote a "confidential" email to Mr Jasper, calling Diversity International "a major unrecommended risk" and demanding to be allowed to sack Mr O'Loughlin.

"Diversity International is on the verge of bankruptcy and the credit checks confirm this," wrote Mr Lewis. He said Mr O'Loughlin had already overcharged and been paid £345,000 - £50,000 more than he was supposed to receive. But Mr O'Loughlin now wanted more money.

"Even if we made (the further payments Mr O'Loughlin is requesting) he would soon be back for more because his finances have not been managed," he wrote to Mr Jasper.

"My inclination is that we should source an alternative provider ... and sever relationships with Diversity International ... It is not for us to bankroll him."

Mr Jasper strongly disagreed, coming to the defence of his friend in an email the following day and saying that sacking Mr O'Loughlin could have "a negatively critical impact on the reputation of the LDA and the Mayor's office". Mr O'Loughlin was not sacked.

The crisis then intensified. Mr Lewis called Mr O'Loughlin into the LDA's headquarters for an emergency meeting to discuss his underperformance and the LDA's growing concern that Diversity International were "opportunists" who were skimming off public money.

"O'Loughlin sat there and assured us to our faces that Diversity International was in 'rude health'," one of those present at the meeting told the Standard. "Only five days later, we learned he had put the company into liquidation." LDA officials suspected that the liquidation was a way for Mr O'Loughlin to keep the sums he had been given by the LDA.

The following day, 27 April last year, Mr Lewis wrote Mr O'Loughlin a fiercely worded letter, a copy of which has been obtained by the Standard.

He wrote: "It causes us the deepest possible concern that DIL's (Diversity International Ltd) imminent liquidation was not volunteered by you, notwithstanding that you attended a formal contract review meeting at our offices on 21 April ... The current financial position of DIL is more worrying still for the LDA."

Mr Lewis said the project the LDA had paid for had not been properly delivered, in breach of contract, and accused Mr O'Loughlin of skimming the LDA's money for other purposes.

He finished: "We hereby give you notice that we treat the breaches (of contract) as sufficient to trigger the LDA's entitlement to seek repayment of the Contribution (ie the £345,000) ... Further, the LDA hereby reserves all of its rights to seek additional damages from DIL in respect of any losses which the LDA suffers."

However, an email from Mr O'Loughlin to Mr Lewis at around the same time suggests that Mr O'Loughlin was using a back channel to his friend, Mr Jasper, to circumvent the LDA. "I remember you saying you were meeting with Lee," said Mr O'Loughlin. "At this stage I think it is necessary for him to have a deeper view of my position, so I have copied him in (to the statement of my case)."

By 1 May, literally within days of giving Mr Jasper his "deeper view," Mr O'Loughlin was being offered a completely different deal by the LDA.

Instead of seeking repayment of their £345,000 and threatening legal action, they now offered him a further £250,000 and an LDA consultancy worth £35,000 a year. At 7.41am on 1 May, a bank holiday, Mr Lewis wrote to Mr Jasper, saying that the deal had been agreed.

Mr Jasper subsequently emailed Mr Lewis and the two senior programme officials, Brenda Stern and Maxine Jones, demanding the deal be signed as soon as possible.

In emails, both women write of their severe concerns about the deal. Then, on 5 May, Mr Jasper applies heavy pressure on Ms Stern, saying: "This is a disaster. I had been told by Manny that a deal had been struck. What's going on?"

Ms Stern replies: "I cannot make a deal against the interests of the Agency [LDA] and the GLA and jeopardise people's reputations." The next day, Mr Jasper applies further pressure to Mr Lewis, writing: "It's a bloody nightmare!"

Ms Jones, the director of an LDA division, was suspended that day for "management reasons", and never returned. In an email to senior Mayoral aides Redmond O'Neill, John Ross and others, Mr Lewis asks them "not (to) refer to the suspension outside of the Mayor's office as I now need to follow due process."

Ms Stern, the programme manager, was suspended seven weeks later after making further protests about an "extortionate" deal proposed for Bryan Adams, a co-worker of Mr O'Loughlin's. The official reason for her suspension was that she had been the subject of complaints from members of her staff.

The lead complainant was Mr Jasper's godson. The emails make clear that the final fate of Ms Stern was decided not by anybody in the LDA - but by Mr Jasper. Without Ms Stern or Ms Jones to raise objections Mr Jasper and the LDA agreed a generous deal for Mr O'Loughlin and Mr Adams, but it fell through after the liquidator vetoed it.

The LDA held a formal internal inquiry into the grant under a senior manager, Tony Winterbottom, at which a police-style statement was taken from Mr Jasper. Mr Winterbottom warned him that his statement "may form part of an internal hearing." Mr Jasper then refused to sign it for nearly two months and it is not known whether he ever did.

Mr Barnes said: "I am amazed to think they actually imagined they could get away with this. How can the Mayor have just stood there and told us there was no substance in these allegations?" The Mayor's office promised that the LDA would " examine" the Standard's evidence.


Reconquista said...

Passionate words John, stating precisely how many of us feel about how things are now.

The mistake the west makes is to ignore the fact that while Islam exists, a perpetual state of war also exists between "dar al Islam" and "dar al harb" - the house of war, lands not under Islamic sharia rule.

Talk to most Brits and they don't want to know. They're more concerned with beer, televeision, fast food and holidays than they are about the fate that awaits them. The same fate that has befallen the serbs, the lebanese, the persians, the chaldeans, the copts, the hindus the byzantines - and let's not forget the bhuddists who are now being driven out of Southern Thailand.

This ignorance of Islam amounts to a dereliction of duty we all owe to the future generations, a duty to give them the best chances of survival and a peaceful,strong nation where they can live their lives as is their birthright.

That's what the golden generation did for us by fighting tyranny in WWII.

If we do not fight now and remove the cancer of Islam from our society, future generations will have no choice but to do what current generations are too afraid to do: fight the enemy.

My fear is that the British Lion hasn't just lost its teeth but that it is now to timid to roar its defiance and would rather rollover and be tickled on its tummy.

The fanatical Islamofascists, the fearless soldiers of jihad who believe it is divine to fight and die for their cause, sense it and can now see victory on the horizon. Now they are gathering throughout Europe to slay the once mighty lion prostrated at their feet and swords.

We're fast running out of time.


najistani said...

It is to be hoped that when the BNP take power they will immediately remove all illegal immigrants and their descendents from the electoral register.

johnoddybnp said...

Thank you.
Spanish?, Conquistador, a Spanish soldier and explorer, they dominated the exploration of South America when it was known as the New World, places such as Cuba, Chile, Mexico and all the other countries down there.
Possibly, in a continuation of the Holy Crusade of Medieval times the Conquistadors (conquerors) also conquered the Iberian Peninsular fighting and defeating the North African Moors (Muslims) this victory was and is referred to as “Reconquista”.
Strangely enough it was the ancestors of these brave explorers that would be put to the sword approx a 150 years later by men led by a very cruel Privateer and I’m beginning to see a connection here, or is it just my suspicious imagination Henry???.

Reconquista said...


Reconquista referes to the Spanish booting out of the muslim moors from al andalus. Work has brought me to Barcelona for a year so it seemed an appropriate name.

The reconquista was a brutal affair - who could blame them they knew what it was like be subjugated as dhimmis in their own land. They gave the muslims a dose of their own medicine by giving them 3 choices:

1. Convert to Christianity
2. Get out of Spain. Immediately.
3. Die

This is a variation of verse 9:29 of the Qu'ran, the "verse of tribute", the verse Mohammed and all muslims -including al qaeda - cite to wage jihad. This states that kuffars must:

Convert, be subjugated and pay the back-breaking jizya tax or die.

Sadly, celebrating the reconquista is now being dumbed down so as not to offend - I think you can guess the rest.

Madness. Absolute madness. We are governed by cowards, fools and traitors who are selling out their own people.

As well as eradicating the Islamic menace from our land,I also hope the BNP bring these scumbags to account for their betrayal.


Sir Henry Morgan said...


Surrey Quays eh? I lived for a while on Pepys Estate.

And you think Surrey Quays was bad?

I wrote a big long reply to Louise last night - went to post it and discovered the server (Virgin) was down. It was down for about 14 hours! Only got back on line this afternoon.

I won't be re-writing it.

yorkielass said...

GA...moving before ratification!

Not Troubled by the Law
By The Brussels Journal
Created 2007-12-18 12:43

A quote from the Huntsman at his blog, 17 December 2007

[T]hey have already started to implement the [EU] Constitution, before anyone has had a chance to ratify it let alone for all 27 member complete their individual ratification processes. For, as the Telegraph reports, the unelected EuroNabobery has already taken the creation of an EU Diplomatic Service as read and appointed its first ‘Ambassador’, who will speak on behalf of the EU with African states from a base in Addis Abbaba. The Telegraph adds that Belgian Koen Vervaeke will also speak for the EU's 27 member states in Africa.

Ineffectual at best and treacherous at worst, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has yet to be disbanded and we still have Ambassadors and High Commissioners in on or two spots on that sad continent (even if two of them are shop-soiled Labour politicians). One is bound to ask by what lawful right the EU pretends to speak for all 27 member states before the Treaty comes into force. None is the answer save that the EU says that this is an ‘exceptional’ case.

That matters not in law but then the EU (a bit like the Labour Party at home) is not much troubled by the law and is so arrogant that it is pressing ahead with arrangements for its Diplomatic Service before ratification.

But why wait? After all, the whole rotten racket has been set up, as we well know, to avoid any chance of this Treaty not coming into force and so confident are they of the 27 member states dumb compliance with their instructions to ram the Treaty through come what may that they feel able to anticipate the law. Expect other ‘exceptions’ to occur to them in 2008 in such anticipation.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Suspicious imagination John.

I wish the old Sir Henry was around today. Then 300 years from now it'd be the Muslims using him as a boogy man to scare the kids into behaving themselves.

And you already know what I think of what you said earlier about it eventually coming down to fighting. There's not only nowhere left to go in this country - there's no other country to go to either - even Iceland has an Islamic association.

What to do John? - you know we have to be ready for it in advance. And I've given up thinking that engaging in politics is going to do the trick.

All I've got in my head these days is taptap ....taptap .... taptap ... - and getting my hands on the means to taptap.

ed said...

Good words lads, and I'm with you entirely. People should shape up, live off the land a bit more and be more self sufficient. Young lads and lasses should get into country pursuits and get out in the fresh air. Join a legal gun club so they know how to bring home their own food, and grow it too.(anyway why should Yardies have the monopoly on firemans, why cant decent sportsmen continue their hobby unmolested?)

johnoddybnp said...

If that’s the Pepys Estate in Depford then that’s one of the areas I had in mind. Prior to Surrey Quays I lived in New Cross and Brixton so I know what you went through. Daily I had to drive through Rotherhide and twice I had to deal with car-jackers, It was okay when I was younger but I certainly wouldn’t want to live there now. My ex-wife still lives there as do my Son and Daughter, my Daughter is married with her own Daughter now and she keeps saying they are going to sell-up and move up here, trouble is Dan, my son-in-law earns too much money down there.
All of them, including my ex-wife and husband No 4 are voting BNP, they keep telling me how bad things have got down there and they’re glad I’m not there because I’d only get angry and do something and the blacks don’t just carry knives any more, anyone who’s anyone carries a gun, great place ‘eh.

johnoddybnp said...

If you're wondering where Louise is see my last post on "Pyrrhic victory for the UAF"

Sir Henry Morgan said...

This is from GoV.

Very interesting comment by a poster called Charlemaigne.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Sorry, forgot the link


johnoddybnp said...

Went there and left a comment, thank you. I don’t need to tell you about soldiers without officers do I.

johnoddybnp said...

Here's a copy of my comment to GoV

I do not think of myself as an ideologist, I know there will never be a “Perfect World” but there now exists a level of imperfection, that if left unaddressed will destroy the very core of humanity….Islam !. Islam is like a virus, it spreads unseen into the very heart of our towns and cities, it remains there, silent, growing and festering, eating away at the town or cities resources, it uses the weaknesses of the West against its host, the weakness of tolerance, compassion and understanding. All the time, at first in small numbers, plotting the destruction of those that have accepted them into their community, as their numbers grow and their strength increases, as it surely will, they test the lengths they can go to, what they can get away with. We all know that across Europe that is the stage we are at now, the sights of Paris burning, the use of firearms against the emergency services and the sight of Muslim youths running riot is sketched into all of our memories.
The atrocities such as 7/11 and 7/7 are not the acts of rationally minded people, they were committed by young men indoctrinated into the belief of Allah and that Islam must dominate. What civilised culture would allow the beheading of innocent people with a knife and then broadcast that murder for all to witness? Never, in the history of the world, as Islam been able to co-exist with any other religion and I cannot see it starting now.
This is not about racism, Islam is not a race, it’s a religion the same way that Judaism and Christianity are, it’s about the barbaric way that Islam is practiced and what it’s ultimate intentions amount to and that is World domination, that’s not me scaremongering, it’s a fact and it’s written there for all to see. Islam rules by fear, hence the atrocities and the beheadings; even Muslims are scared of Muslims so why shouldn’t we be?
In our Politically Correct society I am the villain here, I’m the guilty one. I’m the evil person who dares to question the peace loving religion of Islam. When is the west going to read the writing on the wall, how many 7/11 and 7/7’s, how many beheadings is it going to take before we say enough is enough ?. Do you not feel the slightest bit of revulsion when you see Muslims on the streets of our cities burning our flags, carrying placards demanding our deaths and wearing suicide vests ?.
I feel sorrow for those of you who think of me as a racist for I am, in fact a realist and the sorrow I have for you stems from your weakness and blindness. We have all gone through the ostrich syndrome but, unfortunately, the problem is still there when you pull your head out of the sand.
As I said Islam is like a virus, it will not just go away, it needs to be cured and the longer it’s left to fester the more sever the surgery will be to remove it. Even cancer can be cured but you have to have it cut from your body, there as to be some pain before you are healthy again.

last man standing said...

I agree with most of the sentiments here, though please remember that islam has got too big for its boots because it has been encouraged to do so by those behind the colonising of our country. Islam is a tool, the footsoldier, carefully given enough freedoms to build up confidence in itself, though maybe, just maybe those who nurtured this cancer may well end being the first ones eaten by it someday, as somehow methinks they will not be compatible.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Yes John, I have already read it. You already know that these are things I already think from my above posting of comments made on the Express.

And I understand the importance of officers - they're to keep the enlisted men in line whilst ensuring the job is done.

I just think that throughout Britain, the officers are betraying the man, so to say (I'm using a military metaphor for the civil society).

Never forget though, that renegades like Wingate and Lawrence, for example, can make enormous contributions.