Tuesday, 11 December 2007

We need Roots.

I do not know about you but if you are a True Brit you will be feeling a bit exhausted like myself.

I do not know what is going to happen.

I do not want to see another split like the one I experienced almost three decades ago but I fear the worst.

THREE LONG DECADES of being out in the political cold, more icy then those not even born then can imagine and always we fought back. And who was there in the late 70's, why a very young Nick Griffin. He has lived through it.

This current nonsense is something this man did not want or deserve. He deserved more from people he trusted.

I had to listen to the song in the following Video a couple of times before I finally understood the message but today my mind is a bit of mess. Listen to it twice and you will play it thrice.

Whatever happens now, is out of our ordinary members control. I shall support the British National Party and Our Chairman Nick Griffin no matter what.

Outside the gates of the enemy stronghold, I fear we have been betrayed.

Lets have that music and forget about things for a few minutes.

OK. Play it again Sam.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

oh - i see you've now strung a few words together to go with the heading.

why don't you pack your stupid blog in - it, like you, is an embarrassment.

Paul said...

Its far from an embarressment ex Nationalist, its well supported and respected unlike the rather forlorn and abandoned ship you are currently running.
Is it cold out there anon for I suspect you aren't the trustee you thought you were.I think you will find it a whole lot lonelier as movers and shakers behind the scenes make deals, compromises and carry out an excercise in damage limitation.
The phrase "why keep a dog and bark yourself" comes to mind with regard to you old chap.
I suspect you will find yourself increasingly ignored and neglected by those you defended so stupidly.
There wont be a rescue centre for you, you've served your purpose, and at Christmas too.
We'll have to wait and see how it pans out Green but your common sense loyalty and humanity is an example of real British Nationalism.
You tried to help not hinder, the mark of a man of this country.

Anonymous said...

Green Arrow:

Stay out of what you know nothing about.

There's a good boy.

Reconquista said...

And more stinking rhetoric. That's how people become when they know they're guilty and dishonourable.

Hope you're enjoying how the consequences of betrayal are making you feel.

"I suspect you will find yourself increasingly ignored and neglected by those you defended so stupidly."

Well said Paul.


Anonymous said...

Great music GA
nice to hear some good folk music.

Paul said...

We know rather a lot thanks to your posts on Red sites.
Obviously we cant tell if any of its true because you have lost all credibility.
Incidentally I'm not Green Arrow, I'm Paul, a recent supporter and member of the BNP.
I have no interest in EIE, sour grapes bore me, and I think it would be like watching a road accident. Horrible curiousity and a thank F@@@ its not me writhing about, attitude.
I suspect most of your hits are coming from Searchlight to keep Old man Gable warm.

Anonymous said...

"The phrase "why keep a dog and bark yourself" comes to mind with regard to you old chap"

Never a truer word spoken!
The idiots who jumped in to defend the sabotage caused either by foolishness or malice wont be welcome anywhere soon.

johnoddybnp said...

You know my opinion of this site and I stand by you on your defence of Nick and the party.
Mediation is what is required now and not by us. There are things happening now and in good time we’ll find out what, but for now keep your heads. Just because someone has a username with BNP in it doesn’t mean they are BNP.
GA ,once again mate you are doing a great job in difficult times, well done sir and thank you.

Anonymous said...

Of course, if Collett was a man he'd have literally fallen on his sword by now.

But he's just a boy. Which seems to be part of the attraction, for some.

Paul said...

I think the REAL bit gives away its not one of us.
Delusion is the first symptom then the crusading tactics, he's charging over the hill at us alone. The only one with integrity honesty etc then the sudden realisation of "oh shit I've done it now Wheres me mates"
Braveheart he ain't though apparently the delusion is still in its rampant stage.

Disgusted said...

Anonymous said...
Of course, if Collett was a man he'd have literally fallen on his sword by now.

But he's just a boy. Which seems to be part of the attraction, for some.

11 December 2007 18:38

Sad strange little person. A real Red would be funnier. You dont really belong anywhere anymore do you?

Anonymous said...

This is how a real BNP blog should be. Well done green arrow. You are a true patriot and an example to us all. Hold firm lads and lasses.

Eddie said...

For me its not about Collett anymore. Maybe it was a genuine attempt to force Griffins hand but notice how its shifted to Griffin himself. Wheres the honour in that?

Lady M said...

Never ever stop blogging. This is great.

johnoddybnp said...

I know there are certain people who, for their own reasons, wish to remain “anon” even party members, unfortunately, I tend to be wary of them. I have the attitude “I am BNP, what’s your problem?”. I do not hid my light under a bushel. I believe in what I stand for and bugger everyone if they don’t like it. The idea of people, that’s a bit too polite, the idea of the reptilian, scum eating, sacks of sh*t who post on here pretending to be something they can only aspire to be slightly disturbs me. Those of the “Great Unwashed” are not only spineless in that they dare not use their own name, they are also pathetic “ bottom feeders” to think we wouldn’t see through them.

Anonymous said...

Yes this is great.

Blogging is better than buggering.

And much better than being a "bottom eater"!!!


Poppy said...

You have a highly developed sense of humour, brimming with irony anon.
Bet you can make an elephant with your trowsers?

Louise said...

johnoddy-icantgetelected-bnp: Do you ever stop snivelling? People can choose to reveal their name or may choose to remain anonymous. Thats their buisness, not yours.

Why on earth do you think the secret ballet was endorsed? It protects people. In an ideal world, people would stand up proud, list their name and be counted. This is not an ideal world - people may be on here,supporting the BNP under all sorts of pressures. (Just think about the number of people sacked from their jobs or disowned by their families or friends or being hassled because they do or dont like griffin but they feel they have something to say to support or challenge him). Providing they are supporting the BNP - what does it matter?

But even within the party, someone may want to say something (as is their right) but they are bothered about the consequences. We dont have the evidence (or do we?) but lets go with the idea that Sadie had her flat bugged and her PC stolen. In a way it shows exactly why she and her pals may have wanted to go into clandestine behaviour when they werent being heard when they did use their nmaes. what they did isnt outspoken honesty ....but what is the bigger picture? why did an apparantly upstanding supporter of the BNP work covertly?

No need for me to harp on about being scared because im not at the moment but I didnt want to tell you my name based on being scared at first. Whether you realise it or not, the BNP have a ghastly history and a terrible reputation. There is a complete stereotype that is incorrect and that is that youre all a bunch of doc martin boot wearing thugs. Its not true but thats the fear. Someone may like your policies but not want to be aligned with the stereotype - so they post anonymously. YOu cannot afford to lose the support of pro-bnp anonymous posters!

Moreover, there may well be a larger number of pro-BNP posts which have been anonymous over the last two days who are bothered by using their names becaue of the sadie treatment or maybe they are bothered by collet and his reactions.

So - providing they stick by GAs rules, let them.

We all know that you are willing to shout from the rooftops about who you are and how racist you are. But not everyone is as bold as you. And yes, you do come across as a total backside kisser! Worry about your potential constituents. If you are actually any good, the votes will do the talking for you! More GAs, Pauls and SirHms are needed here. LOUISE!