Tuesday, 11 December 2007

BNP leader Nick Griffin live on SKY and poll

Let us remind ourselves of what we are about. A brief warning, the first few minutes may not be everyones cup of tea but this post is not intended to aggravate the situation. But you must watch it for the SKY interview of Nick Griffin and the Poll results at the end. This what we are about.

We are starting to win. We must remain United. We are the finest Party this Country has ever seen. It is the Party Our Country needs. Do not let it down.


Anonymous said...

Here you have Sadie Graham working the doorsteps canvassing the electorate and gaining support for the party and Mark Collet screaming down a megaphone.

Anonymous said...

"The results of a Sky News / Yougov Poll (of 1800 people) found majority backing for 5 key BNP policies"

Tougher Jail Sentences
Halting Immigration
Stopping Immigrant Families coming into the UK
Fewer Asylum Seekers
Priority Housing For British Families

And when told these were BNP policies 6% (108 people) decided it was a vote too far, dropping the total to 49%.

disgusted nationalist said...

At least the little oik wasn't screaming to the Lancaster UAF site or using a fake megaphone to filter his bile.

Dont let smokescreens develop over this where Searchlight/UAF feeders morph into martyrs.

One of our finest cant stop dribbling about child molestation to every site that'll let him post anonumously, the result is the YBNP group is piously going on about "protecting its members".

Sadies a great girl, Kenny too, they screwed up big time. As Lee Barnes says "whenb your in a deep hole stop fucking digging"

The idiots who've mouthed off in so called support have fucked over all Nationalists big time.

We could hold a hate fest for MC and probably have a great knees up with loads of support but we'd still have a band of people trashing the BNP in public.

For what. Why this moment in time?
A helpful little Red on the UAF site was gloating at the timing.

"Just as their new glossy leaflet goes out and subs are due renewing"

She got the point and Nationalists dont?

understand polls before you write crap said...

johnofgwent said...
And when told these were BNP policies 6% (108 people) decided it was a vote too far

john if you knew ANYTHING about these reveal the party later polls the drop is usually massive.

what is of most interest to anyone who knows about this things is that the BNP vote barely mpved when the name of the so called `evil` BNP was revealed.

so what you are desparately trying to turn into a negative in in fact a MASSIVE positive.

you john are the weekest link goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Stand firm worse things happen at sea. Purges are good in the end. It should not have been done the way it was done but Griffin should listen now about the bold boy if feeling runs so high.
For the ones who did the dirty there really isnt a way back though.

Anonymous said...

If doing what they did was the last resort. Why werent they more resourceful as activists?

Felicity K Edinburgh said...


The polls are great news Paul and thank you for posting them it gives heart to us at this bad time.
No one is bigger than the group no one is more important than getting our country back. Please everyone unite behind the BNP banner and get our country back.
There are still loads of honest hardworking grass roots members out there keeping their heads down and asking nothing in return. Lets get right behind them.
The Reds are loving this hiccup lets show them we're bigger than individuals.

However we could learn from sleazy New Labour a little bit about closing ranks eh?

Anonymous said...

If Mark Collet has any Honour and really cares about the future of the party and more importantly the Country then he should resign his
position as head of publicity,
As Felicity k says no one is bigger than the group.

Anonymous said...

That's great GA,

However Griffin excellence on the stumps must be set against Collett's abysmal performances. Griffin may have acquitted himself well against Paxman and Humphries but how much of that was compromised when Collett was humiliated by Russell Brand?

The point is rapidly approaching where those whose primary concern is the unity of the Party will have to back Grayham. No one is going to resign in protest at Collect’s expulsion, I can assure you of that. The unity of the Party can no only be guaranteed by removal of Collett and Co. If they had an ounce of honour they would have already resigned and baled Griffin out of the mess he has got himself into on their behalf. That they haven’t tells you all you need to know.

You clearly are not familiar with Collett's track record. The man has yet to miss an opportunity to damage the BNP, you may remember his "Cockroach" comment which nearly cost the Party its right to exist and Griffin seven years in choky. Now this one man parade of idiocy has subject the Party to an unprecedented crisis. What the combined might of the establishment Parties, media, education system, judiciary, trade unions and Billy Bragg could not achieve, this plastic Nazi has carried out by mistake. I find it impossible to believe an articulate and rational nationalist like yourself could regard this fascist clown as a respected comrade. I can only assume that you have not read the information on Grayham’s blog, information which was common knowledge to most people with an interest in the BNP, friend and enemy alike.

This is an influential blog and your opinion is of consequence, Make sure you know who it is you are supporting. I note that most of the other BNP bloggers are maintaining a deafening silence on this issue, even Lee Barnes’ comments are open to interpretation. (as ever)


The Green Arrow said...

anon: 10:18
There is much truth in what you say. I have a newer post and would really welcome your comments.

david said...

I am afraid Griffin can not be trusted again. If these stories about bugging and heavies removing peole's property are true then he can never be trusted. Best get rid of him and reform now not weairt for more problems.
We were these character flaws from the beginning by Tyndall, Webster, the 2 Edwards' and Steven Smith. Now they have come out we must not go into fantasy and pretend this is not really true.

david said...

It didn't start last week. Don't forget Bowden, Potter, Spence et al who have been elbowed out; don't forgot the "vermin" who voted against him and all the doubts about finance. I know it is not nice to face but we are adults and have to face reality to act in it. No escapism now!

Anonymous said...

understandpolls said

> so what you are desparately trying
> to turn into a negative in in fact
> a MASSIVE positive.

Actually I meant to say it was **ONLY** 6%.

Which was the PRECISE point you were trying to make I believe. Sorry if you took my post the wrong way but it's easy to see why party supporters are feeling a little jumpy right now.

And actually I DO understand polls and the statistics behind them.

You see, an appreciation of the mathematical manipulation of raw data, and an understanding of how to unravel that manipulation, is a key skill without which you won't get far publishing scientific papers in scientific journals. Which I have done.

So let's look at a few facts shall we.

Years ago when peter snow took over the election swingometer I remember a fair old ding-dong on TV between two pollsters, one from NOP and another from MORI about what constituted a decent sample size.

One of them was saying you needed at least 1000 responses across a variety of social groupings before you could say it meant a jot the other said double that.

If you pop over to yougov.com and wait for their scrolling 'poll results' windows and open a few, you might be surprised by how FEW respondents they sometimes publish on. For example the 'best prime minister we never had' poll seemes to have a measly few hundred responses.

Indeed only THIS Sky poll of 1841 and another yougov one of 2,000 or so for a poll on Government Sleaze go anywhere near that upper figure.

Which means the SKY poll is indeed excellent news for those who support your policies.

But you didn't need a poll to tell you that.

Just take a look what MARGARET HODGE has said and how the Liebour party has reacted.

This woman - a liebour MP and Minister - has taken SERIOUS FLAK from her own for pointing out that BNP policies are popular and that unless mainstream parties 'get with the programme' there will be a serious upswell in voting support. And that flak was NOTHING compared to what happenned when she spoke up in praise of adopting a social housing policy that gave long-standing residents and their kids of ANY colour preference over this week's new faces in the city.

But most interesting of all is Margaret Hodge's Wikipedia entry.

Born in EGYPT, the daughter of a GERMAN Jew and an AUSTRIAN Jew ....

So you have a JEWISH LABOUR MP the daughter of a GERMAN jew and an AUSTRIAN Jew standing up for your policies and trying to alert the political mainstream that there is a groundswell of support for them and for a DAMN god reason.

Now if only some people could stop bickering long enough to take those facts and use them to do the political equivalent of shoving an umbrella up the arse of certain 'mainstream' politicians and then forcing it open 'in situ' we might, just MIGHT get somewhere.

The Truth said...

Sadie Graham has the face of a jewess.

Helena said...

Hi UAF! or are we "realbnp"
trying a little agent provocatuer with these good people.
Go back over your own place there's a couple of whinging ex Nationalists with a great story of how Nick cant get his shirts WHITE enough!
Its shocking, its true, its exlusive its only on EIE!!!!

cheers said...

However we could learn from sleazy New Labour a little bit about closing ranks eh?

11 December 2007 08:41

Felicity K said

isn't that so true. Keep up the good work Green, and fly that flag.


Paul said...

This is an influential blog and your opinion is of consequence, Make sure you know who it is you are supporting. I note that most of the other BNP bloggers are maintaining a deafening silence on this issue, even Lee Barnes’ comments are open to interpretation. (as ever)


I'm supporting the BNP, I've no doubts of that so I dont have to make sure.
Spencer let me make my own position clear as a loyal paid up member. I can't and won't speak for anyone else.
Collett is irrelevant now, I dont know him, I hear he's a clown and not popular. There are channels to deal with it.
He is however the bogeyman here or the wild card.
The one they can pull out and use to deliver the coupe de grace (less)
If he was a secret jihadist it shouldn't have been aired in public on Nationalist sites by a foaming mouth buffoon and certainly not on UAF, where our ex comrades held court.
You've scuppered any argument you had with Collett by that action alone. Oh and put by the cause possibly for years.
The real issue conveniently forgotten by the apologists and cloaked in "integrity".