Thursday, 6 December 2007

Princes End ward by-election(Sandwell) Thursday 6th december

Your safe for the moment boys but our day WILL come

These are the results for the Sandwell by-election.
  1. Lab 796 (48.07)
  2. Con 517 (31.22)
  3. LibDem 29 (1.75)
  4. BNP 314 (18.96)
Considering the circumstances that brought about the by-election, the British National Party done well.

A couple of interesting observations were made over on The Stirrer with regards to Labour Party supporters actively assisting the Liberal Democrats in the run up to the election. Not that it done the Lib Dems any good.

Labour, Liberal, Conservative all one party with the same policy. The betrayal of the British People.

Well done to Karen Parkes and her BNP activists. You had an unenviable task and we are proud of you all.


BFB said...

For the most oppressed political party in the history of Britain this is a fantastic result.

Well done, guy's 'n' gals!


Anonymous said...

A result which isn't horrific but not a brilliant one either and they won't improve until Mr Griffin is ruthless and kicks-out all the assorted cranks and Nazi weirdos like the ones who infest Stormfront Britain. Ok, many of them are probably Reds posing as nationalists but others are very naive idiots who are frankly braindead. Mr Griffin must purge the party of people like Another Day quickly.

Anonymous said...

Garside's claiming a rout. Take a look at Voice of Treason.

British war vet too poor to move from non English speaking immigrant invasion who hide their faces said...

Garside? who?

is this person of any real importance?

NO, so lets move on.

the BNP have moved on and have done fantastic in recent years, we have isolated setbacks as all parties do, but they are fewer and farther between.

we have become more professional and substantial with each passing year and the mood of the country is moving more and more with us.

even our sad pathetic critics know it!

bring on the GLA!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

You are obviously refering to the Lib. Dems

najistani said...

One here for any UAF members reading this blog who are gay or had a gay affair during adolescence:

"Makwan had not committed any crime. He was executed for a sexual relation with a class mate when they were both 13. He was executed for homosexuality...

According to our information, the local authorities in Paveh and Kermanshah were insistent that the death sentence should be carried out. One of the officials is reported to have said the city 'Paveh's youth have become too cheeky; we should execute one so that it may be a lesson to others'."

Yorkielass said...

At this stage, Gordon Brown's views embraced a form of Marxism, and in Scotland - where the Labour party was traditionally leftward leaning - his well-crafted views attracted support. Both in his studies of Scottish socialist heroes, and in the solutions he proposed, he seemed to be in tune with traditional feelings in Labour's Scottish heartland


Anonymous said...

Yorkielassy: what is your point?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't someone respond to my point? I would like to see the BNP's results dramatically improve but they won't until Mr Griffin is prepared to be utterly ruthless with the small number of cranks and weirdos who still spout such utter nonsense as Dresden was a 'war crime' ect as Another Day does. Mr Griffin needs to EXPEL such people from the party as soon as possible. They have no value to the party whatsoever and indeed actively damage it with their braindead stupidity. Pratts like Another Day need to be told to 'get with the programme' and modify their abhorrent views or get the hell out. He and those like him can always join the collection of weird sects on the fringe with no hope of getting anywhere. The BNP is a serious party and needs to show it is at all times.

Amanda said...

I wasn't aware membership of Stormfront or any other internet warrior site was a prerequisite for membership of the BNP?
Stormfront doesn't appeal to my sensibilities at all nor to any of the Nationalists I mingle with.
Nick Griffinb has made it perfectly clear the direction he envisions for the party and those who disagree with him have purged themselves. Check out articles by the excellent forward thinking Lee Barnes, no Stormfront rhetoric at all. The BNP increasingly appeals to hard working middle class refugees from all major parties precisely because Griffins policies make sense and he doesn't employ spin.

Anonymous said...

Stormfront is a proscribed site for BNP members

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Green I love your line,

Labour, Liberal, Conservative all one party with the same policy. The betrayal of the British People.

I will use this in my forth coming speech. I cant say where as dont want the lefties finding out and I am a wee bit nervous as it will be my first one.
But hell I am not as nervous as the lad's that went over the topin WW1 or down the ramp onto the beaches in France on D-Day.

Everyday that passes brings even more urgency to our fight.

bernard said...

Has Hain just dropped one?

bernard said...

Or is Brown trying to?

Anonymous said...


Goodluck with your first speech,
I'm sure the audience will be supportive.

Anonymous said...

A polite reply to anonymous who talks of the "cranks", I take it you mean anyone who is pro British or of the generation to remember better times?..To recognise Dresden as a war crime does not indicate that a person is a closet Nazi, on the contrary it highlights an individual that sees other peoples positions and diferent perspectives. Are you claiming that it was permissable to wipe out a city of mainly civilians? for if you do then you will go along with the view that the end justifies the means, and I believe that was a term used for genocide by the Nazis. Rumours of the time, and research since, indeed point to more than a freak firestorm, in fact some have sugested it may have been an experimental (nuclear?) weapon, now remember that when those weapons were used on the Japanese the justification was that they werent a Christian country and did not recognise the Geneva convention-Germany did, and in general treated their western pow's with respect. Yes there were incidents of barbarity, but then they certainly werent the only side to shoot prisoners, ask anyone who remembers El Alamein or D-Day. I suspect you are an agent provacateur sir (or miz), yes there are "cranks" in all walks of life, none more so than within your own ranks, but I cant see the UAF or other assorted losers weeding out their hardline nutters (cos there would be no party left). Nazism is in the past, only alive in the minds of those who remember fighting it and the criminal left who seem obsessed by it. Our woes today come from a more ruthless and vicious doctrine (well at least to its own), which spread westward with the sham of a wall coming down. War is full of crimes, from the millions of German pow's that were left to die in open fields by good ol'Ike, to the villagers of Oradour wiped out by SS troops, the indiscriminate killing in Vietnam, and the illegal wars we now find ourselves in. The nationality of the victim is neither here nor there.

Anonymous said...

To the other person 'anonymous'. I am certainly not any kind of 'agent provacateur'. I am a British patriot and want to see the BNP succed in order to save this country before it is totally wrecked. However, this cause isn't helped when people like Another Day say Dresden was a 'war crime' It wasn't. Yes, it was a very substantial bombing raid but most research on it indicates that it did have military justification in that it helped to destroy an important communications centre and a city that was producing armanents. The problem with saying it was a war crime is that it makes those who say it look like apologists for the Nazis and we here in Britain are tying to save our country before it is too late. We don't need people appearing to justify the Nazi regime. I would suggest it is these people who are more likely to be 'agent provacateurs'.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't to me either Amanda. There sure are some weird cranks on there. Thankfully, most of them are not BNP members or supporters and that is because they are fundamentally irrational. Nick needs to keep-on repeating to the membership that there is NO going back to the past when the party was stuck in its political ghetto. Hopefully then the recalcitrant ones who are unwilling to modify their cranky opinions will leave.

Ronbo said...

Good show, British National Party!

I am reminded of my American history when the newly created Republican Party (1856)destroyed the Whigs and defeated the Democrat Party in only a few short years with the election of Lincoln as president(1860).

The Democrats contested this election on the battlefield -- we call it the U.S. Civil War, which the Republicans won as well.

johnoddybnp said...

The British electorate now see the BNP as a serious option to the mainstream parties, based on the facts that have been presented to them over the years. Whereas the main parties change direction likes the wind we have stuck to our guns on all our policies. Regardless of criticism from politicos and press we have always called for an end to indiscriminate immigration. Apart from UKIP we are the only ones calling, even shouting, for an exit from the EU.
Yes, in the past we did have a bad reputation, in some instances, deservedly so, but under Nick’s leadership that stigma as slowly slipped away to the point where the main parties have voiced their concern about us becoming a serious threat to them on the political battleground.
The British public can only take so many lies and spin, they like us can see through the latest cover-ups made by Labour over their catalogue of catastrophes, they may not like what they see but, at last, they are seeing it for themselves.
It as been hard work and, once again, it is no small thanks to Nick. He’s moulded the party in to what it is now and he’s led from the front and when needed he’s jumped on anyone out of line, that’s what a boss does. I, for one, will continue to campaign as a candidate under his leadership for I know that Our Day is coming soon.
We have no need to argue between ourselves it only makes us weaker and with the May elections just around the corner we have to pull together and get all hands to the pumps. If we get the basics right, as we have. I can see the BNP taking a lot of votes and Councils, lets give Nick something to show for all his hard work!.

Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely certain that the last couple of May elections have been a total sham, after all who's got control of the ballot boxs and postal vote forms. I know where I live there were at least 2 labour councillors who I'm convinced retained there seats fraudulently.

I don't know what could be done to make sure postal votes aren't meddled with but I 'm sure there are enough BNP supporters to man the polling stations for the entire time they are open and then accompany the box's to the count, or better still put BNP Party seals on them. I'm certain results would be somewhat different to what have been seen in recent years.

johnoddybnp said...

Anon 16.19.,
I totally agree with you, personally I think the postal voting system is the most corrupt form of voting we have ever had. You only have to look to the Asian community and the ongoing fraud cases to see that but the Labour party wont change it because it’s in their favour. Not only that around here we have an inordinate number of retirement and residential homes where, surprisingly, all the residents are postal voters. The fact that one of our Councillors owns a lot of the homes comes as no surprise either?.
BNP seals on ballot boxes!!!. My god sir !!, could you imagine the outcry. Sounds a good idea to me though, but then I am biased. The problem with the system is that we play it fair and all the rest cheat. We need a level playing field but how do we get it……….answers on a postcard please.

Anonymous said...

I saw a story on the BNP site, I think last year, where they did put a seal on one ballot box. Apparently somewhere in the rules of the election process it states that can be done.
I seem to remember the returning officer, or whoever was in charge, wasn't very happy about the BNP wanting to exercise that right and tried to deny the option existed and generally kicked up a fuss.
I can't remember the details but someone else on here might..

Anonymous said...

RE nursing and retirement homes... That happens round here too, Labour councillors visting the homes and even offering to help fill in the forms... Must be Party policy !!

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 17:40 is correct. The BNP did put seals on ballot boxes

They need to after these events reported here.