Friday, 14 December 2007

I have made the following posts

I have made the following posts on Stormfront. The reason I post them there, is because of the opportunity to respond to posts made by red agitators. The comments are straight from the hip and not spell check or checked for grammar. All of the posts are mine. I have left out responses.

I for one do not intend to sit back and watch my party, our party be destroyed by people who care nothing for our country, culture or children.

I hope peace can be made but should it not then may Nationalist History pour scorn on those people who betrayed their party, leader and country. May it also record the names of those duped into following them.

Yes these are sad times. Perhaps some of Nick Griffins actions were wrong or could have been handled better. However.

It does not matter now, how he obtained the evidence. He had every reason to be concerned by the actions of certain individuals. They were planning to go behind his back and ignore the proper procedures to put their points across. If they did not wish to go through proper channels then they could have seen NG unofficially and stated what they would do if he would not listen to them. They did not, they went ahead and lit the fuse.

Then instead of letting things cool down and meetings be arranged they chose to go nuclear and suck in as many supporters as they could by any means possible. This also sorry mess could have been stopped dead then.

When they posted on their infamous site of shame their demands to bring the BNP party to a grinding halt they showed themselves to be nothing short of saboteurs. Did their supporters know they planned this. I thought they wanted to make a point about the bad treatment they believe that SG and KS had received? Did they also know that it was really about an attempt to destroy the BNP?

When Nick Griffin extended an olive branch they had time consider it and show willing to resolve things but they did not. They escalated the whole rotten mess by advising Matt Single to launch another attack on the Party and the Chairman.

They realised that they had overstepped the mark by calling for another nationalist party to be set up. That would be foolish is their aim was the destruction of the BNP. They would be isolated in just another small fringe party. So they attempted to divert attention from their real aim by saying that all should remain in the party and support the Chairman. Some support.

And Colletts part in this? Why he was nothing but the excuse to launch the attack on the party. I do not know the man. I am sure I would not like him were I to meet him but if they were only interested in his demotion, there were other ways. No doubt he will hang himself some time down the road. He does not seem to learn a lesson easy. But he is not the one bringing the party to a grinding halt. I still believe that he should stand down pending an investigation to clear his name. But he was not the real target at all. The real target was the Chairman. Those who were behind the last leadership challenge unhappy with the result thought they would try other methods to remove the man who is the British National Party.

Well their plans will fail. OK They might have slowed us down but they will not stop us because we have the WILL to win.

I urge all those who have dropped their weapons with their resignations to return to their positions and carry out your duties to the party as normal.

I ask you to put aside personal feelings towards those you feel have been treated badly and fight for Our Country and our childrens future.

There will be an enquiry. There must be. But do not damage the party. We must reunite now. Not tomorrow now.

Now those of you who I am appealing to will know who your are. You will most certainly be advised that it is too late and "Griffin must go" and nonsense like "Once he is gone we can restart the Battle" they are the words of sirens intend on luring you and the party to destruction. Turn deaf ears to them and fight back. Do not fight for what is in front of you. Fight for what is behind you. Your family.

OK. I am posting this without proof reading and then will take it away for checking and reposting on my blog.

Out of curiosity, how many years did the traitors, Philby, Burgess and Blunt work undercover for their communist masters? A lifetime of treason. Think about that one.


I would appreciate it if anyone who is able to write a proper summary of the events and a similar scenario to my post above to either email it to me or PM in the strictest confidence.

I would also ask any True Brit supporters, currently not members of the BNP to join it now. I would also ask the loyal BNP members in areas where officials have resigned and have indicated that they are not going to do the patriotic thing then volunteer your services in replacing them.

If they intend to do their worst I shall certainly do mine.


I have been waiting for you to crawl out of the woodwork so I could respond and you did exactly as I expected you to. Your just so transparent.

Your pathetic attempts to stir the pot is nothing more than that a pathetic attempt whose agenda is totally different to mine.


What part of it do you find amusing. The fact that the only Nationalist Party with a chance in winning back our country is under attack by red scum who pretend to be something they are not. A pox on them I say.

If you have nothing useful to say then stay out of it.


Correct and if you visit that stinking puss filled hole of the UAF sites you see that they are praising the BNP people who have resigned their positions and saying that Sadie Graham is in fact Mother Theresa or words to that effect.

When the UAF start supporting BNP members I am really worried no matter the reason they give for it.

They know Griffin (I have never met or spoken to him) is the BNP and that is why he must be removed.

When the elections arrive and if the party maintains its growth then it was looking at 20% - 25% of the vote. That would destroy Labour who are now reduced to counting on the votes of the colonisers. They are not immigrants. They are colonisers.

To survive they must destroy the BNP and the best way to do that is destroy Nick Griffin. Over my dead body.

I still have my NP badge somewhere and other memorabilia. I have posted on here and on the blog about my trip to croydon and how I came to join the NP instead of the NF. Lawson knows the truth.

As to where I was tonight it is none of your business. I believe I mentioned in a comment on my blog about where I would be tonight and I was just about to say here when I thought "bollox" it is nothing to do with what is going on.

Like I have also said in previous posts, when I post here and on the blog it comes from inside. I do not usually bother to dot every i and cross every t. It is written and gone. Past tense, present tense. So long as the meaning is clear then that is fine by me.

As for switching sides. I think not. Whilst I support The Chairman of the BNP 100% I have also said that this sad mess has been handled badly. I am also capable of seeing both sides of an argument. Not yours because you make none. Just stir.

I have also done my best publicly and behind the scenes to try and bring the both sides together. Because a split helps no one, least of all the country.

I have no political ambitions and to be honest only joined the BNP to counter screams of "Shut the FXXX up. Your not in the Party" and for access to the forum. Like I said I do not need a membership card to support the party and were Nick Griffin to rip mine up in front of my eyes I would still support him and the only party with a chance of reclaiming Our Country.

As for my writing style being akin to Coronation Street then so what. You obviously watch coronation street or you could not make a comparison. Hate it but still just gotta watch it or read it.

Now on comments. That I do find interesting because I am really torn on that one. I would like there to be only nice rational comments but if I moderate then where do I stand on Freedom of Speech? Sometimes I have to enable moderation because of red trolls swamping but I do not like even doing that. I have to let comments go through that I think harm the chance of a reconciliation but their arguments so well presented that they must go through. Those just plain nasty or obscene I do delete as they contribute nothing. So what is to be done? No Platform? No thanks.

Anyhow, going back to the split.

Some on this forum are determined to widen that split. They still keep arguing the rights and wrongs of it instead of trying to bang both sides heads together and reach a compromise. But perhaps they do not want to see peace at all.

As for your opinion of me, it means nothing because I am sure that my opinion of you is the same. Jew? Searchlight?


Yorkielass said...

Well said GA!
Nick Griffin knows his subject inside out replacing him with an excuse would be political suicide.
Picking scabs in public serves only to damage the party also scare off would be supporters it's time to get back to fighting those we should not each other.
The recent membership vote kept Nick at the head of the party anyone that wants to challenge this position should do so in a democratic not underhand way.

Anonymous said...

"It does not matter now, how he obtained the evidence."

You condone burglary.

Anonymous said...

GA, I see on Stormfront you agree regarding the allegations against Collett and Hannam that they should either refute them or if not resign.

A disciplinary hearing by the BNP found them both guilty of the most serious allegation so how can they "refute" that? They should both resign and clear the way for both sides to meet and sort this mess out IMO

Anonymous said...

If Collett was a man he'd resign. But he's a boy, which seems to be the attraction to some.

The Green Arrow said...

anon we do not have the full facts.

anon can you pm me with the exact details on sf please.

steve said...

fine words GA

Anonymous said...


I cant PM you on SF because I do not post on there and am not signed up to the forum.

Ive had a quick look at this blog and can find no way of sending private messages.

BNPJack said...

GA, Once again you have written a well thought out entry and you are the voice of reason, maybe Nick Griffin should ask you to join The Party officially.

Why can't people see that this started because of the silly actions of a few. They did something they got caught, no then you can either support the two that were caught red handed or you can support Nick Griffin and the party.

My vote is with Nick Griffin, chairman of The BNP.

Can I ask a sincere question why is it so many of people involved in sabotaging The BNP are leaving anonymous entries. Have the bottle to leave a name, so people know who you are. Some of the anon people could be and probably are anti's.

GA Keep The Faith, you have done all you can friend and that's a lot more than others can say.
Save Britain. Vote BNP

Anonymous said...

For those that don't know it, Stormfront is a "White Nationalist" ie Nazi forum.

BNP member Green Arrow is a frequent poster on it with over 600 posts since March.

As we can see from this blog, Green Arrow has no problem with BNP security burgling members' homes.

Anyone who doubted that the BNP was a Nazi party should now be thinking very carefully.

Thanks GA! You've helped to make a few things clearer to people.

Anonymous said...

Why do people leave anon entries?

Maybe because using your real name invites burglary?!

ANON-BNP said...

bnpjack.... How does that tell us who YOU are. Jack who form where? Even an anti could call himself BNPjack. Yes I have posted anonymously No I am not an anti (if you mean anti BNP) but I am anti Collett and Hannam. That does not make me guilty of wanting to "sabotague" the BNP, I would suggest those two have done that all on their own. If they resign NOW there is still time for the 2 sides to get back together.

They havent refuted any of the allegations, as GA alludes to. Nor have they spoken up. Their silence is DEAFENING and speaks volumes.

There is much talk of loyalty but I have read Collett has "something" on NG and that is why NG wont take action against him as Collett has said he would drag NG down with him. Is that true? If so MCs 'loyalty' is only to himself. And NGs is misplaced. If Collett and Hannam dont go by newly dopted name could be what happens to the BNP

Anon-BNP said...

"White nationalist = nazi?"

Thanks ANON for clearing that one up.

Does Black nationalist = nazi?
Irish nationalist = nazi?
Scottish nationalist = nazi?

The left read and post on SF are they "nazis"

Angie said...

The lefts best mates and labour employees most certainly are!

Muslim Brotherhood unites with Hitler’s Third Reich


1933 Hitler rises to power
After humiliation of WWI, Germany votes overwhelmingly in favor of Hitler’s Fascist regime.

Hitler and Muslim Brotherhood Find Common Ground
Hitler’s vision of ethnic cleansing of non-Aryans becomes appealing to the Wahhabis of the Muslim Brotherhood [vii] . The West and the Jews is the common enemy. Muslim Brotherhood acquires Hitler’s methods of genocide to rid the Arab world of its non-Muslims.


Nazi Parties Appear

Throughout Arab World [viii]

Young Egypt. Led by Muslim Brotherhood member Abdul Gamal Nasser (future Egyptian President). Young Egypt’s political slogan “One Folk, One Party, One Leader” is a direct translation from German of Nazi slogan.

Social Nationalist Party in Syria [ix] . Led by Anton Saada (known as the Syrian Fuhrer)

tonydj said...

Am I the only person puzzled by the total press blackout on this matter? I would have thought this was a hot story??

Reconquista said...

GA bang on the money.

I have said this until I'm blue (well better than being red I guess) in the face:

The cause is what unites us, not personalities. There was a right way to go about this and a wrong way which in effect involves blackmailing the chairman.

That this is just plain wrong - and stupid - they do not see so like you, I suspect there's more to this sorry episode than Collett's head.

Interestingly, I've just been on the official site - how professional does that look by the way - and I read that Collett is now demoted to graphic design and that Hannam's post is being phased out.

Is it me or does this mean something?

Whatever, the amateurs who put personlaity politics before the future of their nation need to take a long hard look at themslevs and ask:



Anonymous said...

"Collet demoted, Hannams post phased out. Is it me or does it mean something".

It's a sign that contrary to the genrerally pushed line neither are indisepensable and that as some have suggested Collett should NEVER ever be allowed to be a public mouthpiece for theparty let himn design his leaflets tht way he can do no harm as they have to be proof read by someone else before being released.

It is I fear though Too little too late - especially coming as it does after MC was made Editor of the Members Bulletin, of all things!

It was this 'slap on the wrist' treatment of the pair that got us where we are today if we are to get reconciliation, MC and DH will have to go. If they had any gumption they'd resign themselves.

anon-bnp said...

"Whatever, the amateurs who put personlaity politics before the future of their nation need to take a long hard look at themslevs and ask:


A good question, one I hope MC and DH ask themselves, it ic clear by their BEHAVIOUR (not personality) that they are AMATEURS - we deny being a "nazi" party yet Collett praises Hitler! We deny being "thugs" yet Collett smacks someone at the RWB etc etc.

MC = Amateur Hour and time is running out

Reconquista said...

Anon 18:30

So it is a demotion yes? And does the phasing out of Hamman's post mean he's out?


I've said God knows how many times: The issues people have about certain people's behgaviour are valid. But there was a way to go abouth this in-house and without causing a huge fallout.

Blackmailing the chairman simply wasn't the way and if that's how some people think the political game is played then they will not last long in the political arena.


Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Internal re-shuffling continues as we speak, bridges rebuilt, fences mended and all manner of things healed and ministered unto which is wondrous good news. Things are afoot to right the wrongs and chastise the shitten. Already it looks brighter so be of good cheer.


I wouldn't post a bomb to stormfront...............
............... then again_____ perhaps I would.

Pip pip

anon-bnp said...

I think Collet's new 'role' is a demotion, yes. Hannam is still in the party but without, it seems, a 'title'. I'd imagine its a sop to the growing number of signatories to EIE. It's not much but it's a step in the right direction. I think eventually MC and Hannam WILL go as this wont be enough to silence EIE. If they had the brains they were born with they'd take the heat off of the chairman and go voluntarily, for the good of the party, it's becoming clear all sides now accept or are coming to accept their behaviour, not necessarily, personalities, HAS been damaging to the BNP.

The chance to deal with this 'in-house' through 'standard' means probably passed when they were NOT suspended for their little display at Blackpool despite already being on a FINAL WARNING. If they were not going to go then when any other perosn who broke the terms of FW owuld have done, when would they go?

Blackmail? It's a popular/mass protest and as a party we have ourselves supported similar such as not paying council tax, the fuel blockades etc etc. NG in edition 1 of British Countrysider made many suggestions of what farmers could do to bring down the govt - all extra parliamentary actions. Were they blackmail or "popular protest"?

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Colonel, Hmm Stormfront. Yes I carry a link to to in my forums section.

During my time in the Royal Navy, when I arrived in a foreign port I would also ask where NOT to go.

And that is where you would find me several hours later having the time of my life and I must confess sometimes almost losing it:)

I like SF. It has bite. It has everything there from the mad marxists to the die hard Nazi and everything in between, including me and some very interesting debates go on there. And that is what it all about debate. There is no censorship (other than you must not threaten injury to each other) and is great fun. Don't be a stranger.

Bit like this place really. ALMOST anything goes and the rules are there no rules.

Katy Higgins said...

GA youre the business. You've said in print what many of us think. It was a plan to get Griffin using daft Collett as bait.
Its so obvious.
Did you think you'd ever see the day the UAF would link to a nationalist site?
Carzy crazy people.

Onwards and upwards. No loss what a socialist an use LOL!

anon-bnp said...

Well Katy there's one way to PROVE that, remove Collett from the picture either by his resignation or by expelling him and then we will see if it is a ploy or not.

I would imagine the reason STBNP, (they are not UAF btw but all reds agreed) linked to EIE is the same reason as someone on here linked to STBNP to prove their point nothing else - and NOT to show support/agreement/endorsement for the group concerned.

And the person who typed out stbnp's wbe address in full was not EIE btw in fact the exact opposite.

Paul said...

To anon 20;20
Your finger must be sore typing out all those denials of the obvious. Its just possible you are starting to believe your own lie?
Put it any way you want. It started with drama about Collett and erupted to include everybody, especially Griffin.
Aberdeens mates have just insulted the whole of Scotland and the Scots BNP for not rallying to the sinking ship.
Its gone very badly wrong hasn't it?
I think the problem is actually that the rebels are just smart enough to realise how stuipid they've been.
They thought because they got votes and support that people thought THEY were great.
Heres a tip, the votes were for Griffin and the BNP.
And without those two things Anonymous anonymous, you're nothing and neither are they.

Anonymous said...

You want a summary of what's occurred?

For several years MC and DH have been a liability to the BNP, and more importantly to the very core of Nationalism, they have constantly misbehaved, and undermined the party, and acted in a way that is totally inappropriate.

Those actions include, but are not limited to, a complete failure to carry out their duties in an efficient manner, repeatedly embarrassing the party in a public way, and gross misconduct, most famously the incident where they took two underage girls back to their room for the purposes of sexual activity, for which they received final warnings.

In the case of DH he was also caught spamming porn, of the most sick, vile, and offensive nature to a girl aged 13, and causing her to fear she would be raped by him.

For this he was banned from Stormfront, and it was only due to extreme diplomatic activity that the police were not called in, and a major scandal was avoided.

The matter was reported to Tony Lecomber (which pretty much seals his lies in his statement that you published on this blog), and the matter was left at that, as it was expected that the BNP management would deal with it.

So that is twice where the police could have been involved with DH, due to his behavior with underage girls, and two causes there alone for his immediate, and unconditional dismissal from the party.

There can never be an excuse for pedophilia, or related behavior.

As has been said this has been rumbling on for years, and complaint after complaint has been placed through proper channels, and time after time the management has refused to act, despite such behavior jepordizing everyones hard work in the party.

Unable to resolve the matter through appropriate channels certain members took the step of setting up an unauthorized blog to publicize their grievance.

What they did was technically an act against the party, and as such there is grounds for disciplinary action to be taken against them, and I don't think anyone, including the parties involved, would dispute that, but they obviously felt there were no other options left open to them.

At this point it should be mentioned that these were not disgruntled Jackson supporters, as certain reds, and trolls would have people believe, but were actually NG loyalists, who have repeatedly stated that they have no desire to split the party, and have for the most part remained loyal to NG, although that position is becoming increasingly hard to maintain, considering the actions they have faced, and the smears and lies being repeated.

Obviously there are others, less loyal, jumping on the bandwagon, but they are a separate issue, and have their own grievances, that shouldn't be confused with the current actions.

The new BNP intelligence department, headed by overseas former members of the South African police and intelligence services, including well known informant and traitor Arthur Kemp, sought to deal with this incident in the most unethical, and illegal way possible, by bugging the members homes, and by entering them illegal and removing possessions, including private possessions, in a way that can only be described as criminal.

Some of the data recovered from this stolen property was then published, directly contravening the data protection act, on the BNP website.

This criminal behavior, and infringement upon the members civil liberties immediately inflamed the rank and file of the party, triggering what is at least 80 resignations to date, of people who would not have dreamed of acting, were it not for this illegal activity, and gross incompetence.

It also came to the attention of Jon Crudas, who independently, and not acting with any member of the BNP, loyalist or rebel, again contrary to lies being passed around, took the matter to the police.

Again, due to illegal actions, and gross incompetence further pressure was put on the BNP, and the police investigations are continuing.

Lies such as the one linking the rebels to Crudas only further add to the split, and anyone repeating them should be treated as a red, troll or anti.

Some pathetic attempt at an olive branch was offered, with a statement telling the people if they said sorry they would be allowed back, but this could surely only be construed as insulting, as it completely failed to address legitimate concerns, and there can be no peace talks until such concerns are addressed.

Obviously such insulting talk, cloaked in further insults, lead to further enragement, and further widened any rifts.

Now a second derisory, and insulting gesture has been made, where by deckchairs have been rearranged on the deck of the 'sinking ship' in an attempt to try and put out the flames, but again due to complete incompetence at the highest level this latest effort has again only enraged people further.

Let us be very clear about what we are talking about. Dave Hannam is a pedophile, and Mark Collet a gross liability, under party rules there is no option but to dismiss them both, merely changing their job titles, and continuing to pay them their salaries in no way deals with the issue, but is just further insult to the ordinary members.

I repeat, there can never be any justification for protecting a pedophile.

As this rumbles on, and with each new blunder, the rift becomes wider.

What began as a few people disgusted by the retention within the party of certain unacceptable elements, has now grown to proportions where we see a genuine split, and over 80 members who have resigned the party whip, and/or positions within the party.

Many more have said they will not be renewing their membership, and many of that number are now talking seriously about a need to remove Griffin, and/or to start a new party.

This was never the intention of anyone, but a position forced upon the membership by inept leadership.

There was a point when NG could have pointed to 'new evidence' and dealt with the culprits, MC and DH, admonished the rebels, and the split could have been healed, but now NG has naively painted himself into a corner, where by he gives in, and shows he's weak, or he holds out, and ends up losing all credibility by supporting that which can not be supported.

Taking the second option would lead to a permanent split, and the loss to the party of at least 1 or 2% of it's membership, and that figure is growing, and at least 2 or 3,000 pounds per annum.

That's the best case scenario, the worst case scenario is much blacker.

Bad managements blown a minor problem, into a major disaster, and there is now no easy solution, but the best possible solution can only come through the dismissal of DH and MC, and that requires every member to call for such a move, and any solution also requires every member to condemn those spreading lies, and false stories, on all sides of the divide, for instance the obvious reds and trolls continually pushing the Crudas smear.

anon-bnp said...

@ Paul...

MY target is NOT Griffin but Collett and Hannam do have to go - they are a liability thats the truth of MY standpoint so no my fngers are not tired as you can never tire of the truth. With Griffin demoting Collet and with Hannam being given no new post I doubt the rebels think it has gone very wrong at all but Collett and Hannam may be feeling a little uneasy at this precise moment in time.

You talk of votes for Griffin and the BNP - that is what I want and I want more of them. Collett in particular hinders us gaining more. It is a bit ironic our canvassers will be putting out his designed leaflets denying we are nazis/extremists/thugs/ only for those party reps to have HIS past antics thrown up at them to show that we are. As long as he remains in the BNP, the BNP will be as handicapped as it was under JT due to his past actions.

NG eventually saw that was the case. I am sure he will over Collett.

Especially if those who are 'nothing' but ordinary BNP members can see it.

Anonymous said...

Green (S)arrow said,

"To survive they must destroy the BNP and the best way to do that is destroy Nick Griffin. Over my dead body."


Over your dead body then.

Then perhaps you'' stop writing and publsihing such sycophantic gushings of teenage-angst ramblings supporting a crook and a bully as Nick Griffin.

Anonymous said...

By the way, for anyone who wants Cruddas source, a little digging around has shown it to be so there has been no secret conspiracy to work with the guy, he just read SD's blog as a starting point, and went sniffing around from there.

As has been said, only stirrers, trolls, reds and antis want to push some of the lies we've been reading, and all decent and loyal Nationalists, whatever side of this split they find themselves on, are duty bound to condemn publicly anyone attempting to fan the flames further with lies.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 21:19

Well I asked for a summary and I got it in Spades.

Sometimes I curse freedom of speech.

Paul said...

Tanks anon for that. I thought Hannan was the arse and Collett was the P****phile?
Thats what the ranting scottish squaddie from North scotland says.
What a pity all these wonderful people did nothing constructive about it. I believe KS helped cover up the hotel incident in May? (according to Aberdeen on his blog)sic.
I'm not being facetious with you thanks for clearing that up.
I just cant take rentamouth Aberdeen seriously.
I still believe KS and co are not party quality any longer but Collett must be investigated properly and his accusers come out of the shadows. Their protection is part of the problem.

The Green Arrow said...

For reference my email is on my profile and right at the end of the page. It is

Reconquista said...

Jesus Christ I have never read so much bullshit as I've read in some of these comments. It really does beggar belief that some poeple can be so utterly clueless about politics.

Let me be try to be brief.

Look, no matter how good your cause is, no matter how much you feel aggreived, no matter how noble you believe your cause to be YOU CANNOT ISSUE AN ULTIMATUM to your DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED leader.

You cannot say: "All my way or it's the highway" to anyone in politics - ANYONE - least of all your own party. To do so is childish. It's also stupidity.

There has to be give and take. Absolutes DO NOT work - this is a game where tact and diplomacy rule the roost. You have to set aside personal grievances, hatred, morlaity, normal standards of decency AND PLAY THE GAME.

Take a look at the big 3 three for an example of what I mean. They have their "bad eggs" but do they resort to the idiocy - and I'm being kind here - that some have resorted to? Of course not,

Anon, you responded to my last post citing NG's incitement to the farmers as a blueprint for the "splitters" to follow. Just one slight flaw with this:

They weren't attacking people who share their cause were they? NG is the ONLY one who can lead the BNP right now, the man responsible for where we are now. BIG BIG DIFFERENCE. IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE.

There have been moves today shrouded in political language. The fools, the betrayers, the sabateurs will say "it's not enough nothing less than expulsion will do" - these are the fools who are all too keen to destroy what has been built. They are - and make no mistake about this - as every bit an enemy of our cause as any marxist, islamist or global capitlaist. To hell with them and their sly, devious and divisive tactics.

Others will see the truth. That the bell tolls for the fools and that the BNP is moving towards real power.

Time to put up or fuck off - sorry for the strong term GA but it's needed now.

You are either united by our cause and you stand full square with us to face the enemies of our great nation or you side with the enemy.

I know what side I'm on and it's behind the BNP and its leader Nick Griffin.

How about you?


A source close to Chris Hill said said...

Chris Hill feels he’s a spineless git for letting himself be intimidated into falling in line. But a second change of sides at this late stage would be meaningless, and would only bring your cause into disrepute.

Many others, like Chris Hill, may allow themselves to become intimidated by the Mark Collett road show (special guest stars: Nick Griffin), which is now doing the rounds at the moment. These meeting, which are attended by Griffin’s large and intimidating security staff, do not lend themselves to an open and honest debate. Toe the line or leave, seems to be the order of the day. But if you stand firm, unlike the spineless Chris Hill, you may well be able to give Mr Griffin a booster injection of democracy. Nick Griffin is a great politician, but even great men shouldn’t think they are above the little guy, they are not. I think Mr Griffin is about to learn that lesson, and he’ll be a better man for it.

Anonymous said...

"That the bell tolls for the fools and that the BNP is moving towards real power."

I can't believe such political idiocy.

Read the comments, for Christs sake, it will be moving nowhere if we have a freaking pedophile scandal in the middle of the elections.

It's about time some people grasped the very basics of commonsense, let alone politics.

"I know what side I'm on and it's behind the BNP and its leader Nick Griffin."

And the best way to serve the party, and the leader is to protect pedophiles and incompetents is it?

Stop talking utter bollocks.

Phrases like that are just throw away words unless backed by reality and commonsense.

If you want to reply to this then justify your support of pedophiles, or else crawl off back under the rock that your odious little existance crawled out from under.

We will never achieve anything with pure idiotic mindlessness of the sort in your last drivel ridden comment.

Anonymous said...

I have to say GA I am sick of these nasty little types using your blog to condone, justify, or try to ignore pedophile behavior.

They have no place in Nationalism, or the BNP.

Anyway who ignores the actions of MC and more importantly DH, and isn't calling for their heads on a platter isn't just a traitor to the party, and leading down a path to self destruction, but they are a sorry excuse for a human being, and should be completely excluded from not only your blog, but the entire nation.

They are sick, they are scum, they are worse than the lowest red scum we face as opposition.

Whatever anyones views on the splits, or the factions involved in the splits, with the information now available to us there is not one decent person who can not be calling for the heads of MC and DH, regardless of their side in this debate, and anyone who isn't should be drummed out of the party, and the nation, for ever!

Reconquista said...

Anon 2:25

Mark Collett is not a paedophile.

You are a disgrace for saying it and I suspect your motives.

But of course, let's all ignore the fact that the people who got caught backstabbing and dancing with enemy did sweet fa at the time, only airing this outrageous accusation against an innocent man to further their own witch hunt and lust for power.

We have rule of law - it states that a man is innocent until proven guilty.

It's far better than mob rule where idiots who have little truth to support their cause seek to sidestep the correct procedures and resort to duplicity instead.


Anonymous said...

"If you want to reply to this then justify your support of pedophiles, or else crawl off back under the rock that your odious little existance crawled out from under."

Your response?

"You are a disgrace for saying it"

You are one sick twisted individual, a disgrace to Nationalism, and the BNP, trying to defend pedophiles.

Yes GA there should be moderation on your blog when such sick individuals exist.

I can't believe you are giving a platform to those who support pedophiles.

Such people are not only traitors to the cause, but traitors to humanity, they have no place in life, and are just as odious as the pedophiles they seek to support.

Mr Taylor Blackpool said...

But you are one sick hombre for injecting the stench of paedophilia into an argument about your betrayal of the BNP. You are using the tactics of those who shout "racist" at nationalists to stifle debate. No wonder you're always anonymous.
I hope they trace you and sue you.

Reconquista said...


A simple question: Has Mark Collett been convicted?

No. Therefore he is innocent until proven guilty. It's a law we have, look up the word "law" in a dictionary.

American spelling of paedophile noted.

Red filth, and this place is becoming littered with their vile rantings.


Anonymous said...

"No. Therefore he is innocent until proven guilty. It's a law we have, look up the word "law" in a dictionary."

We are not talking about law.

If someone rapes my daughter I don't give a shit what the law says, he's an odious pedophile.

That's what counts, facts, not law, now fuck off pedophile defender, you're sick!

Seriously GA, ban this red scum from here, anyone defending pedophiles makes us all look bad!

For the sake of the BNP turn on comment moderation and keep the red trolls out

Reconquista said...

We're not talking abouyt law - erm, yes we are maybe you're not aware but raping children is a criminal offence.

Collett hasn't raped anyone but you know better don't you?

Send GA your full name, address, telephone number and put your name to your vile smears. GA can then pass them on to the party chairman and we'll see who's right.

Otherwise fuck off back to the sewer you crawled from you spinless little shitstain.