Friday, 14 December 2007

Canon Ward by-election 13 December

Is this what you want? Because in a few years this is what you will get everywhere. You foolish, foolish people. I just hope your are proud of the betrayal of your children's future or rather lack of one. You make me vomit.

AKHTAR, Husain The Conservative Party Candidate 1208 Elected

BORGESE, Marcello Independent 182

DIAMOND, Anne Denise Liberal Democrats 296

HARROD, Richard The Labour Party Candidate 389

STUDLEY, Howard British National Party 56 2.7%

Well done Howard. Your task must have been difficult. I am sorry we let you and your team down.


Anonymous said...

We worked hard on this one, it was the first time we have contested the Ward.
Our vote was up 1%, so not all bad.
We also got the Londoner out to the Ward at the same time.
This is just the start.
All the best from Harrow.

Reconquista said...

Easy GA, easy.

The BNP isn't through yet. There's more out there like us who put the cause first and stand behind the elected party chairman no matter what personal grievances we have.

And when these self-defeating fools see that the cause we fight for is more important than either themselves or a certain individual who they've let inside their heads, they'll be welcome to rejoin us in the trenches.

We're not through by a long chalk GA. No way.


Reconquista said...

Oh nearly forgot:

Can I say thank you to the people who fought so hard in this by election in what has not been an easy week.

Our time will come.


The Green Arrow said...

You are of course right reconquista. I just feel that we let our troops on the ground down. Especially on the day our quisling representatives were signing away our freedom.

We will of course prevail with or without yesterdays men.

Normal service will very soon be resumed.

Helena said...

Howard well done in the face of the "set back"
The contrast between your dedication and British get on with it attitude could not be further!!

The Luton boys said...

The chaff is gone from the wheat, its a blessing in disguise.
Well done Howard you're salt of the Earth!

Richard Barnbrook said...

This result has nothing to do with the childish antics in the party.

If you read Martin Wingfields blog you will see that we expected 3% to be a very good result.

I wish people would stop making a drama out of what is not even a crisis.

The Green Arrow said...

Richard I have the greatest respect for you but you did not help matters at all in my opinion but I will not go into that in public.

I accept what you say about the result and knew that. But you missed the point.

I ask you to delete your comment because I suspect that that is the wrong thing to say on a site that believes in free speech and is inviting the wrong kind of response.

I intend to support you fully come the election. If you ever feel the need to practise your skills on being grilled by an aggressive person I am prepared to volunteer.

Billy Bob said...

Don’t bitch and moan and call everyone traitors. If you truly care for your cause then organize a proper revolt! Fight for your cause or shut up!

Felicity K said...

I tend to agree that this is no longer a crisis. It appeared that way in the beginning largely due to the flirtation with the Left, but since the actual numbers involved are limited lets forget it.
Scotland remains strong (7 malcontents) and the rest of the country is broadly on board.
The Party will go from strength to strength if we ignore the buzzing of annoying flying insects bashing themselves on the windshield.

Richard Barnbrook said...


I believe you miss the point entirely. You are part of this nauseating hysteria.

I also remind you that BNP membership is a privilige not a right. You are under no authority to involve yourself in a factional temper tantrum like the kiddies have done.

You also write "you did not help matters at all in my opinion but I will not go into that in public."

I suggest you bit your tongue further.


Richard said...

Most of here in Harrow have only been active for less than a year. The Canons ward was an exercise for us to learn from, we never expected much as the BNP only poled 1.6 of the vote at the last Mayoral election. The ward is mostly wealthy jewish with asians moving in. There are about three streets in the ward that are (non jewish)white working class. Look at this way we improved the vote by about 70%!. The main quetion is why would a mainly jewish ward want to elect a Moslem councillor?
As for the current problems in the party, as long as most people are happy with Nick Griffin, (which i am)just keep supporting the party and we can keep the movement going. Its as simple as that.

The Green Arrow said...

Richard, i have no idea if you are who you say you are. Neither do I care.

If your the real Barnbrook learn the art of diplomacy.

If you are not then bugger off.

With regards to membership being a privilege and not a right. I do not need a membership card to fight for the BNP.

One last thing. Do not have the temerity to come on my site and tell me how to behave.

If you are the real Barnbrook I would welcome the opportunity to teach you the are of debate.

You will need it come the elections. So work on your style.

Anonymous said...

GA two things,

Like you I suspect "Richard barnbrook" is not THE/OUR "Richard Barnbrook". I can't see a Mayoral election contender putting in writing or even getting involved in a debate on a forum. Even the left wing sites agree it is not likely to be the BNP's RB who is posting in that name.

Secondly, dont get too down about the result yesterday, the BNP was NEVER going to win this one but in a way we did..... It gave an indication of the sort of support we might get in areas of London outside of our heartlands and target wards. And it is pleasing to see that just with just .3% of a swing we are on course, if we stay the course that is and dont get divided by recent turmoil, for a very good chance of getting on the GLA.

Richard H said...

No i'm not Richard Barnbrook. I'm just one of the blokes who leafleted Canons ward and then went to Harrow civic Centre representing the BNP at the count. Sorry if i offended you! I'm off out now to the London area social

Richard H

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 17:!2

Thank you for you comment. I am not down honestly on that result. People on the ground there have posted their assessment of their performance. As a poker player I thought it a very interesting "probing bet".

I think the guys there done a great job and we are all proud of them.

I pray that our Richard is not the Richard that posted. I am sure ours is a much more wiser person.

Good Luck

North Devon Patriot said...

I pray that our Richard is not the Richard that posted. I am sure ours is a much more wiser person

I hope you're right G A because the post that was removed from eie
claiming to be from Richard Barnbrook was embarrassing.

As for the theory as to why the msn
have not picked up and reported on this saga, It's because the msn report on serious issues.

d said...

I do not khow who posted as Richard Barnbrook.
Richard H is one of our top activsts. I hope the party went well last night.
At my meeting last night I signed up 2 new members & handed out 3 application forms.
There was about 5 different smear campaigns against us in Canons ward. So we kept the unwashed ones busy.

The Green Arrow said...


Thank you for putting the record straight.

The Troops done a great job.

Bravo Zulu (Well done)