Friday, 7 December 2007

BNP man did speak up for allotments

So very British. The BNP would encourage more allotments to be developed

You have to excuse me. I am working on other projects at the moment and I fear I do not have the time to write the articles I had planned for today. You would have loved them:)

But whilst doing the research I came across a little article that I thought deserved immediate mention. Not because it involves world shattering events but because of its day to day ordinariness.

When people think of the British National Party, they tend to think it is only the Big Issues that they are concerned with. When the truth is, the BNP is concerned with and active in supporting the things that are important to us all in our day to day lives. Read the following letter posted in the unfriendly Ilford Recorder.

THE liberal-left biased Ilford Recorder's unadulterated hatred of the British National Party is, of course, painfully obvious. However, your attack on Hainault BNP councillor Julian Leppert over land sales was utter nonsense.

Your story alleges that Cllr Leppert is trying to take all the credit for the temporary allotments reprieve without speaking up for the allotment-holders himself.

Well, I happen to be a Redbridge allotment-holder, and with around 70 other people saw Cllr Leppert receive a big round of applause after speaking passionately on the issue at September's area three meeting.

In addition, far from trying to "take all the credit" himself, BNP Julian made a point of publicly praising Tory councillor Harold Moth for his principled and unswerving defence of Redbridge allotments, describing Cllr Moth as "a real local hero".

Some of us actually find it refreshing to see councillors set aside party political squabbling to stick up for the local people.

I, for one, was delighted to learn that Cllr Leppert had a casting vote to reprieve our allotments at a previous full council meeting.

Good for him.


Allotment holder (Redbridge,
Chigwell Road),
Coopersale Close,
Woodford Green

So, tired as I am, that letter pushes me on. Salute. BNP Councillor, Julian Leppert


Anonymous said...

GA: Standing up for local people over local issues such as these is always commendible. As you say, its also an ordinary event. So, why exactly is it necessary to post this as if it represents the 'model' of BNP political activities? This actually should be 'ordinary' and 'every day' for BNP activities shouldnt it? Unfortunately, it looks as if you have just thought "oh oh, found something good! quick! lets post it so we dont look so bad afterall!". Or something like that? Louise.

Anonymous said...

"So, why exactly is it necessary to post this"

Why not?Since when did you decide which articles GA puts on HIS blog.Why are you so rude?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 17:39: Get your facts right! I dont decide which articles GA posts! With regards to rudeness, you can look over the entirity of anti-Islamic comments and judge for yourself with regards to rudeness occuring on this site! Splinter? Log? GA is a big boy. He is perfectly eloquent and intelligent and can stand up for himself! Now then, do you have a point about the post or not?

Anonymous said...

He is perfectly eloquent and intelligent and can stand up for himself!
That's strange you refered to all bnp members as idiotic,make your mind up.
GA is a big boy.I would'nt know.;-)

You did'nt answer my question,i don't care what anyone else has said or how they've acted/reacted i want to know why you are so RUDE and aggressive.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 18:02
I will answer your questions.

I can make my mind up at my own pace thank you very much. Moreover, I can change my mind whenever I want and when evidence suggests that its necessary, I do change my mind. I dont always like what GA posts and when I dont like it, I challenge it. On the whole, I think that GA is intelligent as an individual. When I think that something is idiotic however, I will say so. In general, I do not isolate GA specifically and call him idiotic on a regular basis.

With regards to rudeness: If I am rude to comments, it is congruent with the posting that I am commenting upon. If you or another blogger dont like my style, you can ignore my comments OR I suggest that you first look to the sheer and disgusting magnitude of offensive and ill-mannered material that is on this site and THEN have a good think as to why someone might be outraged and behave accordingly. I do not have to behave in submissive ways towards you. You must be in complete denial of the whole point of this website if you do not understand that people are going to have reactions to the racism that exists here! How naive of you! If you had any balance at all, you might want to pose your questions to the others too. Lets hear what they have to say?

As to aggressive behaviours - I am going to assume that you are using the oxford definition (eg hostile/voilent behaviour or attacking without provocation)? No, I am not violent, No I am not attacking commenters wihtout provocation. Hostility? Well, yes I am opposed to your views.

So, why am I aggressive? Well, the answer anonymous is precisely BECAUSE I am opposed to many of the views here. Simple enough. Are you keeping up here?

You may not like my answers but you can deal with them yourself. Frankly, your dislike of my stance is of no concern for me. What is of concern is the sheer level of racism and hatred that I see regarding statements about non-white peoples.

I am sure that you could have guessed my answers wihtout me having to waste precious space here telling you my answers. Now, do you have a point regards to GAs post or not? Precisely.

trolls can seriously damage your blog said...

Get rid of the troll!

She is now trying to rubbish you for posting something on YOUR blog that is of interest to BNP supporters no matter how small it may or may not be.

how pathetic does this troll get!

Myself i enjoyed reading the article only to find a pathetic troll lurking in the comments section!

whats next the BNP red is the wrong shade of red - get a life troll!

Felicity said...

She's desperate to be swayed towards the BNP because she just cant bring herself to admit most of their policies are attractive.
Let her hang around chipping in, she's learning. I think the BNP did a sterling job. Its nice to know that he's not above those small issues that affect ordinary people. Allottments are just so quintessentially British its no surprise they are of little interest to the chattering classes.

Anonymous said...

TCSDYB: GA knows that freedom of speech is more important than hatred of those who exercise it. In a sense, this is why its SO wrong to deny the BNP their freedom of speech. Whilst so many people hate what the BNP stand for, the BNPs right to exercise their feedom of speech is far more important. I hope you understand the general concept? If not, go and read Griffin's articles on it.

The question was genuinely raised. Why is there such a fuss about an event that should be part of daily BNP politician activity? Imagine how people would laugh at the rubbish labour party if they had a statement like that on their website! Im sure the good activity was part of a genuine stance taken by the politician so why present it like those stupid baby kissing stories that other politicians post on their websites?! If you read my original comment in more detail, you will note that I am actually complementing the behaviour of a BNP politician. This is a rare occurance and instead of seeing the comment as reasonable critique, you have sought to get bent out of shape! Get some backbone to deal with a challenge!

Anonymous said...

Are you the same Louise trawling the net looking for sites to stick up for Islam..on the daily Mail today for example. On the lyrical terrorist who was given a suspended sentence to name one?

galloway is going to prison said...

Galloway may be going to jail!

just heard a report that Galloway may be facing charges for dodgy donations!

couldnt happen to a nicer guy,
i almost feel sory for him as his ignorant party has just split into two after they realised that muslims dont like going to gay pride marches.


Ted said...

Since the BNP is routinely gagged and demonised and given "no platform" from which to spout their truth its not surprising the little troll only has his/her own impression from the Big Ladybird Book of Marxist Lies. Go have a look at the BNP site Louise(sic) and that should answer most of the burning questions.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Dont believe Galloways going to jail. He's got tons of money to grease palms.

Anonymous said...

You may not like my answers but you can deal with them yourself.

So if i disagree with your comments/accusations this justifies your rude obnoxious behaviour.mmmm Pot meet kettle.

Please accept some friendly advice ,try a different approach you're rude overbearing manner is not doing you any favours.

Anonymous said...

Anon 19:20. I have enough to deal with on this site! I wouldnt even lower myself to go through the Daily Mail site (what were you doing on it!?! - you should know better and for goodness sake, dont say you were "researching"!).

Though the BNP-ers who engaged in the racist jokes fest last week on this site share much in common with the lyrical terrorist. Perhaps that is why the BNP has such issues with extreme sections of islam.....too much similiarity between them? I seem to remember some relatively recent story of griffin and chums being accussed of incitement for hatred too. regardless of the outcome in the courts, those video clips were pretty damning and we already know that it doesnt take much for bnp-ers to get all hyped up in those hostile pro-racist meetings!

Anonymous said...

Anon: You failed to pick up on the point about provocation (do you actually read anything critically)? Provocation is THE reason for my response. I do not engage in aggressive responses when someone is polite in the first place. However, my responses are indeed assertive. Whilst you do not join them, some folks like SirHm or GA actually do a good job when they take the issues seriously. I try especially hard to be polite to them in those contexts.

However, with regards to favours: You dont have to be einstein (and clearly there is no risk whatsoever of that for you) to have established that I am not doing myself ANY favours coming here. I certainly do not seek your favour!

Thus, how silly of you to suggest that my approach could be any different - unless you are suggesting that I just keep quiet, or act submissively to BNP racism and ignorance. Given my refusal to engage in those approaches, I have chosen the approach that is most honest for me. And that is to question and challenge when I see fit. If you dont like my particular approach, ask yourself some deeper questions about the humanity behind the BNP policies.

Anonymous said...

there are many muslims hiding behind the UAF,

these people are out with their own agenda and its not the same as the UAF or SWP.

Muslims couldnt give a stuff for commi parties or ideals, and as for gay rights and liberalism - lol.

their agenda is simple, it is to see sharia law implimented in this country by whatever means is possible.

if joining the UAF and faking concern over fascism helps then so be it.

if joining a fascist organisation would help as it did in WW2 then so be it.

the Muslims have their own agenda and its not defeating `racism` its the spread of islam and intolerence by what ever method is open to them.

if islam became all controlling in the UK many of the leaders and followers of the UAF etc would be the first to be stoned or imprisoned for their un-islamic ways.

the left welcome these intolerent muslims as socialism/communism has so little support that they need desparately need the intolerent.

why do you think galloway moved down from Scotland to london?
he hasnt enough marxist support even in Scotland! so he comes down to london and ctnically plays the race card! poor muslims are the victims of the labour goverment and he fuels a generation of anti British suicide bombers -
way to go george!

Anonymous said...

However, with regards to favours: You dont have to be einstein (and clearly there is no risk whatsoever of that for you

You just can't help yourself can you,This tone and attitude is abhorrent.It would seem you are incapable of answering a valid question without resorting to petty personal attacks and insults.

johnoddybnp said...

How many "annons" can one blogger have?

johnoddybnp said...

Come-on lads you cannot blame GA for who and who doesn’t post on here, he picks a topic and we banter. If someone comes along with a, legitimate, question or argument then one of us would be more than happy to indulge them, that is our choice. I, too, have been reeled-in by Louise but I’ve learnt my lesson and now choose to ignore her, once again. Our choice. GA runs, what I consider to be, one of the best Nationalist sites and it would only be in the interest of UAF if we all started to fall-out over an insignificant nothing like Louise.
We don’t help ourselves by going under the name “annon”, I’m sure that there can be some way in which our “credentials” can be verified, if only by GA before we’re allowed to post, but that’s only a suggestion.
As far as some “annon” stating “You’ve lost a blogger” so be it, GA, myself and all the other regulars don’t know who you are, you may well be a Troll trying to cause unrest amongst the rest of us so “Good-bye”.
GA does a great job so cut him some slack fellas!!!!!!!!

SWIFT&BOLD said...

This troll or whatever it is reminds me of the character mr logic out of the viz comic,and should be treated as such,comical.

Anonymous said...

Folks, why dont you back off GA!? He runs a blog. He is not afraid to promote freedom of speech. If you want to get angry, bring your anger direct to me. I can handle it. I dont like a lot of what GA posts and I certainly have a massive dislike for a lot of the comments here regarding racist policies and racism towards our non-white brothers and sisters. However, regardless of my personal views:

1. GA promotes freedom of speech.

2. His blog gives everyone the right to comment.

3. Its up to you if you dont like my comments. You can ignore them OR you can respond to them. Thats your choice. So why get arsey with him?!?

Dont be mean to one of your fellow believers in the BNP! Its most unfair of you - especially considering the hateful things that he has allowed so many of you to post against others! Even though I dont like what most of you say, I can understand that he is being brave to proceed and he is setting a principle for the BNP so why are you having a pop at him on the basis of him allowing freedom of speech just because youre actually pissed off with me?! Is this all it took for you lot to start having a whinge unfairly. You should be thanking GA for upholding a principle of the BNP, not slagging him off!

Goodness me, you are a sad lot. How about taking your anger out on me? Im away for a few days now so you can even do it without being insecure about me deconstructing your arguments so easily (and yes anon 19:58 it IS that easy even for numpties like you)

Anonymous said...

and yes anon 19:58 it IS that easy even for numpties like you)
Thanks for the insult,but if thats what you're good at? hey fill your boots.

Seriously though i have'nt heard playground humour like that for a while ,you really are quite rude and child like.I hope you return from your trip a little less angry and spiteful.take care...

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:23: These are my observations of you - I made them - you deal with them. Your acting smart around me does not impress me principally because if you were actually paying attention, you would be focusing not upon me but upon applying your expectations to the massive majority of bnp-ers who have been absolutely inhumane to 1/5 of the world's population. I will be as angry about the racism that I have seen here as I jolly well like. If you dont like this, its not my problem. But if you want to contend with some real issues, and get yourself a little moral highground too - address the issues of racist and shoddy bnp policies and fill your own boots. It will be a good exercise for you in dealing with the real problems existing in the UK rather than bothering with me OR some panic-fear of something that is never going to happen. Good luck with that one.

najistani said...

Starting my investigation of Buddhism and Islam.


"There can be no doubt that the fall of Buddhism in India was due to the invasions of the Musalmans. Islam came out as the enemy of the 'but'. The word 'but', as everybody knows, is an Arabic word and means an idol. Not many people, however, know what the derivation of the world 'but' is. 'But' is the Arabic corruption of Buddha. Thus the origin of the word indicates that in Moslem mind idol worship had come to be identified with the Religion of Buddha. To the Muslims, they were one and the same thing. The mission to break the idols thus became the mission to destroy Buddhism. Islam destroyed Buddhism not only in India but wherever it went. Before Islam came into being, Buddhism was the religion of Bactria, Parthia, Afghanistan, Gandhar and Chinese Turkestan, as it was of the whole of Asia. In all these countries Islam destroyed Buddhism"

The Muzzies have the nerve to accuse Buddhists of idolatry while they continue to worship a meteorite with grooves in it shaped like a lady's naughty bits.

Somebody left a post on an earlier thread about how Mohammed drooled and got horny over the sexy meteorite and tried to muff-dive it in the belief it was the moongoddess's thingy. And ever since then his followers have done the same on the Haj.

Now if that isn't idolatry - having gang-bang oral sex with a graven image - I don't know what is. I wonder, can you catch STDs from a meteorite? Like if the guy who kissed it just before you was very fond of his camel, would the germs carry over?

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Any comments Louise?

najistani said...

"massive majority of bnp-ers who have been absolutely inhumane to 1/5 of the world's population. I will be as angry about the racism that I have seen here as I jolly well like. If you dont like this, its not my problem."

We are not being inhumane, we are acting out of compassion. And anger is one of the three poisons (have I been visiting too many Buddhist sites?)

Islam is a contagious mental illness 'the rabies of religions' a meme or mind-virus. I'm sure all of us would like to see our hostile Muslim populations cured of this insanity so that they are no longer a danger to themselves and others.

Regarding racism, Louise please remind me again how being anti-Jihadist is being racist? Is Islam genetically determined in a racist sense? I quite appreciate there may be a genetic element in perpetuating this insanity as most moslems are homozygous recessive products of long lines of cousin marriages, but that could be remedied in one generation by outbreeding.

BTW Louise, if you don't mind my asking, how many great-great-grandparents do you have?

Anonymous said...

These are my observations of you - I made them - you deal with them.

I'm fully aware of what you are trying to achieve but your not going to win anyone over by name calling.I asked you a simple question,you replied in a hostile manner,you were extremely rude and went on to tell me what i should and what i should not do.

Calling someone a numptie just makes you look silly,but thats just my opinion[not yours apparently}.I simply asked you to refrain from puerile comments sheesh i'm sorry if this has offended you?

najistani said...

Could the anonomice please identify themselves. Are there two separate anonomice or just one schizophrenic anonomous arguing with him/her self. Why doesn't Louise learn how to type 'Louise' in the Nickname field?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 23:10. I dont mind what your opinion of me is per se. And I am not attempting to win anyone over either! Thus, if you think I am silly etc, this is your right.

You asked me a simple question. How I answer it is my choice - not yours. However, you will note that I did answer it! We can all engage in insults that is true (eg silly, puerile, childish or rude OR numptie or idiotic etc). But maybe, we are actually doing nothing more than making observations of each other when we dont like what we see. Either way, we are forming our respective observations as is our right.

What I am more concerned about is the issue of racism - towards billions of people. I will return to my consistent question anon. That is, why dont you focus on the bigger problems here? You can cut your teeth on me if you want to but sooner or later, the glaring ommission to deal with the bigger problems on this website will come to bear.

Louise said...

Najistani: Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Either way, we are forming our respective observations as is our right.

Sorry but this does not give you the green light to go ahead and resort to name calling,YOU don't make the rules or change the format to suit your own agenda.

YOU assume a cloak of moral righteousness your objective as witnessed in your response to my questions to simply demeen ME and dragoon SUPPOSEDLY ignorant COMMENTERS into silence.

I concur you have been rude,obnoxious and patronising to me,and have the gaul to preach about tolerance in the next sentence.Seriously i despair.

GA:Great blog btw,i'll drop in again sometime ,it's been enlightening ....... o.r.i.o.n

najistani said...

15,000,000,000 billion Muslims can't be wrong !

On BNP being inhumane by challenging the delusions of 1/5th of the world's population...

Quote: "Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.

Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it. " - Buddha


How the f*** did Buddha start a religion if he was going round teaching this sort of stuff? If he came out with anything like that in his old stamping grounds in Pakistan or Bangladesh nowadays he'd have his head chopped off.

Buddha more Akhbar than Allah?

trolls are terrified of getting kicked from boards said...

I notice Louise is very selective over the topics she replies to, `straw men` appear to be her favourite subject, very troll like behaviour.

She also appears to be terrified of being kicked from a pro BNP board. Is her life so incomplete and wasted that her only objective left to give meaning to her sad and pitiful life is to troll a BNP board where she has no sway or effect whatsoever,

where she only repeatedly exposes herself as a pompous arrogant whindbag!

oh dear the liberal left really have hit hard times!

Grace said...

She's learning things she didn't know so I hope we keep her around. Years of Lib/Lab/Cpn indoctrination abut the "evil BNP".,( who incidentally Louise never stoned a woman in their life)cannot be eradicated overnight.
Have you ever actually visited the BNP site Louise and read Griffins articles?
They're n ot flashy, theres no spin and theres a distinct absence of pop stars sliming around him so perhaps thats not your cup of tea?

SWIFT&BOLD said...

15 billion muslims can't be wrong,shame they can't go back to mecca land,and leave us to live life how we want to live it.
F*+k allah,mo and all trolls,civil war bring it on sooner the better oh and mr logic see if your intellectual gobbledy gook can save you from the gallows once we purge this land of shite like you.