Monday, 31 December 2007

Shameless Plugs For:-

Remember this shameless plug?

Although I try to do the rounds of sites that broadly support the aims of the British National Party at least twice a week, I sometimes miss a few out. Then I return to those after a week and find out I have missed out on some excellent posts that I should have linked back to, to help spread the information posted further.

One of those sites, is the really superb Up Pompeii. It looks good and its content never disappoints. Well they have just posted their End of Year Stats and they reveal that they have had 401,839 hits since they started using Quick Blog back in March of this year. The end paragraph to their report:
Your comments are read by many people so your voices and opinions are being noticed and they do make a difference, thank you all again from all at U.P but most of all give yourselves a BIG round of applause, you deserve it.
And that is what it is all about. Getting the truth out to as many of Our People as possible. Whether enough people feel strongly enough to act on that information is another matter.

Well done Up Pompeii.

Another site I feel I must mention is John Of Gwent's Blog Page. Now I must first admit to knowing this gentleman both as a former work colleague and also as a friend. He has a fine analytical mind and an excellent sense of humour and a generous nature. Which is just as well for me. Cheers Big Fella. I also know that JOG is tenacious and meticulous when it comes to researching his stories. If you read his profile you will understand why. But it also means that, when you read something he has posted you know it to be 100% accurate.

There are other equally good sites, new and old, I could have mentioned and you can find those on this sites link list. Please take the time to check them out on a regular basis.

For those interested in the Stats on this site, there are a couple of things you can look at but they are not 100% accurate because of the way blogger handles page hits. You can click on the Spotplex logo which will show you pages read over certain time periods. But these do not include people linking daily and just reading the "Main Page" posts. Posts are only counted if linked directly. This also applies to clicking on the Clustermaps logo which shows you where visitors to this site are coming from.

The actual stats recorded my my cheap software, reports there being 147,658 hits since I installed it in April of this year. Of those hits there were 72,875 Unique Visitors. So to reiterate the comment by Up Pompeii, we are getting the message out.

For those of you True Brits who think they have some spare time and would like to try doing, then I say, do it. The more the merrier and the bigger audience we will reach together. If I can assist with any basic blogger queries then just ask and I will do my best.


Louise said...

GA: Does this mean you will work harder to increase the quality of your blogs then?

The Green Arrow said...

Welcome back Louise.

I do not think I need to change anything other than some of the readers.

I am pleased to see you now have your own blog. Why not start posting there instead of wasting your time and words here?

I look forward to reading anything you write there.

Comment moderation is now on permanent here, as a result of the constant obscenities being posted by the so called liberals in their pathetic attempts to close me down.

yorkielass. said...

Thank you GA!
Blogs are giving a voice to those that the marxist lefties and their minnions would silence had they the where with all.
Some folk that are let loose on our children will pay one day! ???
Below taken from the PJC JOURNAL.

1967 Drama Demonstrates the Psychology of Fascism in Action
by IanPP on Mon 31 Dec 2007 10:15 GMT | Permanent Link | Cosmos
This from Aftermathnews....

Since this movie The Wave was based on a real experiment at a high school in 1967, you can just ignore those who glibly claim that “it can’t happen here”. Unfortunately, it can happen here and it IS happening here. The proof is in the fact that I can’t even talk like this in public without the people around me getting very disturbed and hostile. And if I were to walk up to a group of shoppers at the mall suggesting that we live in a fascist dictatorship, that our rights are being stripped, that private property is under threat, that 9/11 was an inside job, that the war is a total fraud, that global warming is a hoax designed to “unite the world” and that our leaders on both sides are murdering terrorist gangsters who have defrauded Americans of trillions and are pushing us by stealth into a North-American Union and on to global government, someone is bound to come try to shut me up while others will be afraid to say anything lest they be attacked themselves.

Therefore, we live in a Stasi-like self-policing climate of fear and paranoia where anyone who dares to criticize the government is seen as a dangerous “conspiracy theorist” or even as a terrorist to be reported to the fascist authorities at Homeland Security. And those who question climate change are labeled as “global warming deniers”, dangerous people who believe that the sun is warming the solar system. We are the ones who will refuse to get sterilized or maintain one-child families. We are the ones who will refuse to take the chip implant and the neurotoxic injections. We are the sane ones, the ones with any sense left in our heads, yet are believed to be crazy fanatics who are a threat to world order. That is how brainwashed and warped people have become.

So group-think has taken hold in America. We are no longer a land of individualists. We have been transformed into a bunch of robotic goons ready to do whatever the government tells us “for our safety”. And this is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany, and in fact it is happening all over the world, by design. And the liberals, socialists and “progressives” out there who know Bush and the neocons are bad, think themselves to be the very antithesis of fascism, yet they are just as vulnerable to it as anyone else. The Right is controlled through the War on Terror paradigm, but the Left is controlled through the Global Warming paradigm, two false paradigms with the same ulterior motive, to use chaos and fear to unite the world under a global fascist dictatorship.

So as you watch this movie, keep in mind that anyone, of any political persuasion, can be whipped up into a fascist mindset, even though he sees it as something wonderful and fantastic. Hitler put it best:

“Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.”

The Wave - 46 min

1981 - Based on the real experience of a high school class in Palo Alto, CA in April 1967, whose teacher wanted to explain the rise of the Nazi party to his students.

See THE WAVE here.

Perhaps this should be part of the curriculum in our schools as well.

Visit the journal to view the video!google then go to main page.

Louise said...

GA: I only have a blog profile, as opposed to running a blog. I dont think its a waste of time or words to post here, on your blog, regardless of your position towards me. Worse case scenario is a huge increase in support for you and the BNP on the days that I do post (count and see for yourself). Best case scenario is a huge amount of support for your posts on the days that I comment. The best thing for me however is 1. getting to understand how an extreme fundamental group (eg BNP) works 2. sharpening up my understanding of your arguments and how best to respond. The worst thing for me probably includes being threatened - not because it bothers me, but because it bothers people who care about me. But ultimately, on your blog these days - that hasnt happened (though it did at the start). I dont mind debate. I wont be on here much in the forthcoming weeks as Im working and dont have electricity source except in sporadic moments.

Anyway: my reason for writing. How do you know that the obsenities are from liberals?! Did you really mean obsenities from people who dont like you? You should report them! Though, it would mean cleaning up your own act and its easy to argue that your blog represents obsenities to Muslims and other Brits from ethnic minority backgrounds.

London Lady said...

Have you seen London lately?
I don't think they need your protection!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Happy and prosperous New Year GA.

And everyone else too.