Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year - Now clear the decks for action

HMS Victory Lower Deck

A Happy New Year to all. But if you wish it to be a prosperous one, then there is a lot of work to be done. But first let us clear the decks of some dead wood, so we can stop tripping over it.

The so called "modernisers" who seem to make as many impossible demands as any crazed moon bat are talking about establishing a New Party. Danny Lake, one of those intent on sabotaging the efforts of the British National Party has published the following on his blog.
To sum up, I would say that we need to open the party up to patriots of other racial groups.
And so I think that sums up just how deranged some of those supporting the gang of four are. Forget them. They have wasted too much of our time already. I am glad their plans were discovered when they were, rather than some time in March when they really meant the bomb to go off.

The Chairman's New Years Message is here. And very good it is. The only thing I disagreed with is his view that people who believe in the 14 words:-
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.
are some kind of cultists. Well some may be but not all of us are. Love is a strange thing and if two people fall in love, regardless of race, then that is that. Any children as a result of such a union living together in a real relationship would and should, be loved by their parents, grandparents and never be discriminated against. That is only right and fair. That is the BNP way.

But saying that, does not mean that I do not believe that the True British cultural and genetic diversity should not be preserved. Of course it should. It would be marvelous if white only married white and black only black, etc. But that is not how the world works and certainly not love. Love is blind. Look who Tony Blair married.

2007. That was the year that was. It's over,let it go. It is 2008 now and we are under attack already by our state funded enemies the Unite Against Freedom(UAF) mob.

Their opening salvo of the New Year is an attack against the increasingly successful British National Party's Red, White and Blue Festival penciled in for late 2008.

The UAF, have arranged for a conference to be held in Nottingham on January 19th and as usual got their Marxist friends from various unions to pay for the event from their dwindling members subscriptions.

Surely these trade unions should be worrying about their members jobs being shipped overseas rather than fretting about a legal Political Party having a day out for their members and families?

Or if they are truly worried about violence then go get the Nottinghill Carnival stopped because a day out there is more dangerous than running with the bulls in Pamplona.

This is going to be a very serious year for the British National Party. With the government becoming frantic over the BNP's continued success in showing to the True Brits that they are the only patriotic political party that has the solutions to the problems being endured by Our Country (Region 8 of Eurabia).

The government also knows that they must alienate the BNP from the people or one day face justice at the hands of the people they have betrayed. An example of how they are wetting themselves can be seen by the hysterical lies spouted by the likes of John Cruddas and the groveling to the colonisers by the Brown Clown desperate for their votes.

The BNP can now expect to be attacked on several fronts at once and the members should be prepared for all of them.

There are going to be serious efforts made to disrupt our meetings and events by any means possible.

There are going to be attempts to divide us over minor differences in political views.

They will blame us for anything and everything wrong in the world.

See past their lies. You know the truth. Hold on to it.

Before I forget. A big thank you for all those automated "Birthday Greetings" from the forums I subscribe to. I know today is my birthday. I just had no wish to be reminded.


Louise said...

Happy Birthday Green Arrow!

Anonymous said...

if my memory serves me right there was one lone red at RWB 2007 holding a piece of cardboard saying "stop racism"the uaf are just interent warriors and when it comes to crunch they simply bottle it.
happy new year green arrow

The Green Arrow said...

Your right anon. There was one. I believe he was on day release or something.

On the site they are "re-organising".

It reminds me of that other protest where a guy arranged a second BNP protest because nobody had turned up at the first because he forgot to tell people the first time.

Ill try to get the link.

Happy New Year to you also.

Louise said...

Anon: So when they turn up you whinge and bitch. When they dont, you take the piss. It seems they cannot win with you. So, given that, why are you all so obsessed with them? What are you afraid of? That they might have some points? Or that sooner or later, you'll run out of insults like red, commie, lefty, labour supporter, troll, pinko and so on...and that even after youve exhausted yourself calling names, they may STILL have a point?! Surely the BNP should stand for more than that?!

The Green Arrow said...

Louise thank you for your greeting.

I am responding because you are the first person to make me laugh this year.

Your last comment had me picturing some guy in a bar trying to pick a row with anyone over anything just for the sake of a fight.

Have a pleasant new year.

Anonymous said...

fine point louise. we did speak to him and invited him down to the local pub in denby,see we are only human and admired him for his one man crusade,pity his friends in the uaf let him down.

Louise said...

Anon: Fair enough. How do you know he was in the UAF then?

yorkielass said...

Happy new year GA.
Across Europe these left wing fascists are out in force as we saw earlier when the anti jihad delegation were attacked. by trying to play down this issue says much more about those posting pro these fascists..
Fjordman has looked into these so called anti fascist groups that have sprung up with the support of the EU and backed by Governments financially.
To even pretend anything other than their aim is to close down any dissent from the socialist party lines are indeed farcical.
The unions are in the pockets of the EU and no longer there to represent the working man or woman.

Pim Fortuyn was indirectly murdered by the political , cultural and media elites whereas Theo van Gogh was murdered by Muslims. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been driven from the country. Islam-critic Geert Wilders is still there , but he is subject to similar smears as Fortuyn was about being a racist, receives daily threats from Muslims and not-so-subtle hints from the establishment that he should tone down his criticism of Muslim immigration. The Dutch spirit appears to have been broken, at least for now, and things are slowly returning to normal. The extended political elites are once again firmly in control of public debate, and the embarrassing peasant rebellion has been successfully struck down.

I've suggested before that native Europeans face three enemies simultaneously when fighting against the Islamization of their lands: Enemy 1 is the anti-Western bias of our media and academia, which is a common theme throughout the Western world. Enemy 2 are Eurabians and EU-federalists, who deliberately break down established nation states in favor of a pan-European superstate. Enemy 3 are Muslims. The Netherlands from 2001 to 2007 is a clear case in point where enemies 1, 2 and 3 have successfully cooperated on breaking down the spirit of the native population through intimidation and censorship and by squashing any opposition to continued mass immigration.

The fact that members of the media and the academia tend to be more, sometimes a lot more , left-leaning politically than the average populace is well-attested and documented in the Scandinavian countries. Senior members of the BBC in Britain frankly admit that they are biased and champion Multiculturalism in their coverage. During the 2005 Muslim riots, it was openly stated by several French journalists that they downplayed the coverage of the riots because they didn't want it to benefit "right-wing parties." Judging from anecdotal information it seems fair to assume that this trend is universal throughout the Western world.

Bill Dedman, investigative reporter at the MSNBC, made a list of American journalists' political campaign contributions from 2004 through the first quarter of 2007. Of the 143 journalists surveyed, 125 had donated money to the Democratic Party. Only 16 of them had donated money to the Republican Party or conservative causes, and two to both parties.

Dr. Chanan Naveh, who used to edit the Israel Broadcasting Authority radio's news desk, mentioned, with no regrets, examples in which he and his colleagues made a concerted effort to change public opinion: "Three broadcasters - Carmela Menashe, Shelly Yechimovich [later a Labor party Knesset Member], and I - pushed in every way possible the withdrawal from Lebanon towards 2000... I have no doubt that we promoted an agenda of withdrawal that was a matter of public dispute." As Charles Johnson of American anti-Jihad blog Little Green Footballs commented: "Journalists are no longer in the business of simply reporting facts and events; increasingly, they see their job as 'activism,' and the points of view they promote are invariably leftist and transnationalist. Honest journalists will admit this outright , and we see the pernicious effects of this information manipulation and filtering everywhere."

But why is the situation like this? One could claim that this is the effect of the Western Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, or alternatively a product of the Cold War. But if you believe the esteemed Friedrich Hayek, the trend was discernable already in the late 1940s, before the Cold War had left a major impact. How do we explain that ? One plausible hypothesis could be to assume that those with conservative viewpoints will generally direct their energies towards business and commerce , while those with left-leaning sympathies desire to get into positions where they can influence people's minds. Over time, this could mean that in an open society, the media , the academia and the intelligentsia will tend to gravitate towards the political Left and become dominated by people sympathetic towards Utopian ideas. Because of the positions they have gained, their political bias will significantly influence what information is presented to the general masses, and how. EXAMPLE JOHN PAIGN? STEVEN LAWRENCE! ANYONE HEARD OF JOHN?

In his essay The Intellectuals and Socialism, Hayek noted already around 1950 that "Socialism has never and nowhere been at first a working-class movement. It is a construction of theorists" and intellectuals , "the secondhand dealers in ideas. The typical intellectual need not possess special knowledge of anything in particular, nor need he even be particularly intelligent, to perform his role as intermediary in the spreading of ideas. The class does not consist of only journalists , teachers, ministers, lecturers , publicists, radio commentators , writers of fiction , cartoonists, and artists." It also "includes many professional men and technicians, such as scientists and doctors."

"The most brilliant and successful teachers are today more likely than not to be socialists." According to Hayek, this is not because Socialists are more intelligent, but because "a much higher proportion of socialists among the best minds devote themselves to those intellectual pursuits which in modern society give them a decisive influence on public opinion. Socialist thought owes its appeal to the young largely to its visionary character. The intellectual, by his whole disposition, is uninterested in technical details or practical difficulties. What appeal to him are the broad visions."

He warns that "It may be that as a free society as we have known it carries in itself the forces of its own destruction, that once freedom has been achieved it is taken for granted and ceases to be valued, and that the free growth of ideas which is the essence of a free society will bring about the destruction of the foundations on which it depends. Does this mean that freedom is valued only when it is lost, that the world must everywhere go through a dark phase of socialist totalitarianism before the forces of freedom can gather strength anew ? If we are to avoid such a development, we must be able to offer a new liberal program which appeals to the imagination. We must make the building of a free society once more an intellectual adventure, a deed of courage."

During a conversation I had with a Swedish friend and a lady who grew up in the Communist dictatorship of Romania , we concluded that Westerners are at least as brainwashed by Political Correctness and Multiculturalism as they ever were with Communism. There never was a universally shared belief in Multiculturalism in Western Europe, and the percentage of True Believers is declining by the day. Still, it is probably accurate to say that more people believed in Multiculturalism in Western Europe in 1998 than who believed in Communism in Eastern Europe in 1978. But how is that possible?

Ideological indoctrination is most effective if the people maintain the illusion that they are free and that they are being served balanced information. Citizens in Communist states knew that they participated in a large-scale social experiment, and since ideological hegemony was upheld at gunpoint, this left little room for doubt that they were being served propaganda to shore up support for this project. Yet in the supposedly free West, we are taking part in a gigantic social experiment of Multiculturalism, seeking to transform our entire society, and still we refuse to acknowledge that we are being served ideological nonsense by the media.

The differences, particularly on issues related to Jihad and immigration, between the information reported in blogs and independent websites and the information presented to us by the established media are so great that it shocks many ordinary citizens once it dawns upon them just how much censored propaganda we are spoon-fed every day. This experience has shattered the myth of free, critical and independent Western media, at least for some.

In the view of blogger Richard Landes, the media play a critical role in the global Jihad's success. The major media outlets "are the eyes and ears of modern civil societies. Without them we cannot know what is going on outside of our personal sphere , with them we can make our democratic choices in elections, assess foreign policy, intervene humanely in the suffering around the globe. But as any paleontologist will tell you , any creature whose eyes and ears misinform it about the environment, will not long survive."

This can be compared to being attacked by an angry and hungry polar bear, while your eyes and ears, the media , tell you that it's a cute koala bear who just wants to be cuddled. Meanwhile , your brain has been indoctrinated to think happy thoughts about diversity and smile to all creatures, regardless of their nature or intentions. This is pretty much how the entire West is today. The heavy bias of our media and our education system constitutes a very real threat to our survival.
Just listen to the BBC for proof this morning the today programme tried to convince the listeners that the last few years were the hottest on record since the early 1900s...absolute bull!
The greatest mass murderers came from the left don't forget that!

Louise said...

Yorkie: I understood your post until the last paragraph. Can you clarify what you meant by the Today Programme and the last few years being the hottest?

johnoddybnp said...

Happy New Year to one and all.
We regret to inform you that of this week this site will be closed on Tuesday mornings !. This will be to allow Green Arrow time to collect his pension, fortunately he now has his bus pass and can leave the Zimmer frame at home.
For those of you that don’t know GA is an ex-military man, he served when Boadicea was i/c of transport and the bow and arrow were on the secrets list. On leaving his commanding officer, Lord Nelson, said “he worked well, when watched”.
GA have a good birthday…….you old bugger!!!!!!!.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

I was somewhat bemused by Nick's critique of those who follow the 14 words doctrine if I can call it that. After all, is or rather was there not until only a couple of weeks ago a slogan at the very top of the BNP home page that said 'securing a future for British children'?. Exactly the tenets of the 14 words.

Many of us have long known that there was and still is a fifth column within the party and I find if heartening that they have played their hand so disastrously and so prematurely . Not only do we know who they are but it makes it even easier to weed out their cohorts and other malcontent's and misfits.

As I have said before I do not agree with Nick Griffin on everything in fact I find many of his ideas of blinkered naïveté for one so experienced in Nationalist activism. He often espouses beliefs and opinions he simply must know are incorrect. Whether it is just clever politics I don't know but it frustrates the hell out of me and others but the one thing he must take full credit for is making the party palatable by the mass of the voting public and therefore ultimately electable.

Happy new year by the way :)

Pip pip

The Green Arrow said...

But is he blinkered Colonel or just a bit more astute than the rest of us?

I think he was using "cult of the 14 words" as a pointer to some people with a certain mindset and not the meaning of the words as shown by his link to an article later on in his statement.

Those words will stay on the blog header here until the day I close it down. And I have no plans for doing that.

yorkielass said...

Fjordman once wrote that the European elites have traded international warfare for civil war at home. The European peoples will not subject themselves to socialist Eurabia indefinitely. The people, betrayed by the actions of their own leadership caste, now find themselves culturally impaired, disarmed, overtaxed, gradually losing their civil liberties, tied-up-and-muzzled in the face of an unending stream of vile abuse, violence, petty crime, ingratitude, insensitivity, and exploitation by tens of millions of Third-World foreigners who should never have been allowed to settle in Europe in the first place.

They will not be satisfied with sullen submission for much longer. Looking in vain for leaders, for political parties that have the courage to state that the Emperor’s new clothes are just tattered figments of utopian insanity, simple-minded people may fall for fringe neo-fascist leaders who, almost alone, seem to see what the townsmen on the street see.

It is the great luck of Europe’s priestly caste that parties like the Vlaams Belang, SVP and BNP exist, for they too see and speak the truth, and provide an alternative that the common folks can join instead of supporting fringe movements that may expound the truth in some ways but spout lunacy ( e.g. “the Jews did it”) in others. If civil wars and Hitler redux are to be avoided in Europe, it will only be because parties like Vlaams Belang have ascended to power and have given a voice and a vent to the suppressed aspirations and anger of many millions. So if Nazi skinheads applaud VB, therein lies the hope that violent sociopaths be transformed into content, enfranchised citizens. It’s no different from MoveOn crazy fringe lefties showing at the Democratic Party’s convention.”

The thought that occurred to me on reading this was, has Paul Weston considered writing on not if Civil War in Europe is inevitable, but if it might be desirable? Mr Weston writes of a possibly inevitable bloodbath on the soil of Europe which, in his words, would make WW2 ‘look like a bun fight’. But, looking at the situation, I begin to wonder if a European civil war would be that bloody, or if having a European civil war would really be so bad.

Let me explain my reasoning. Takuan Seiyo makes an excellent point that “if Nazi skinheads applaud VB, therein lies the hope that violent sociopaths be transformed into content, enfranchised citizens”. Well, I don’t know if Nazi skinheads are violent sociopaths or not, but I do know that JFK was on to something when he said that ‘those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable’. Certainly, there may be those who would say that the Islamification of Europe is a peaceful revolution, but such people would do better bouncing off padded walls than attempting to discuss such matters. Islam is and always has been a baleful, malignant foreign influence in relation to Europe, and a takeover by such a force would not be a revolution, but would be an invasion. In point of fact, it is an invasion.
- - - - - - - - -
The problem is that the waters are muddied, and badly so. In a paragraph discussing the “the Western white elite’s endless preoccupation with racism and perceived xenophobia”, Takuan Seiyo makes reference to Charles Johnson (of LGF) making a ‘kneejerk overreaction’, presumably this is a reference to Johnson’s lambasting of the BNP in a recent post on LGF. LGF is not, of course, the only counter-jihad blog which runs against the BNP, and that’s the problem. Despite the plentiful evidence that multiculturalism is a failed abomination of a social science experiment, despite the massive evidence that the legacy and activity of the Frankfurt School’s Gramscian Marxism is destroying all Western nations from within, despite the fact that no mainstream political party will touch these issues with a bargepole, otherwise sensible people rant and rail against the BNP and similar parties. And why? Because of some perceived, alleged ‘racism’ or latent ‘fascism’.

There are many issues which could be discussed here, not least of which are the complete lack of definition of the terms ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’ in their contemporary usage, but that would detract too much from the main point here, so that will have to be ‘another story, for another time’. The key thing is that, for a transient (and utterly useless) false sense of moral superiority, even the people with their eyes open to the Islamic threat will jump up and down shouting ‘racist!’, ‘fascist!’ etc, etc, ad nauseam. As tiresome and puerile as this is, it also creates a deeper problem. It ensures that the only political parties with their nation’s best interests in mind will not be elected. For if even those awake to the Islamic threat won’t go to the booths for these parties, what chance that the populace at large will? No, the BNP, the Front National, Vlaams Belang, et al, are highly unlikely to be voted into power in the near future.

This is a massive problem. If the BNP, Front National, etc don’t ascend to power in the way Takuan Seiyo hopes for, then EUrabia is the inevitable consequence, and soon. Recent EU directives have called for millions more immigrants into Europe to make up for the declining native population (for some reason, providing incentives for the indigenous people to reproduce didn’t occur to anyone), and the increased drive for legislation to ‘promote tolerance’ is observable everywhere, from legislation against incitement to ‘homophobia’, to legislation against ‘incitement to religious hatred’ , to proposed legislation to force bloggers to pay taxes and need licenses for blogging . Not to mention existing abuses of legislation to arrest and convict a man of ‘racially motivated disorderly behaviour’ on the basis of no evidence whatsoever, with the only ‘witness’ of an offence alleged to have occurred in public telling the court “I could not swear to the words I did hear”. Whether one subscribes to the Eurabia hypothesis, as I do, or sees the unfurling events as merely the catastrophic and ‘unfortunate’ results of decades of governmental incompetence, there can be no doubt that massive changes are afoot in Europe and the UK. Should these changes succeed in their aims, Europe will be unrecognisable very, very soon.

I find Paul Weston’s view optimistic, myself. Recent events suggest, and suggest strongly, that the fighting spirit of the native European populace in Europe and the UK seems to have waned considerably since the War. How else can one explain the success of the immigrant rape wave of which Fjordman has written, or of the grooming of young girls in the north of England (by immigrant Moslems), or of the takeover of Malmö ? More importantly, how else to explain the fact that the natives have not grown restless to the extent that the locals have rioted? Klein Verzet reported on one such incident, but we all know that a single swallow does not a summer make.

If current trends continue, the completion of the EUrabia project could occur as soon as 2017, and then all is lost. Faced with such a prospect, we can see that if the BNP and co do not ascend to power very soon, they will not ascend at all. Who can say with honesty that they believe the EUSSR/EUrabian superstate which is being fashioned today would allow the existence of such parties in its politics when it is already, in its nascency, instituting and implementing Thought Crime legislation at every opportunity?

A Eurabian EUSSR superstate would bring ‘peace’, no doubt. There are those who justify the EUSSR programme as being a unison of nations against a Nazi resurgence. But the old question appears here: peace at what price? At the price of our nations, our ethnic identities, our cultures, our very souls? No. That is too high a price for too false a prize. I refuse it, and encourage any and all readers to do likewise. Against that evil ‘peace’, I would rather see a good war. Or at least a civil war that isn’t the institutional, condoned, and state-approved abominations of the EUSSR’s Eurabia Project.

One of two things must happen, and that soon, either there must be a victory by a BNP-like party, or there must be civil war. One of those two must occur before 2025, or Europe is lost forever, and the UK with it. (Any British readers who think that the Islamification of the continent will not affect the UK have not been paying attention and are consequently living in a fantasy) This would leave America alone, and if even half of them follow the line that they’d rather take the Moslems over the Europeans, then America won’t last very long either.

But fear and poverty of personality are powerful factors, and are likely to ensure that a BNP-like party will not achieve power in the short time they have left to do so. People would rather be liked than be right, after all, as Stanley Milgram accidentally demonstrated in his Obedience to Authority experiment. Lest we forget, today’s authority (for most) is whatever ersatz morality the mass media manages to persuade the masses to internalise, and chief among the topics for internalisation is a ‘kneejerk overreaction’ to anything with even the faintest hint of ‘racism’ or ‘fascism’, as described but never defined by the mass media and the politicos who control them.

Under such circumstances, I begin to think that civil war in Europe and the UK is something to hope for, rather than fear.

Takuan Seiyo writes that “for the Western white elite’s endless preoccupation with racism and perceived xenophobia, and its worship of tolerance as the supreme virtue is a deep psychosis ...the psychosis leads to a denial of reality; even reality as solidly established through 80 years of statistical research as racial differences of mean IQs, body types, comparative advantages etc. And reality is a jealous mistress. Spurned, she will return to take her revenge ” and is right in this, but in my opinion is only beginning to scratch the surface in the expression of this truth.

The deeper reality is what these 80 years of statistical research reflect, that we are dealing here with races and ideologies separated by hundreds of years of different breeding, learning, and culture. The result is that the differing groups hail from backgrounds as different as if one group had come from Mars, another from Venus, and so on. But an illustrative example is in order. Readers will know from history (or perhaps personal memory) that for a while Germany (and her capital city, Berlin) was split into half, East and West, forming almost a microcosm of the Cold War being played out in the wider world. This split lasted about 40 years, if we take the division of Germany in 1949 as the start date and the formal reunification in 1990 as the end date, which is the blink of an eye in historical terms, yet even as recently as the early 2000s there were still distinct differences in attitudes between the ‘Ossies’ and ‘Wessies’. This is after only 40 years of division, and that within a nation which had been together, with itself, for several hundreds of years. Reunification has not been easy for Germany, and may well not yet be complete.

Contrast that with the EUSSR project to melt all identities down by forcing them into the same pot and you see the greatest attempt in history to wipe out as many races and cultures as possible, which will result in either abortion by way of democratic action (a BNP, Vlaams Belang etc victory) or, worse, catastrophic failure or, which is much, much worse, EUSSR success.

As discussed, a democratic resolution is unlikely, leaving us again with the two options of the EUSSR victory, or all-out civil war in Europe. Of the two, I prefer the latter. We must have, as Kipling said,

‘Freedom for ourselves, and for our sons
And failing freedom, war.’

Takuan Seiyo writes that “reality is a jealous mistress. Spurned, she will return to take her revenge ”, but I think Kipling said it best:

”As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return.”
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I wonder how many readers are aware that many blog sites not in anyway affiliated to the BNP now openly plead with the UK population to do their bit in bringing to government a Nationalist party to give your vote to the BNP.
This is how biased the UK media is.a media so dictated to by the Gov and Brussels.
Having spent alot of time myself behind the iron curtain believe me you don't want to go there!
Research everything the media put out take nothing as gospel for that is their gospel twisted to suit their long term agenda.
Those that proclaim everything the BNP say is false use your computer there still are some facts available to prove the BNP correct.
You know with free trade comes free movement!
Eurabia will almost be completed once the hoards rush in.
The EU/ARAB AXIS is no conspiracy theory.
Socialists have tried to say common purpose was just another conspiracy.
That also has been blown out of the water by researching.
Watch the enemies tactics they manufacture in sly ways trying to slur the BNP.
Example...phoning radio stations under the pretext of some imaginary BNP member having said THERE AINT NO BLACK IN THE UNION JACK. then getting their pathetic sounding weedy little hubby to come to air in support.
This scum will try anything to further their cause. their cause is to guide your suicide nothing else at all.

The word Racist was first used in print in the early 1930's in Germany by Magnus Hershfeld,
a Jewish, homosexual, communist. The stated purpose of the word was to intimidate westerners (Whites)
out of the political process. This removing of Whites from the political debate was to accomodate the plans of Antonio Gramsci,
an Italian communist leader, who had devised the plan of destroying the west by multiculturism and diversity.
There is no such thing as a racist. The word racist is nothing more than a Marxist perjorative.

johnoddybnp said...

What is this I see before me, the return of Louise ???, “Louise the Return IX”. Hello my truculent little Brummie, missing us already or is it your womanly needs getting the better of you ?. You should have come to your leaving party, it was great, on second thoughts perhaps it’s better you didn’t.
Are you in the third world, in some sub-continent or have you already left Birmingham ?. I’ve been watching all the hostages been paraded around but none of the terrorists looked scared so I knew they hadn’t got you. What happened wouldn’t the pilot listen to your ideas of how to fly the plane so they kicked you off ?, bastards !.
Do we have your company for long or are we going to be lucky for once ?.
Whatever Happy New Year Louise, wherever you are.

The Green Arrow said...

Your not far off John. I was in the "Andrew" when they still had rum. Nelson took that musket ball for me. He was a good mate as well as a good Skipper.

Antifascist said...

Happy new year GA...i see your transexual stalker is still around,she does seem confused,poor thing.Sadly this does appear to be a common occurence associated with this particular type of disorder you just have to humour them apparently and hope they fade away quietly without too much fuss. good luck lol

The Green Arrow said...

Nobodys Lemming.

Agreed. That is why I have kept your comment private.

Rest assured that things are going to get pretty tight here and very soon.

johnoddybnp said...

Just so you all know nobodys Lemming said…..GA it hurts when you have stitches in your bottom hole doesn’t it ?.
He then asked about GA sex-life, and you’ve all seen the answers!!!!!

hitler is to blame said...

i will tell you who is to blame for all the left wing bias in the media and why we are heading for a communist state - HITLER.

yes Hitler!

because he was such a warmonger and murderer who cost the lives of millions of Europeans and genocide of the jews.

we in Europe after the war went on a crusade to make sure our people would never allow another Hitler to rise.

then the eductaion and propaganda is put in motion - all races are the same but whites (non jews) are especially evil.
everything is the fault of whites and imperialsm.

we must hate ourselfs see all other cultures as equal or better and welcome anyone who turns up on the latest boat with his hand out or you will be labled Nazi.

yes its insane propaganda that has ignored all other genocides, including stalin and the communists and any ill that has happended in african etc countries to give our children a balanced view.

it was all intended with very good intentions but the propaganda has led to the destruction of Europe and its peoples and all the was good.

so there you have it in a nutshell, Hitler and his post war effect - why the west hates itself and why the weak minded liberal lefties are in fact victims of propaganda.

ironically the massive propaganda machine of the self hating but hate filled left has failed its people so spectacually that they will in all probability usher in the next Hitler/stalin as a backlash to the insanity they have propagated.

again i say - the liberal left call us knuckle draggers - yet the patriots are the only free thinking democratic group remaining.

the rest is bullshit on a worldwide scale.

Like The Roman said...

Happy New Year & Happy Birthday, GA!

I'm still not sure what to make of this whole 'split' saga. I know at least two of them were committed and passionate BNP activists and I am hoping, no praying for reconciliation otherwise the Party will take a major step backwards north of the border.

As for Danny Lake's comments, well this seems to contradict other reports on the official site which state that the 'rebels' are in fact trying to regress the party the Party to its more radical days. I am confused.

Unless they are a 'broad church' in which case they're doomed from the outset, this is a clash of personalities rather than ideology.

For now at least I will wait and see what happens...

Did you see The Life of Brian last night? The Peoples' Front of Judea? Splitters... (the clips on my blog, I couldn't resist).

Anonymous said...

"crazed moon bat are talking about establishing a New Party."

Obviously some people want to see their children living in a non British nation, under the EU flag with the dangers of islamic extremism and neo-marxism.

happy new year to the true patriots

English Rose said...

Happy New year x

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Maybe you're being a bit hard on the Dutch; they may not be as beaten down as you think. Read this


GA - we may have our differences over internal BNP affairs, but we have no ideological differences. Maybe a minor quibble here and there, but nothing much. Our differences are not a matter of what, but rather a matter of how we get there.

Guessedworker said...

We are not actually fighting against the islamicisation of our country. That is a less than partial analysis, no better than realpolitik.

OK, it is acceptable for media dupes to think that is the nationalist case. After all, no one likes to be demonised by the press. And there's 7/7 and our brave boys in the stan. So there's some political cover provided by the islamicisation trop. Realpolitik has its uses.

But among thinking nationalists islamicisation has no credibility at all.

The question for us is what happens to a nominally nationalist party that trades only in electoral expediency? The answer is that it devolves into something nativist, perhaps, but not nationalist.

The late David Lane's imperfect Fourteen Words are essentially nativist.

So, next question: Is nativism substantial enough to address the real problems (ie, not islamification) confronting our people?

And if it isn't, what could a BNP as it is philosophically constituted today actually do once in power?

The Green Arrow said...

Sir Henry Morgan

Well one thing is for sure. Had we not had this problem we would have got there a lot quicker.

Now we really have our work cut out and if we have to fight on two fronts well so be it.

Red Squirrel said...

Happy Bithday GA, and Happy New Year to you all.
We do indeed have a big struggle ahead, I am in favour of civil war, but only as a last resort.
That was a good read Yorkilass!

Danny Lake made me laugh when he mentioned" persuing a career in a few years", he will be lucky not to have his head on the Islamist chopping block, never mind gaining employment!
There does seem to be a general awakening, I just hope more people awake to the truth about the EUSSR, and the hoards of culturally backward people swarming into our lands.
I was speaking to my GP yesterday morning and I spoke to him about my Nationalism and anti-Islamism, and he actually agreed . So did two of my brothers who are retired professionals The youngest of whom used to be a Guardian reading teacher. They have both read my site and others, and although they may not agree with everything I say, they were generally supportive.
We must all learn to stick together despite minor differences of opinion.

Ps GA, that squirrel article was encouraging, there is a photograph on one of the links. Hillarious!
"kill that squirrel"

Like The Roman said...

I agree with you both. I regard myself as an ethno-nationalist and cannot possibly see how we will benefit in recruiting laarge numbers of non-indigenous people.

As for the Fourteen Words, I agree as well that I believe in them 100% - though they have been given a stigme by neo-Nazi types.

What can possibly be wrong with:

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."

Surely that is what we are all about? For Race & Nation.

Anonymous said...

Like the roman

Sir Winston Churchill believed that mass immigration would be detrimental to British society, he had the same views as the BNP. Next time you hear a conservative talk about the greatness of Churchill send them this quote and link. They will realise that Churchill needs to be listened to TODAY!


"Problems wh. will arise if many coloured people settle here. Are we to saddle ourselves with colour problems in UK? Attracted by Welfare State. Public opinion in UK won't tolerate it once it gets beyond certain limits."

Anonymous said...

I must agree with you Roman, had the words been uttered by Mandela or some other white hater in response to securing a future for his culture, the whole perverted left wing media would be blowing his trumpet. We need to have some more courage in our convictions and state to all that our kids deserve a future too.