Saturday, 19 January 2008

Portrait of a War Criminal

Tony Blair - War Criminal

Take a good look at the portrait above. It is the first official portrait of the War Criminal and traitor, Tony Blair or Tony Bliar to those in the know.

The portrait is destined to be hung at Lincoln's Inn in March of this year. Hopefully one day, the sitter will hang on the gallows for his war crimes and treason or at the least spend the rest of his life in a cell.

Since the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan started, we have lost over 200 of our brave servicemen and women. Click on the Country name for the lists of those who have died so that Blair could pose on the World Stage a War Leader.

The final insult to the memories of those that have died is for Blair to pose with a Poppy in his lapel. Especially as the artist reported Blair as being in a buoyant mood because he had received news of his unelected successor, Gordon Brown having trouble in the job.

One day Blair. One day.

1 comment:

yorkielass said...

He should be hung in any suitable place with a rope around his neck.
While our troops fight and die without the proper equipment this war criminal earns in excess of £10.000 a week.
Crime is paying pretty good these days in the UK.
Today elections in Serbia. lets hope and pray for a nationalist win which will be a slap in the face for the scum that brought about the destruction of Yugoslavia.
Blair and co. destroyer of nations!