Friday, 18 January 2008

Was this a racist attack?

For the last couple of days, I have been unable to blog for a number of different reasons. I must make more effort and find more time.

However I always try to make time to keep The UK Enrichment News and Liars, Buggers and Thieves as up to date as possible.

With the UKER, I obviously only input a small fraction of the crimes committed against Our People by the enrichers our traitorous Dhimmi government have foisted upon us but it gives an idea of the price some of us are paying for being enriched.

Well I had just posted the horrific details of two separate rapes of two young teenage girls, when I came across the following story from the pendletoday site.

It goes on to give details how a young woman was the victim of a violent and unprovoked assault by four Asian men. The eldest sporting a full beard. And that made me sit up and wonder if we are getting the full story here.

We all know the Islamic views on women who are brazen enough to go out on their own. One cannot but help wonder if this was a racist attack led by one of their Cult Leaders.

The young woman's injuries were so severe that in view of the manner of the attack I have listed it under attempted murder.

The police have come up with a fantastic idea to catch the evil creatures who carried out this crime. They have released a statement asking for the men to come forward and explain their actions. So we can expect news of arrests within the hour.

I return now to my book to escape from this evil land we have been forced to live in.


najistani said...

"They have released a statement asking for the men to come forward and explain their actions" quotations from the Koran regarding 'dancing slags' and 'uncovered meat?

yorkielass said...

I notice for people that hate dogs they always do their hunting in packs.
They must be mistaking us here for Swede's where anything done by muslims is just accepted.
The rise in attacks are being noted!
The police are becoming a laughing stock from admiration to hysterical laughter all within a decade.
I bet as we speak those filthy degenerates are handing themselves over to the nearest cop shop..........PC PLOD'S ORDER'S.

Anonymous said...

This is the SJS (Street jihad syndrome) first mentioned nearly two years ago and silenced by the press. It keeps women indoors in fear and feeling helpless because the police are helpless through PC to act. The newspapers and BBC collude to cover the crime and a minister comes out and says we cant use the word "Muslim" in a negative fashion.
They wont have to fire a shot to take over this country in as little as two years.