Saturday, 12 January 2008

Ezra Levant and The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada

I have taken the following from the site of Ezra Levant who is currently being persecuted for publishing those cartoons in Canada....

You Must Read all of the Story - Especially Levants statement at the start

Today at 2 p.m. I will appear before an Alberta "human rights officer" for an interrogation. I am being interrogated for the political crime of publishing the Danish cartoons in the Western Standard nearly two years ago.

As a lawyer, I've been in different courts and tribunals, but I've never experienced a kangaroo court first-hand. I will have a more comprehensive report later today. In the meantime, I leave you with three documents:

1. The hand-scrawled complaint filed against the magazine by a radical, Saudi-trained imam who has publicly called for sharia law to be imposed in Canada;

2. My response to that complaint; and

3. A look at those cartoons again.

As they say in Virginia, sic semper tyrannis!


Go to the start of the story here and then click on Ezra Levant at the top of the article to get to the home page where you can view the investigation and get further information. I liked the bit in the video where Levant asks his interrogator; "What sort of clown calls themselves the Leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada?". Bet that went down a treat.

I have just picked up on news that many Canadian websites are re-locating to Panama in order to keep publishing the truth. So much for freedom of speech in a so called democracy.


najistani said...

First they came for the Jews...

Paul said...

Over at the scotsman rag Bashir Mann (google that fat boy)denies that white converts are being recruited as terrorists.
We're too decadent immoral, drug soaked and downright randy apparently?
Guilty as charged m'lud and proud to be so in utter freedom.

najistani said...

Returning to the other censorship story, here's another report about Bedfordshire Thought Police which may have some relevance to Lionheart's plight. From

"Bloggers from around the globe have been debating last week's story about the policeman who quit after giving a Muslim colleague a bottle of wine and some bacon for Christmas.

They are commenting on the resignation of the Bedfordshire officer who gave PC Mahmood the presents as a joke secret Santa present.

On one internet forum,, Alesha from Durham said: "That is really sick.

It amazes me what some people consider to be 'funny'.

"The responsible officer should have been sacked rather than giving him the opportunity to resign.

"Someone giving wine and bacon to a Muslim is more than just a mistake.

"It goes beyond the practical joke category.

It lacks dignity and respect, there is nothing wrong with a bit of humour but this 'crossed the line' and I bet there would be the same outcry if it was vice versa, should the Muslim officer have given a gift with intent to cause offence."

Some commentators objected to the police officer even taking part in the 'secret Santa' swap, which happened on Christmas Eve at Luton Police Station.

'Crayon' from Saudi Arabia said: "The Muslim officer shouldn't have been participating in the secret Santa anyway."

MTAFFI, from the USA, added: "What is this Muslim doing participating in a Christmas game anyway?"

However, some people feel that it was wrong for the officer that gave the bacon and wine to resign.

'K Ading' from the Netherlands, said: "I'm absolutely amazed that he lost his job over this. Wine and bacon are everywhere in the UK.

"The 'victim' should just refuse the 'gift' and someone should explain to the 'perpetrator' it wasn't funny in the least."

Caroline from Haiti added: "It was rude, no doubt. But it's not like they held him down and forced him to eat it. It was stupid and rude, but not cause for someone to lose their job."

Could it be that after this appalling insult to the Religion of Peace and Tolerance, Befordshire Police have been forced to re-establish their PC credentials, and appease their lords and masters, by vigorously persecuting the nearest available Islamophobe - namely Lionheart?

Dhimmi Collaborator Ian Holden has obviously got to do something to justify his existence after this embarassing episode.

Anonymous said...

Canada: Freedom of Speech succumbing to Kangaroo Courts of the Human Rights Commission

Proceedings against Ezra Levant are nothing short of ridiculous, but let's consider the implications for moderate Muslims. This "investigation" will further divide Muslims and non-Muslims in Canada. It will give credence to radicals' claims that the West is at war with Islam. It will antagonize non-Muslims and moderate Muslims will be pushed towards radicalization. Regardless of the outcome, once again Islamists skillfully manipulated Dhimmi justice system and came out as clear winners. Thank you, Human Right Commission!

najistani said...

More Eurocensorship:

"Jan 14, 2008, 11:59 GMT Vienna - Remarks by a right-wing politician denouncing Islam and accusing the Prophet Mohammed of having been a paedophile provoked widespread outrage in Austria on Monday, with authorities investigating whether they constituted hate speech.

Susanne Winter, a candidate for the Freedom Party in local elections in Graz in south-eastern Austria, said on Sunday that Mohammed's marriage to a 6-year-old girl would make the prophet a 'paedophile in today's system.'

Speaking at a rally, Winter demanded that Islam should be 'thrown back where it came from, beyond the Mediterranean Sea.'

Winter later justified her attacks. 'There is widespread child abuse by Muslim men,' she was quoted as saying by the newspaper Oesterreich.

'Why can't I say this? That has nothing to do with hate speech. We want neither Austrian nor foreign paedophiles. I did not want to incite hatred, or offend a religious community,' she said.

Austria's authorities were investigating whether Winter's remarks constituted incitement to hatred, a spokesman from the prosecutor's office said. If found guilty, Winter could face up to two years in prison.

Politicians from all other factions sharply denounced Winter's remarks and called for her resignation.

Muslim representatives in Austria criticized the remarks. Omar al- Rawi, a spokesman for Austria's Muslim community, slammed the lack of respect shown by the right-wing politician.

Attacks against Islam had reached a level that 'made one's stomach turn,' al-Rawi said.

Graz will elect a local government on January 20. In the 2006 general elections the Freedom Party received 13 per cent of the vote.

The affair is reminiscent of the controversy over cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, published in a Danish newspaper in September 2005 that later caused international protests, resulting in a number of deaths. "