Sunday, 27 January 2008

Is this what we pay them for?

Simple Simon says: - Vote for Hillary

Just as we know that there is very little now between the politics of any of the Tri-Axis parties in the form of the Lib/Lab/con pact. It is also true to say that American political parties are growing closer, as united, they play their part in the New World Order and work to create the unification of North America, Canada and South America.

With this in mind it is easy to see that it matters little who wins the next U.S. Presidential elections as both Democrats and Republicans are all working to the same goal. But it does give the illusion of democracy to the Americans much as the British People are fooled by the Lib/Lab/con pact into thinking that they have a say in their future.

So why then should Simon Burns, the Conservative MP for West Chelmsford go spend nine days pounding the streets of America, campaigning for Hillary Clinton, one of the front runners in the race for the White House?

Just what was simple Simon doing to help Hillary, whilst his constituents in Chelmsford were struggling to pay their taxes to ensure he was paid his £60,000+ salary and got his £100,000 in expenses that he claimed last year?

Well some Democrats retain a sense of humour and so they put Simon to work straight away. Arming him with a placard they stood him at a crossroad to chant slogans at passing vehicles. I hope this did not overstretch poor simple Simon's mind.

Strange how Simons mind works though. He is a very strong supporter for the illegal war in Iraq and has voted against a transparent Parliament so why is he concerned with politics in another Country when he cares little for the democracy in his own?

Then again, I doubt that Simon's constituents will have missed him. Simon likes to travel - he thinks he is in a permanent gap year. Last year he was in India discussing the outsourcing of jobs to Bangalore on behalf of Norwich Union. Thanks for that Simon.

After that he spend much of the year in various Arab Countries doing God knows what. But you can bet it was nothing that would benefit the True Brits left at home to pick up his tab.

I also wonder what the Chairman of the local Conservative Party in Basingstoke and Deane make of Simon's street walking in the States? They just lost a recent by-election there, by a handful of votes. Perhaps Simon was waving his placard in the wrong part of the world.

Hat tip: West Country Patriot, SF


Anonymous said...

Well the British people must be happy being taxed to death to fund the extravegance of this man and his ilk. Imagine if only a fraction of the population said "enough-we are no longer paying for this kind of thing". But we wont, we cant, so it really does make me question whether we are intelligent thinking entities, whether we deserve to be free. Perhaps we deserve the names other cultures call us, goy, kuffar to name a couple. I can just vision all those angry young Islamic men shouting and waving their AK47's above their heads-imagine if we as a race, a culture, had that kind of anger, that kind of stubborn resistance, would we be in the mess we are in now?

Anonymous said...

We can do something anon and that's vote for the BNP. And more and more people are doing so.

Simple Simons who abuse their MP status do more for our cause than they realise.

And GA is doing a marvelous job in shining the spotlight on these self-serving parasites.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.


Anonymous said...

Great post GA,

I like your style - intelligent but down to earth.