Sunday, 13 January 2008

Rotten to the core

And there is our George(real name Gideon) at Number 1 with "friends"

There is no real alternative to the rotating dictatorship of the Labour and Conservative Parties except the British National Party.

Both Labour and Conservative are rotten to the core and now led by men who think not of their country or of others but purely themselves. Not for them a reward in heaven or the satisfaction of serving the people. They want material wealth and they want it now. And they want it big time.

Now that stones are being turned over and the slugs of deceit being revealed, those caught out point to others to implicate and draw attention from themselves. But all they do is reveal to the public the high numbers of maggots feeding off the body of Our Country.

Another maggot to have his stone turned over, is the Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne, who is now about to face questions after failing to fully declare almost half a million shiny spunderoes (pounds) that he received from donors last year. And yet yesterday, the maggot had the cheek to accuse the unelected Dhimmi Prime Minister of Region 8 of Eurabia of "fiscal incontinence". Breathtaking. Pot and Kettle spring immediately to mind.
The Conservative Party was given a donation which was then channelled to Mr Osborne's office after donors requested he received a specific sum.
So let's see if I have got this right. A donation, amount unspecified by donors, currently unknown was made to the Conservative Party. The donors then "requested", although I should imagine ordered would be a better word, that half a million of this unknown lump of money be passed on to the worm Osborne. Why? What did they expect in return and what did Osbourne spend the money on? Funny how that half a million is just about the amount needed to service the debt on his £2 million pound home.

For more information on George and the infamous Bullingdon Club and the part George played in the production of a magazine that gave advice on how to steal cars, please click here. I wonder if any of those in the image are donors?

Is it any wonder that the Lib/Lab/con parties unite to prevent the people from learning the truth? By working together to prevent the only honest political party left in the country, the BNP, gaining power they hope to stave of their day of judgment and their eventual imprisonment for all sorts of crimes.

Not a chance. There is a snowball rolling down the mountain and it is growing in size daily. Soon it will reach these creatures feeding at the bottom and crush them.

Meanwhile the Liars, Buggers and Thieves site also grows in size daily as I struggle to keep up with the crimes committed by the councillors of their corrupt parties that form the base of their pyramid of oppression.


PaganBrit said...

Ah, poor Georgie Porgie 'forgot' to declare half a million quid to the House. Easy mistake, eh? *sarcastic*

Anonymous said...

The phrase "born to rule" springs to mind. This lot of hooray Henry's have their counterparts in the Labour Party too.In Scotland the Alexanders, privately educated, taught and nurtured at the feet of King Dewar father of Devolution owner of a huge portfolio of luxury homes think politics is their birthright.
They know their days of inefficiency and bung taking are nearing an end.

Anonymous said...


ivan said...

arrow.what makes me laugh is the opinion polls,where do they get them from ? have you ever noticed after LIB/LAB/CON.other always seems to be at 11% now if they came to my leafy suburb in south staffordshire im sure "other" would be more like 30%.this is another con.why all of a sudden are they doing opinion polls ? is it because the bnp are standing in the london assembly ?