Thursday, 17 January 2008

British National Party Support doubles every year - almost

If you are wondering why the attacks from the Tri-Axis parties of the Lib/Lab/con pact are really starting to get nasty with all kinds of smears coming from their tools, fools and dupes attacking the BNP, consider this from the Urinate Against Freedom(UAF) site.

"In seven years the BNP vote has grown 97 fold, polling over 3,000 votes in 2000 to over 292,000 in 2007. If the BNP's vote trend continues they could be on course to make a significant breakthrough into British politics. This year the BNP will be standing candidates in the London Assembly and local elections across Britain. In previous London Assembly elections in 2004 the BNP missed getting elected by a mere 0.1%. "
So seven years is eighty-four months

A twofold increase every 13 months means
  • twofold in 13,
  • 4-fold in 26,
  • 8-fold in 39,
  • 16-fold in 52,
  • 32-fold in 65,
  • 64-fold in 78
  • 128-fold in 91 months
If we are at 84 months now, 91 months is July and 89 months will be the May elections. Someone check the maths please.

Now you will understand why the state is sacrificing every asset they have to try and either destroy the only political party that speaks for the True British People, the British National Party or split their vote by the creation of new false nationalist parties and propping up UKIP, a real spent force as corrupt as its creators.

If they fail the BNP will break through into the political mainstream and bring those who have brought Our Country to its knees to justice. You can smell their fear through their expensive colognes.

The Lib/Lab/con pact will spread lies, half-truths, drag up peanuts from the past and turn molehills into mountains to discredit the party and its Chairman, Nick Griffin. And why? Because the stakes are high. Very high. An entire Country is the stake.

It is no longer about love of country now. It is about the kind of life our children and their children will have in the future. Without a BNP victory, there is no future for any of us.

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Anonymous said...
interesting post on censorship of the press. They are very scared indeed.