Thursday, 31 January 2008

Lets take a trip around the world of Turnips

You might notice that some days this blog throws out what seems an endless stream of posts and then the next day. Zip. I do the usual tasks of monitoring and put suitable information into my to do list and then stare at the screen and do nothing. Well not nothing. I try and learn something new.

Yesterday I went and learned a bit more about the origins of the Koran. What a mess of easily disputed rubbish it is. No wonder the turnip academics seek to prevent the research or serious debate on it. It is a pack of cards waiting to tumble.

Well I knew all about the abrogation of the verses but I did not know until yesterday that the Koran was not in chronological order but arranged depending on the size of the chapters. Largest at the start. So it is all over the place and with abrogation being the rule it is a nightmare for even their experts to understand it.

One other thing that made me think was, if these are the divine words of Allah and Allah being omnipotent then he sure changed his mind quite a bit considering he is supposed to be God. Besides when did God write in the third person. The Koran switches from first person to third and back to first person all over the shop.

Anyhow lets take that trip around the world of Turnips, starting with Oldham. 53 of their families have asked Oldham Council to sell them the land to build 53 houses with four or more bedrooms in order to create their own neighbourhood. I prefer the word ghetto.

Over in "secular" Egypt, which is one of the few Islamic Countries where there is no death penalty for apostates, Mohammad Ahmad Higazi who converted to Christianity, has had his request for his new religion to be written on his identity card refused by their Law Courts with the following ruling

Monotheistic religions were sent by God in chronological order . . . As a result, it is unusual to go from the latest religion to the one that preceded it,” the court said. “The person who has such an attitude is straying from the right path and threatening the principles, values and precepts of Islam and of Egyptian traditions,”
Meanwhile Mohammad has received numerous death threats that he should take seriously, because this is what one of their legal eagles had to say about it.
In leaving Islam you commit treason and become a spy against your own nation and so you deserve death. The Egyptian government for example views converts as ‘attacking national unity’.”
Over in Kashmir, the daleks of death, usually known as Moslem women have threatened the population not to celebrate Valentines Day as it promotes "immorality" and the shopkeepers who have been told not to sell cards are taken the crazies seriously. They have been attacked in the past by the Daughters of the Faith.
In their statement the ‘Daughters’ singled out young people, telling them not to fall into the devil’s trap that tries to “spread immorality.”
Finally we finish off in the Philippines where another Christian clergyman has been murdered by the followers of the Religion of Peace. The Rev Felomino Catambis aged 60 was shot dead. Brave men these priests in the lands of Islam. Wish our religious leaders had the same courage.

Well that's it for now. The next post will be the posting of the results in the Calne Town Council election later tonight.



Man Of The Woods said...

Hi GA,

Do you know what time the counting ends and the results of the election are announced?

I've been studying the Crime statistics for Wiltshire, and especially Swindon on the Office for National Statistics web site. They do not make pleasant reading.

In the last six years:


Wounding or Other Act Endangering Life:

Up 191%

Other Wounding:

Up 175%

Harrassment & Disorder:

Up 119%

Violence Against The Person:

Up 61%

Theft From The Person:

Up 48%

Criminal Damage & Arson:

Up 45%


Up 42%

Theft of a Motor Vehicle:

Down 28%


If the people of Calne aren't experiencing a similar increase already, then you can bet your arse they will be in the coming years.

It will take many years to repair the damage this government has inflicted on our country.

The British People need the British National Party in power now.

The Green Arrow said...

MotW, thanks for the stats.

Roberts says he will post the results on his blog once he has them. Should be around midnight but that is a guess.

I suspect they will be on the BNP forum before then and on my site two minutes later.

Fingers crossed. They have worked hard.

joined on saturday said...

mr green arrow sir, may I recomend:

Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam

also would like to say that your blogging has helped inspire me to join the BNP

The Green Arrow said...

Thanks for the link JOS and well done in joining the Party. Being a member is something to be proud of.

Look forward to seeing you on their official forum.

Keep the links coming to anything you feel is useful to our cause.

Anonymous said...

Re the Oldham development:- so much for integration there then?. Obviously WE arent good enough to be lived alongside, though I wouldnt imagine they resisted the handouts that we paid for?.

najistani said...

If there's one fact about Islam that every non-Muslim should know, it is that the Islamic system of ethics and morality is totally different from all other religions.

Despite all the talk of 'Abrahamic faiths', Islam is utterly alien to the Judeo-Christian heritage.

The moral systems of all major religions, apart from Islam, are centred on the ethic of reciprocity - the Golden Rule 'Do not do to another what would be hurtful to you'.

But there is no Golden Rule in Islam. Reciprocity only applies between 'brothers' (fellow Muslim males) and does not extend to women and non-Muslims.

Instead, the Muslim ethical system is centred on the personality of the Cult leader himself - the sadistic, psychopathic pervert and charlatan Mohammed.

Muslims revere Mohammed as uswa hasana , a model for all time.

Whatever Muhammad did is what Muslims must do. There is no better pattern for life than the example of Muhammad, al-insan al-kamil, the Best of Men, to be emulated by all Muslims.

Mohammed was a murderer, torturer, robber, warlord, mutilator, rapist, liar and pedophile.

So does this help to explain what's happening in the 'enriched' cities of Western Europe?