Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Why is this Councillor not being investigated?

A Wokingham borough Conservative councillor, Abdul Loyes has been accused of trying to defraud and compromise an Early businessman and his company.

The complaint from Rudolph Hodgman claimed that Councillor Loyes tried to involve his firm, called On Site Training Assessment and Certification in illegal immigration and human trafficking and falsely obtained loans using his name. Easy enough stuff to investigate I would have thought.

However the standards committee for Wokingham Borough Council made the following statement after recieving the complaint:

“With regards the Code of Conduct, it is noted from the information provided that Cllr Loyes’ alleged conduct appears to have occurred in his private capacity and not while he was acting in an official capacity as a member of the authority.”

“The Standards Board for England has decided that the allegation should not be referred to an ethical standards officer for investigation.”
Now I would have though an allegation of people smuggling worthy of investigation and not just by the Standards Board. But these are strange times we live in. I suspect we will be reading more as Mr Hodgman is standing by his claims.


najistani said...


In order to preserve the crumbling credibility of THE BIG LIE , the British government, and probably other dhimmi governments, are working on ways to gag, censor and and shutdown the counter-Jihadist blogosphere.

There is currently a discusion of how to prepare for these attacks on freedom of expression at http://ibloga.blogspot.com/2008/01/najistani-on-why-britain-may-crack-down.html and also at http://commonsenseagainstislam.websanon.com/?p=113.

- Najistani

Anonymous said...

My wife used to be employed by a local authority, and I can well remember the limitations put on her and the rest of her colleagues even in their private lives, as they were deemed to be representatives of the council at all times. Surely this rule should apply in this case?...maybe not, that wouldnt be seen as "inclusive" would it. Allowing some sections of the community immunity from investigation, while persecuting others for the slightest wrongdoing is yet another shamefull facet of pc, one which breeds resentment in the host population while fostering a feeling of superiority and lawlessness in the protected ones. Part of the plan?

Paul said...

You're right anon 09:46, someone up there doesn't like these interlopers much. The day of reckoning gets closer by the moment.

Anonymous said...

A few years back I noticed that our local Race Relations Council were also a registered business. Using the number displayed on their web page and literature I checked them out at a cost of about £5 online using a business register. I was astounded at the amounts of money changing hands. It is no wonder that it is in their interest to stir up the muck, they rely on it to keep themselves employed, being unable to take up proper employment and making so much out of it so easily!

Not only that but they were recording names and addresses from letters that had gone into the local newspaper of anyone who had mildly protested against immigration and the like.

A Marxist, big brother and big business state without a doubt!

I lifted this post from the BNP site from an article on the fraudulent charities which pay huge sums to destroy the BNP.
Note the collection of data on people who write to newspapers. This is siomething that deserves exposure.

Mr Whippy said...

UK police show astonishing cultural insensitivity! Send them for diversity awareness training!

"A man has been charged with child cruelty after two teenage boys allegedly took part in a religious ceremony involving flagellation.

Syed Mustafa Zaidi, 43, of Station Road in Eccles, is due before magistrates in Manchester on Friday.

Greater Manchester Police said the charge relates to the treatment of two boys, aged 15 and 13, at a traditional Ashura ceremony.

The ceremony took place at a community centre in Levenshulme, police said. "

From http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/manchester/7207789.stm

For those of a more heterosexual persuasion, Miss Fatima offers Arabic (or French) lessons with STRICT DISCIPLINE (if you know what I mean)